tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBeing J Lo's Pet Ch. 07

Being J Lo's Pet Ch. 07


After the party we started toward J Lo's house. I was driving with J Lo, Janet and Mariah in the back. J Lo was the only one with clothes on. As I started down the street after leaving Madonna's party the blue lights came on behind me.

I pulled over to the edge of the road and thought about what kind of story I could come up with for driving down the road naked.

As the officers approached the limo, I rolled the window down.

"License and... what the fuck?" The officer said,

I looked at the officer and it was an amazing looking redhead. She had what you could tell was long red hair pulled up and under her hat. With a very nice set of breast straining the buttons on the front of her shirt.

"Why are you driving naked?" She asked.

Before I could answer J Lo rolled the back window down. "Excuse me officer." She said. "It's my fault he's naked,"

"Well, well, well look what we have here Lori." She said to her partner.

"What is it?" Her partner asked.

"Rumors are true, Madonna is having some wild parties. We have J Lo in the back seat and a naked driver in the front,"

Lori walked up to the back door and looked inside. "Well shit look here. Not only is J Lo back here but so are Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey. They are naked too."

J Lo spoke up and said. "Well I can explain. They are my slaves and I'm their mistress. We left the party and I was making them ride home naked."

Lori said "Well Lisa looks like the morning paper is going to have a very interesting story in it. We will be famous."

"Wait just a minute." J Lo said. "Maybe we can work something out. The three of them will do whatever I tell them to do. How about I let you come to my house and use them however you want. I have a fully equipped dungeon and anything goes."

"Well we need to discuss that before we make a decision." Lisa said.

They walked away from the limo and talked to each other than came back to our car.

"Ok we agree to that." Lori said. "Anything goes right".

"That's right". J Lo told them.

Lori replied. "Ok. Our shifts over, lets go."

We ride back to J Lo's mansion with the two cops following us. I pulled the car in the garage and the cops stopped just outside. They came in and we closed the garage door behind them.

"Follow us." J Lo told them.

We walked down the hall and J Lo unlocked the door to the dungeon.

We walked in and closed the door behind us. Lisa and Lori walked around and admired the wide variety of restraints, whips, paddles, and other toys.

Lori was the first to speak. "Wow this is pretty impressive. We can have a lot of fun in here." She paused and said "We will start with him".

She reached out and grabbed me by the cock and pulled me behind her to the stocks. They were in the corner and when you were in them you could see the rest of the room. She opened it up and told me to put my head and arms in it.

I did as I was told and she closed it down behind my head and around my wrists and locked me in.

Next she walked up to Janet and pulled her to the corner to my right. She let the chains down from the ceiling and hooked the cuffs on her wrist. She pushed the button and the chains pulled tight stretching her until she was on her tiptoes.

They then walked over to Mariah and took her to another corner and got a set of handcuffs and locked her arms behind her back. They lowered a rope from the pulley above her and started wrapping it around her body right under her breasts. They then wrapped it above her breasts, then they wrapped the rope several times around her right breast and repeated on the left. After that they used the pulley to pull her completely off the ground with nothing holding her but her breasts.

Lisa reached out and grabbed her by the nipples and twisted and pulled on them hard.

Mariah screamed out. "Aaaahhh fuck".

Lisa laughed and said. "We haven't even started on you."

"So" Lori said as she approached J Lo. "Anything goes with them right, what about you."

J Lo immediately responded "No that wasn't part of the deal."

"It is now." Lori said as she stuck her taser into J Lo and tased her.

J Lo immediately went down and both cops were on her like predators on prey. They tore her clothes off and took leather cuffs and cuffed her hands together. They pulled her to the middle of the dungeon and pulled her hands above her head and attached them to a chain and pulled her up where we could all see her and each other.

After she came to her senses the two cops told her that they were going to be easy on her since she let them have us but they wanted to whip a million dollar ass.

"Fuck you." J Lo screamed at them. "You fucking bitches the deal was those three not me."

"Well your first." Lori told J Lo as she walked over to the wall and picked up a black leather flogger.

She walked over behind J Lo and ran her left hand over J Lo's ass and squeezed it. Then she lifted the flogger in the air and brought it down across J Lo's amazing ass.

Smack. J Lo jerked in the chains just a little but never made a sound.

"Oh so you are going to be quiet, but I will hear you scream." Lori said.

She rose the flogger and swung harder. Smack smack smack over and over she reigned blow after blow. All of a sudden she changed where she was hitting and hit J Lo across the shoulder blades with three quick blows.

This caused J Lo to wince and jerk hard against the chains.

Lisa walked over to Lori and had a riding crop in her hands.

"Here" She told Lori. "This will make her scream".

Lori took the crop from her and once again she put her left hand on J Lo's ass and felt the heat come off of it and could feel the stripes from the flogger. She took the crop and swung it across J Lo's ass. This got a visible reaction from J Lo and Lori laughed.

"I think we have a winner". Lori said.

As Lori started swinging and hitting J Lo's ass and back, Lisa walked over to Mariah. Mariahs tits were starting to change colors from holding her up off the ground. Lori reach out and grabbed both tits and squeezed them hard.

Mariah cried out in pain. Lisa grabbed her nipples and pulled them out away from her body enough to make her swing back and forth when she let go.

Lisa walked over to the wall and picked up a cane. She walked back over in front of Mariah and showed her the cane.

"This is going to feel really nice on your tits, you big tittied whore." Lisa told Mariah.

About this time J Lo screamed out in pain. I could see her ass and back and they were both covered in red angry whelps. Some of the crop marks were already starting to bruise.

Lori rubbed her hand up and down J Lo's ass and back and said. "That's all I wanted to do to you, was whip that million dollar ass until you screamed."

Mariah begged Lisa "Please don't whip my tits, I'll eat your pussy or ass or both. Whatever you want but please don't whip my tits."

Lisa laughed. "I love it when they beg. But I want to whip those tits till they look like her ass and back." She raised the cane up and swung it across both tits right above the nipples. SMACK

A red whelp was instantly across her tits. Mariah screamed a blood curdling scream. She took aim and the next one caught her across both nipples. Mariahs mouth flew open but nothing came out. She started swinging it over and over. Each time leaving an angry whelp across her now purple tits from holding her weight all this time. She went from trying to scream to sobbing hysterically to passing out.

When Lisa got done Mariah's tits were covered in whelps and some of them had started to trickle blood out of them. She walked over to the corner and got a cold bucket of water. She walked back in front of Mariah and threw the bucket of water on her waking her back up.

Lori said. "I want you awake to feel this blood run back in your tits when I untie them."

She lowered Mariah to the ground and Mariah was sobbing uncontrollably. She reach up and got the knot and untied it. Mariah fell to the floor screaming as the blood ran back to her tits.

"Well we are half way through" Lori said.

The rest of the night will be in chapter 8.

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