tagAnalBehind the Blindfold Ch. 02

Behind the Blindfold Ch. 02


*** This is the second part of the story, go back to my submissions and read 'Behind the blindfold' if you want the full context of this story***

I let out a very slow shaky breath.

The haze of lust lifts enough to let a nervous moment sneak in. I glance at our joined hands before flicking my eyes up to your face, you catch my eye with a cheeky look in yours, before your eyes flick down to my breasts and lower. I swallow as I glance over to my husband. Both your faces seem relaxed despite your cheeky grin and I feel a giggle well up inside me, the surreal nature of it all, as we're all behaving like this is an every day event.

I feel the warmth of your hand, and my husbands as we stop at the end of the bed. I feel my cheeks flush as I consider again what had just happened between you and I. I spy the silk ties in your free hand, and I squirm slightly on the spot, as my mind throws up all the possibilities that exist between us and those silk ties.

My husband slowly releases my hand, moving to the side of the bed before laying down. He spreads his arm out over the pillows in a familiar gesture of invitation he has done to my countless times over the course of our marriage. I feel you release my hand and put your hand on my lower back, nudging me forward towards him. I place my knee on the bed and leaning forward I crawl towards my husbands outreached arms. I feel the cool air caress my slick flesh, my pussy lips parting as I slowly crawl forward. Part of me is acutely aware you're behind me, watching me, my body open in invitation. While the other is caught up in my husbands gaze, I can see his eyes darkening as he watches us both, his eyes occasionally flicking to you before coming back to roam over my face and hanging breasts.

Sliding into place beside him, I feel his arm come to rest familiarly around my shoulder as he pulls me against his body. Again, I'm struck by how familiar but new this situation feels. I bring my hand across my body resting it on my husbands' stomach, my hand sliding down to brush softly over his pubic hair as he cups my cheek, pulling me into a deep kiss. I can taste the hint of whiskey as his tongue slips inside my mouth to touch mine, and for a moment I can't place the other taste, before I pull back suddenly, realizing it's the musky taste of you is actually in my mouth. I feel my husbands breath puff across my lips.

'No... Its alright darling.. Come back.' I shudder, hearing his voice down to a husky whisper as he starts to kiss me again.

At first, I'm a little lost in the kiss, my hand instinctively sliding down towards his slowly returning hard on, that I don't initially pay mind to the feeling of the bed dipping slightly. I feel my husbands hand grip my face firmly, holding me into his kiss a second before I feel your warm hands on my calves, sliding up quickly to my knees and spreading my legs, catching one hand behind my knee, you drape my leg between my husbands, forcing my legs further a part. I break the kiss, pushing my lose curls from my face; I look down my length at you. You're seated on your knees, hands casually resting on your thighs, my eyes follow the length of your inner thigh, coming to rest on your hard cock, jutting out strongly. I lick my lips, thinking about how you pushed it deeply into my mouth, took my mouth almost harshly seeking your own pleasure. Your hard on is suddenly hidden from my view as you slide forward, running your hands up my thighs to guide my free leg over your shoulder.

I'm getting the distinct feeling I had before, of being moved so I am unable do more than receive the pleasure I know will come my way. A feel my clit throb in response to my thoughts and my eyes flutter as I feel your hot, open mouth kissed on my inner thighs. I glance over at my husband, his eyes trained on the happenings between my legs as his free hand comes up to catch my nipple, pinching it softly, making me arch slightly in my spread position. The anticipation is almost killing me as it seems like you've slowed down, drawing out the wait as you approach my pussy. I reach out, attempting to catch your hair and pull you closer, finally against my aching cunt. You turn your head at the last second, catching my index finger in your mouth and suck softly, before nipping the tip.

"We decide how this moves forward." You inform me with a wicked smirk and brushing my hand away.

Your attention turns to my pussy, my thighs already slick from earlier, I almost feel embarrassed by my desire as you start to lick and kiss my thighs more intently, so close I can feel the stubble of your cheek against my pussy lips. I know you can taste me there, already know I want you, enjoyed being tied up for your pleasure, having your cock in my mouth. I moan softly as my husbands lips move to my throat, seemingly attracted to those sensitive, tender parts of my throat where you pushed your cock so deeply.

'Do you want him to eat that sopping pussy?' my husband asks against my skin. I lick my suddenly dry lips.

'Yes love, very much' I whisper softly, helpless to stop the reflex of my hips seeking just that with the words spoken out loud.

My thoughts take flight. I can feel your lips so close to where I want them, its driving me a little insane. I want to feel your lips against my wet pussy, feel you lick away the juices you have encouraged and make me scream a voice inside me shouts, while all I can get out is a groan of frustration. I swear I can feel your lips turn up in a smile on the next wet, nibbling kiss to my thigh.

My husbands' kisses travel up my neck, and along my jaw. Hot and wet I feel them leaving invisible marks on my flushed skin. His mouth finally reaches my ear, and I can feel his hot breath as he whispers.

' Tell us, tell us what you want darling.' I gape, my brain a scatter of useless thoughts being choked by my own want, I try and formulate a response. What do I want? Everything! My mind screams. I know that wont be enough of a response. I let out a shuddering breath.

'I want.. I want to feel your mouth on my.. on my cunt. I want to feel your tongue on my clit.. your fingers.. I want to feel them inside.' Even to myself my voice is husky and heavy with my desire.

I turn to look at my husband. ' I want you to kiss me, touch me as he makes me cum. I want you to.. to take my dripping pussy afterwards.. fuck me hard. Cum in my cunt' I swallow, feeling like the blush it surely setting my face on fire. Had I just said that out loud? Opening Pandora's box to all those thoughts I have when I'm on my own, touching myself? I feel my confidence surge, on the back of my statement and the words keep tumbling out.

'Then.. Then I want him, I want him to fuck me, your cum already -- already inside of me as he adds his to it..' I see pleasure and surprise flare in my husbands' eyes as he pulls back to look at me. I hadn't realized before tonight that he was even aware that I wanted to be shared, but clearly he had seen what I had tried to hide. I felt a moment of panic, wondering if he would consider this too much, but the thought is lost as I hear you groan softly and push forward, your fingers spreading my lips to provide you access.

You lap at my lips initially; helping clean up the mess I've created. You then focus on my clit, flicking your tongue relentlessly across the sensitive nub. You breath is coming in short burst as you slide one finger, then quickly follow with another into my wetness. I arch my back turning my head to kiss my husband hard on the mouth, our tongues sliding against one another; he guides my hand down, so I encircle his cock. I instinctively start to jerk him, admittedly without much grace as you continue to eat me out. I can feel my orgasm rising in me, having gone so long being hungry for it; it doesn't take long for it to take over. My eyes close, my mind a frenzy of swirling thought before it all falls away and I explode, my husband swallows my cries in his kiss, while you hold my hips still with your free hand, milking every drop from my orgasm.

Lying limply, I am almost surprised when you quickly move up my body, my husband breaking our kiss to watch as you take yourself in hand, and after a few quick strokes, find my entrance and slide into me. I shudder, my body milking your cock as the last ripples of my orgasm roll through me. You grin at me, as you help me slide my legs up around your hips, showing me what you like. As you start to thrust, I can hear the slick, wet noises of my juices as you fill me time and again, breaking up the sounds of our moans and harsh breaths. You lean down, kissing me hard on the mouth, thrusting your tongue into my open mouth, forcing the taste of me to spread deeply. I can feel my juices seeping out around your cock, rolling down onto the bedding. Breaking the kiss you glance beside me.

'Fuck, she's got a juicy pussy' you comment, and I glance over to catch the smirk on my husbands face as he nods, taking his cock in hand as you adjust our bodies again. You've pushed me so you're almost coming gown straight on top of me with every thrust, and I feel stretched and full as you thrust home each time with a wet slap against my thighs and arse with your hips and thighs.

I catch movement from beside me as my husband stands up, stroking his cock he moves around the bed, getting a better view of my spread cunt being fucked by you. Part of me feels like I should be embarrassed, I can feel my pussy lips wrapped tightly around your shaft as you drive your cock into me. Your enthusiasm is rocking the bed and I realise you've caught one of my legs and slipped it over your shoulder, effectively pinning me to the bed. I feel my hips roll with yours, unable to get enough of your cock inside of me. The other part, which seems to be stronger and more needy, cant help but feel turned on more by having my husband watch me being fucked so hard. I notice the movement again, and glancing past your shoulders I see my husband approach looking intently at my face.

'I think she needs more.' He directs his comment at you, as you slow down, before finally sliding from my sopping pussy. More? I think to myself, glancing between the two of you. I already feel like a puddle of need. What more could I take?

Moving back, you shift to the side of the bed, moving up towards the head of the bed, as my husband joins me, giving my hip a slight smack, he encourages me to roll over and get up. I move sluggishly, and he smacks me just a little bit harder on the arse, and I feel it go straight to my clit. I grit my teeth and push myself up so I'm sitting on my knees. I watch as my husband comes to lay down where I had just been. Gesturing to his cock he smirks at me. 'Climb on up, darling. I know you love to ride.' I puff out a breath, wondering if my legs will even work to ride his cock. He seems confident enough. As I move to climb up, I glance at you, you're stroking your cock, using my juices as lubricant, and your eye fixed on my pussy. I feel a new wave of wetness from the look in your eye, I can tell you've not had anywhere near enough of me.

'Help me?' I ask my husband as I come to sit astride on his navel. As I lift up, he reaches between us, guiding his cock into me. I hiss on the way down, once again heavily filled with cock, my wetness making it easy to slide all the way down until my pussy lips are pressed to his pubic bone. He brushes my clit as he removes his hands, and I give a tormented moan. He then hooks his hands around my hips, helping me move as I start to ride him. I feel exposed, sitting on top of him this way, two sets of eyes watching my heavy breasts bounce and sway as I set a steady pace. You reach out, pinching my nipple almost painfully, and I feel my pussy squeeze in response.

My husband grunts. 'fuck yeah, do that again.' You shift your body, coming to kneel beside me, as you reach out and capture my nipple again. From here you can easily adjust to my movements. You catch my eye, your eyes so dark with desire, as you pinch my nipple almost to the point of discomfort. I feel my body react, and before I can even get a gasp out, you've captured the other, giving it the same treatment. I whimper, feeling like there is a direct electric current from my sensitive nipples to my throbbing clit. You don't let up, quickly adapting to my movements, whenever I ride up, you pinch tight, making my own body cause the worst of the friction.

I close my eyes, unable to watch my own desire unraveling. It feels so good and I know I need only to rub my clit, just for a moment and I'll explode. With that thought in mind, I bring my hand across my body, ready to slip it between us all and touch myself. You release one of my nipples, and catch my wrist bringing it up to your mouth you kiss my palm.

'Not yet, we still have more to do.' I swallow. Knowing I really want to cum now, I don't think I could stand much more. You shift on the bed, coming to standing and I see you move around behind me as my husband had done, assumingly for a better view. My husband slides his hands up, and with soft pressure pulls me forward, allowing my hard and tender nipples to be in the reach of his mouth. Holding me still he starts to thrust up into me, as he sucks my nipples, my arms pinned by his wrapped around me. Suddenly I feel your body along my back, and I stiffen as your cock grazes between my arse cheeks. My eyes flare open as you drag my hair back, pushing it out of the way for your lips on my neck making its way up to my ear. Your voice is so soft, I have to focus on it, and not the hard thrusts I'm still taking in my sopping pussy.

'Your husband tells me, that you like to be really full.' I whimper. Unsure if I understood you. It was something my husband and I play at occasionally in bed, and he had taken my arse a number of times, but I'd never taken two at once. I realise you're expecting an answer.

'Oh, yes.. yes I like to be filled.' I say non-committedly, as I feel you pull back from me a little, and your hand snakes down between us, rubbing over my thighs, my sensitive pussy lips as my husband continues to take me. I close my eyes as I feel you drag your wet fingers up towards my budded arse hole.

I whimper as you lean forward again, pressing your body against mine as your fingers rub against me, seeking entrance.

'He tells me you scream the loudest when you've got a cock stuffed deep inside this little hole here. Do you think that's true?' your voice has a little hitch in it, giving away your desire at the thought as I nod and then gasp as one finger slowly slides inside of me.

'I... I like to be fucked in the arse..' I force out. My body going over in an all over heat prickle as the reality of what's about to happen crashes into me. I feel my husband release me enough to allow me to see his face as he slows his thrusts, watching me. I wonder if he can feel your fingers, as a second enters me. I squirm at the invasion and my husband moans beneath me. I feel like I can't stay still, the anticipation almost overwhelming me as you start to finger my arse, stretching it in preparation. I hear a cap pop and then the cool stickiness as lubricant is added to your fingers and you continue to work them, spreading it around and in me. As I feel your fingers slide out, I feel a flare of panic.

'I'm not sure... I mean, I've not had... What if they don't both fit?' I wiggle slightly, realizing I'm pretty much pinned to my husbands' body.

My husband looks up at me with a confident smile, 'I'm sure you'll cum trying' he tells me, and I stare at him a little blankly, surprised at this willingness to see this go through, but unable to hide the spike of desire at his words.

My attention is pulled as I feel you pull my cheeks apart with one hand and the blunt tip of your cock press against me guided by the other. I suck in a jagged breath, as I feel the familiar mounding pressure. I know the head of your cock will soon pop inside of me. You lean back over me, pressing your chest firmly to my back.

'Tell us.' You whisper over my moaning protests as I feel myself start to open for you.

'Tell us how much you want my cock deep in your arse, tell us how you want to be fucked by two hard cocks at once... tell us you want to be stuffed full and cum in, our cum dripping from your worked over holes..' you shudder, your own comments making your cock flinch. My eyes widen as I feel a flare of pain and pleasure as the head pops in suddenly on your jerk reflex, and you pause.

'Tell us..' you repeat, your hand free now to come up and twist in my long curls. Pull me back into your body slightly. I can feel you pushing in, feel the space inside me being stretched, feeling like I may be pulled apart by the two cocks inside of me.

'I want.. I want you to fuuu-ck..' my voice breaks as you come to rest to the hilt in me, your balls making a wet smack against my wet thighs and pussy lips.

'To.. to fuck my arse, I want you to cum in me.. cum in my arse and have... have it dribble down onto my pussy lips..' I feel my face blush red at saying the words out loud. Fantasy was one thing... but this? You use your hand in my hair, gripping my shoulder as you slide out and then sink back in, bucking your hips right at the end to drive you home.

'What else...?' I hear from below me, and I open my eyes, to see my husband looking up at me. His eyes are so rich and dark with his desire, his hands have slipped to my hips and his fingers are digging into the soft flesh there, holding me steady.

'I want you to fuck me, fuck me so hard and... and.. oh god... ' I close my eyes for a moment, as I feel him flex within me, pressing up against you through the thin barrier separating you both. I swallow, trying to focus again.

'I want... you to cum inside of me, I want to be.. be a mess with your cum.. having it drip and mingle from my.. my.. holes..' I finish off as I feel you groan against my shoulder blades.

Suddenly, hubby draws out.. and as he starts to push back in, you start to pull back, so I can feel you both individually and for a moment together as you move within me. I feel like my brain is going to explode, the sensation is so intense. I don't think I can stand it for very long. It feels like I'm incredibly full but I only want more. Its much more intense then being just fucked in the arse alone.

I feel my body break out in a sweat, part of me wants to buck and squirm between you, but an even bigger part, the part being held firm by my husbands hands and your firm body over me, just wants to take what you're giving me. Wants to be taken by both of you at once, and given the pleasure that I know will come to me if this carries on much longer. On the occasional heavy thrust from you, my clit, budding and aching is scraped along my husbands pubic bone, each time feels like an electric shock sending sparks through my body.

My whimpers have worked their way up to moans as you both get into a rhythm, you tug on my hair slightly, pulling me back so that my breasts hang in my husbands face. As you both fuck me, I can feel them jiggle sharply. Almost at double speed to what I normally get when I'm fucked from behind. You kiss my neck, moving down to my shoulder, where you bite and suck, I cant seem to make myself to say the words that would mean you would stop, not leaving a distinctive mark on me. You release my hair as your hand snakes around to cup and squeeze my hanging breast.

'Do you know how many times I thought of fucking these? Cumming on these?' you ask, and I can only think to shake my head. Your thrusts are starting to become a bit uneven, and I can hear your harsh panting in my ear, rasping past your lips with the hint of a moan and I know I had heard that already before. I squeeze a hand down between our crushed bodies, seeking my very sensitive clit. It feels so swollen under my fingers, I moan almost painfully as I start to rub it. I force my eyes open, seeing my husbands flushed face, his eyes roaming over my face, and down to my swiftly jerking breasts. I focus on my lower body, now that both of you are close, your movements are more frenzied and there are several thrusts where I let out a silent scream as you both fill me to the hilt at once, heedless to the pressure building in me. My clit is so sensitive, I can feel me wanting to move with you both in the cramped space, ride out the pleasure.

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