tagBDSMBehind the Story Ch. 02

Behind the Story Ch. 02


Author's Note: Again, this follows the line of having some trouble which category to place this in... but I decided that because of the direction it's heading that's the category to choose. Enjoy!


Three days after Dru masturbated herself to orgasm at the behest of a fan, she finally got up the nerve to get back onto her instant messenger.

Immediately, Joe IMed her.

Drkness300: Decided to come back I see.

Dru bit her lip. Then decided to respond...

NaughtyDru: You made me uncomfortable last time.

There was a pause.

Drkness300: I'm sure I did.

NaughtyDru: No really, you shouldn't have talked to me like that.

Drkness300: Why not? Because you liked it too much?

NaughtyDru: No!

NaughtyDru: It's creepy.

Drkness300: You put yourself out on the internet, knowing that the people you're talking to are fantasizing about you, and you think it's creepy when they tell you their fantasies?

Drkness300: You really are a very naughty Dru.

Drkness300: And somebody should put you in your place.

NaughtyDru: What, and you think you're the one to do it?

Drkness300: I could be.

Drkness300: It depends on how badly you want it.

His arrogance was almost appalling. She knew that this was heading back into dangerous territory... why was she responding to him like this? Squeezing her thighs together, she tried to ignore the tingling between them. Just as she had ignored the fact that the last couple days she'd been hornier than ever, and that every time she masturbated it was to the image he'd described to her.

NaughtyDru: I DON'T!

Drkness300: Of course not.

And he signed off.

Dru gasped, he'd never done anything like that before! She felt... unfulfilled.

It was at that moment that she realized that she'd signed on, hoping - knowing - that he would contact her. She had been hoping that he would describe another scenario for her to picture... hoping for this person that she'd never seen before to violate her from a distance. How sick was she?!

Disgusted with herself, Dru signed off as well.


The next day she found herself sitting in front of the computer, index finger tapping the clicker on the mouse without actually pressing down. Twisting her lower lip thoughtfully, she couldn't decide if she wanted to sign on or not. He'd be there. She was perverted and sick to sign on and talk to him wasn't she?

Maybe not... people met online all the time. So the way that she'd met him was a little unusual was all, even for online. But she had enjoyed talking to him before. Dru blushed. And she had enjoyed when he'd described his fantasy to her as well, and now that there was some time to buffer the memory, it didn't seem as creepy. And it still turned her on.

She realized that she was trying to talk herself into signing on.

"Well if I want to do it that badly, why don't I just DO it?!" she muttered to herself.

And double clicked the mouse, her heart beating faster as she did so.

His screenname was on her buddy list, he was online... but for the first time he didn't immediately message her when she signed on. Dru sat in the chair, staring at his screenname. Then she started to get a little angry. She was back online, why wasn't he IMing her?!

NaughtyDru: Are you there?

Drkness300: Curious kitten aren't you... just couldn't stay away.

Dru scowled, reading his words as slightly mocking.

NaughtyDru: Why didn't you message me?

Drkness300: Don't pout.

Realizing that she was doing exactly that, Dru tossed her head and pulled in her bottom lip.

NaughtyDru: I'm NOT.

NaughtyDru: Why didn't you?

Drkness300: Why DID you?

She hesitated, not realy having an answer.

Drkness300: Meet me somewhere.

NaughtyDru: What?! I can't!

Drkness300: Yes. You can.

Drkness300: Meet me.

Drkness300: Friday night. At Bind in DC.

Drkness300: 11pm.

NaughtyDru: This is crazy, how would I even know who you are?

Drkness300: Wear all white. I'll find you.

NaughtyDru: This is insane.

Drkness300 signed off.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Dru yelled at the computer, smacking the side of the monitor in her anger. Seriously! What the hell?! She was fuming, frustrated... and still confused as to what to do.

"Shit." she muttered and got up from the computer. Maybe she'd just go watch Will & Grace or something. Get her mind off of things.


"I can't decide..." Dru's voice trailed off as she stared into space.

"What's there to decide?" asked Jane, "You should totally go!"

"Seriously?" Dru asked, "Like... you don't think it's sketchy?"

"Of course it's sketchy," grinned Jane, "But that's why you do something smart like asking your best friend slash roommate to go with you!"

"Will you?!" Dru's heart lifted, and she realized that she really did want to go, and that having someone there to support her would make everything a lot easier.

Jane laughed, "Sure! I've been wanting to go to Bind for awhile now, this is the perfect excuse!"

"What IS Bind? I mean, I know it must be a club or something, but I've never heard of it!" Dru was somewhat confused by Jane's enthusiasm, they had been to clubs together before and while clubbing was something Jane enjoyed she never got particularly excited about any one club, "And why would wearing all white mean that he could find me?"

"Ahh..." Jane's voice lilted as her hazel eyes glinted with mischief, there was a bit of a teasing laugh in her voice as she informed Dru, "Bind is a BDSM club - that's Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism - and most of the people there will probably be dressed in goth-gear, which means a lot of black. Not too many people dressed all in white... if at all..." her voice trailed off as she got that contemplative look in her eye and Dru knew that she was already planning out her wardrobe.

Well that explained it, Dru knew that Jane sometimes liked to go to Industrial Clubs and the like, although she'd never been with her. Hearing exactly what kind of club Bind was and thinking about the fact that Joe wanted to meet her there made her shiver... although she wasn't sure if it was with fear or excitement.

"I'm glad you're going with me," she said impulsively to Jane.


Friday morning Dru went onto her computer. Joe wasn't on, so she decided to look up the website for Bind. The pages were dark and sinister, cloudy black backgrounds with edgy red lettering... the pictures that were on the pages were many, but more teasing than fulfilling. Here was a girl with long blond hair in a pony-tail, looking over her shoulder with come-hither eyes, a ball gag stuffed into her mouth. Another of a man tied with his back to the camera, his arms spread wide on some kind of hanging wooden piece, a bar between his legs; black straps wrapped around his body.

She shivered as she looked at the pictures, wanting to see more, know more. Dru felt herself getting wet as she looked at these confident men and women on the pages, each beautiful in their own way... all of them clad in leather, vinyl, latex... darkly exotic and dangerous. Most of them were scantily clad, but the way they carried themselves made it seem as if they were fully clothed.

Then she found the video clip.

Clicking on it, the small screen came to life; a girl was being strapped over some kind of padded horse, a ball-gag in her mouth and her short brown hair tumbling to either side of her face. Dru turned up the volume, but the only noise was the girl's anxious moans and whimpers... but she didn't sound scared, she sounded eager. There was a man behind her, and he flipped up her short skirt to show her bottom, her ass bisected by a black thong. The man wasn't visible, except for his body as he moved to the side of the girl, giving the camera a good angle.

He was broad and strongly muscled, wearing loose leather pants and no shirt. Dru wondered what his face looked like. Resting a hand on the girl's buttock, he began to caress the brunette's ass, making her shiver and wriggle in her bound state. Dru shivered too, sliding her hand into her pants to give her clit a quick finger, sending a pleasurable sensation tingling through her body.

The man caressed down the girl's leg and then back up to her buttocks, then suddenly gripped the cheek hard. Dru gasped as he drew back his hand and then sent it crashing down on the girl's ass. The girl on the computer screen screamed behind the gag, her back arching in response to the abuse of her rear as the man's hand came down hard on her other cheek. He began steadily spanking her as she wriggled against the horse and the rope, starting to move with the rhythm of the spanking.

As the camera turned to show the girl's face, Dru realized that even though the spanking obviously hurt, the girl was also obviously enjoying it. Her own hand slipped back down into her pants, fingering her slit which was much wetter than she would've thought. She hadn't even realized that she'd gotten turned on watching this girl being bound and spanked, but as soon as she touched her wet lips her entire lower region sprang to life. Moaning under her breath, she scooted down in the chair to get bettter access to her pleasure points, her eyes never leaving the screen.

The camera panned back around and Dru could clearly see that the girl's movements against the horse were like she was fucking it; and now she could see that the way the girl was tied allowed her to rub the front of her groin against the horse. As the man spanked her, the girl was essentially masturbating against the prop to which she was tied. Dru groaned, rubbing her fingers frantically against her clit, just like the girl was writhing against the horse... unable to get anything inside of her but finding pleasure by other means.

Dru gasped, her body arching as pleasure coursed through her, her free hand gripped the seat of her chair as she humped against her fingers; the sound of the man's slapping hand and the girl's muffled moans filling her ears. Her head thrashed from side to side as she started to cum, her eyes closed for the first time as she saw herself in her mind, bound to a horse and spanked, rubbing her clit against the rubbery firm surface beneath her. Fingers flicking faster she shuddered and bucked, the orgasm filling her entire being and carrying it along onto a plane of exquisite pleasure.

When she finally came back down from her high, she opened her eyes to see the girl in the throes of her own orgasm, the man spanking her harder than ever.

As the girl collapsed against the horse, shuddering slightly, the man finally stopped his assault on her buttocks. The camera angle moved around to show her cherry red ass and her soaked thong.

Dru clicked off of the site and turned off her computer.

More than ever, she was excited and slightly frightened of tonight.

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