tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBehind Green Eyes Ch. 01

Behind Green Eyes Ch. 01


Dear Readers:

Here is a little story I hope you enjoy. Originally I had written this story with a happy ending, as I like happy endings, but someone had commented it worked much better without, so I've left it off. You tell me what you think.

The sex, if that's what you're here for, is not until Chapter 5. So you might just want to skip ahead to that. This is the first non-consensual story I have written, and, as you'll see, it's got more layers to it than just that.

Also, I admit to copping out on the sex scene between the two girls. Two girls having sex is about as boring as you can get. If anyone wants to write one, I'll consider including it.



Chapter I

I rode up to the town gates of Alexandria on my beloved mare Anya. I halted in front of the gates, and waited for the guards to inspect my belongings and me. They did so, with the typical admiring looks at my bare legs, which were exposed in the dress I was wearing. I rolled my eyes. I was used to their attention, and was able to ignore it generally. I pulled out Jenna's latest letter.

Last time I came by (almost a year ago—had it really been that long?) Jenna had told me to be sure to be here this week, the week of my birthday. She said she was throwing a party for both of our eighteenth birthdays -- we were born two days apart.

I didn't want to come, but she insisted in each letter until I gave in. I never could refuse my beloved Jenna anything. Jenna was the town mayor's daughter, and I was an orphan whom she had all but adopted. She met me when I hid under her ornate, heavily decorated coach to get away from the guards one day—she looked underneath, saw me, and didn't say anything until we got to her house. Then she pleaded with her father and convinced him that I wouldn't steal if I was well-fed and taken care of. I presume he realized the good feelings that could be spread by his taking in an orphan, and the reputation he would gain in the city. To his credit, he did treat me surprisingly well. If he had any reluctance he was charmed by Jenna's mother, a society lady who liked to "help the less fortunate, the poor dears", as she liked to say. He let me live in the house, almost as Jenna's sister. I was expected to do some chores and housework, but mainly I spent all my free time with Jenna. I profited greatly because I was allowed to sit in with all her tutors, who taught me history, math, science, Elvish, Halfling, and of course a greater command of Common. I learned how to be a lady and I was taught the social graces. I was even taught how to play the mandolin. In between, we were taught elegant swordsmanship skills, such as fencing, and studied the history of war and even studied tactics. I never stopped stealing, after all I didn't want to lose my touch, but I always stole from the cruelest of the rich people and never did I dream of stealing from Jenna. I would particularly look for a man beating his servant, or perhaps yelling at a young girl or whipping his horse. Jenna knew I picked pockets, and she knew it was a relatively harmless pastime. She chided me for it, but often found it amusing to see what we had acquired from the pockets of rich men, as I shared everything I obtained with her.

When we were both fifteen, Jenna's father and mother both died within a few months of each other. Her father died from a heart attack, and her mother followed soon after with another -- couldn't live without him, they all said. It broke Jenna's heart but we were one and the same then, and always. We were the same person and I often thought we were two bodies with one soul. We both now had no parents, so she took comfort in knowing she always had me to look out for her, and I always did. With time our grief lessened, as it always does when you're young and full of life. The mayor of course had had good lawyers, and he'd set up a trust fund for his daughter, which she would come into at age eighteen. I was surprised to find he had even left me a sum, which I would also come into at the same age. I didn't know how much it was but I was soon to find out.

When I was sixteen, I decided to leave and seek my own fortune, and told Jenna I would be leaving. She had a future here—I would always be the orphan girl, and I knew it. I wanted to go somewhere where my history would not be known. She and I both cried a great deal, but finally she let me go and admonished me to visit as often as I could. I had been traveling ever since, and visited her when I could.

I knew her parties would always be fun, so I consented to come to our joint party. Little did I know of the devious plans she had for me, though.

I rode up to her fine house—in two days on her birthday it would truly be hers. I dismounted and rang the bell.

In a few minutes a servant came to the door...I recognized the very same doorman who had been there most of my life. He bowed, and bade me enter, taking Anya's reins.

I entered the front door, and waited. In just a few minutes I could hear Jenna's voice from upstairs. "Is she here? Why didn't you tell me right away?" A squeal of delight, and then I heard her running down the stairs.

I looked up, and there was Jenna. She looked beautiful. In the last two years I had been adventuring, and it showed on my features—my legs were tanned and muscular, and my red-gold hair was always wild and blowing in my face. My green eyes were sadder and wiser than when I left. In contrast, Jenna had well-cared for golden blond hair and beautiful shining blue eyes. Her body was curved and gracefully rounded, and I knew the men of the town would be noticing her after this party.

"Elenia!" She ran down the stairs and flew into my open arms. She kissed my mouth, with a loud smack, and we hugged tightly, then she held me back at arm's length to examine me.

She truly looked like an angel, so sweet and innocent. She spoke first. "Elenia! Oh, I've missed you so! I wish you would visit more often!"

I smiled at her. "Don't worry about that, Jenna, I'm here now. How have you been?"

"Wonderful! The only thing that would make me feel better is if you would stay here for good...?"

I shook my head, and she pouted for a second, then smiled again. "Come on, let me show you around!"

"Wait!" I said. "Don't you want to see your gift?"

She nodded eagerly. I smiled, and from my backpack I withdrew her gift—a tiny sleeping Samoyed puppy which I had purchased from the previous town and brought all the way with me.

I held him out to her, and her eyes grew wide. "A puppy?" she asked. Apparently he had woken up, for he lifted his head and yawned, right in her face! Then he barked at her, once.

She nearly jumped. "He's so cute!"

Before I could say anything further he jumped into her arms. He seemed to know who his new mommy was. His tail was already wagging furiously. He hadn't learned to hold his ears up in that alert way yet, so they drooped on either side of his head.

We both laughed, and I spoke up. "Happy Birthday, Jenna. He's yours. He isn't named yet so you should name him."

She took him from my arms and hugged him. "I love him! I'm going to call him Macintosh, Mac for short!"

And Macintosh he became.

She looked archly up at me then. "Do you want to see your gift?" I nodded, and she grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs after her, calling to the servants to take my things.

I laughed as she dragged me up the stairs, showing me all the changes she had made, and the new paintings she had hung. We stopped in the main dining hall so she could show me a beautiful portrait of her mother and father, looking very proper and regal.

Finally we came to her room. It was the same old room, quite large and spacious. She hadn't moved into the master bedroom yet, something she probably wouldn't do until after the day of the birthday.

Her room was decorated in rich burgundy and gold. The drapes that hung from ceiling to floor were velvet. The bed hangings were chiffon and everything was gorgeous as ever.

From her nightstand she removed a jeweled box. "Here! This is your gift. Oh, I hope you like it!"

I removed the lid and my eyes went wide with shock as I beheld a beautiful curved Elvish dagger. It was exquisitely crafted and absolutely lovely -- the hilt was made of fine ebony wood and had a single shining emerald on it. I drew it to see a thin, extremely sharp blade. As I turned it I could see it was diamond-edged.

"Jenna, I couldn't possibly accept this." I looked into her pleading eyes. "It's so valuable!"

"I saved it just for you the last time we went to the Elvish lands and you couldn't come along. Remember? You'd already left, adventuring, and I really wanted to buy you something. So I figured a dagger would be perfect. Please don't refuse it."

"I...." And again, I couldn't refuse her anything. "Of course I will. I love it. It's beautiful." I put my arms around her and kissed her, gently. She murmured into my mouth.

"It's been so long. I missed you, you know."

"I missed you too, dearest." I let my tongue slide into her mouth, and ran my fingers through her hair in the old familiar way. She moaned, and I chuckled. "You always were quick to respond."

"For you. You know just how to kiss me right."

"I've had enough practice." My hand had already found to the straps of her blue dress, pulling it down, and exposing the creamy white skin underneath. I loved touching her; it was like touching silk.

She pulled me to the bed, and I followed, eagerly, and in remembered love. All thoughts were driven out of our heads for the next hour or so.

Afterwards, I lifted my head and smiled down at her. "I missed that, dear. Hope you enjoyed it."

She smiled. "Now you have to come see the rest of the house." We washed together in the huge tub and dressed, switching clothes from the skin out as we used to do, and arms around each other, went exploring.

After about an hour-long tour, I was able to get her to let me alone enough to unpack my belongings in my room. Then she dragged me off to her tailor. Truthfully I didn't mind. We had always been like this; I the serious one, made so by my years on the streets, and her, the playful one.

The tailor was sweet old Mathilda, who had made both of our dresses in years gone by. She smiled up at us as we came into the room.

"Well, now, if it isn't dear little Elenia. Where have you been, and whose dresses have you been wearing my dear?" I smiled in response, and replied, "Oh around and about. And I've been wearing simple cotton dresses, none of the beautiful things you make." Pleased, she got up heavily from her chair and started pulling bolts of cloth for both of us to choose from. I picked out an exact shade of emerald to match my eyes. She planned it to be low-cut, with straps, and with my back exposed to almost indecency levels. It also flowed nearly to the floor, with a slit that was right up to my thigh. It came with a beautiful emerald sash to wear around my neck. I figured, hey I was turning eighteen as well, why not look attractive?

The party was scheduled for the night after tomorrow night.

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