tagBDSMBeing Downsized

Being Downsized


In this story you will find a little exhibitionism, Dom/sub, oral, coitus, and the beginnings of a love relationship. You will not find anal, BDSM, threesomes, or bashing of relationships from the past.

Two years ago, when I was downsized out of corporate life, I bought a small RV and went looking for a new life. I was downsized from my career and my marriage in the same month. Twenty years with the company and eighteen married to Diane. At the time either event would have been a crushing blow to me but together they damn near killed me.

In my little RV I wandered around America and parts of Canada for almost six months. I was a traveling hermit. I felt useless and unnecessary. Eventually my wandering led me to the Pacific Northwest. It was late spring and most of the snow was gone. I stopped one morning at a truck stop to gas up and have a late breakfast and for some reason I picked up a local paper. As I ate breakfast I read. Near the back of the paper I saw an ad for a fishing resort for sale.

When I was a kid I loved to go fishing. I spent every moment I could out in a row boat on a lake, fishing. Work, family and bills came along and I hadn't been fishing in many years. I called the number in the ad and made arrangements to go look at the resort.

I bought it! It came complete with six guest cabins, a main lodge with a managers/owners suite, a small diner, a dock with six boats, and a convenience store on two hundred acres of lake front property. The guy who owned it was eighty-three and was more than ready to move to a care facility. I made a very good deal with him. He wanted to move to a care facility and I agreed to pay for his living expenses for the rest of his life. Since the place he had picked provided everything, rent, food, medical and anything else he needed for $2800 a month I agreed.

It was the bargain of the century! The old guy lasted five months and passed one night in his sleep.

I spent three months repairing, painting, remodeling and otherwise sprucing up the place and getting everything ready to open the resort again. The old guy had left me very good records and information so I was able to transfer his licenses and everything easily. When I opened I quickly learned that this was more than one guy could manage by himself. I spent the first four months running. I needed help!

I hired a couple of locals to help but found that they came with attitudes about work and ethics that didn't work for me. They were lazy and cheated both me and my guests. I still needed help.

When the seasons changed the bookings slowed down so I had a spare moment I went back into search mode, looking for good help. I placed ads in papers near and far with poor results. I placed an ad on the web and got a few responses. Actually I got two hundred responses! I set up phone interviews with about fifteen different applicants. Those interviews were very helpful. They narrowed the field to three. They were each in different cities about two days drive from me so I loaded myself into the RV and went on a road trip.

I liked the first applicant the best and had I not set appointments with the others would have hired her on the spot. After the third interview I called her and asked if she still wanted the job. She did. I asked if she was ready to begin the next day. She needed three days to be ready to move. I asked how she planned to get to the resort. She was going to take a bus to a town near the resort and call me. I said that in two days I would pick her up and we could drive in my RV back to the resort. That's exactly what we did.

On the day I picked her up Monica was a woman about thirty-five, very short blond hair, a nice figure if you like women who are a bit slender and have almost no breasts. She stood about five-eight or nine. When we interviewed she was wearing jeans, western boots, and a western shirt. None of the outfit was new, but all of it was clean. She was clean. Her nails were short and unpainted. When she shook my hand there was strength in her hand. This woman knew about work. When I picked her up she was wearing a different shirt, jeans and the same boots.

As we drove we talked. She had lost everyone in her family five years before we met. An accident had taken her two kids and husband. She had been scraping by ever since. She lost her house and was living in a rooming house when she answered my ad. She was still in the emotional well I had been climbing out of. She felt lost, alone, unnecessary and unneeded.

As it got dark I asked if she wanted to stop for dinner. She said that if the kitchen in the motorhome worked I should stop at a market and she would show me that she could cook. After all, cooking was one of the things I hired her to do.

After we left the market I found a place to park for a while and she made dinner. As I sat and watched her work in the tiny kitchen there was a knock at the door. I opened it to see the local law. He asked why we were parked here. I told him we were just parked while we made and ate dinner, if that was OK. He said it was. Monica invited him in for a cup of coffee and perhaps to join us for dinner. He had the coffee and declined dinner. As he got up to go back to work Monica asked if we could stay in the parking lot for the night. He agreed that we were probably not much of a risk so it was OK.

I had thought I was going to need to find a motel. My RV is small enough that it only has one real bed.

We ate dinner and Monica proved she could cook. After dinner Monica looked at me and said, "I invited myself into your bed with the sheriff as a witness. If I was out of line, I apologize."

I admitted that it had surprised me. I had a lot of thoughts about having a woman in my bed again. Monica said we could clean up dinner and go for a walk. While we walked I could think. When we got back I could convert the dining area into a bed for her or she could join me in my bed.

The evening was cool and as we walked Monica was quiet. As we passed homes we smelled fires in fireplaces, dinner odors, the smells of fall, and the noises of a small town settling in for the night. At some point I realized we were headed back to the RV. I took Monica's hand in mine as we walked.

Her hand was quite cold. I was wearing a t-shirt with a wool Pendelton shirt over it. She had on an old western shirt. I put my Pendelton on her. She took it and stayed quiet.

When we were back in the RV I started the heater and had her sit at the table. While we walked I had thought about her in my bed and the implications. Now, I wanted to talk about all that.

"Monica, I've never thought as hard about an invitation to share a bed as I've thought about this one. I'm your new boss. It could change our relationship before we have even arrived home. It will change our relationship. So, I want you to be clear about what getting into bed with me means.

If you get into my bed it means that you are my woman. You are no longer single. You are mine. It means you can count on me treating you with respect and affection and firmness. It means that when I ask you for something I expect you to comply. If I ask you for pancakes, I expect pancakes not an argument or excuses. I will not order you to do anything and every request is an order. Is all that clear?"

"You don't demand but you expect obedience."

"Yes. That will be true on the job weather we have a more intimate relationship or not."

"Good. I won't feel ordered about but I will know that if I'm asked to do something, you understand that the answer is always going to be yes."

"I promise that I will meet your needs as best I can, as long as I know what they are. I can't be expected to know what you want if you don't tell me."

"If I need twenty pounds of flour I need to tell you I need twenty pounds of flour."

"Yes. I will treat you as my partner in everything. I will still pay you, as agreed, but the relationship will include you in decisions, planning, and everything else. When you interviewed I promised you a cabin of your own. If you come to my bed you will live with me. If anyone asks you will say you are my wife and partner. Oh, and one more thing, if you come to my bed you will never have pubic hair. I will never again have a woman in my bed that is not smooth down there."

"Beginning tonight?"

"Tonight and every night from now on. Now you know what getting in my bed means and the choice is yours."

"I need to think about it. Is the offer good just for tonight or can I think about it for a while?"

"We are in the slowest part of our year at the resort. Unless we can think of a way to get fishermen to come to a frozen lake in winter we will spend the next four or five months with just you and I working on the place. The offer stands until I withdraw it, which could be months away."

"Fair enough."

She stood and started turning the dining room into a bed. I got an extra blanket for her and a pillow. I used the bathroom and then climbed onto the bed over the cab. I pulled the curtain to give Monica privacy, undressed, and slid under the covers. She used the bathroom as well and turned all the lights out before she went in. When she came out I heard her get into the bed down below and I said, "Good Night Monica. Sleep well."

"Good Night Nick."

I must have been tired because I fell asleep quickly and deeply. I woke once during the night and needed to go. As quietly as possible I climbed down and made my way to the tiny bathroom. I attempted to pee quietly which is funny since Monica was only five feet away. If she was awake she didn't let on and soon I was back in bed and fell asleep again.

As dawn started to light the inside of the RV I woke up, feeling Monica moving around. She pulled the curtain slowly and climbed into bed with me. She spooned against me rubbing her naked ass against my morning hard on. I savored the feel of her warmth and the smell of her. She found my hand and put it on her small breast. I held her like that as if I was still asleep. There was no hurry. I was enjoying holding her and not feeling all the feelings I had felt for the last few years of my marriage. This was not my demanding wife. This was Monica who had just given herself to me.

It may sound strange but we both fell back asleep. We woke up when we heard kids laughing and talking as they rode their bikes around us in the parking lot. I slowly reached for Monica's pussy. I had not heard her doing anything last night that would have gotten rid of her bush.

"I hate pussy hair too." She whispered.

She was totally smooth. What started as a check out became stimulation. My fingers explored her crease and her depths. My mouth explored her neck and ear lobes. She moaned and grasped my cock, stroking slowly.

She slowly turned over to face me and we kissed for the first time. Our first kiss was in bed with her holding my cock and my fingers buried in her pussy. There were many more kisses. She stroked me until I was completely hard and then she asked if she could suck me. She asked if she could suck me!

It took her a long time after I said "Yes!" to work her way down to my waiting cock. She explored and enjoyed all the skin between my face and my shaft. When she got to my shaft she didn't use her hands at all. Her lips and tongue ministered to every nerve ending in my shaft, my balls, and the area surrounding them. Each felt her touch, her kisses and were teased and tantalized until I felt the pressure building towards the flood I so wanted to give her.

"I'm going to cum," I whispered.

"Really?" She giggled with my cock in her mouth. As I unloaded she swallowed all of it and made appreciative noises as she did so. As I began to shrink I turned her so that I could return the oral gift she had given. She hesitated.

"What's that about?" I asked.

"You don't need to do that. I don't have orgasms."

"Oh. Never?"

"Never. I don't know why. I love fucking but oral just doesn't do it for me."

"You cum when you fuck but not with oral?"

"No. I like fucking but I don't ever cum."

"OK, for now. We do need to get on the road, so if it's OK with you we'll postpone the next part of our sexual enjoyment until later."

"OK. Are you disappointed in me?"

"No, not in you. Disappointed because we need to get on the road, disappointed because if we fuck the kids will hear and know what we're doing, disappointed because I really love giving oral sex and now I need to wait. Not disappointed in you."

I started to roll toward the edge of the bed and my face passed near her pussy. I stopped.

"May I have a taste?"

A second of hesitation then, "Of course." Her legs parted and I tasted Monica for the first time. Her nectar was oh, so sweet, and brought with it a fragrance that spoke of lust and being with a willing woman. I sucked in all the nectar I could in a few seconds and then pulled back.

"Thank you. You taste wonderfully. I will want more of that taste, and often."

"Anytime. My pussy is now yours. As they say in some randy novels, I am your slut."

"I like the way that sounds."

We climbed down and packed up quickly. Breakfast was a quick stop at a fast food place and we were on the road again. Our day was filled with talk and laughter and even music. I had lived in the RV for months and had never turned on the radio. Monica turned it on and we listened to a country station for a while. We had seen a sign that said it was the station for truckers. They gave lots of weather and road reports so we checked in at least twice an hour. Monica decided she liked traveling in an RV because she could take a pit stop without stopping. She had bought supplies for dinner the day before and she had bought the fixins for lunch as well so when it was time I just pulled over and we had lunch.

Monica had gotten into the motorhome with one suitcase when I picked her up. One suitcase. She had been wearing a yellow western shirt and jeans. Today she was wearing the same jeans and a green western shirt. After lunch I asked what else was in her suitcase. Two more pairs of jeans, four pair of boot socks, a bra, two more western shirts, her toiletries, and one large t-shirt.

That was all she had worth bringing with her. At the next large town I got off the main highway and found a mall. Inside I found a western clothing store. Monica got four new shirts, a new pair of great fitting jeans, some more socks and a pair of boots (for going to town). At another store she got some t-shirts that fit, a jacket for the rain and one for winter. I saw Victoria's Secret and we found three bras I liked. They went with us.

On the road again Monica was bubbling. After twenty miles she was quiet. I could tell she was thinking, so I stayed quiet.

"Nick, this morning, when you said, "May I have a taste?" you weren't asking permission were you?"

"No. I was telling you gently what I wanted. You picked up on it very quickly and I like that."

"If I say to you that I want to suck you, will you hear that as a demand?"

"No. I will hear that as you saying what you want. I may say "No." If I say "No" you can ask why and I won't hear that as a challenge. I'll make it up that you simply want to understand my thinking."

"Now that I am yours, what if I say "No" to a request?"

"If I ask for something... like lobster for dinner and we don't have a lobster in the freezer you can say "No." If I request that you lie down on the floor and let me fuck you and you say "No" you will be punished."

"Punished? Like I'm a little girl?"

"NO! Like a rebellious slut! I believe that rebellion isn't OK in our relationship and I will do whatever I can devise in order to prevent it. If we discover that we enjoy some types of punishments we will devise ways for you to let me know that you need to be punished."

"You think I might like being spanked?"

"I don't know. How long has it been since someone spanked your bare ass?"

"I was five or six."

"That doesn't count. If you disobey me we may just have to find out how you react to spanking. There are lots of other ways that someone could be punished besides spanking."

"Have you punished other women?"

"Years ago I was dating a woman who seemed to want to be in a bit of pain to heighten her sensitivity. I punished her a few times and she enjoyed it."

"What did you do?"

"Once, I arrived at her home to pick her up for an event and she was late getting ready. I knew she did it so I would punish her. I made her bare her breasts and I used small clothes pins on her nipples. She redressed and she wore the pins for the evening. Twice during the evening I removed and then reapplied them so there would be no lasting damage. The second time I removed the pins she had an orgasm from the feeling. When we got back to her place that night the sex was incredible. She was very turned on and her skin was very sensitive everywhere."


Monica sat quietly for a while.

"Monica, I would like it if you would unbutton your shirt."

She started unbuttoning her shirt and looking at my face. Two buttons open and she stopped.

"All of them please."

She watched my face as she complied. I glanced over as I drove. She pulled the shirttail out of her jeans and unbuttoned the bottom button. I looked. She was still covered.

"Please, let me see your breasts, Monica."

Monica's hands opened the shirt and held it like it was wings. The light coming through the window let me see that she was quite pale all over her chest except where the "V" of her western shirt collars allowed some tan up near her neck.

In the side mirror I saw a semi pulling alongside us. I slowed just a bit, allowing him to pass. As the truck pulled directly beside us Monica closed her shirt. Then she looked at me and smiled.

"What did you just do?"

"I covered myself."

"Did I ask you to?"


"Is that disobedience?"

"Yes. I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

I saw a sign for a rest stop in two miles. I pulled in behind the truck and followed the truck into the rest stop. I parked and quietly waited until the driver went into the restroom and was walking back to his truck. Monica watched too.

I pulled near his truck and said to Monica, "Get out of the truck and walk up to him. Tell him that I wanted you to show him your tits on the road and that you didn't. Then show him your tits and, as your punishment, if he asks to touch them you will let him."

Her eyes flashed, she gathered her shirt around herself, and she got out of the RV. The trucker looked at us and watched as she approached him. I rolled my window down and I could hear her as she told him just what I told her to say. His eyes got big as she opened her shirt again, just for him. He looked for a few seconds and then started to reach for her tits.

"You didn't ask," she said.

"May I please touch your tits?" He asked.

"Yes, you may."

For almost a minute he held and played with her tits in the rest stop parking lot. Cars and other trucks drove by. She made no effort to hide and he paid no attention to anyone or any thing except her tits. He pulled and squeezed her nipples and she moaned but did not pull away. Finally he let go. Monica looked at me and I motioned her back to the RV. The trucker waved and yelled, "Thanks."

When she got in I drove out of the rest stop and back on the road again.

"Do you feel that the punishment was appropriate?"


"Will you tell me what you were feeling and what you are feeling now?"

"When I stood in front of him and said what you told me to I was scared at first. Then I told myself that you would not let me get hurt. I opened my shirt and the look on his face was priceless! I wanted him to touch me! Not because I wanted him but because it would please you."

"And now?"

"When he pulled my nipples I made believe it was you. I soaked my jeans. I am wet like I peed myself, but it isn't pee. When he let go I was on an emotional high. All the way back to the RV and even now I am high! I did what you wanted! I was scared and I did it! Thank you for teaching me!"

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