tagIncest/TabooBeing Busted Brings Benefits Ch. 03

Being Busted Brings Benefits Ch. 03


We're only just beginning? The phrase excited me but also made me a little nervous. What did my mother have in store for me? I wondered if this challenge she had given herself to drain me was becoming a vendetta. I had already seen her a little psycho in the shower and when I was eating her. How far would she go, what had I awaken?

"Why we wait, tell me about your girlfriends, what did you guys do together so I know how experienced my boy is?"

"What do you want to know?" I asked, putting my hands under my head.

I was lying completely naked on my bed with my mother sitting next to me still in her sexy negligée. My cock was mostly flaccid now after the huge orgasm she had managed the old-fashioned way as she called it. Her hand was on my leg, rubbing my thigh gently as she looked at my body and answered my question.

"You know. Like which one sucked you and why was that all she would do. And what did you do with the others?

"Brenda. She was the one that would only suck me. She said she wanted to be a virgin on her wedding night. We didn't date that long as you know."

"I remember her. Pretty girl. Was she good at sucking you?"

"Not as good as you, not even close. It was more of a handjob than a blowjob."

"Did she ever put her finger in your bum?"

The question jolted me. I visibly stiffened and hesitated to answer. She smiled, rubbing my leg and moving up toward my soft cock.

"I guess not. Well, I'm sure you know about your prostate. Did you know it can bring you a lot of pleasure?"

"I've heard that but I'm not too fond of things going in there."

"I see, the thought frightens you. Makes you think of homosexuals? I promise it shouldn't and you would like it."

"Maybe, but..."

"Don't worry, David. I won't do anything you don't want me to. What about your other girlfriends?"

"Well, let's see. Gina liked foreplay. She let me play with her large breasts and I learned a lot doing oral on her."

"Did she let you put your penis between her boobs? I remember them being big enough for that?"

"No, I mean she might have I just never tried. We had normal sex instead after the foreplay. Mostly missionary."

I knew what Mom was doing. She thought if we talked about this stuff I would get hard quickly and she was right. It was having an effect on my already. I felt my cock stir but not really begin to rise. Her hand was almost touching my loose hanging balls, just brushing my inner thigh. She smiled down at me as I continued.

"Becca was a little wilder. Foreplay was quick and she loved to be on top and ride me most the time. I wasn't in control much with her and used a lot of condoms because of it. I couldn't stop from cumming and with her on top I couldn't pull out."

This brought a look on my mother's face I couldn't quite figure out. The mention of the condom and pulling out had her thinking about something. She didn't say anything so I just went on as more life entered my cock. I glanced down and saw it beginning to engorge, but not enough to move it yet.

"That just leaves, Makayla. She was very touchy feely loved to grab my cock and ass. I think I got more hand action from her than anyone. But she would have sex and we tried quite a few positions."

"So, my little man has learned a lot, but I know at least one thing I can teach you that you didn't mention with those girls."

"And what's that?" I asked.

"You'll find out but not just yet."

She suddenly stood up and took a few steps back. I raised my eyebrow as she began to remove her skimpy outfit in a very sexy way. It was almost like a dance or striptease. It got me really going and soon my cock plumped and began its rise across my leg. The grin on Mom's face as she watched what her striptease was doing helped. By the time her last article hit my floor my cock was staring me in the face, fully hard.

"My lovely boy likes his mommy. You're pretty cock is ready again and so soon."

My eyes widened as she lifted one of her breasts and teased the nipple with her own tongue. She was so damn sexy it was all I could do to stay lying there and not jump up and attack. She came back and sat on the edge of the bed, placing her hand on my throbbing shaft.

"Do you know why I asked you about your girlfriends?" she asked.

"I assumed so my dick would get hard again faster."

"No, silly boy. That was going to happen anyway. I asked you because I'm jealous. I was always envious of the girls you brought home, especially since your father was lacking. You probably don't know this but I sometimes listened at your door when you were with them. I heard you making love to them and I would touch myself as I listened. I imagined I was them and you were loving me."

I was speechless; my mother had secretly wanted me for much longer than I thought. Catching me tossing off gave her the opening to approach me. Her hand caressed my raging dick, softly moving her palm up and down my shaft, lightly brushing my balls.

"I'm still jealous of them. I asked you what you had done with them because I want to do everything you did with them to show you how much better I can be. I want you to forget they ever had you. I'm pretty sure I already covered Brenda's terrible blowjobs by what I did in the shower so let's move on. Who do you want to forget next?"

I knew her crazy side was showing a bit in this and I probably should have done something about it but I was thinking with my cock again and since her hand was all over it and her naked body was inches away I let my dick think for me.

"Well, you already out did Gina in foreplay, and you cum better than any of them so that leaves Becca's aggressive riding and Makayla's love for positions."

Almost before I finished my mother lifted her leg over me, straddling my body. With her hand she pulled my cock vertical and eased me inside of her hot wet pussy I remembered well from the kitchen. Looks like she had chosen Becca to outdo. The funny thing was, just the sensation of her incredible sex was enough to do that, but I wasn't going to tell her, not quite yet.

Reaching up I grabbed her naked breasts, squeezing both before rubbing her nipples with my thumbs until they were erect. My penis felt incredible, the heat, moisture and pulsing pussy of Mom was phenomenal. When she started rocking back and forth, lifting just slightly I again found a new definition of perfection.

"Did your girlfriends tell you how amazing your cock is, David... or did they take it for granted."

"Well, they never said much about it."

"Foolish girls. They had no idea what they had," she said, giving an extra push down onto me for emphasis. "I bet then know now, once they couldn't have you anymore and found all the others lacking."

"Glad you like it. I could say the same about you. I've never felt anything like your pu... well you know," I hesitated saying the word.

"My pussy, David, or how about my cunt. Do you like when I talk dirty, David?"

I did, it was so naughty especially coming from my mother. I nodded. She smiled and rose up off my cock more, letting me slide further out of her hot wet hole before slamming down again. I kept playing with her tits and she increased her speed and energy, riding me like she was in her twenties. "You like Mommy's hot cunt, don't you, David. You like the way it makes your big cock feel. How deep you go inside me, in my hot wet snatch!"

Holy shit my mother had a potty mouth! The nasty talk only increased my pleasure and excitement. The sensation was so much better than Becca, just from the fact of how incredible Mom's sex was. The heat, secretions, and talent of Mom was beyond compare.

"David! Mommy's going to cum again. You're cock is just so perfect!" she screamed, not slowing down.

Her fingers dug into my shoulder as she gripped me tighter. Pleasure washed over her face as she bit her lip. I felt her start cumming on my cock, shaking and convulsing with a rush of heat. The thick liquid seeped out around my shaft, covering my balls and oozing down around my butt into my bed. She was gone again, closed her eyes and threw back her head in pleasure. She knew how to get off so fast I didn't think I'd ever get used to it. I was awestruck watching her, tossing her head back and forth as the obvious waves of pleasure cascaded through her. I could feel her pussy clenching on my cock and her legs shook visibly with the climax.

The entire time, she kept riding me and her pussy milked my dick like I'd never felt before. If I hadn't cum minutes before I would have then for sure. Even with my latest climax I was approaching my next because it felt that amazing.

Mom fell over me, putting her head on my chest, panting from her climax and effort. I felt her pussy still quivering on my cock as she caught her breath.

"Oh, David, I can't believe how good you make me feel."

I caressed her back and pulled my fingers through her long hair. She snuggled into me, kissing my neck. Before asking, "What positions did you and Makayla do?"

"Do you want to know all of them?" I asked.

"Yes, show me, and then I'll show you something new."

I rolled her over onto her back while keeping my hard cock deep inside into missionary, giving her some long deep thrusts before rising up onto my knees and lifting her legs. Her breast rolled in circles as I thrust into her. I knew I couldn't stay in this position very long because it felt too good and was what I usually finished with because of the friction it caused. It felt so good and the visual was amazing, watching her breasts roll around with each of my thrusts. But my pleasure was increasing and she did say she wanted to do all the positions. Pulling her left leg toward her right I rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her up into doggystyle. She moved fluidly, going with everything I did to her. Once she was on all fours I fed my cum coated cock back into her dripping pussy and thrust hard and deep. She moaned, and turned to look back at me.

"That's it, Son, fuck Mommy good!"

I grabbed hold of her shapely hips and began pounding in and out as fast as I could. I knew I could last a lot longer in this position. Mom, put her head down on my pillow, arching her back perfectly. My cock was raging; it felt incredible to slam in my mother's pussy so hard and fast. Spreading her cheeks I admired my long cock entering her flushed and wet tunnel as her little rosebud asshole opened and closed slightly. It was moist from her orgasm which gave me an idea. If I placed my hand on her ass my thumb extended perfectly down to her tight hole. I began to rub gently in the ooze, pressing in ever so slightly as I slid my cock in and out. The tip of my thumb entered her ass, covering the nail and she looked back at me.

"You're a naughty boy, aren't you, David?" she asked.

I smiled, thrust my cock in deep and slid my thumb in a little further. She grinned back at me and put her head down. My heart was pounding, the thought of what I was doing rushed into my head at that moment. I had my thumb in my mother's ass and I was fucking her hard and fast! Who does this? Me I guess.

I felt my balls lifting in my excitement and knew I needed to change positions to give me some time to calm down. I quickly thought of another position Makayla and I had done before pulling out to change. Pulling Mom onto her side I spooned her from behind and slid my cock back into her. This way I was able to play fully with her breasts and gently fuck her. I could also tease her clit with my hand between her legs and feel my shaft going in and out of her. I nibbled on her neck, twisted her nipples and teased her nubbin while slowly fucking her. It felt amazing.

"Oh my.... Oh David, I'm almost there again, just a little harder, make me cum again... make Mommy cum!" she screamed as I sped up and thrust as deep as I could from behind.

She convulsed and not as much juice flowed but it definitely got wetter. She shook again in my arms as the waves hit over and over. I was controlling my own pleasure better than I thought, still enjoying her perfect pussy but far enough away from orgasm to be able to give her what she wanted. I think the combination of everything I was doing had made her cum again. The nipple play, biting, clit teasing and the hard cock deep inside had my mother screaming and shaking with pleasure.

"You're so amazing, Son. No one has ever made me feel like this before," she panted. "I think you've earned something. Something I know you haven't done but want to."

"Really? What?"

"I want you to fuck my ass, David. I want your big cock deep inside my tight ass. You deserve it."

Hearing her say this cause my cock to literally jump on its own inside her. I had to stop thrusting for fear I would ejaculate right then. She was right; I had wanted to do it, ever since the shower and washing her up and now just a few minutes ago with my thumb in her tight little hole. She was going to let me stick my cock in there!

She rolled away from me when I stopped moving, grabbed my pillow and tossed it on the floor by my bed. I watched in amazement as she slid off the bed onto the pillow with her legs straight in the air bent at the knees. Her back was against my bed propping her butt up. She began rubbing her pussy juice all over her tight hole. I sat up looking over the edge of the bed down at her face, then at what she was doing to her ass. Her middle finger darted in and out, preparing herself. My cock hurt from the rush of blood watching her finger her tight hole.

"Have you done this before?" I asked her.

"Yes, but it's been a long time and it was with your father. The last few years we were having sex the only thing that would get him hard and to orgasm was to fuck my ass. Like I said he has a much smaller penis then you so please go slow."

She had added another finger, slowly sliding both in and out. I was content just watching her do this. The visual was outstanding with her open pussy above her sliding fingers. She looked uncomfortable on her neck but didn't act like it. She caught me watching and not moving and began to laugh.

"I'm ready for you to try, David. Show's over," she said, pulling her fingers out.

I chuckled and stood up off the bed, threw my left leg over her so I stood with her between my legs. My cock was so engorged it was difficult to bend down enough to try and put it in but as I kept trying it slowly bent.

"Remember, slowly. Follow my body and reaction."

For good measure I added some saliva to the head of my cock, mixing it with my pre-cum and her juices. Moving down I put the head of my cock at her slightly opened ass. She began to rub her clit and I little by little proceeded to press inward.

Good hell it was tight! I had to go slower than I first thought as her ass pinched the head of my cock.

"Oh boy..... oh.... David, it's much bigger than your dad's. Oh.... Shit..... fuck, slowly, Son."

The head wasn't even in yet. I could see the stress it was causing, as her ass strained around my engorged head. I stopped, but kept the pressure constant, seeing if she would grow accustomed to it. Her hand was a blur on her clit and she was breathing heavily. Letting up I pulled away, watching her ass slam shut again. I didn't think it was going to work.

"Don't stop! I can take it.... Just keep trying."

Saliva was not a good lubricant and I wasn't expelling enough pre-cum to make this possible. If I knew one thing about anal I knew you needed lots and lots of lube. Without it I would only hurt her.

"Wait here I'll be back," I said jumping over her and running from the room.

I heard her start to object but I was gone too fast. Running down the stairs my cock slapped my tummy as I took the stairs into the kitchen looking for something to use. I found the vegetable oil and ran back upstairs as fast as I could.

Mom saw me coming back in holding it and smiled.

"You're such a good son. Don't want to hurt, me?"

"This should help for sure."

I unscrewed the lid, dropping it on the floor and climbed back over her. I poured a palm full into my hand and spread it all over her tight hole, darting my fingers in to lube as deep as I could. It was really slippery and I knew it wouldn't dry out like everything else.

"That's going to work well, David. Lube your cock up too," she said, grinning at me.

I smeared the oil up and down my cock, making it shine in the overhead light, before setting the container on my nightstand. Some excess dripped of my cock onto Mom's breasts and she began rubbing it around her tits, making them glisten as well. Blood was pounding in my head. I was really going to do this. I was really going to fuck my mother's ass.

"Let's try, David. Try again."

Forcing my cock down, I eased forward and the difference was like night and day. It was still tight and really hot but my head went in with surprising ease. I stopped there, seeing and hearing Mom's reaction.

"Ahhhh, oh G.... fuck its big!" she screamed, reaching up and pressing on my thigh. "Hold still, let Mom get used to it."

Her shinny oiled breasts rose quickly up and down. The pressure on my cock was intense, like a vise pinching me off. I felt the blood pulsing in her ass, as the muscles strained from the intruder. I think it took over a minute before the strain on my shaft lessened and her breathing eased. Dad must be much smaller than me. I felt her hand change positions on my leg, bidding me to move forward again. Her other hand was working her oiled clit fast and steady.

"Just a little more, Sweetie. Not too much now," she said.

I slid a half an inch, then an inch, watching her face and body for signs of problems. She seemed okay, breathing heavy again but not in a panic. Another inch, my cock was throbbing, the veins and definition distinct along my shaft, more so than ever before. I was awed by the sight of my cock hanging halfway out of my mother's ass. I stopped again, reveling in the visual and what I was doing more than making sure she was okay. Her eyes opened, she smiled and urged me in deeper with a look.

"I'm okay, David... It's fine, keep going."

Slowly I inserted the rest of my cock until all of it was buried in my mother's bowels. I thought her pussy was hot. Her ass was double, or maybe it was just the tightness and excitement. To say I had never felt anything like it before would be stupid since this was my first time doing anal. It was nonetheless amazing, different from a pussy and I was an instant fan. I held my entire length deep inside her, basking in the heat and tight grip her ass had on the base of my cock. She had done it, taken all of me like she said she would.

"Is this the one thing you said you could teach me?" I asked.

"Yes, I had... a feeling you... hadn't done it... before," she stammered.

"I love it, Mom. Thank you."

"No.... thank you, David..... Now fuck me...... fuck your mother's ass!"

The vegetable oil was working wonders, sliding back out was pure bliss, as her tight muscles clung to my shaft from base to head but still slid smoothly. The look of pleasure, as I withdrew, spread over my mother's face. I could tell she loved the sensation as I did. As soon as I went back in, faster than the first time I knew I wouldn't last long. The friction, heat and excitement were too much once I was able to really move. Mom began to moan with each thrust and withdrawal, never letting up on her clitoris. My legs got hot from squatting up and down, to bury my cock over and over in my mother's tight ass.

"That's it, David. Fuck me, fuck my ass. Give me that wonderful cock!" she screamed as I sped up even more.

She more than adjusted to me. I was fucking her like a pornstar hard, deep and in the ass! Her pussy lips glistened with her secretions mixed with the oil. What I saw of her clit, as she rubbed it, was plump engorged excitement. My cock made the inside of her pussy move as my shaft slid under it, causing the walls to pull apart with strings of oil and cum.

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