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Behind the Scenes With Barnaby 02


In my first Behind the Scenes piece, published at the end of 2003, I discussed my writing and the inspirations behind my stories published to date. At that time I was just beginning to come out of a writer's block. Since then, I have more than doubled my Literotica output with what I consider some of my best erotica so I felt it might be time to once again look behind the creative curtains.

During this period, I was still cleaning out my old stuff including THE RESTAURANT, originally written as a comedy sketch in 1982 and the amusing trifle MOMENTS ON A MORNING AFTER, originally entitled UNWANTED LOVER and written around that same time. POP MUSIC parts one and two were suggested by my ex-girlfriend, also in 1982, and were, in fact, originally the sequel to my previously published FULL MOON FANTASIES. Although completely updated and rewritten, they were not well-received so the third part, set in an all-black radio station, remains unfinished and unposted.

Speaking of said ex-girlfriend, my non-fiction piece FIRST AND SECOND was based on extensive notes written the morning after my very first times with her. It reveals my very real feelings at the moment of losing my own virginity. The fact that it remains one of my lowest rated pieces on Lit says volumes about the history of my sex life.

Coming out of my long writing funk, I finally finished the long promised TIGER STRIPES, completely scrapping all four previous starts and writing a largely dialogue-based piece that featured Tiger, one of my most memorable characters. It is an odd little meeting between an older man and a young woman on a winter day. It's a bit schmaltzy I'll admit but it works for me. Tiger was partly inspired by my friend Dani Meadows, now a Literotica author herself with two popular stories and a couple more I've been privileged to read as works in progress. The first time Dani and I met, she doffed her shirt in a mall store aisle to show me the Tiger tattoo on her back. That right there makes her memorable. The fact that she's one of the best conversationalists I've ever met led to her being my first subject in my INTERVIEW PROJECT. Although several states away now, Dani has proven herself a good friend and will always be special to me.

As to my popular INTERVIEW PROJECT, I did do follow up interviews on girl number 4 and girl number 5 but was unable to pin down numbers 1 and 2. Meanwhile number 3 steadfastly refused involvement in spite of the fact that she's the one who has had the most interesting changes. Thus the two that were done remain unpolished and unposted.

Girl number 3 was Meg, whose sexual philosophies and escapades made her my muse for several early stories. Girl number 4, Natalie Rose, took her place for one of my most popular stories, PURPLE DAZE. One day in the summer of 2004, Nat called me up and asked if I would help her dye her hair purple. Oddly, my wife agreed that as a middle-aged man I wasn't likely to get that kind of offer from a 21 year old girl again anytime soon so off I went! The whole day was a comedy of errors from the buying of the hair dye at Hot Topic where the clerk thought I was Natalie's father to the point where we ended up sitting together in her tiny bathtub scrubbing up purple stains with rubbing alcohol. When the alcohol finally ran out and I asked, "How am I going to explain to my wife that we ran out of alcohol while sitting together in your bathtub?" Natalie suggested I take it all a little further and make it into an erotic story. Throughout the day, I was allowed to enjoy scrubbing purple stains off of various portions of her anatomy, too, so the thought of this being erotic had already occurred to me!

Natalie moved away soon afterwards but returned for a visit last summer where I arranged a dinner with myself and Meg who had just accepted her own bisexuality. Natalie arrived this time with bright pink hair! Three hours at the restaurant during which our explicit and increasingly loud conversations nearly got us kicked out (and got the waitress a big tip) evolved into the obvious three-way sequel, PURPLE PASSIONS, another conversation-based story that has proven to be very popular.

While Natalie was in town, I even set up an afternoon at the mall with her, Meg, myself and Dru from TIP number 2! Dru had left her husband but had just spent a hot night with him. Her discussion of it led the other girls to a discussion that nearly got us all banned from the mall permanently. Afterwards, Dru and I stood in the parking lot with her still going on to the point where I told her I had to go home and jerk off. She giggled and said, "Oh, goody!" I don't see Dru often enough!

Natalie at one point offered to work with me on a project whereby I would send her sex toys and she would write reviews and her in-depth feelings during usage. I sent her a lapping tongue toy, a vibrator and a set of ben-wa balls but nothing ever came from it (except Natalie). I was talking to her on the phone once when she started to ask me how you get something out of...she paused. At that point you could here the sound of a metal ball bouncing on the hard wood floor as one of the ben wa balls fell out of her vagina. "Oh, never mind, " she said. Apparently she and her boyfriend both enjoyed the research but no article. Natalie has gone on, however, to post two stories of her own on Lit, both edited by yours truly. BREACH OF SECURITY and CHRISTMAS PROMISES WRAPPED IN DREAMS (my title) have been very successful and I continue to encourage her to write more!

BEWITCHED, BOTHERED, ETC. was a non-erotic piece based on a true incident in which Meg, a real-life witch, attempted an "energy transfer" with me with surprising results. It deserves to be finished someday but has not been popular so it's been back-burnered.

That story served to reignite her as my inspiration, though. PUTTING PANTS ON PAULA, another MFF story has become my most read story and one of my most popular. It was inspired by my agreement to buy my friend Meg a new pair of jeans. Again, taking it a step or two further I had a story. In this case, I even got Meg to write a paragraph explaining how the main characters feel about each other.

Around this time, I became email friends with three folks from London, each of whom gave me surprising and unexpected insight into both my stories and myself. I know I've thanked them before but let me thank them again right here. My writing is all the better because of your input.

I even let a couple of them read my next story in advance which led to it being changed considerably. SECRETS KEPT AS WISHES was my attempt to exorcise if you will all of my fantasies about Meg, incorporating things she had said, things I secretly felt and emotions I rarely acknowledged. It was to be my first B/D story. My advance readers assured me that while I might have a good B/D story in me, this was not meant to be it. Thus I let it set awhile before going back and taking out most of the darker elements. The end result, in my opinion, is the ultimate distillation of my now familiar "friends to lovers" theme. Apparently readers agreed as it, too, soared in popularity. Meg was angry that I didn't consult her (a submissive) when she heard it was a B/D story. She was even angrier when she started to read the story. She left it unfinished, never really realizing that in a way it had turned into a love letter to her. Sigh.

Leaving her behind for awhile (pardon the pun), AAAL-MOST ANAL and BREAKFAST were marginally inspired by an old girlfriend who previously had inspired FANTASY GIRL. Both were lighthearted, fun stories with lots of dialogue. I always read my dialogue out loud either to my very supportive wife or to myself. If it sounds off to me, it probably reads off to you. That's when I change it. The best compliment given to me by a Literotica reader was that I create very likable, realistic characters.

Around this time my wife, the most understanding and supportive woman in the world, wrote her own erotic story, something I had been encouraging her to do for years. Posted on Lit under the nom-de-porn, Mystical Folds, her vampire story with a twist, FIRST CONTACT, was renamed DARK DESIRES:FIRST BLOOD and has a higher rating than anything of mine! Sequels are forthcoming.

It was back to my usual muse for CRYSTAL CONVERSATIONS and A DREAM SO WET AND DEAR, both based on actual incidents but both featuring, in spite of the explicit descriptiveness, no actual sex between characters. They were not popular.

In the meantime, I posted 5 poems on Literotica to little notice and actually sold my first erotic story to another site. Originally entitled BOOOOOM! but retitled THE LIGHTNING STORM, it was heavily edited and rewritten but made me a professional writer. With that encouragement, I have since sold my first non-erotic short story which was recently published in an anthology. Even my local library has it! Another non-fiction piece is coming soon in a book and there's a chance that some of my erotica will be reprinted, too. I even started a popular blog which, to date, has more than 500 articles published!

I haven't abandoned erotic fiction, though, nor Literotica. The nurturing atmosphere of Lit and its forums has been my writing workshop and there is more in the pipeline. In fact, I was a bit nonplussed when I realized I had no less than fifteen unfinished stories in various stages of completion! REPEAT, the sci-fi story I started as my second contribution to Lit way back when is still a possibility. CAR TROUBLES, CURTAINS, THE TROUBLE WITH SNOW DAYS and CONFIGURATIONS are more mused pieces. Meg and I even attempted a collaboration about a year ago on a B/D story she called THE GAME and I called ON THE ROPES. Her enthusiasm waned quickly so it remains unfinished. As with my wife, Natalie and Dani, I've tried to convince her to try her own hand at writing erotica but so far no luck.

Also on the virtual shelf are HAYLEY'S AGENDA, BUS STOP-THE HOLLIES, TRIVIA TIME, MAN OF THE HOUSE, ILLICIT AGREEMENT and DRAGON, my first bi-curious piece. I write in bursts. If I don't finish something, it has to wait until the next burst and hope something else doesn't keep me from getting to it. With any luck at least some of these will get finished. They're good. If you've read my already posted stories, thank you. I hope you enjoyed some of them. I try to make them hot and dirty, fun and funny. If this is the first time you've seen my name, please click on it above or below to read and vote on my stories. Then tell me what you think. I could never have become a professional without Literotica.

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