tagErotic CouplingsBeing Luke's Mistress

Being Luke's Mistress


Ellie walked through the front door and straight to her computer. She switched it on and went to her bedroom to get changed. She threw her office clothes in the hamper and put on the satin robe that Luke had sent her. She loved the way it felt against her skin. She'd received it a week ago. She'd told Luke about how she'd tried it on in the lingerie shop, but decided against buying it as it was too expensive. Two days later it had been delivered to her. She'd only spoken with Luke once since and he'd been disappointed that she wasn't wearing his gift. She didn't want him to be disappointed tonight.

She'd missed him so badly. First she'd had to go see her elderly parents for the weekend and then he'd been away on business. This afternoon she'd received a text message on her phone. It had said "I'm back – 7 pm". She'd felt that all too familiar tingle between her legs. She picked up the vibrator and dildos that Luke had sent her and carried them to her computer. Tonight she was going to do whatever he wanted.

It wasn't quite 7 p.m. yet when she checked her email. There was a short note from Luke, reiterating his text message. She checked her webcam. Everything seemed in order. Luke hadn't logged on yet so she stayed invisible, the way he liked her to do. She'd grabbed a bite to eat on the way home from work, but she fancied a cup of tea. While the water was boiling she pulled the curtains so that nobody could see her from outside while she was on her computer.

As she walked up to the computer she heard the familiar sound of someone logging on. It was Luke. He immediately opened a chat window and talked to her.

"Are you there, honey?"

Ellie rushed up to type, not caring that she spilled some tea.

"I'm here, Luke."

"Switch on your camera."

Ellie did as she was told and soon she was face to face with Luke. His voice came through the speakers.

"I see you're wearing your robe."

"Yes, Luke. I've worn it every single night you've been away."

"How does it make you feel?"

"It makes me feel close to you. It's so light and cool on my skin."

"I've missed you, babe."

"I've missed you too, Luke. I hate being apart."

"I bought you some gifts in Paris. I couldn't stop thinking of you..."

"You bought me more gifts? You're so generous to me!"

"Do you want to see them?"

"You'll show them this time?"

Luke started laughing, remembering how he'd teased her when he bought her the vibrator and dildos, not showing her, only describing the contents in the boxes he'd had in front of him.

"I'll show you this time. I want to know what you think."

"I know I'll love whatever it is. It'll be from you."

"I bought you these," Luke held up a minimal pair of panties, made with a very transparent material.

"They're beautiful, Luke," Ellie replied and longed for when she could feel them against her pussy.

"And I bought you this." Now he was holding up a bra, made from the same material, with a lining of beautiful lace.

"Oh Luke, I'll love to wear those together."

"And then I bought you this." This time he was showing Ellie a pink baby doll outfit.

"You're too generous Luke," Ellie exclaimed. "That one's also beautiful."

"I'm not generous. It was entirely selfish. I want you to wear it when we chat."

"Of course I will."

"It has no bra. It'll hold your breasts up high and show them off."

Ellie stopped breathing for a while. They'd had cybersex countless times, and they'd sat in front of the computer in nothing but their underwear, but they still hadn't taken that last step of being naked in front of each other. Ellie felt herself getting wetter.

"Do you want to see my breasts, Luke?" she asked him, her pulse beating faster and faster.

"I've wanted nothing else for weeks, babe."

Slowly Ellie slid the robe off her shoulders, revealing her heavy D-cup tits. Luke already knew what to expect as she'd given him her measurements a long time ago, but the sight of her all natural big breasts, crowned by erect pink nipples, made him gasp for air so loud that Ellie could hear him. Not a word was said for a minute. Ellie sat and watched Luke taking in the sight of her naked upper body.

"You're so beautiful Ellie," he finally said.

"Thank you," Ellie blushed slightly.

"How are you feeling?"

"Relieved that you liked the look of me," she answered truthfully. "And incredibly horny."

"I'm horny too, babe."

"Do you want to get started?"

"No. I'm going to disconnect."

"What?" Ellie's world was about to come apart. Right when she needed Luke the most he was going to turn her down.

"I've waited long enough. I'm coming over. I don't care anymore. Don't do anything. I'll be there within an hour."

With those words Luke disappeared off her screen and Ellie started shaking. This couldn't be happening. Luke was coming over to see her. Were they finally going to have sex? Real sex? Just like she'd been fantasising for months? Every night after they'd had cybersex she'd gone to bed alone, feeling empty inside. But she'd accepted that their relationship could never go any further. Luke was almost twice her age. He was married with a daughter who was almost as old as Ellie and a son who was still at university. Ellie had accepted that he would never divorce his wife.

Ellie went into her bedroom and pulled the curtains. She got all the candles in the house and placed them on a safe distance from the bed. She lit them all and took off the robe. She looked at herself in the mirror. At 26 she'd started feeling the effects of gravity. Her 38D tits were nowhere near sagging, but they weren't as firm as they'd been when she was a student and a C-cup. She wasn't as skinny as she'd been 5 years earlier either. Too much chocolate getting over the betrayal of her ex-fiancé had given her a slightly rounded tummy, a soft ass and round thighs. She'd been intending to lose all that weight when she met Luke but he'd talked her out of it. He'd said that he loved a woman with a feminine shape so she'd let it be.

It had been several months since they met in the cybersex chat room. They'd soon discovered that they lived pretty close to each other and the first time they'd had cybersex they'd discovered that their wants and needs were in tune. They'd soon struck up a relationship that went beyond the animal lust of cybering. Lucy was 26 and she'd found a married 51-year old prince charming. It wasn't ideal. Even Luke had tried to talk her into dating other guys, but she kept coming back to him. Since they met, she'd only had sex with her dildos – all of which Luke had bought for her on his little trips.

Ellie looked at her watch. It had only been half an hour. She checked her pussy and legs. Her legs were nice and smooth and so was her pussy. Before she met Luke she'd only done a bikini wax, but after he mentioned that he liked a shaved pussy she'd tried shaving completely and she'd loved the smooth feeling. She put her robe back on and started pacing back and forth to the front door. What should she say when he arrived, what should she do? She switched her computer off. There was no need for it tonight.

She jumped at the sound of someone knocking on her door. She looked through the peephole and saw Luke's face. She unlocked the door and opened it. Luke stepped in without a word and closed the door behind him. He undid the sash on Ellie's robe and opened it. He stood there and looked at her naked body while he took off his coat. Then, all of a sudden, he reached for Ellie, pulled her into his arms and kissed her hungrily. His tongue invaded her mouth as he discovered hers. For minutes they devoured each other before they pulled away, panting.

"You're so beautiful, my darling," Luke said and smiled at her. "Where's your bedroom?"

Ellie walked ahead of Luke, not bothering to do up her robe again. She knew she was going to lose it again. Luke hugged her again when they reached her bedroom and together they proceeded to taking off his clothes. His dick was already fully erect as they pulled off his boxers. It looked every bit as tasty as Ellie had imagined it. It stood 6 ½ inches proud from his hips and the girth was amazing. It must be as thick as her wrist. She knew that she was going to love feeling it up her wet cunt.

"You don't need that no more," Luke caressed the robe off Ellie's shoulders. "You know what to do next. Show me exactly what you've been telling me all these weeks."

He sat down on the side of the bed and Ellie kneeled in front of him. She stuck her tongue out and circled the big mushroom at the end of his shaft, lapping up a generous dose of pre-cum. She smiled up at Luke and licked her lips. With a kiss on the tip of his shaft she slowly started sucking him into her mouth. Her tongue gently caressed the veins on his cock as she sucked him deeper into her hungry mouth. By the time he hit the back of her throat she sucked as hard as she can and started swallowing. Luke's gasp encouraged her to go on. With her small hand wrapped around the base of his cock and her other hand cupping and gently stroking his balls she started bobbing her head up and down, letting him fuck her mouth. She started off slowly, stroking his meat in and out of her mouth, making sure she tasted every inch of his cock.

She soon got braver and moved faster. The room was quiet apart from the slurping sounds she made when his cock almost left her mouth before being sucked right back in again. Luke was moaning now and his hands rested on Ellie's head, encouraging her to take him deeper. She sucked him deep and hard. Her hand grabbed his shaft real hard and jerked his cock as she sucked it. Her whole body was moving along with her head. She could feel the wetness leaking from her slit as she sucked him. Soon the pressure of his hands on her head got stronger. He was forcing her further down. She could hardly breathe anymore, but she didn't care. All that mattered was to suck his wonderful cock harder and deeper. Then he let out a roar and shoved his meat deep down her throat. There was nowhere for his cum to go but straight down Ellie's throat. She swallowed repeatedly, revelling in the fact that she was drinking Luke's cum, at long last.

Luke slid his cock out, allowing Ellie to lick the last of his cum off his cock. He pulled her up to him and leaned back, making them both fall on the bed. He kissed her deeply and smiled at her.

"Oh babe," he sighed. "I knew you'd be good, but I never thought you'd be this good. What a wonderful cock sucker you are."

"I'm glad you liked it," she replied shyly.

"Liked it? Oh sweetheart, I loved it! I've fantasised about cumming in your mouth for so long. You have no idea how happy I am that we've finally met."

"Me too. What made you change your mind?"

"I love you, Ellie. I couldn't stand watching you on that screen and not touch you, feel you or fuck you."

"I love you too, Luke."

"And you just showed me. Let me show you how much I love you."

Ellie lay on her back on the bed as Luke got up and went to the entrance. He came back with a plastic bag. He pulled out the panties and bra he'd showed her earlier and put them on a chair next to the bed. He then pulled out the baby doll and put it in the same place. Then he pulled out a silk scarf and climbed up next to Ellie's head, resting his cock on her cheek as he pulled her arms up and tied her hands to the bed. Ellie smiled at him, happy in the knowledge that he'd taken on board everything she'd told him about wanting to be tied up and fucked. He'd had the corresponding fantasies of tying someone up. Finally, he pulled a long thin dildo out of his bag. It looked a lot like the one he'd bought her to keep in her cunt during her work day so that she'd only think of him. She was curious to see what was going to happen next.

"Are you comfortable, my darling?" he asked her and she nodded with a smile in reply.

Luke kissed each of her nipples slowly. He sucked her erect nubs into his mouth and let his tongue tease them. Ellie felt the connection straight down to her tingling pussy. He then kissed his way down her stomach while kneading her tits, making sure every part of her got to feel his feather light kisses. His lips caressed her naked pussy lips for a long time before he moved himself between her legs, having parted them wide.

With the tip of his tongue he felt his way along her entire slit. He moved back and forth, penetrating it a little bit more each time. Ellie felt her breathing getting heavier as he teased her most intimate area. He soon ran his tongue deep into her cunt and she cried out with joy. He moved his mouth up and wrapped his lips around her clit and teased it with his tongue.

The pleasure was unbearable. All Ellie wanted to do was to reach down for his head, to knead her breasts, anything to make this soft, delicious torture come to an end, to force an orgasm for her. But Luke obviously had something else in mind. With a circling motion he penetrated her with the thin dildo. He made sure her entire cunt felt it. The feeling was delicious. It was pure pleasure. She moaned louder. Once the entire dildo was buried in her wet cunt he pulled it out. She immediately missed it and raised her hips slightly to make contact with it again.

Luke took advantage of her raised hips and pressed the dildo against her puckered asshole. The pussy juice lubricated dildo slid straight inside. With no pressure at all it was buried almost completely inside her ass, only the handle sticking out. She gasped at the feeling of the invasive element in her ass. She'd never been fucked in the ass before and when Luke had mentioned licking and fingering it she'd felt uncomfortable and unwilling to discuss it. Now she found that she loved feeling this thing, as thick as Luke's thumb, lodged in her virgin butt. It made the pleasure even more unbearable.

"Oh Luke," she panted. "I need to cum so badly."

"I know you do, my love. Trust me and I'll make you cum when the time is right."

She trusted him. She'd been his for months and even more so now that they were finally together in person. His tongue plummeted right down her cunt again. He was slurping up her free flowing juices, fucking her with his tongue and teasing her clit with his nose. His hands were massaging her butt, making sure she felt every inch of the vibrator that was buried deep inside it. Then he started sucking on her clit. With a bite here and there he sucked it and flicked it with his tongue. Then his fingers started assaulting her waiting pussy. One finger, two fingers and then three fingers dove into her hungry cunt. He was finger fucking her fast and furiously. A fourth finger found its way inside. Ellie cried out loud. It was overwhelming. Then, as he pumped her cunt, Luke's fingers found her g-spot and with a loud shriek Ellie's body started convulsing and she cried out as wave upon wave of orgasm took over her body and possessed her. Luke didn't stop sucking her clit or finger fucking her until she'd stopped shaking. He then climbed up next to her and kissed her, letting her taste herself on his lips.

"You taste so good, sweetheart," he whispered against her lips.

"That was unbelievable. Thank you."

Luke sucked on one of Ellie's nipples and reached down for the dildo in her ass.

"No, don't pull it out," she protested.

"You like it there, don't you?"

"It's wonderful," she admitted.

"But it can't stay there forever."

"I know, but I want to feel it in my ass when you fuck me."

"When I fuck you?"

"Yes. Please. Please say you'll fuck me tonight."

Luke looked at her with a playful gleam in his eyes.

"Of course I'm going to fuck you tonight." He looked down at his rather limp dick. "But first we gotta do something about my cock."

He straddled her midriff and placed his cock in the valley between Ellie's breasts.

"Do you have any lube, babe?"

"There should be a tube in the bedside cabinet."

He opened the cabinet and pulled out a clear tube and squirted it over his cock. With his hands he applied it to the length of his semi-erect member and then he placed his hands on Ellie's tits. With his thumbs circling her nipples he pressed her tits hard together and started moving his hips back and forth, gently fucking her tits. Ellie looked down and marvelled at the sight of the thick shaft coming up through her cleavage over and over. When his cock once again stood proud and hard he moved down and positioned himself between Ellie's spread thighs. He ran his cock along her slit, once again noticing how wet she was for him. He placed his swollen cock head against her hole and positioned her legs over his shoulders. As he leaned forward to kiss her he slowly slid his cock deep inside her tight cunt.

With his cock buried deep inside her he let his tongue ravish her mouth. Still kissing her he moved his hips up, sliding out of her again and then he slammed back inside, forcing the dildo even deeper into her ass. Ellie squealed with joy with every hard thrust inside her. Every one of Luke's thrusts buried him balls deep in her hungry cunt and as he gyrated his hips she felt every inch of him. She wanted to reach out and touch him, but the restraint around her wrists kept her in place. All she could do was to match his pace and meet his hips with hers and accommodate him deeper inside her wet hole.

Ellie moaned out loud every time she felt Luke against her clit and when his movements moved the dildo in her ass. She was at breaking point.

"Luke, I'm gonna cum," she panted from underneath him.

"Cum for me, baby," he said back, his voice tense with concentration on the task at hand.

Ellie moaned louder and louder, then her pleasure took over and with a shriek her body started shaking under Luke's pounding and her cunt gripped his shaft tight, squeezing it as hard as it could be squeezed. He didn't stop though. His fucking was relentless. With Ellie gasping for air he pulled out shortly, helped her turn around and lean against the headboard that her hands were tied to. Once again he slammed into her waiting hole and continued fucking her. His thrusts were now forcing the dildo even deeper up her ass and he could feel it pressing against his cock as he fucked his young mistress.

Soon Luke reached down and started teasing Ellie's clit. He was met with satisfied moans, knowing that she still had more orgasms in her. He pounded and pounded. He looked sideways into the mirror and saw Ellie's full breasts hanging down like ripe fruit, eagerly bouncing every time he slammed his thick meat inside her cunt. With one hand on her clit he used his other hand to reach for one of her breasts, pulling it by its hard, erect nipple.

Ellie's breathing was laboured again, so was Luke's. He was getting close to cumming, but he wanted his young cunt milking him, he didn't want to waste his load up her pussy unless her cunt was drinking him dry. He applied more pressure on her clit.

"Babe," he panted at Ellie. "I want you to cum again. Go with it. Cum for me."

Ellie moaned in agreement. She wasn't far off. The thick meat that was assaulting her cunt felt better than anything she'd ever taken up her pussy before. She wanted to please him. She felt his finger playing with her nub. She was in heaven. If she never fucked again, it wouldn't matter, she'd achieved absolute bliss.

It didn't take long for Ellie to reach the edge again. She let out a long moan and her cunt convulsed around the pumping cock. As soon as Luke felt his partner's orgasm he grabbed a firm hold of her hips, thrust himself deep inside and let out a roar as his cock finally shot its milk up Ellie's womb. The lovers collapsed together on the bed, both panting and gasping for breath. It was a few minutes before Luke managed to untie Ellie's hands and pull her body into his arms.

"I love you, Ellie," he whispered against her breast as he ran his tongue over her nipple.

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