tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBeing the Maid Ch. 02

Being the Maid Ch. 02


Author's Note: This is the second chapter in a series, I definitely suggest starting with the first =) They don't work as well as standalone chapters.

This particular chapter contains a lot of oral sex, a MFM threesome, regular sex, and anal play/sex. Are there some things that are a little anachronistic? Yeah maybe. Think of it as a little bit of fantasy. ;) And enjoy!


Bridget woke up as the body behind her shifted. She went from a peaceful slumber to the hard shock of reality as the arm around her middle tightened, pulling her against the muscular body of the man curled around her. The hard ridge of flesh against the soft curve of her bottom was a bit of a shock, although it shouldn't have been. Between her thighs still ached from the attentions of the three men yesterday. Her heart sank as she wondered if she was going to have to service them again, sure that she couldn't take it. Yesterday Garrett had managed to make some parts of her ordeal pleasant, more than pleasant really now that she knew what all the fuss of copulating was about, but just trying to move her legs had her wincing this morning.

"Time to get up," his deep voice rumbled, arm loosening around her. Closing her eyes she bit her lip and readied herself to endure. Instead, she felt the warmth behind her vanish and looked up to see him standing over her. "Come on Bridget, you're going to make us breakfast."

Breakfast. Alright, she could do that. With a fearful glance at the two sleeping figures still in the tent, Bridget followed Garrett out into the clear morning line. Fortunately as her muscles loosened with movement, the ache between her legs subsided a little as well, and she was able to walk almost normally by the time she'd prepared porridge and thick, meaty chunks of bacon. Garrett did camp chores around her, allowing the others to sleep in.

"Why isn't anyone else helping?" she asked abruptly, curious as to why he was the only one up and moving. "Do you always open camp on your own?"

"Pretty much," he said, not looking at her as he rearranged the coals. "I'm an early riser naturally. Sam and Blaine take care of the end of day stuff and keeping watch throughout the night. So don't think that you'll be able to sneak off just because I'm sleeping."

"I wasn't," she said quietly. "At the moment here is preferable to lost and surrounded by hungry wolves."

Now he did look at her, his expression warring between amusement and warning. "I'm glad you realize that. Just don't forget it. There's nothing and no one nearby to give you aid. You wouldn't last a day on your own. Although we'd find you before that. Would you like to bathe?"

The abrupt change of topic sent her reeling a bit, but she nodded. Garrett took her to a stream that wasn't far away, filling up containers with water and watching as she cleaned herself. She had also brought down the skirt which had soaked up most of the evidence of yesterday's activities and she did her best to wash it. The water was cold but clean and it did help her to feel better to be clean all over. Bathing with Garrett nearby was no hardship. He barely looked at her, although she'd sent plenty of nervous glances at him as she'd stripped down, to make sure that he wasn't thinking anything untoward of her. She dressed quickly and he took a turn in the stream, admonishing her not to try and run.

Unlike him, she couldn't stop herself from peeking at him as he bathed. Not that he was anywhere near as modest as she was about it. Cavorting naked didn't seem to bother him at all. Yesterday she had been too frightened and overwhelmed to really pay attention to the difference between the male and female form. Now she was getting her first opportunity to really look at a man's body. He had a lot of muscles, his body seemingly built of hard lines and ridges. The hanging piece between his legs looked unthreatening compared to the hard shaft she knew it could turn into.

When he looked up and caught her peeking she blushed crimson and turned her head away, hating that he'd seen her curiosity. Bridget wondered at her calm about the situation. She felt almost as though she was stuck in a world of illusion, a world that she'd made on her own in order to convince herself that everything was all right. Being around Garrett made her feel safe and she knew that was stupid. He had been the first one to have her, after all, and hadn't stopped Sam from doing whatever he wanted with her. That's what she had to remember. When the other men woke up it would be a lot harder for her to act as if everything was normal.

And what had happened to the Princess last night? She assumed that Eleanor had spent the night in Patrick's smaller tent. Was she fighting her fright as much as Bridget was? Did she hurt the same way Bridget did?

"Come on." A bucket full of water sloshed in front of her and Bridget stood, taking it without a word and obediently following Garrett back to the camp. She looked at their surroundings as she walked, the light filtering through the trees was so serenely beautiful that it was almost hard to believe that there was anything wrong in the world. When they returned to the camp the others were up and moving. Princess Eleanor looked incredibly subdued kneeling beside where Patrick was sitting, both of them eating breakfast but she was having to use her hands. The look of fury that she shot Bridget said that she clearly did not appreciate her maid seeing her in this position. Bridget looked away, her expression carefully blank as she pretended that she didn't notice the Princess' open bodice or the disheveled state of her hair.

"Good, you're back. Come here girl, I've got something for your breakfast," Samuel said, striding out of the tent and heading for Bridget. She froze, staring at him like a frightened doe. Beside her Garrett did nothing, calmly setting down his buckets of water and moving around the campsite to get his own breakfast. Obviously she wasn't going to get any help from him this time. "On your knees."

Clenching her hands into her skirts Bridget got on her knees, telling herself that she should be thankful that he didn't want to get between her legs. She was far too sore and it didn't look like Garrett would be helping to ease the passage if Samuel changed his mind about how he wanted to be pleasured. Looking up at his cruel face she felt her stomach sinking at the smile she saw there. His hand fisted in the back of her hair, pulling her forward as he used his other hand to free himself from his unlaced breeches.

Automatically her lips parted, taking him between them as she cried out, the tugging on her hair sparking tears in her eyes with the stinging pain. The soft cry was muffled as he shoved his meat in, musky and salty on her tongue. His groin still smelled like sex from yesterday and she knew that while he might have cleaned himself a little, he definitely hadn't bathed. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the Princess watching her debasement and flushed with shame, closing her eyes. Of course, with her eyes closed there was nothing to concentrate on but the steady, meaty thrust of male back and forth in her mouth, the struggle to breathe as he pressed deeper and deeper into her throat.

Remembering Garrett's advice from yesterday, Bridget concentrated on swallowing in order to make it easier on herself. The animalistic grunts from Samuel as he plundered her soft mouth turned her stomach a little, hating that she had to listen to his sounds of satisfaction as he used her. Her hands were pressed against his thighs, but pushing against him didn't slow his pace at all, he didn't even seem to notice.

Finally he spilled down her throat and she swallowed the warm fluid, gagging a little as the swollen head of his cock rubbed against the back of her throat. Samuel held her face against him as he finished his pleasure and then released her, letting her slump down on her knees and heading over to get his breakfast without a second glance. She sucked in sweet lungfuls of air, relieved to be able to breathe freely again. Truly, having him use her mouth wasn't so bad, but when he finished she'd barely been able to breathe at all.

"Come on girl, come eat and then you can do me," Blaine said as he walked by her.

Trembling, Bridget got to her feet and came to the campfire. Princess Eleanor was done with her own breakfast and was now kneeling between Patrick's legs, her head bobbing up and down over his crotch. For a moment Bridget watched in a kind of mortified fascination, then a bowl with porridge and egg was shoved into her hands and she looked up to see Garrett looking down at her, one eyebrow raised. He'd seen her looking at Patrick and the Princess. Furious with herself, she stared at nothing but the bowl in her hands as she ate her breakfast, happy to wash the taste of Samuel out of her mouth with the food and the crisply cold water.

As the bowl emptied she slowed her bites, trying to linger. Princess Eleanor was no longer servicing Patrick, she was now having to do the dishes and Bridget was very carefully avoiding looking in that direction at all after the one biting glance she'd gotten from the Princess. Even though they were in the same position, although in Bridget's opinion the Princess had it a little better considering that there was only one man she had to please, it was hard to miss the waves of resentment coming off the other woman. It suddenly occurred to Bridget that perhaps the Princess was angry because she thought that Bridget should be doing the chores. A shadow loomed over her and she looked up to see Blaine. The almost boyish looking man was a lot more threatening when he was standing over her like that, a very masculine expression on his young looking face.

"If you want to finish your breakfast you'd better hurry," he warned her. "I'm not going to wait much longer." Realizing that she couldn't put off the inevitable, Bridget finished her meal. She didn't know what the day was going to bring, but she knew that she wanted to fortify herself as much as possible.

To her surprise, Blaine didn't stand in front of her the way Samuel had; instead, when she finished her breakfast he set her bowl off to the side and slid her off of the tree trunk she was sitting on, setting her down to kneel in front of him as he took her seat. His breaches were already open and he reached in, pulling out his manhood, which wasn't fully erect. Nodding down at his groin he leaned back and watched her.

"Go ahead. I'm not like Samuel, I prefer you to do the work. You can start off by licking me." Tentatively Bridget placed her hands on his thighs and leaned forward, letting her tongue slide over the tip. She almost jumped back when the soft flesh jerked, hardening as she watched.

"Keep going," Blaine said, his voice rough. She glanced up to see him watching her and blushed.

"You're being too soft with her," Samuel complained from behind her. "Give a smack on the rump, that'll smarten her up."

Fearful of the cruel man behind her, Bridget bent to her task, licking around the mushroom shaped head and down the shaft as Blaine let out a low moan. His hand slipped into her hair, but he didn't grab it or pull it like Samuel did, he just caressed the back of her head, still allowing her control over her movements. Pleasuring a man this way wasn't nearly as objectionable and she found herself relaxing into it, licking him with soft swipes of her tongue all up and down his shaft.

"Good," Blaine complimented her. "Now open that pretty mouth and suck on me."

Hesitantly Bridget complied, taking him into her mouth, shooting fearful little glances up at him, sure that at any moment he was going to push down on the back of her head or thrust forward into her throat, the way Samuel did. But Blaine just groaned in contentment and let her move at her own pace, bobbing her head up and down. It suddenly occurred to her that Patrick must prefer to be pleasured this way as well; her current movements were mimicking what she'd seen Princess Eleanor doing earlier.

Suddenly she wondered how Garrett would prefer it.

Blaine put his hand over hers and moved her to the sack hanging beneath his shaft. "Gently, touch here. Massage me, tug a little bit, but gently."

For a rebellious moment Bridget wanted to be anything but gentle, but she squashed that impulse down. So far Blaine hadn't been cruel to her and she didn't want that to change, she was already frightened of Samuel. Hurting Blaine would do nothing but make her situation worse. It was better if she just accepted her current lot in life and looked for an opportunity to escape when it was actually feasible.

Closing her eyes she concentrated on moving her head up and down, cradling the soft sack in her hands, feeling the two lumps that were contained there and rolling them through her fingers. From his soft groans and the way his fingers moved in her hair she could tell that Blaine liked that. Moving her head up and down, she found that when she actually sucked on him, as he'd requested, he would thrust his hips forward, although not nearly as violently as Samuel. Eager to get through this, she did what she could, following the indicators of his fingers against the back of her head, the movements of his hips, and his low groans to bring him to culmination.

She couldn't fit as much of him into her mouth on her own as Samuel was able to force into her, but Blaine didn't seem to mind. He grew thicker and harder, his hand pressing on the back of her head more insistently, and then he groaned very loudly and fluid spilled into her mouth. Swallowing frantically, Bridget could taste the salty muskiness much more because he wasn't completely in the back of her throat. Blaine held her there as he enjoyed his climax to repletion and then had her continue sucking until he softened against her tongue.

"All done," he said, patting her head almost as if she was a dog. Feeling slightly confused about the experience and her own participation in the abasement of her body, Bridget sat back and stayed kneeling as the men moved around her, packing up the camp. Princess Eleanor was also on her knees, done with cleaning up after their meal, and facing away from Bridget. Both of the women waited silently for what the day would bring.


Despite the new circumstances, Bridget found that she was still enjoying travel. It was obvious that neither she nor the Princess were to be trusted on their own horses, even though the horses were tied to leads attached to Samuel's and Blaine's saddles. Instead she was seated with Garrett again and the Princess was with Patrick. Samuel had protested the arrangement but Patrick had put his foot down, saying that Garrett was the better horseman as well as being more likely in keeping the 'bounty' in good condition. While she didn't like being referred to as 'bounty,' she was relieved to be on the horse with Garrett. She felt much safer with him or Blaine than with Samuel.

Garrett allowed her to sit behind him, whereas she could see Princess Eleanor seated in front of Patrick, one hand on his reins and the other roaming inside her clothing. She was sure that if she'd been on Samuel's saddle then she'd be in the same position and she shuddered to think of how the cruel man might abuse her poor, tender body if he had access to it all day. Instead she was able to watch the passing scenery, much as she had before they'd been captured, and enjoy the fresh air and riding a horse. Granted, riding behind a man, her legs split around his backside, was very different from riding on her own horse, but she still enjoyed the exercise. And being pressed up against Garrett wasn't all bad, the beauty of the forest was distracting enough that she was almost able to forget. A few times she even forgot herself so far as to lay her head against his broad back when she started to tire, before remembering who he was and straightening herself up again.

"Oh!" she exclaimed suddenly, her voice soft but distinct enough that Garrett heard her and looked over his shoulder. Seeing him turn she blushed, anxious at having caught his attention. Most of the ride had been made in silence, other than a few ribald comments from Samuel about the Princess Eleanor and occasional orders from Patrick for rest periods.


"Nothing," she mumbled, looking down, feeling even more awkward at having her arms around him.

"What is it, Bridget?" he asked again, his voice a little firmer as if warning her that he would brook no dissembling from her.

She sighed. "It's nothing, really. I just saw a doe and fawn, over there." Bridget gestured back the way they'd come, still not looking up at his face, worrying that she would be punished for the noise she'd made. But Garrett just turned around, saying nothing. It made her feel stupid to have drawn attention to herself for something so ordinary.

To her surprise, Garrett pointed out a few more animals to her, a fox, a black squirrel and some colorful birds, when they passed by them during the afternoon, as well as some small clumps of flowers and any other sights he seemed to think might interest her. It made the ride even more enjoyable and part of her hated him for that, because she didn't think she should be enjoying any part of being kidnapped. And almost every part that she had enjoyed had been at the hands of this man, whom she had no choice but to wrap her arms around and press her body against him as they rode.


After they reached the campsite, as Blaine and Samuel were setting things up and Patrick was tending to his own tent - Princess Eleanor was kneeling not too far from him, her hands bound in front of her. Bridget wondered what the other woman had done to merit that, but she didn't have a lot of time to think about it because Garrett was hauling her face down over his lap so that her stomach was pressed against his thighs and her head was hanging down on one side with her legs on the other.

"What are you doing?" she cried out, too surprised to hold her tongue.

"Preparing you," he said. Bridget squirmed as he lifted up her skirts and palmed her bottom, feeling a shivery sensation ripple through her at the touch of his flesh against hers. The intimacy of it was still strange to her, despite the fact that this man had been inside her. After a day of journeying, the events of the night before and the morning seemed far away and dream like, as if her mind was protecting her by pushing them away where they could do her no harm. Garrett rubbed his hand over her backside and down her thighs, squeezing slightly as if just enjoying touching her body. In this position all of her blood seemed to be gathering in her head, making her dizzy as her pulse throbbed.

Fingers brushed over her sex, teasing the sensitive and sore folds. She was horrified that when his fingers pressed between the outer lips to realize that she was wet, the same way she had been last night, and that part of her enjoyed the intimate touch. Then his fingers moved away and she felt him moving around as he took something from his pocket. With his arm heavy across her back, holding her in place, she wasn't able to do anything more than squeal as something cool and slick rubbed against her bumhole.

"What are you doing?!" she asked again, this time too outraged to care about repercussions. Her hands scrabbled in the dirt as she tried to kick out at him, tried to get away. A sharp smack to her bottom had her gasping with shock, but she kept struggling, earning herself a few more slaps that made her yelp as her creamy skin reddened under the assault and the sharp pain flashed through her. Shockingly she could feel a little of that flame coiling inside of her, that heat that had preceded the ecstatic release she'd experienced yesterday.

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