tagLoving WivesBeing Rather Too Large

Being Rather Too Large

byEnglish Bob©

Having an over-large dick isn't all a bed of roses, you know, sometimes it can be a problem. As a young teenager I had to put up with smirks and sniggers in the showers at school from the other lads and often found myself trying to cover my modesty in whatever way possible. I earned so many nick-names that even I hardly managed to remember them all.

As an older teenager things didn't really get much better. I'd discovered girls and had started dating. By this time I had stopped growing but my endowment had reached a size of over ten inches in length and with a girth the size of most girls' wrists. Not that I got to make that sort of comparison very often. It was all right petting in the back seat of a car; I'd have the young lady's skirt up around her waist and with my hand nicely ensconced in her panties we would both be having a good time. But then it would be my turn. Inevitably most of the dates that I had would already have heard the rumour about my size and would be curious to see. But that was usually as far as it went. As soon as my long, thick rod was exposed most girls would point blank refuse to go anywhere near it and a few even ran screaming back to their homes.

And so I lived out my adolescence and young adulthood in a frustrated blur of pornographic magazines and masturbation. I longed to find a woman who would not be put off by my size and my discovery of the Internet fuelled my fantasies almost to the point of obsession.

Most nights would find me in my room alone, in front of my computer and either masturbating to pictures of naked women or trawling through chat-rooms in the hope of finding…well, anything, really. Usually I found this form of sexual entertainment equally as frustrating; conversations would be broken off for no apparent reason and I was well aware that most of the "women" that approached me were probably men playing some sort of sick joke. But then I found Sylvia.

Sylvia was the only chat partner I had ever encountered who was prepared to listen to me. Unbelievably she had a web-cam and I was allowed a few glimpses of her – just so that I would know that she was real, she claimed. Night after night we chatted into the small hours about anything and everything but it took a few weeks before I broached the subject of my size. I was unsure of how to tell her but it was clear from the messages that I got back that she was eager for me to enlighten her of everything. So I just blurted it out. I told her that I was well above the average size of most men, told her how difficult it had been over the years and said that this was the first time I had felt able to talk about it with anyone (only a little white lie, really). Our chat dialogue went quiet for a few minutes and I wondered if she was sitting back in her bedroom laughing her head off at me. I began to become more and more frustrated again until suddenly a message flashed up on my screen: "I understand."

That night Sylvia went on to tell me that she had encountered a similar situation in her life. She had developed early and, while she was now very proud of them, when she was younger, her large breasts had caused much consternation and been the subject of some ridicule by her peers. We continued talking, both of us beginning to feel more and more comfortable with each other. Sylvia asked me more questions about my appendage and I answered truthfully. As the conversation became more intimate I was becoming more excited – and I was fairly certain she was too. I asked her for another glimpse of her through her web-cam but on this occasion I was refused – she told me that her family were in the house. But then Sylvia told me that she had another idea: she would take and send me a photograph of herself if I would do the same.

For the next few days I wondered how I was to achieve this. I desperately wanted to see her – in all her glory, as she had promised – but I didn't possess a camera of any description. I thought about asking a friend, but quickly decided against this. Also, it was not as if I could just pop into a photo booth, drop my pants, get myself fully hard (a process which, without external stimulation could take time) and then press the button. No, I had to think of something else.

When I saw the advertisement on a card in my local shop window I was so surprised I had to look at it twice.




The notice was short and to the point and it listed a telephone number that was well out of town. Whilst I had never considered myself to be glamorous, I reasoned that any photographs the company took would be professional and, anyway, I had no intention of trying to break into the Glamour industry. I hoped that they would simply take the photographs, take my money and then give me the finished product.

The man I spoke to on the telephone was cheerful and professional. He informed me that he and his wife ran the business. They were discreet and would take tasteful photographs. I explained what I wanted and, whilst he was a little surprised at my request, he assured me that they would be able to help. A price was quickly negotiated and an appointment made for me the following day.

When I arrived at their studio the next day, the photographer David and his wife Caroline were extremely pleasant and immediately put me at my ease. David explained that, usually, Caroline was just there to assist with female clients and could leave if I wanted her to. But I had already seen the lady; long blonde hair cascaded around her shoulders and framed an attractive and sexy face that seemed to be fixed in a constant and genuine smile. She wore a pair of casual jeans with open-toed sandals on her feet which revealed red painted toenails to match her fingers. Her thin blouse was tight across her well proportioned chest and it was quite obvious that she was not wearing a bra. No, I didn't want her to leave!

David started with a couple of head shots and I was beginning to lose some of the nervousness that had been cramping my stomach all morning. He used a hand-held camera and buzzed around me as I stood or sat, snapping shots off and telling me to turn this way or that. Caroline sat patiently on a sofa against the far wall still wearing the smile and just watched as her husband worked.

"Right, Michael," David finally said as he loaded a new roll of film into the camera, "lets get to the shots that you asked for, shall we?"

Immediately my nerves returned. I was now sitting naked on a chair in the centre of the studio with my cock hanging limp and useless between my thighs. David had already taken a few shots when he stopped and looked at me.

"Er…Michael?" He began. "These photo's are alright, but I don't think they are exactly what you wanted, are they? When we spoke on the telephone yesterday I had the impression that you wanted more…em…explicit work?"

"I know, Dave. I'm sorry, I'm just nervous. I just don't seem to be able to get….any…harder!"

My eyes dipped to the floor and my acute embarrassment stabbed me like a thousand knives.

"Don't worry," he continued, "I'm sure we have a magazine or something lying around somewhere. You think that might help?"

As I nodded slowly and dejectedly, I saw Caroline from the corner of my eye. She had stood up and was walking towards me.

"Why bother with a magazine?" she said, "when the real thing is right here!"

I looked towards the blonde woman approaching me and did a double take. Caroline had pulled the top her blouse down to reveal the smooth womanly slopes of her naked breasts. The large orbs were tipped by stiff pink nipples that seemed to quiver and throb with a life of their own. My head swivelled back to David who gave me a resigned shrug.

"It's up to you man. They are your photos!"

"Yes," I blurted, "but she's your wife."

David and Caroline both gave a hollow laugh at this.

"If I got jealous every time that Caroline..er..helps out…during a shoot, I'd have torn all my hair out by now!" David said.

I turned back to the blonde assistant and smiled back at her. Caroline's breasts were still exposed and now only a few millimetres from my face. It occurred to me that I had been given a complete go-ahead from her husband and I could already feel a stirring from between my legs.

Without thinking again I buried my face in the soft, womanly flesh of Caroline's tits and breathed in her perfume. My hand dropped to my lap and I gripped my rising tool, squeezing and pressing the excitable flesh while I licked and sucked each of Caroline's stiff little buds in turn. I was still only half erect when I heard a soft moan emanate from her lips and felt her hand replace mine on my cock.

"My God!" Caroline breathed huskily, "you are big aren't you! David told me what you two talked about on the telephone yesterday and told me that you were well-endowed. But I never expected you to be this big."

My breathing was now coming in short hard gasps as the sexy blonde used her hands on me. She cupped my balls gently and stroked them allowing her other hand to slide exquisitely up and down my growing shaft. She murmured words of flattery and encouragement as my penis grew from strength to strength.

Suddenly I heard a click and blinked my eyes as the flash on David's camera blinded me for a brief moment.

"Don't worry about me, you just keep going." David grinned. "And enjoy yourself!"

I wasn't sure if he was actually speaking to me or his wife but at this point it hardly seemed to matter. My cock was now painfully hard and I was aware of Caroline moving around in front of me and trying to struggle out of her jeans without letting go of my erection.

"Here. Let me help!"

Suddenly David was behind his wife the camera now screwed firmly to an expensive looking tripod. With a flourish he pulled off his wife's shoes and almost brutally dragged her jeans down over her hips and legs. Left in just a pair of black thong panties, Caroline never missed a beat and continued to stroke my solid erection and caress my tight balls.

"I know just what you want to do now, love!" David continued now talking to Caroline's back. "Go on, babe, get your mouth round that monster!"

I felt as if an electric shock had burned right through my body as the photographer's wife flicked back her blonde hair, kneeled between my legs and lowered her hot mouth onto my cock.

Caroline's long blonde hair tickled my skin seductively as she raised and lowered her head expertly. Her mouth was opened to full stretch to encompass the wide girth of my cock head and she strained as inch after inch of my tool disappeared into her throat. The sensations were incredible. I had been sucked on only a few occasions before and even then, the women in question had been bare able to accept more than just an inch or so of my thick penis. But Caroline was different. Her hands rested on my thighs and she seemed to make a conscious effort to relax her throat muscles as she swallowed more of me than I would have thought possible. It was like being gripped by a warm, wet velvet glove and, as she throated me, her husband was tripping around the pair of us snapping picture after explicit picture.

"Yeah, Michael!" David cried with obvious glee as he clicked away. "This is more like it. Your girlfriend is gonna love these pictures!"

In my excitement and lust I had almost forgotten about Sylvia and I wondered how she would react to another woman's mouth devouring my cock. But I didn't have much time to think about it, Caroline had worked me up to a fever pitch and I had to use every ounce of my self control to avoid shooting my cum straight into her mouth. I had a sneaking suspicion that there was more to come here!

As if to prove my theory, Caroline suddenly released my tool and gasped air deep into her lungs.

"Shit man, I think you choked my wife!" David laughed from behind his camera. "And if I know Caroline, she's gonna want that big dick of yours inside her cunt pretty soon!"

"Damn right baby." Caroline gasped. She turned and looked me straight in the eyes. "You want to fuck me baby? You want to ram that huge dick up my hot little pussy now?"

I nodded stupidly as I watched this blonde bombshell peel off her tiny panties and lie back on the sofa. My cock ached as I saw her spread her long, sensual legs and expose a perfectly shave pussy. Her lower lips seemed to pout at me and, as her long red fingernails opened them up, I got my first glimpse of her stiff little clit.

Never letting her eyes drift from me, Caroline began to masturbate. Her fingers pried open her vaginal lips and her fingernail flicked faster and faster over her distended clit. Her mouth hung open and hard, ragged pants of breath escaped her lips as she brought herself off. The gasps quickly turned into a high pitched scream of delight. Her legs trembled, her back arched and her naked toes curled into tight little fists while both I and David watched a trickle of cum ooze from her pussy.

"Fuck me!" She gasped simple. "Fuck me now!"

Not wanting to disappoint her I literally dove between her spread legs and tried to force the head of my cock between her pussy lips. It was a struggle but after a little wriggling from Caroline and I bit more thrusting from me, I managed to penetrate her with about three inches of my engorged tool.

But Caroline, unlike the few other women I had fucked, wasn't going to be happy with just a few inches of me inside her, she wanted all of it. Her naked legs clamped around my back and she pulled herself up towards me. I could feel her pretty toes running up and down my lower spine. Holding my breath for a moment I pulled back an inch or so and then drove forwards. I heard her scream but it was like a red mist descending down over my mind and her voice seemed to come from far away. Over and over I plunged my hot, throbbing tool into her wet snatch until I could feel my balls slapping the skin of her ass. I was in all the way – finally!

David seemed almost as excited as his wife and I were. He was still buzzing around as we fucked, clicking off shot after shot, but now with his erect cock jutting obscenely from the front of his open fly. He would stop photographing every now and then to give himself time to rub his cock and squeeze his balls lightly.

"Do her from behind, Mike." He suddenly gasped. "It'll make for some great pictures!"

Obviously hearing her husband and approving of his plan, Caroline – a little reluctantly, it seemed – disengaged herself from my thrusting manhood and kneeled up on the sofa. Slowly she spread her legs as wide as she could; propping one foot up on the arm and using her hands to separate her beautifully rounded buttocks. I looked down at her dilated little pussy. The hole was open and spread after my thick pole had been inside her and I was desperate to get back into her.

This time my cock slid in more easily. Caroline still gasped out as I filled her but this time it was a cry of lustful ecstasy rather than of discomfort. Slowly I began to plough her, sawing the full length of my cock deeply in and out of her vagina. The whole room was alive with the sounds of our coupling and a thick, heady scent of sex pervaded my senses. Caroline's hand was between her legs and furiously rubbing her clit as I fucked her and her orgasms seemed to be coming thick and fast. I was still under control of my own climax but I could feel that my loins eagerly wanted to release their bounty.

"Come on her face, Mike." David gasped. He had now stopped taking photographs and was sitting on the carpet with his cock in his hand and masturbating while he watched us.

"Ohhhh yesssss." Caroline agreed, "I wanna taste your cum, baby!"

With a Herculean effort, I almost ripped my tool from Caroline's sucking pussy and pushed her quickly down to the floor. I stood above her my cock hard and menacing as it quivered by her face.

"Open your mouth my little bitch!" I grunted as I pulled her head towards me. "I'm gonna cum!"

Caroline opened her mouth obediently and as I started to force the first inch or so between her lips I was distracted by the sound of David's groan. I looked around just in time to see a stream of hot cum arc from the tip of his modest cock and splash silently onto the carpet. I grinned and turned back to Caroline who's mouth was stretched as wide as possible around my fat cock head.

"Take a photograph, Dave." I moaned as I felt my balls about to explode, "make sure you catch me cumming on the little slut's face!"

I heard the click of the camera and blinked as the flash went. My cum surged up and along my shaft as I wrenched myself free of the blonde's sucking mouth. I exploded as Dave took photo after photo, the camera clicking red hot as my sticky issue painted Caroline's pretty face. I squeezed and stroked myself as I held my breath, encouraging every last drop of cum out of my body and finally collapsing back onto the sofa with a deep intake of air.

I looked up at Caroline. She was clearly as exhausted as me and lay almost coma-like on the carpet. Her legs were sprawled open. Her cunt, too, was still open and looked abused. Her breasts heaved on her chest and my cum dripped obscenely from her nose and chin to pool between the large, soft mounds.

The tragedy was that, armed with several explicit photographs of myself and Caroline for my online girlfriend, Sylvia never answered another of my emails. Nor did I ever see her again in a chat-room. For weeks I searched for her, leaving messages and mails but all to no avail, it was as if she had disappeared off the face of the earth.

But my life has changed now. Since that first visit to David's studio (and since my visit to his wife's pussy!), I have kept in touch with them. They have moved on from Glamour photography and into adult movies. Caroline and I have been the star of several, but I have been fortunate enough to have been cast with many other sexy and attractive women too. They all seem more than happy when they see my size and that makes me content. Never again will I believe that I am rather too large!

The End

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