tagIncest/TabooBeing Busted Brings Benefits Ch. 02

Being Busted Brings Benefits Ch. 02


I thought I'd feel guiltier. I thought afterwards the idea of what I had done would make me sick. After all I did fuck my mother, and I fucked her good. The strange thing was I didn't feel guilty or grossed out at all. It was just the opposite. I was excited, constantly thinking about her and what we had done in the kitchen. It was like a new relationship with a girl. When you're all giddy to see her and sleep with her again. It was like that... with my mother.

Anyway, after I came the second time in the kitchen, all over my mother's incredible tits, we cleaned up and she told me I had no excuse not to study now and especially not watch porn on my computer. I went to my room and she was right about the porn but studying was virtually impossible since all my mind could focus on was the incredible set of tits and the even more phenomenal feel of my mother's wet hot pussy. I still was blown away by how it felt.

I forced myself to open my books, staring blankly at the words but no reading was accomplished. I don't know what Mom was thinking. We really didn't say much after cleaning up. I was worried she would freak out now, maybe even tell Dad and that was the worst thing I could think of. I didn't want our little arrangement to stop, not now, not after what we did and how good it was.

Around noon she knocked on my door, waking me from my daydreams. I told her the door was open and she stepped in.

"I've made you a sandwich for lunch, it's ready if you're hungry," she said, not walking in further.

She had been forced to change her clothing after our kitchen activates. Her skirt was soaked from both her and my abundant fluids. She was now in shorts and the same top as before that had been spared earlier when I took it off her. She smiled at me before turning to leave because she noticed my eyes drop to her breasts as she was speaking. I knew then that she wasn't going to change anything and the arrangement was in full swing. I wondered what she would say if I told her I needed more assistance already. Would she go for it or tell me I should be fine after the two giant loads this morning?

I let her go back downstairs before closing my unread books and heading down as well. The mention of lunch made my stomach growl, but up until then I hadn't realized I was hungry. Hadn't realized anything really except Mom.

On the table was my sandwich, chips and a drink. I sat down and began eating. She was at the sink and shortly came and sat across from me.

"Eat up, my boy needs his energy for all that studying," she smiled.

"Among other things," I chuckled.

"Yes, I'm sure you'll recuperate just fine, David. So young and strong."

"And how are you doing?" I asked.

"Honesty, I feel great, better then great. I can't tell you how long it's been, I forgot myself. It's like I've been reenergized. I knew I missed it but didn't understand how much until now."

"Good, see, this is working out good for both of us. Going to be awesome."

"I'm excited as well, David. But we need to try and act as normal as possible when your father is home. He can never even have a suspicion of what we are doing. He would never understand."

"I know, we'll be fine, he's too busy with work and whatever else he does to find out. Won't be a problem."


The next morning I didn't have classes until later and slept in. Dad would already be gone and Mom probably back from the gym I assumed. Last night Mom and I acted perfectly normal and Dad didn't suspect a thing, just like I knew he wouldn't.

I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom for a shower. I wasn't in more than five minutes when the shower door opened and my mother stood butt naked before me.

"Care if I join you? I just got back from my workout."

"No... umm... sure," I stammered, staring at her hot rack.

I could see the sportsbra lines around her chest and waist from her workout clothing. Her nipples were slightly erect, puckering the areola. Her long blond hair still up in a ponytail. I moved over and she stepped into the shower.

"Wow, you like it hot," she said.

"You're just hot from working out is all."

"Yeah, maybe, she said turning the hot water down anyway."

I stood against the wall, watching her take her hair tie out and get her hair wet. With her arms over her head it made her already perfect breasts even better. My cock was by this time rock hard. I hadn't seen her fully naked in the kitchen and the complete package was phenomenal. This older woman had a rocking body from her long legs to her flat stomach to the before mentioned breasts.

"I should have brought my own shampoo, but forgot," she said looking at me standing shyly against the cold wall.

"You can use mine, its fine," I said.

"Want to wash my hair for me?" she asked.

"Umm, sure, I'll try, not used to washing long hair."

She looked down at my hardon and smiled. "You have no issues getting hard, do you?"

"Nope, none at all."

"Not like your father, Viagra doesn't even seem to help him."

I poured some shampoo in my hand, the amount I normally use but she told me to add twice that much and then turned around. I moved up behind her and began to run the shampoo into her wet hair. My cock was throbbing like crazy, as was my heart. Moving forward more I worked on her hair and my cock made contact with her butt. She reached backwards and took hold of it, making me jump slightly at her touch.

"I think we're going to have to do this quite often, David, to keep you from building up so much," she said stroking my cock behind her back.

"Mother's orders?" I asked, chuckling.

"Mother's orders," she returned, as stern as she could manage.

With my soapy hands I reached around her and grabbed both of her breasts, spreading the shampoo all over them. Her nipples hardened fully in my palms even with the warm water and steam of the shower. A moan escaped her lips as I twisted both nipples between my thumb and fingers. She sped up her stroking, using both her hands now. Shampoo ran down her sexy back, over her butt onto my cock and she used the soap to slide effortlessly over my hard shaft and head. I was in heaven, two incredible tits to play with while she manipulated my cock with her expert hands.

Suddenly she spun around, looking me in the eyes. Leaning back into the water she rinsed her hair as I watched her. Then she took up the soap and handed it to me.

"Wash me, David. Clean Mommy, like I used to bathe you."

Lathering up the soap I preceded to washer her shoulders, breasts, stomach and legs. Finally finishing with her sex and ass. With one hand in front and the other in back I ran my fingers over her shaved pussy and anus, opening her lips and feeling her excited clitoris. She moaned loudly as the washing became playing. Finding her erect clitoris I began to spin tight circles over it with two fingers as my other hand clawed at her pussy and tight rosebud asshole. Using the pad of my finger I experimented with her tiny hole and to my shock and amazement she moaned as I slightly penetrated her snug opening.

Who knows how freaky my mom and dad had gotten, for all I knew Mom like it in her butt. She definitely wasn't objecting to my finger. With my palm on her clit, I used two fingers to penetrate her hot sex as I still played with her anus, slowly working a little more of my finger inside.

"Oh, David, Mommy's going to cum!" she screamed out.

Her pussy constricted on my fingers as her butt pinched tight, pushing my finger completely out. Her legs shook as the climax washed over her body, drenching my hand again with her fluids. It was hotter than the shower water, slippery and thick. She grabbed my hand, pulling me harder into her, almost hurting my wrists as she forced my fingers into her body deeper.

"That's it, David, make me cum, make Mom feel wonderful!"

This woman was unbelievable, how she could climax so quickly and so powerfully, blew me away. She let herself go, almost falling in the shower the orgasm was so powerful. I steadied her, having to pull my hand out of her grasp and pussy. I held her securely as the last few jolts racked her frame. I could feel her heart racing and her breathing was rapid. She clawed at my body, shacking and moaning continually.

"Ohh, mmm. Yes, David that was wonderful."

"That was amazing, Mom. You're unbelievable."

"Looks like you helped me out first this time. I should return the favor," she said, gathering her breath. "Have any of your girlfriends every given you a blowjob, David?"

"Umm, just one... actually that's all she would do."

"Did you like it?"


"Did she swallow?"

All the while Mom was asking me these questions she had both hands on my cock, with the bar of soap, cleaning me thoroughly. When she cleaned my head the sensation was so intense I had a difficult time speaking and pulled away a little.

"No... she never swallowed it. She made me tell her when I was ready and she would finish with her hand."

"I see. Well, I swallow, David. I love it."

I almost ejaculated right then. Who was this woman I call Mother? I had no idea she even knew what a blowjob was let alone loved giving and swallowing. I didn't respond I was so turned on at that moment. She smiled; fell to her knees, letting the shower rinse my soapy cock. As soon as it was clean she curled my toes by taking my dick in her mouth deeper than that one girl before had even dared. Mom almost took my entire length down her throat, making sure to keep a tight grip on my shaft with her lips. Heaven just got even better.

You know that point, right when you start having sex, how it's so exciting if you're not careful you might blow within seconds. I was there and I was in trouble. I wanted this to last longer but Mom was so good at what she did I didn't know if I could stop. Brenda, that one girl who used to suck me, never did anything like what Mom was doing. With Brenda I was lucky if her mouth went over my head, mostly it was just her hands but Mom wasn't using her hands at all! Just her mouth down and up, down and up on my cock. Deep, shallow, spinning, sucking and her tongue? Her fucking tongue was unbelievable!

"I can't last much longer, Mom, you're too good at this," I said, about ready to explode.

She didn't stop; I knew she wanted me to cum in her mouth as soon as I could. Who knows how long it had been for her, to have a man ejaculate in her mouth. But from what she was doing and how fast she was working my head and shaft I knew she wanted it bad.

"Here it commmmes!" I screamed, tightening my keagle muscles as tight as I could.

Holding in the bliss took only a second before the involuntary contractions began, forcing my semen from my body into my mother's greedy mouth. The reaction from her, again, stunned me. She went ballistic, sucking, swallowing and working my cock for every drop I had to offer. She seemed crazed for my spunk, it almost frightened me how much she wanted it. The noises she made... the facial expression as I looked down. This woman was obsessed it seemed for cum. And the pleasure was something I had never experienced before. Sure I had cum before, countless times but to have a woman sucking me while I came, that was a different story. The sensation was crazy strong. I had the pure bliss of ejaculation mixed with the intense, pull away, too much, sensation of my head being sucked.

Muscle contraction after another jolted my cock, sending my load into my mother's mouth she had tightly wrapped around my shaft. She stroked me through my convulsions and sucked and swallowed as the bursts came.

I almost passed out.....

My vision was blurry, Mom was talking to me. I was done cumming and she was done swallowing but I still couldn't hear her. I was gone, somewhere else, blissfully unconscious, until she raised her voice.

"David! Are you okay?"

"Huh, what? Yeah, better than okay."

"I was saying how good you taste, it's almost sweet."

"Oh, good," was all I could manage.

"Wow, you were in la la land, weren't you?" she asked, standing up with a smile on her face.

"Totally. I have never felt something like that before."

"Good, I told you Mommy, could teach you a few things. That girlfriend never sucked you like that, did she?"

"No, not even close."

"Didn't think so. You still put out a surprisingly large amount of semen. I don't know what I'm to do with you."

"I guess you'll just have to keep trying to reduce it," I said, laughing.

"Sounds like a challenge, young man."

"If anyone is up to the challenge it's you, Mom."


I was late to school; I guess we were in the shower longer than I thought. I forced myself to pay attention as the professor went on with his lecture, not wanting to get further behind. Telling myself that this was real and Mom wasn't going anywhere nor was the arraignment we had. Keeping my mind off what she and I had done was the hard part but I managed. When I got home from school Dad was already home for some reason and Mom was fixing dinner early. I went in to help her and find out what was up. To my surprise, when I stood next to her, she grabbed my ass and leaned over to whisper in my ear.

"Your father has to go out of town for business, tonight. His plane leaves in three hours."

"Is that why he's home so early?"

"Yes, he's upstairs packing. We'll have the house alone for the weekend."

She smiled kissed my cheek and went back to making dinner. A thrill rushed through my body; my cock stirred and began to rise. I was in for one hell of a weekend. I was frozen in place, standing where she left me, thinking about what she had said meant. She saw me standing there and came back over to me.

"Don't get all excited yet, he's not gone. Not just yet, but when he does leave I'm taking that challenge and by the time I'm done with you, young man, you won't have anything left to give," she said grabbing my hardening cock through my shorts.

"Yes, Mommy."

She grinned, "That's my boy, I'm going to teach you things you've never dreamed of."

She let go of my dick and told me to set the table for dinner. I'll admit I didn't eat much, nor did I participate in the conversation because of the obvious. Mom cleared our plates and my Dad left to put his suitcase in the car. He came back in, kissed my mother goodbye and messed up my hair like he's done since I was a kid. And then he was gone...

I remained at the table not really knowing what to expect. Mom was busy in the kitchen doing the dishes and cleaning up the leftover food. To speed things up I decided to help.

"What can I do to help?" I asked.

She turned around, smiling. "You never ask to help. Is someone eager to begin our weekend alone?"

"Yeah, I'll admit it."

"We have plenty of time and the anticipation makes it that much better. But if you want to help you can put the food away while I finish the dishes."

We worked together for another twenty minutes until everything was cleaned up.

"Why don't you go up to your room and I'll join you shortly," Mom said.

I headed upstairs with a million dirty thoughts in my head, which made my cock stir in my pants with that anticipation she mentioned. What could she teach me that I didn't already know? I was excited to find out. I left my door ajar and emptied my backpack of books on my desk. I really doubted I'd get much studying down this weekend, but knew I had to try. About ten minutes later a small knock sounded on my door. I turned in my chair as she pushed it open. She stood there, in my doorway, dressed in a sex negligée made up of mostly lace covering her naughty bits. My mouth dropped open because she looked incredible.

"You like? I don't get to where this stuff much anymore. Kinda a waste with your father."

"I do like, very much."

"Good, then it's not a waste if you appreciate it."

She waked in, closed the door and walked directly over to me. My mother was standing inches away, wearing the skimpiest lingerie I had ever seen. So skimpy I could see the folds of her sex around the thin lace panties and her slightly erect nipples growing to protrude around silk strips intended to cover them. I instantly achieved erection, throbbing, pulsing, wanting out of my pants stiffness. Straddling me she sat down on my lap, leaning her large breasts into my face. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her further and opening my mouth to take her left nipple into my mouth for the first time.

"Yes, David, suck on Mommy's nipples like when you were my baby."

I sucked hard through the mesh material, pulling her nipple away from her breast, causing her to squeal with pleasure. Trapping her fully erect nipple between my teeth I teased the tip with my tongue, before sucking again and grabbing her right breast with my hand. She was rocking back and forth on my lap, grinding her sex into my leg, and running her hands through my hair. I switched breasts, giving the right one the same treatment until both of them were wet and rock hard, pressing out against the mesh and through the lace strings.

Back and forth I sucked, twisted, licked, pinched and savored her perfect breasts I had fed on as a baby. I felt the wetness in my pants as my pre-cum oozed plentifully as well as the wet spot my mother had created on my left leg as she grinded her sex.

"David, I want you to eat me. I want you to lick and suck Mommy's pussy."

Without a word I sat up in my chair, lifted my mother with ease off my lap and carried her over to my bed. We fell together in a heap before I eased myself down her body, biting, licking and nuzzling any exposed flesh I could find until my face was over her flushed pussy. The lace strap was soaked and tangled in her folds, her clitoris, just visible, pressing out and around the strap. Grabbing the lace I pulled it away, which opened her up in the process, revealing her dark pink, glistening inner glory. My tongue quickly found her clitoris and she let out a loud moan, as I pushed back her labia with my tongue.

"That's it, David, show Mommy what a good boy you are and what you've learned."

I knew what she meant. She wanted to know how good I was at this. I was no beginner I knew that, I loved going down on girls, it was usually them that finally pulled me up to move on because I could suck and eat a pussy for hours if they'd let me. I was determined to do my best and employ everything I knew to please my mother. I wanted her happy and I wanted her to cum like I knew she could. I wanted her to cum on my face.

The heat radiated from her hot sex as I worked her clit gently with the tip of my tongue, driving her mad. She wiggled under me, pressing into my face for more friction but I continued to tease, flicking her clit and licking her folds. She was so wet already my fingers were instantly coated when I brought two up from under my chin into her. She screamed as I dug into her pussy, curling my fingers toward her G-spot behind her clit, just as I took the nubbin between my teeth.

That's all it took, it was just that simple and my incredible mother was cumming, and cumming hard. Suddenly her pussy convulsed on my fingers, her body tightened and a rush of heat and juice covered my hand. I did my best to hold her clit between my teeth and rapidly flick it with my tongue as my fingers pressed and massaged her pleasure point. Her back was arched, and a single low grunt escaped her lips, turning into an all-out scream of pure pleasure.

Leaving her clitoris I wanted to taste her secretions. I removed my hand and covered her convulsing sex with my mouth, slurping and feasting on her sex. She tasted exquisite. I explored her depths with my tongue and felt her contractions continue. She grabbed my head, forcing my face deep into her body and my tongue deeper into her hot slippery hole. The bridge of my nose mashed her clitoris and I was forced to hold my breath as she used my face for her own pleasure.

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