Being the Maid Ch. 01


"Good girl," Garrett murmured in her ear, distracting her from the ordeal she'd just gone through. "Trust me it was worth it, he won't be so rough on you now, when it's his turn."

His turn for what?

Suddenly Bridget found herself being turned over and picked up, her skirts sliding off of body and leaving her completely naked and exposed. She whimpered and tried to cover herself with her hands, which the men ignored as Blaine and Garrett laid the skirts on the ground and then her on top of them. Next to them Samuel just stood and watched with glittering eyes, his manhood tucked away but his breeches were still unlaced. All three of the men were caressing her with their gazes, taking in her creamy skin and moist pinkness between her legs. Unable to bear seeing them drinking her in, she turned her head and found herself staring over at the Princess, only now noticing that the shrieks had stopped and Princess Eleanor was now moaning in a way that sounded... unexpected. Not pained moans or protesting moans; there was something in the quality of her voice that stirred that tension in Bridget's belly. She was shocked to see Patrick between the Princess' bare legs, his buttocks clenching as he pumped hard, the same way that Samuel had been thrusting in and out of her mouth.

Taking her bound wrists, Blaine held them above her head, kneeling next to her on the ground he cupped one breast in his hand, kneading it almost carelessly. She whimpered, feeling extremely exposed as Garrett lay almost on top of her, his mouth coming down on her other breast. She gasped as he took her nipple between his lips... so wet and hot. The heat between her legs was becoming almost painful, she could feel her womanhood pulsing. Squeezing her thighs together helped relieve some of the tension, but not enough.

She groaned as Garrett's knee thrust between hers, pushing her legs apart. The suckling at her breast made her writhe for them, forgetting everything in the hot wash of pleasure that slid through her weak defenses. Being completely inexperienced with men, Bridget had no idea how to handle the tumultuous emotions and the desires that Garrett was coaxing from her. His hand traveled over the silken skin of her stomach and between her legs, which were parted just enough to allow him to curve his fingers through the curly hair of her womanhood and into that most intimate heart of her.

The touch knocked her back to her senses for a moment and she gave a shriek of protest, which the men ignored.

"Stop, stop, please!" she started to beg, finally finding her voice. Garrett's fingers rubbed between the folds of her flesh, igniting sparks that flew through her, terrifying her as she'd never felt anything like this before. "Oh please, you can't... you have to stop... please... don't!" She tried to squeeze her thighs together, unable to stop struggling now that she'd started.

Garrett removed his mouth from her breast as Blaine pinched her nipple, making her body arch. "This is happening sweetheart. We've got needs and we haven't had a woman in the camp for awhile, but I'm going to take care of you."

"Please, just let me go," she begged, looking from him to Blaine for mercy. Instinctively she knew that there was no point in looking at Samuel. Blaine's expression was indifferent as he continued to toy with her breast.

"No," said Garrett firmly. "Just relax sweetheart, you're going to enjoy this." Strong hands parted her thighs and she could feel the cool, fresh air licking across her heated flesh. She started begging again, hating the way that Garrett was looking at her so intimately. Then his head dipped and she screamed with shock as his mouth came down between her legs.

The hot need she'd been experiencing turned into an inferno. In almost a daze she realized that his tongue was licking at her, taking long, slow tastes of that most sacred part of her. The firm grip of his hands on her thighs prevented her from struggling further, she couldn't even press her legs together in an attempt to push him away from her body. And she wasn't sure she truly wanted to either. His mouth was eliciting the most incredible pleasure, her body starting to undulate in a passionately needy response to this assault on her senses. She was literally losing her mind to sensual instincts, to the overwhelming demand of her body for Garrett to keep doing what he was doing.

Part of her was screaming out that somehow she had to make him stop and another part of her was protesting the idea of him ever stopping. Her hips were thrusting up and down, moving against his questing tongue and mouth. Blaine's fingers plucked and twisted her nipple, increasing the fervent need that was building on top of itself within her.

"Please..." she begged, no longer sure what she was begging for. "Please..."

There was suddenly suction on some part of her, suction that sent her careening over the edge of that need, ecstasy blossoming out of the coiling tension and zinging through her body. She writhed, dimly realizing that her frantic moans sounded like the ones that the Princess had been making. The waves of pleasure went on and on, draining the fire from her body until she lay quivering and still.

"Good girl," Garrett said. Closing her eyes, Bridget panted for breath, feeling ashamed of herself. She had no idea what had just happened, but she was sure it wasn't proper. Men weren't supposed to put their mouths on women in that way and she was sure that it was wrong of her to have enjoyed it!

Something pressed between her legs and her eyes popped open again to see Garrett kneeling between her thighs, looking down at the juncture of her legs. Before she could say anything, before she realized what he was doing, he leaned over her and something hot and hard and big pushed inside of her, taking her breath away.

"OH!" She cried out, the unusual sensation shocking her. It hurt, it didn't hurt, it felt strange and wonderful and wrong. Garrett's hands gripped her hips as he pushed deeper and Bridget gasped some more. Blaine continued to hold her arms firmly above her head as she jerked her wrists, one hand still alternating between handfuls of breast flesh. Suddenly she realized what was happening - she was losing her virginity! "Wait! NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Garrett thrust forward and something inside of her gave with a sharp pinch. Bridget cried out and arched her back, trying to move away from him. He held himself inside of her, stiff and hard, her inner walls pulsing tight and wet around him.

"You're doing great sweetheart," he said, nuzzling his face across the nipple that Blaine wasn't playing with. His hips moved and Bridget groaned, hating the fact that the movement called to something deep within her, fanning the embers of heat that had so recently been washed away by the stunning pleasure. "You feel so good."

Then his mouth came down on hers, his tongue sweeping between her lips. Bridget was startled by the intimacy, surprised to have something familiar in this sea of strange. Kissing she had done before. Kissing had been nice. Unsure of what to do, she allowed Garrett to plunder her mouth as he began to move his hips away, the stiff rod inside of her dragging outwards. She cried out against his lips as he thrust back, slowly but firmly. Helpless beneath him, she was shocked to feel her body responding to this invasion the same way it had to his hands and mouth. How could she possibly be enjoying this in any way?

The tight walls of her body trembled around him as he moved, slowly increasing his tempo. Releasing her lips, he buried his face into her shoulder, and it was only then that she realized Blaine had ceased to play with her breasts, although he still had hold of her wrists. The heavy weight on top of her was both frightening and arousing, the hard friction of his flesh thrusting inside of her was driving her wild. Every time he buried himself inside of her his body pressed against a spot that made her jerk as the sensation flared and sizzled inside of her.

Then his weight lifted a little and his hand pressed between their bodies, fingers curving over the hair on her mound and pressing into her soft flesh, right on that same spot. Bridget cried out, her back arching upwards as the intense pleasure burst outward from his rubbing fingers, her insides clenching down around his impaling rod as she writhed, the shockingly wonderful sensations making her dizzy as she moved instinctively to extend the incredible rapture.

"FUCK." Garrett speared her hard, feeling like steel inside of her body and she cried out as he buried himself deeply and held tight to her tender body which was still quivering with the aftershocks of her first orgasm. She was so tight that she could actually feel him pulsing inside of her as he found his own climax, the swollen flesh pressing against her clutching walls with every jet of cum.

Breathing raggedly, he held himself inside of her as he made a last few small thrusts before his body totally relaxed and he rolled off of her. Bridget barely had a moment to catch her own breath before she looked up to see Blaine settling over her, his own raging erection prodding at her aching core. Without any preamble he pushed easily inside of her, helped by her own orgasmic juices and the lubrication that Garret's release had provided. He wasn't as big as Garrett either, which made it easier to take him into her body. Bridget moaned in protest, but her muscles felt too watery to actually try and fight him. She ended up with her fingers clutching his tunic as he pumped away on top of her, enjoying the pleasure that her body provided him but using her for his pleasure rather than doing anything to ensure her own.

Despite his lack of concern for whether or not she enjoyed herself, Bridget's sensitive nerve endings flared to life as he continued to thrust in and out of her tender folds, inadvertently rubbing against the swollen nub that Garrett had so recently brought to life. Turning her head to the side she could see Garrett watching as Blaine took her and she dizzily wondered what it looked like from his perspective. The expression on his face told her nothing. Behind him she could see Patrick and the Princess, now standing and watching her debasement; Patrick was fondling Princess Eleanor's breasts as he enjoyed the show. As Blaine continued to thrust powerfully, Bridget whimpered and closed her eyes, feeling the beginning of that same coiling tension. Her feet automatically coiled around the backs of Blaine's thighs, her body started to undulate beneath him as she moved to meet him.

Before she could find that blissful release, though, Blaine was grunting and his bruising thrusts caused her to cry out with shock as he pummeled her tender folds. He continued to thrust, hard, as he spilled frothy jets of cum inside of her, moving roughly against her. With a final thrust and a sigh of completion, Blaine rubbed his face against her breasts and then moved away, leaving her legs splayed and her body empty. To her shame, she almost wished he hadn't finished, that need inside of her had built up to the point where she was feeling frustrated that she hadn't been able to find those heights of pleasure again.

It wasn't until Samuel moved that she realized she'd forgotten about him. The lustful look in his eyes as he stood over her, admiring her naked body and the leaking, reddened folds of her sex, frightened her. She glanced over to see Garrett still watching and it made her feel a little bit more protected, that he hadn't had her and then deserted her the way Blaine had done. Patrick and Princess Eleanor were no longer standing behind him and she could hear the muffled whimpers and masculine groans which indicated that the Princess was being used by the bandit leader again. She felt a cold chill. Was Garrett just waiting for his turn again?

A sharp pinch to her nipples had her arching upwards as she let out a yelp. To her shock, the pain only seemed to intensify that throbbing need between her legs.

"Keep your eyes on me, girl," Samuel said, his smile curving cruelly. Those icy blue eyes were now much closer to her own and she shivered at the cold lust that she saw within them. Wide eyed, she stared up at him, feeling rather frightened. "I want to see your face while I fuck you."

The crude words made her shudder, but she didn't dare look away as he began to push himself into her body. He was larger than Blaine, not as thick as Garrett but longer and she could feel him pushing open recesses that had previously been untouched by the other two men. Gasping, she felt herself moving beneath him as the entrance of his erection flared along those sensitive nerves that had already been so close to bringing her pleasure again. Narrowing his eyes as he watched her, Samuel pinched her nipples again, twisting them, and she yelped as her pussy clenched down around him, sucking at the long, hard member inside of it.

Chuckling he looked over at Garrett, who was still watching with that blankly indifferent expression on his face. "I think she actually likes the pain," Samuel said with a leering grin. "This one's going to be fun."

"No, please," Bridget protested, her hands grabbing at Samuel's as he twisted her nipples again and she shrieked, tears springing to her eyes. She could tell that Samuel was enjoying tormenting her and that in some way he was tormenting Garrett as well. Releasing her poor nipples, Samuel grabbed her wrists and held them above her head on his own, both of them clasped in one hand. The other hand returned to her breast as he began to move inside of her, ravaging her sensitive folds. If she hadn't been so well lubricated from the previous men as well as being rather aroused from her incomplete pleasure during Blaine's turn, it would have been incredibly painful to endure his rampaging cock as it sawed back and forth, hard and punishing.

The aborted pleasure from Blaine fought with the erotic torture that Samuel was inflicting on her, his body roughly moving on top of hers, his fingers rolling her nipple and tugging it far enough away from her body that she arched her back to follow it. The aching jabs of pain seemed to go straight to her throbbing folds, mixing with the desire for another bought of ecstasy and the hard friction of his plundering meat. Bridget sobbed as she struggled beneath him, fighting the tension that was coiling so tightly inside of her, not wanting to give this man the triumph of knowing she'd found pleasure in his harsh treatment of her body.

But even though Samuel might be more sadistic than Garrett or Blaine, he still knew how to pleasure a woman as well, and as he felt Bridget's defenses giving way beneath him, he changed the tempo of his thrusts, grinding himself against her body as he slammed home. Leaning forward slightly pushed him against that aching nub that sent sizzling heat through her veins and she cried out in dismay as she found herself thrusting her hips upwards to meet him, her legs curling around the backs of his thighs to urge him onwards. She lost herself in the need, the heat, forgetting where she was and what was happening to her in favor of her body's desires.

Her climax was hard, ripping through her with harsh pleasure. This was no gentle wave, it grabbed her and tossed her about, slamming her into the sand and then rocking her body back again. Bridget writhed, her wet and overused tunnel fluttering around Samuel, massaging him wonderfully. The sadistic bandit groaned, overwhelmed by the sensations of her sudden orgasm, and pumped hard as he joined her in her release, drawing out her sobbing pleasure.

Rolling off of her almost abruptly he smirked at Garrett. "Considering how much she enjoyed me, maybe she didn't need your special attentions after all." Then he walked off.

Bridget closed her eyes in shame that she had found the same kind of release with Samuel as she had with Garrett, although it wasn't quite the same. Now that it was over her entire body seemed to ache. When she tried to close her legs she whimpered as the aching muscles protested.

"Keep your legs open," Garrett said softly, right next to her ear. Bridget gasped in surprise as she opened her eyes to find him kneeling beside her, and then gasped again as something warm and wet pressed between her legs. He had a soft damp clothe pressed against her bruised flesh and it felt wonderfully curative.

"Thank you," she whispered, not sure why he was treating her so well but grateful for it anyway.

"Don't thank me," he said roughly. "You've already gotten an example of what life is going to be like for you for a while. It doesn't stop now. All three of us are going to keep enjoying your body. There's nothing to thank me for."

"Yes there is," she insisted. Bridget wasn't stupid. She had known what to expect almost from the moment the men had captured them, although of course some part of her had hoped for some kind of reprieve right up until it was happening. "It could have been so much worse."

Garrett's mouth tightened but he didn't argue with her and his hand remained gentle as he cleaned her. The heat soothed the hurt from her flesh and after a few minutes she was able to get up and put her clothes back on, discarding the layer of skirts that was now stained with the evidence of blood and fluid. She would have to wash it before wearing it again.

Between her legs ached, although Garrett heated her another clothe by the fire. He did the same for the Princess. Bridget was shocked to see the Princess practically simpering at Patrick, the same way she had to handsome young nobles at home. She wondered if the Princess was doing it to try and protect herself or if she had somehow found herself truly attached to the leader. He wasn't bad looking after all. Maybe the Princess was just making up to him to avoid Bridget's fate. After all, better to be the toy of one man than three. Bridget shivered every time Samuel sent her a lascivious look, remembering that earlier Garrett had said Samuel wouldn't be so rough since he'd already found his pleasure in her mouth. That was less rough? She shuddered to think of how brutally he might have treated her otherwise.

The men talked and laughed, ignoring the women. Blaine seemed to be ignoring her presence entirely. Despite his words to her earlier, Garrett seemed to have taken on responsibility for her, giving her a tea that he said would help the aches in her body. He gave one to the Princess too and she simpered up at him as well. Quietly, Bridget drank her tea, wondering what was going to happen next. Escape didn't seem like a viable option, considering that she had no idea where they were and she was pretty sure the men would be able to hunt her down easily. And she didn't want to think about what a punishment might be like. Also she wouldn't survive very long without supplies and who knew what kind of wild animals might be around in the forest. Here there was some semblance of safety, although apparently she was expected to pay for that with her body.

Shooting a little glance at Garrett, she was overcome by conflicting emotions. On the surface he seemed the kindest out of the men, but he kept warning her not to think so. And it was true that he had used her, just as much as Blaine and Samuel had. But he'd always gone out of his way to pleasure her as well and to keep Samuel from damaging her. He wasn't exactly an enemy but he wasn't exactly an ally either. Even if he did keep doing things to help relieve some of the harshness of the situation.

"What's your name?" Garrett interrupted her reverie.

"Bridget," she replied softly, looking down at her empty cup of tea. It really had seemed to work, the aches had receded to the point where she was feeling rather drowsy.

"Come on Bridget, we're going to bed."

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