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Being Bad: Bi-guy Erotica


As Jenna knelt and swirled her tongue around Gregory's big, fat cock she kept her eyes on her husband. Matt, her husband, knelt with her and watched with wide, eager eyes. She saw him licking his lips as he watched her swallowing Gregory's massive member. Her mouth made a popping sound as she pulled away, leaving Gregory's fat cock glistening from time spent between her lips. She smiled at her husband, pushed Gregory's cock in Matt's direction and uttered the two words she knew would thrill Matt, "Your turn!"

If you're a bisexual man, like myself, then I'm willing to bet that little description felt very good for you. I believe bi-guys appreciate seeing a woman sucking cock on another level than straight guys. I'll even twist around thoughts expressed by famous radio talk show host Howard Stern. According to Stern, an admitted heterosexual, he can't stand watching girls in straight porn sucking dick because it feels "gay" to him if he finds pleasure watching that.

While I don't agree with Stern, I will admit, I enjoy watching a woman giving head for two reasons. I appreciate the sensation of feeding my hard cock to a woman eager and willing to offer her lips and tongue to me. I love how it feels to receive a blowjob. I love how a woman looks when she's sucking dick. There's a raw, sexuality to the sight of a pretty girl with a big cock in her mouth that gets to me. If I'm looking at a picture of that action, I want to be that man feeding her MY cock! But, as a practicing bisexual man, I can appreciate the act from the opposing point of view. I know how it feels to be on my knees, opening my mouth to feel a man's throbbing thrill against my lips and tongue. I know the taste, texture and scent involved with being the sucker instead of the suckee.

To me, male bisexuality is as normal as female bisexuality. Perhaps it's not as widely accepted, but that's not my point. My wife and I used to swing. We had profiles posted on various swinger oriented websites that specifically mentioned our interest in finding other bisexual men. It always amazed us how many men would contact us even though, in their profiles, they listed themselves as straight. I respect that and based on those experiences, I firmly believe there are a lot of bi and bi-curious men in the world.

Personally, I prefer my bisexual guys to be like me: alpha male in appearance and behavior. I'm a guy. I play sports, I workout, I can split a cord of firewood in an afternoon by hand. I'm not going to cry about a split nail and I wash my hair with good ol' shampoo and condition, not "product." The only facial I want comes from another man and not from a bottle, LOL. The guys I want in my bedroom should be the same.

I understand lots of people have problems with guys who go both ways. Consider the porn star James Deen. Is he straight or gay? He's done both. Consider how often "straight" porn stars cross swords in straight porn. One of my favorite examples of straight guys crossing swords in porn would be a double penetration. I know that thrill from firsthand experience and part of the thrill is feeling the other guy's prick rubbing against yours through the thin membranes separating the woman's body parts.

Being "bad" is a thrill. Many people enjoy pushing the edge of polite society. What is considered "bad" varies. Examples include exhibitionism or sex in a public places. I've had women who enjoy anal sex, in part, because it feels "naughty" doing it up the back door. Though your opinion may differ, I believe "being bad" is a primary thrill behind much incest erotica. Regardless of how you define being bad, playing with the idea of who's in charge is powerful stuff in erotica in and real life. Many women have secret non-consent fantasies (guys too, for that matter). "Being taken," I believe, is code for that idea.

With these thoughts in mind, I believe bi-guy erotica provides a penultimate opportunity for "being bad." Though I believe this idea is wrong, I believe many people still identify a man willing to suck off another man as being something less than a "real man." (I have a cord of wood in my yard that would suggest otherwise, but I'm hoping you get the point.) The same is true of a guy who enjoys anal sex. Show me a guy who likes getting it up the butt and I'll show you a guy whom most of the world struggles understanding.

Here comes my final thought: what about the guy doing the fucking? What about the guy feeding his swollen, hard cock into the mouth of another man? In so much bi-guy oriented erotica, one guy gets presented as being so straight, he can feed his dick to another man without being branding as less than a man. What's up with that?

Embrace your sexuality, people. Walk lightly upon this earth and be tolerant of those different than you.

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by Anonymous

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by smoke71701/02/19

Well said

I too believe that I couldn't have said it better.

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by Anonymous05/09/18

Totally agree

I’m a fit, straight-looking, straight-acting - and big-cocked(!) - guy with a secret bi side, definitely more bottom than top. Yes, I love watching straight porn imagining that I’m in the woman’smore...

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