tagIncest/TabooBehind The Lodge Doors

Behind The Lodge Doors


Hi, my name is Lolita and even though I'm in my early 20s I'll always be my Daddy's baby girl. After Daddy and I became lovers he wanted to try every kinky thing that popped into his lustful mind with me. Last week he took me to his lodge so he could hold me down while one-by-one the lodge brothers introduced themselves to me by eating my pussy and ass up like it was their last meal on earth. I really wanted to fulfill my Daddy's fantasies since momma was a prude and wouldn't allow anything other than straight missionary position sex so I happily offered my nubile body to my Daddy to do whatever he wanted.

The introduction part of the ceremony was over and Daddy said to me, "It's time to remove your blindfold so that you can clean me up with your tongue and then we can begin the next part of the ceremony. I am so proud of you baby girl, and I know that you're gonna love this next part of the ceremony because you're gonna plant that tight little rosebud on top of your old dad's ass-tamer for the rest of the night."

"Oh Daddy," I pant, still out of breath from the numerous orgasms that just ripped through my frame, "I'm so glad that you have such a kinky imagination. I will always be your cum slut baby girl."

Daddy sits forward and pulls me off his lap. His cock and balls are covered with my pussy juice and as I stand before him I can feel that my pussy is still dripping its honey cream down my thighs. "Clean Daddy up baby, and make sure that sweet little tongue gets every inch of Daddy...even his ass hole. Mmm...you came a lot baby girl and I can feel your sweet cream all over my ass so why don't you start there."

He leaned back onto the alter-like platform and pulled his knees up near his chest, exposing his cum-covered ass and my tongue began licking and lapping at each cheek. Next I ran my tongue up his crack and over his puckered hole where I couldn't help but tease him, wiggling my warm wet tongue deep inside it. "Mmmm...you've got such a naughty little tongue for such a sweet little girl," he groaned.

I giggled and continued my tongue bath, making my way up to his delicious nut sack. I ran my tongue right up the center, separating each ball and one-by-one sucked each creamy nut into my mouth, cleaning my sweet and tangy nectar from his tightening globes. Next I ran my tongue up and down my Daddy's thickening shaft, wrapping my pink pouty lips over the swollen crown, pulling a another groan from deep within his chest. "Fuck baby! You're gonna make your old man cum yet. Get up here and let's get you ready for the next part of the ceremony."

I climbed back onto my Daddy's lap but this time he had me squat over his rock hard pole and positioned his mushroom head right under my tight little rosebud. My rose was still covered in the dew that was still dripping from my excited little cunny so as I eased down onto him, I just needed to bear down and my tight little sphincter gladly allowed the intrusion. "Oh yes Daddy," I moaned feeling my ass being stretched and filled as I started grinding my hips over my new perch...such a good sensation.

"Oh...baby girl you gotta stop wiggling that sweet ass of yours. The brothers are waiting and we need to get started."

"OK Daddy. I'll be good. Can I talk during this part of the ceremony or do I have to keep quiet like before?"

"No baby. This time you can speak but only if the brother asks you a question or wants you to say certain words while he's tasting your sweet little body...but you're only allowed to say these words and phrases when you are asked a question: fuck, yes, I'm cumming, and it's my Daddy's pussy or cunt or whatever the brother calls it. Understand?"

I said yes and Daddy announced that it was time to begin the next portions of the ceremony. All the lodge brothers re-enter the room naked with their hard cocks in hand. This time I could see each and every brother and their lustful expressions as one-by-one each member stepped forward to get a better taste of my sweet pussy and ass.

The first man (brother Dave) stepped up between my legs started rubbing his cum-weeping bloated crown up and down my pussy lips, mixing our juices just before he slowly slid his thick pipe balls-deep into my tight little kitty. I could feel his cock rub against Daddy's cock as he stated pumping in and out nice and slow. "Oh! Brother Dennis...your daughter has a sweet little cunt. I'm gonna blow my load in her any minute now. Do you like having a dirty old man fuck your little cunt while Daddy's tappin' your sweet ass little girl?"

I could barely speak being so full of cock but I managed to groan, "Oooooooo! Yes!"

"That's a good girl," he laughed, and I could feel the vibrations deep inside my little cunny and it made me come. Daddy groaned, "She's cumming brother Dave. Oooooo...she's gotta be squeezin' your tool pretty good cause she's got a vice grip on mine."

Just then brother Dave moaned, shook, and shuttered as he blasted my insides with his hot creamy spunk. "Mmmmm...thank you brother Dennis for letting my cock get a good taste of your baby girl. I hope that later you will do me the honor of letting me fill her sweet little ass as I can see stretches beautifully around a nice thick cock."

Brother Dave steps away and brother Mark takes his place. "Mmmm...mmmmm! I love a sweet young pussy brother Dennis, and I'm gonna bust my nut deep inside that hot honey pot of yours baby girl. You're gonna love feeling how much cum I'm gonna pump inside you." And with that brother Mark slammed his throbbing cream machine deep inside my creamy snatch. Brother Dave's load oozed out around Mark's shaft and it trickled down my ass, around my Daddy's cock and balls and continued to drip down between his ass cheeks, covering his dirty hairy hole.

Brother Mark fucked me hard and fast. I almost passed out from the waves of pleasure that rippled through my body. It apparently felt good to my Daddy too as he gripped my hips and groaned as he shot his first load deep in my bowels. The two men pumped in and out of me in an exchange of thrusts so I constantly felt one cock sliding out of me while the other was sliding in. It was too much for me and I came a second time squirting like a geyser. My juice rained down on all three of us as the room erupted in applause. This pushed brother Mark over the edge and he exploded, pumping his hot creamy load in what seemed like a constant steam over a three minute period deep inside my quivering cunny.

"Damn! Brother Dennis you are one lucky son of a bitch. If my baby girl could cum like that, I'd never leave the house," he chuckled. "Thank you for sharing this tight sweet baby girl of yours with your brothers."

Brother Mark stepped away and brother Tim approached. By now my pussy, thighs, and ass are dripping wet and so is Daddy. Even though he dumped a huge load in my ass he stayed deeply imbedded between the petals of my well watered rosebud. Brother Tim stepped forward and teased my steamy slit by only fucking me with the head of his dick, but it was a huge mushroom shaped crown and it's ridge kept hitting my sweet spot till I came squirting again. Between the lewd commentary from the onlookers and my orgasmic cries I didn't hear brother Tim's question to me. My Daddy slapped my ass with his big rough hand which made me come again. "You'll have to excuse her brother Tim but she gets lost in her pleasure when a fine thick cock such as yours is bangin' into her g-spot. Answer brother Tim sweety...he wants to know if you like having all these different cocks tickle your kitty and if your kitty wants a taste of his special cream."

"Mmmmmm....yes," I moan. He starts to pump in and out of my kitty faster and faster until he finally slams his cock as deep in my cunny as he can get and blasts my cunt walls with his sweet seed.

"Oh...FUCK! What a tight little kitty. What a good little kitty to take all of my cream. Mmmm...nice and plump and made for taking a cock." He panted and groaned as he pulled his deflating cock from my creamy cave.

With all the stimulation from the brother's cocks in my cunny and my own orgasmic spasms Daddy was getting very hard and swollen again, filling my ass and making me hungry to feel him slam into me hard and fast. One by one the rest of the lodge brothers plunged deep into my swollen and very wet cunny, pushing out the previous brother's creamy load to make room for their special contribution to my sperm-covered nest. I came squirting again and again until I was shaking so badly that the brothers decided to let me rest for a few minutes. I think that Daddy needed the rest too as he had shot about six healthy loads deep in my ass. I was gonna have cum seeping out of my ass for weeks at this rate. While I rested several of the lodge members took pictures of the scene before them and some were video-taping as well, getting close-ups of my Daddy's cock stuck in my ass and my cum-drooling cunny.

Once my shaking stopped the last lodge member stepped forward. Brother Collin (the lodge Worshipful Master) is the highest official at the lodge and presides over all lodge ceremonies so he will finish off this portion of tonight's festivities. Worshipful Master Collin stands between my cum-splattered thighs, stroking his enormous cum-dripping cock and says, "My, my, my...what a beautiful sight. A Daddy buried deep in his baby girl's ass offering her sweet cunt to his fellow brothers. Thank you brother Dennis for modeling the true relationship that should exist between a man and his lodge family as well as the pure love that can be found between a Daddy and his daughter. You are an inspiration to us all. And whose pussy is this little girl?" he asked as he patted my wet pussy lips.

"It's my Daddy's pussy," I panted.

"Mmmmm...good girl."

With that Worshipful Master Collin slid his thick pipe deep into my cunny for one last hard fuck. He started out slow, pushed until his swollen cum-heavy balls were snuggled up next to my creamy ass where they rested on top of Daddy's drenched nuts. He just held his cock there, savoring the feel of my tight cunt and the ripples of Daddy's cock as it throbbed inside my well fucked body. He started pumping in and out in a nice steady rhythm until he had to stop. He lay on top of me and my Daddy and nibbled and suckled on my swollen aching nipples. I was sandwiched between both of their heaving bodies and it felt like heaven. Next he told Daddy that he should pump my ass till he cums one more time and then pull out so he can taste me fully.

Daddy started rolling and grinding his hips, forcing me to feel his thick cock sliding around in my well-seeded ass, rubbing against Collin's thick tool still held balls-deep in my pussy. It only took a few minutes and Daddy somehow managed to spew forth another load of hot cum deep inside my bowls. He pulled out of my ass and a river of cooze flowed freely form the gaping hole that was plugged by his thick member. Collin began thrusting in and out rather quickly at first, setting me off like a rocket. Then he slowed his pace and thrust hard and deep into my cunt and then pulled out and did the same in my ass, going from one to the other. He continued the attack on my sorely abused flesh until he started cumming. He began shooting his load in my ass and after a few jets of cream; he quickly pulled out and slammed into my pussy to the hilt. He held his cock so deep inside me that I thought he was gonna cum up my throat and out of my mouth.

After Collin finished tasting my sweet body, he stood back and announced that the last part of the ceremony would begin within a few minutes depending on how quickly I could stand on my very wobbly legs. All the members stood by, wet cum-covered cocks in hand waiting. Daddy sat up and held me fast to his chest. I was still sitting on his lap and he whispered in my ear, "Ok baby. You made your Daddy so proud of you...the way you took all those cocks. Mmmmmm...you made me so very happy, but we're not quite done just yet. When you feel ready you will need to clean all of us up just like you did your dear old Dad earlier. I know you're gonna make me proud. I love you so much baby girl."

"OK Daddy. I will make you proud of your baby girl cum-slut. I love you too." I panted.

"That's my girl," as he patted my tummy and kissed my neck, "that's daddy's dirty little cum-slut."

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by ualmech8804/23/18

Oh brother, what a lodge

How does one join. I'll take a membership to that lodge any day. 😘

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