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Summer Lovin'

themes: warm weather, summer activities, bikinis, etc.

Kris Kristofferson: "Just let me enjoy this 'till it's over, or forever. Please don't tell me how the story ends."

+ + + +

I may have never had a love in my life, but I am loving life. Playing guitar and singing brings me a steady supply of women with legs that won't stay together. There are several that I've been with multiple times but they tend to get pissed when they see me leave with someone else. I don't have shoulder length hair but it certainly isn't short. For whatever reason women love to run their hands through my hair when we are having sex. I'm told I have a baby face and that I should grow a beard. NOT going to happen. I don't have any tattoos but I do have a scar across my left arm from some drunk a few years back.

My name is Ignacio Thomas. Even my parents didn't call me Ignacio. I've always been Nacho. You'd think I had some link to Spain with this traditional Spanish name. I don't. Apparently my parents loved some novels written by an author with that name.

I bought this bar when that hurricane scraped the coast about ten years ago. There's some debate as to whether the hurricane caused damage or made improvements. This area of town had decayed to the point of being an eyesore. Now, with all the scrape offs and new buildings, my investment has more than paid for itself. I renamed the bar a few years ago. It's now known as 'Dreams On Tap'.

The bar is located on water front property. Most call it ocean front but technically it's on the gulf. I've got a volleyball net and several tables set up on the sand. I love summertime in the panhandle of Florida. I can sit all evening admiring the bare legs and feet of the ladies. Call it a fetish but there's something about a woman's legs and feet when she's kicked off her shoes. If that's not enough to love, there's always the fairly common butt cheek peeking out of the too short shorts. Add some bare navels, the occasional nip slip, and how can you not love summer.

I usually come in around five. I've got a really sharp gal who runs the place. Vicki was one of my early groupies but, since I hired her, I've kept it completely professional. She's a few years older than me and has turned into my older sister. She is my guiding light. She runs the bar as if it was hers. I pay her a pretty good salary. She makes the wait staff wear t-shirts with the bar's name and this little tease at the bottom 'You don't have to be crazy to work here. We will train you.'

I had a falling out with my family when I was in college. They were caught forging documents to get financial aid for my sister. According to them 'everybody does this'. After several heated arguments, I walked out and have never looked back.

I made my money in the stock market as a day trader. After surviving several years of living on the financial edge, I had one fantastic six month stretch. Right or wrong, I banked my profits and bought this bar. Markets fluctuate and I grew tired of getting flucted. My mental state is almost normal again.

+ + + +

I'm not very smooth with women. I've had two failed attempts to get serious. The first one, in high school, probably doesn't count. Your body is so racked with hormones that what you think is love is only the lust of the moment. Girls aren't any different than boys. If someone gets you on the right day, a kiss or compliment leads to unplanned problems. The girl of my high school dreams, the one who was saving herself for me on prom night, found herself under the football bleachers with three boys. I was still a virgin, but they weren't any longer. Telling me it was a mistake was supposed to smooth things over. It didn't and I never spent another evening with her.

The second failed attempt was the year after I graduated from college. By then I had become very shy around women. It's not like I was ever confident around them, but as the months ticked off, I was frustrated by my inability to start or maintain a conversation with a woman my age.

Teri was a very confident woman. She wouldn't leave me alone. I was in her bullseye and she was on a mission. I was ripe for the picking. Having a woman aggressively pursuing you was overwhelming to me. Although I had a few one night stands in college, I really thought this was different. I always used a condom as I certainly wasn't ready for a family. My world crumbled when Teri told me she was three months pregnant. I countered that we only had sex with me wearing a condom. Condom must have failed she claimed. There was something in her attitude that I found odd so I took a stand.

"If I'm the father I'll take care of the child. As evasive as you've been I don't think I am. When can they perform a paternity test?"

I was called every conceivable combination of four letter words. The prenatal non-invasive DNA paternity testing was relatively inexpensive. I was being a smart ass when we examined the results together, but her response haunts me to this day.

"Well dear, or ex-dear I should say, I'm not the father. You DO know who the father is don't you?"

I was expecting some profanity laced response but instead "Wow, I'm not sure."

So nowadays I smile and nod my head when a lady tries to strike up a conversation. If they are my fuck buddy for the evening, I seem to be able to order them around without being concerned about a commitment.

+ + + +

Every once in a while I join in the discussions at the bar. Tonight it was about Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II.

"He's a wimp. He has no personality at all. She dominates everything. He has no voice and is just her puppy."

Back and forth it went with Vicki and the guys at the bar bashing the Prince.

Vicki fanned the flames "Face it guys, until you live the life of a kept man, you have no basis for your bravado."

"Marry me Vicki and let me live off of your stash of gold."

Vicki snapped her bar rag at the ass of the guy who had proposed "I have standards. How about you Nacho, could you be a kept man?"

"Just shoot me. I have to have an identity."

+ + + +

I love to pick guitar and sing. Like my love life, my singing and playing is out of tune and out of time. I perform in the bar when the mood hits me. There are several regulars who like to join in the jam sessions. I have a piano near the stage area for those occasions when someone with that ability wants to join in. One guy brings an upright bass while another plays saxophone. A couple others play guitar and a lady showed up one night with a trumpet. It's a lot of fun and some of those nights last until the wee hours of the morning, long after booze sales have ended.

The first time I saw her was the end of March. Only the indoor tables were usable. It's pretty cozy and there's no dance area when we have the patio doors shuttered.

They stand out like Shaq walking along the streets of Tokyo. The women who aren't here to hustle or be hustled. This one wore a striking mid-calf black skirt with a very shimmery silver blouse. Her dark heels were short. She clutched her purse like a smuggler leaving the scene of a crime. She glanced around and decided on a table for two in one of the better lit areas.

She chose to sit such that she could see the front door. I suspected she didn't know who she was meeting. You don't check out everyone sipping a drink if you know the person you're meeting.

The waitress flung the coaster napkin in front of her and nodded after hearing her order. The first vulture circled but was sent away with his tail feathers ruffled. The waitress returned with what looked to be a rum and coke. I made my way to where she was sitting. She checked her phone and her lips tightened.

"Excuse me miss, but you'll have to leave after your meeting."

Dazed "Why? I'm not doing anything."

Her long flowing blond hair, the pleasant smell of her perfume, and her beautiful green eyes had my full attention. She was quite plain looking. There was nothing physically to grab your attention, yet the confidence she exuded let me know she was something special. I think it's the way she was able to look me in the eyes and not back down.

"I know that, but a lady like you isn't used to being in a place like this. How long has it been, if ever, that you were in a bar like this at this time of night?"

"I don't know. Maybe when I was in college."

"Exactly, you have no idea how easy it is to drug someone who's completely out of their comfort zone. I don't want you to become another statistic."

"Who are you?"

"That doesn't really matter. I'm guessing you're meeting someone you've only talked to over the phone. Perhaps a private investigator. Now why would a beautiful creature like you be doing that?"

Tilting her head in renewed confusion "I AM meeting a PI. How did you know that?"

"I see the white stripes where rings used to shine. You've recently stopped wearing them. That tells me you already know the contents of the report the investigator will deliver. Probably means you're looking for something to present in court, or perhaps trigger a provision in a nuptial agreement."

Fighting back a tear "Yeah, I know he's having an affair. My attorneys want to go for the kill."

"Well I have to run. The live music starts playing at the top of the hour. Your guy has ten minutes before it gets too loud to even think much less talk."

"I don't know your name? I'm Alisha. Don't go."

"I'm Nacho. Can't stay. Don't accept drinks. Get them from the waitress or bartender. Don't leave your drink unattended. Who's watching the kids?"

"How did you know about them? My friend is watching them. Are you a mind reader?"

I blew her a kiss and headed to my office. After the lame comic did his ten minute warm up routine I took my guitar and bottle of water to the chair and microphone in the middle of the stage area. Alisha was still there, by herself, with a manila envelope in front of her. The napkin was wadded in her hand and she dabbed her eyes a few times.

I sing country and any other song which has lyrics I like. I'm a big fan of classic country, classic rock, and story songs regardless of genre. I seem to know a lot of love songs for someone who has have never been in a successful loving relationship. Since I have trouble expressing myself, I find it much easier to sing a love song than to say 'I love you'.

Telling the crowd I was taking a fifteen minute break, I wrapped up my first set. After balancing my guitar against the chair I headed towards the bar. A young lady grabbed my arm and offered me a night to remember. I agreed but let her know I still had another set to perform. She said she'd wait for me.

I moved back towards Alisha "Well since you decided to stay, are you behaving yourself?"

"I am. Is that your girlfriend?"

"No, just someone who likes the way I play. She thought I handled the guitar pretty good too!"

A momentary pause then she smiled "I should have known you're a player."

"And I thought you'd have been a little antsy in here and be gone by now. What's up with that?"

"What makes you think I don't fit in here? I just had to find out how you knew so much about me."

"Alisha, you're about a half dozen tattoos short of fitting in here. There's a lot of Alishas that come in here. They all have different names. I see this more than I'd like to. A lovely lady shows up with her heart duct taped together. I just hate it when they succumb to some sleazebag in a moment of weakness. Seeing the shattered look when they pick their car up later that evening is something I can do without. Did you find out anything new?"

I pointed to her envelope.

"No, it's as bad as I suspected. How did you know I had kids?"

"The dangles on your bracelet. Single women tend to not wear bracelets like that. Moms tend to have things like angels and soccer balls. Let me guess, ten and twelve?"

Alisha glanced at the angel and soccer ball on her bracelet. Her smiled was special. The sparkle in her eye did something to me.

"You're amazing. Eight and eleven though. Wife? Ex? Kids?"

"Zip, zilch, nada. Came close once but glad it didn't work out."

A thirty something lady tapped me on the shoulder and slipped a piece of paper into my hand. I winked at her and put the paper in my pocket.

"You know her?"


Shaking her head no "Unreal. So came close huh? Tell me more."

"We were getting serious and she got pregnant."

Indignantly her smile vanished "You wouldn't marry her?"

"I always wore a condom. She did a paternity test and when it wasn't mine she couldn't think of who it might have been. So you see, I have some kind of eye problem. I couldn't see the obvious. She had so many lovers she couldn't pinpoint a father and I think she's in love with me. I've got some serious trust issues now, so I just sing and dance."

The frown turned to pity "Ouch! I didn't spot a dance area?"

Winking "Horizontal."

A momentary pause and blushing "Oh my. Got it."

About that time Vicki came over.

"Vicki this is Alisha. Alisha Vicki."

"Just checking to see if she was holding a gun to you Nacho."

"Surprisingly not."

"Alisha, he can't say two sentences to a woman without wetting himself. What's your secret?"

Alisha had this bewildered look "Come on. He's very loquacious. I don't believe it."

Vicki continued her onslaught "Honey that's the truth. Mr. Run and hide is sitting here chatting away with you."

"Alright Vicki, she's heard enough. I guess I'm comfortable with her because she's so out of my league. Maybe she can give you some makeup tips."

Vicki snapped her bar rag and I felt the sting on my neck "Nice to meet you Alisha."

As Vicki walked away Alisha jumped in "What do you mean I'm out of your league?"

"Let's count the number of people in here wearing tailor made clothes. Hmmmm, I see one. How about those wearing earrings that cost more than my waitress makes in a month. Hmmmm, same one. Shoes that cost more than most of my patron's car payments. Same one again. Did you drive or is your limo driver returning to pick you up later?"

"Your waitress? You own this place?"

"Yep, I own this place. I get to torture the crowd with my singing any time I want. Sometimes the guys show up and we have jam sessions."

"You have a beautiful voice. I liked your selection of songs."

"It's a lot easier when I'm inspired. One of those was for you."

"Now you'll have me trying to remember every song you sang. Tell me!"

"Nope, figure it out yourself. My break is over, one more session. I hope you get what you want in your divorce. Stop in and see me sometime. I picked up your tab. You're free to go."

"Thank you Nacho. I fully intend on slipping you a piece of paper when I'm available. Walk me to my car?"

I did and was rewarded with a very special hug and kiss.

"Don't be a stranger Alisha."

"I won't Nacho. Count on it. By the way, you'd fit in just fine in my league."

She lowered her window and waved as she drove off. There is something special about that lady.

+ + + +

After I played my second set I tracked down the young lady who was interested earlier. We climbed into my car. She was rubbing my crotch while I drove. I slid my hand under her bra and fiddled with her nipples.

Inside my house, I wasted no time slipping into a condom. When her clothes hit the floor, I sucked on her nipples and fingered her pussy until she was wet enough. I plowed into her and found a decently snug fit. I've learned to get that first fuck out of the way quickly. Many times they are so drunk they pass out and you end up with blue balls.

My two minute drill completed, I tried to avoid talking with little miss 'did you even tell me your name'. Many times my attempts to converse turns out to be a mistake. They immediately think you are Dr Phil and can solve their problems. I bided my time until she was able to stroke me back to life. She wasn't the greatest cock sucker but I did cum in her mouth. That's something that doesn't happen as much as I'd like. I fingered her to a nice orgasm. We rested and ate junk food until I was hard again. With another condom on I was able to have a long and pleasurable fuck. Her little orgasms finally triggered my own.

I woke her up at 4 am and got one more fuck in before she rinsed off. I drove her back to her car at the bar then stopped for an early breakfast. It aint love but it's not bad. I do this three or four times a week.

+ + + +

It was a calm and warm June night. The crowd was above average. Volleyball games were very popular. The jukebox music was good enough for those wanting to dance. It's a little tougher to do slow dances in the sand.

I hadn't decided whether I was going to perform that Tuesday night. When I saw her come through the door, toting her guitar, I knew that I was. Alisha, with two kids at her side, waved at me. It had been over two months since the night I met her. She was wearing shorts and a low cut blouse. Although she didn't have big tits, she made what she did have look very enticing. I inhaled her perfume on the welcome hug.

"Hi Nacho, can I jam with you? This is Scott and Emily. Kids, this is Nacho."

"Glad to meet you" and I shook both outstretched hands.

"Wasn't sure I'd ever see you again Alisha."

"Oh really! I thought I made it pretty clear that you would."

"You did, but I figured it was the alcohol talking."

Her smile, and the twinkle in her eye, has this effect on me that I'd never felt.

"Scott, Emily, what would you like to drink? Scotch, whiskey, or perhaps a cola?"

"Make mine a whiskey" Scott proudly announced.

"Not a chance buster. Cola for both of you" Alisha took charge.

I had Alisha's cola spiked with rum.

"You remembered."

"Like I could forget you. Grab your guitar, I'll set up some chairs and the microphone."

I cleared off the stage area and had things ready in less than ten minutes. Tapping on the microphone "We've got a new performer this evening. This is Alisha. Let's give her the clap."

Unfazed, Alisha smiled at me and shook her head no. She mouthed 'You're bad' then took her seat next to mine. She sang an Emmy Lou Harris song and I played backup as best I could. She got a smattering of applause after it was over. Although the patio area was packed, there were only about twenty people indoors.

She leaned over and whispered "Let's do the song you played for me that night."

"You think you figured it out?"

"I have stranger."

I smiled. She indeed had nailed it. I started picking and grinning.

'Maybe she was smiling in the mirror

Maybe I was too cause I was stoned

Singing every sad song on the jukebox one more time

Honey they was hitting close to home

And I said

- Maybe this will make you think I'm crazy

Honey don't feel lonesome if you do

If you want to make a young man happy one more time

I'd sure like to spend the night with you -

And she said'

Alisha took over 'Stranger, shut out the light and lead me

Somewhere, shut out the shadows too

And while we lay there making believe you love me

Stranger, could I believe in you?'

We gazed in each other's eyes and finished the song together. Even Vicki was clanging glasses together when we finished.

I sang a Gene Watson song and when I played Keith Whitley's 'Don't close your eyes' Alisha wiped tears away a few times. She accompanied as best as she could. Alisha sang a Dolly Parton number. The patrons were filling up the bar.

"One more then I need to get the kids home. Jump in whenever."

'Take the ribbon from my hair

Shake it loose and let it fall

Laying soft against my skin

Like the shadows on the wall'

I joined in and we sang together.

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