Being the Maid Ch. 02


"Hold still," he ordered. "Trust me little girl, you don't want Samuel to fuck your ass without any kind of preparation, and he will."

The horrifying words made Bridget shudder in horror even as her body went limp in compliance, the crude words assaulting her senses as a finger pushed into her backside. She whimpered at the slight burn as her tight hole was penetrated, her mind reeling from the idea that someone might want to 'fuck' her there. Although she'd never heard the word before, the graphic intrusion left her no doubt as the meaning. Good God... whyyyyyyy?

Completely humiliated she hung her head and let her tears fall to the ground, listening to the crude jests of the men as they watched Garrett finger her bumhole, her backside throbbing from the spanks that he'd given her. Her mortification was actually worse than the pain, especially when the burn slowly dwindled and she realized that her body was starting to accept the penetration, that part of her wanted to move her hips back against it!

Patrick laughed as she squirmed on Garrett's lap. "See that Princess?" his voice was mocking. "Come here and suck me. If you make it good then I'll let Garrett prep you too before I fuck that sweet royal ass."

All of the men laughed uproariously. Feeling like she was caught in some kind of nightmare, Bridget watched as the Princess clenched her fists and bowed her head, moving over to grudgingly fall to her knees in front of the bandit leader. It was appalling, but she couldn't help but feel relief as the men turned their attention to the other woman's actions as she took Patrick into her mouth, head moving back and forth, rather than focusing on Bridget. Then Garrett's finger slid out of her and she relaxed, hoping that her torment was over, only to have to stifle a whimper as his finger returned, this time joined by another. The stretching burned, as did the friction, although he'd put more of whatever was in his pocket on his fingers, easing the passage of his probing digits. The hand on her lower back massaged her muscles.

As she tried to find something to think about, anything else to think about, she finally realized what the hard bulge pressing against her stomach was. Garrett really was enjoying what he was doing to her, it wasn't just Samuel! She couldn't help but feel a little betrayed that he was aroused by this sick act, by putting his fingers into a place that nothing should ever be put into! Or was it smacking her buttocks that had aroused him? Or watching Eleanor pleasure Patrick with her mouth? Suddenly Bridget found herself wishing that she'd paid more attention, she needed to know what these men wanted, what they enjoyed, if she was going to survive this.

"That's it, good girl," Garrett murmured. Bridget wondered what he was complimenting her on and then almost groaned as she realized that she'd become so distracted that her body had started reacting automatically; she'd been too focused on her anxieties to stop herself and she had started pressing her lower body against Garrett's hard thigh, her hips moving as he mimicked copulation with his fingers and her bumhole. It didn't hurt at all anymore and she nearly wept with shame at how good it had started to feel.

When he removed his fingers this time, Bridget didn't relax immediately and she quickly found that she'd been right not to. Something hard and cool pressed against her crinkled hole, pushing inwards. It was slightly bigger around than his fingers and utterly unyielding. She whimpered as the thing pushed her open, struggling again, trying to get away from the burning invasion. Garrett's arm pressed down on her back, holding her in place as she began to plead with him to let her up.

Then she gasped as she felt a small pop and whatever it was lodged inside of her, her walls clenching around it. Part of it remained sticking out of her, a flat base that pressed against her cheeks as the rest of it shifted uncomfortably inside of her.

"Very nice," said Garrett approvingly. His hand drifted down to her plump feminine lips again and he laughed as he found evidence that she hadn't been as averse to the anal plundering as she'd seemed. "Ah... such a sweet, wet cunt. I liked doing that too, little maid."

"I didn't like it!' protested Bridget. "What did you do to me?"

His hand tapped on the base of the thing in her bum, jolting it and making her gasp. "This is a trick used by whores to make themselves ready for men. And if you didn't enjoy it, which I think you're lying, I know I did."

And with that he tumbled her off of his lap, one hand gripping her upper arm so that her knees fell to the ground while her upper body remained upright so that she ended up kneeling in front of him. With his free hand he was undoing his breeches, leaving her no doubt as to what he wanted from her right now. Dismayed, Bridget felt tears spark in her eyes as her bottom clenched around the awful thing inside of it, a whore's thing! She only had a moment to wonder how Garrett would know what whores did before he was pulling her mouth onto his erection and her attention was diverted.

Like Blaine, Garrett obviously preferred her to do the work, although he kept one hand on the back of her head with his fingers entwined in her hair, he didn't force her down onto his thick shaft. He also didn't seem to want the teasing licks that Blaine had so enjoyed, just her hot, wet mouth engulfing him. Reaching into her bodice with his other hand, he cupped her breast and squeezed, idly running his thumb over her nipple and teasing the sensitive bud to hardness, increasing the need that she was trying to deny between her thighs.

A shadow covering her form was the only warning she had before her skirt was being tugged down to her knees on the ground and someone knelt behind her on her skirts, effectively trapping her as her lower legs were caught in the fabric and Garrett was holding her head in place in his groin. Bridget whimpered as fingers probed at her tender folds and then something blunt and hot pressed into her body, thrusting forward and impaling her with one hard lunge. Her scream, as her body was stretched open, was muffled by the thick meat in her mouth, it pressed down her throat as her cries opened her further.

"What about me?" she heard Blaine say off to the side, sounding both amused and disappointed. "It's your turn to have her in your bedroll tonight," replied Samuel from behind her. Bridget should have realized it was him, the way he was tightening his fingers on her hips as he pummeled her from behind, obviously enjoying her discomfort as she adjusted to the large intrusion and the battering of her sore feminine folds. "You have her all night." Bridget moaned as Samuel leaned forward so that his thrusts bumped against the thing in her bottom. She felt incredibly full, much tighter around his thrusting member, as if the thing in her bottom was taking up too much space inside of her body, leaving less for him. As her hands flexed on Garrett's thighs, she found herself pushing back against Samuel. Even though she fought it, the need that was coiling in her belly was beginning to overtake her determination not to climax for them again. Especially not for Samuel.

But Garrett's hand caressing her breast and pinching her nipple had her squirming, the fullness of her bumhole was starting to feel good again as sensations she'd never felt before rippled through her, and the rough friction of Sam's energetic thrusts was having its effect on her body, despite her soreness and her intentions. As Samuel filled her from behind, his groin slamming into her bottom, her mouth was forced down further onto Garrett's hardness. The small mewling noises that escaped her caused him to moan, his hand tightening on her hair as he started to thrust upwards against the movements of her mouth. She felt like she was drowning in sensation, the aching soreness of her body somehow melding with the hot need and shocking pleasure that was rising inside of her. There must be something wrong with her, she thought in a spurt of sexual despair, that her body would respond like this, especially to the pain that Samuel was causing, which was starting to feel far too good.

Inside of her she could feel Samuel swelling, pushing against the tight confines of her body, his hard length turning unyielding and steel like. Bridget cried out as she shuddered around him, the instinctive responses of her body taking over as her inner confliction peaked and the ecstasy tore through her, running riot over her defenses and taking her for an unwilling rapturous ride. Samuel's fingers tightened on her hips even further and he bellowed as he shoved deep, pulsing inside of her as he released frothy jets of seed into her body. The vibrations of her moans obviously effected Garrett as she took him deep into her throat, pushed onto him by Samuel's force of motion.

Her throat worked automatically as Garrett groaned and spilled his own load down her throat, his hand pressing tightly to the back of her head and holding her in place until he was finished. Samuel had already moved away by the time Garrett released her and she slumped down fully onto her knees, closing her eyes in shame of her body's betrayal. Even worse, Garrett stroked her hair almost comfortingly, her head resting against his thigh, and part of her didn't want to move.

"Pick up your toy," Patrick said, sounding amused. "It's the Princess' turn to be plugged." All of the men laughed at his turn of phrase as Garrett gently pulled Bridget's hair back to bring her upright, taking her by the hand and lifting her up.

"Come on," said Blaine, taking charge of her. The bulge at the front of his pants made Bridget want to groan. It was like these men set each other off, once one started the others followed suit! "Time for dinner and then we're going to bed early."

The gleam in his eye said that he was looking forward to satisfying himself in her body now that it was his turn to have her in his bedroll. Bridget was grateful that she got dinner first. Sitting on the plug was uncomfortable, its rigid length making her shift back and forth as she tried to ignore the strange sensation, as well as the tenderness of her womanly parts after Samuel's energetic abuse of her body for his pleasure. Sticky wetness was leaking from her and onto her thighs, but she did her best to ignore it as she ate the meaty soup that Blaine provided her.

There was so much to ignore. The juices leaking down her legs. The sensitivity of her body and the heavy feeling of satiation between her legs Samuel's leering presence and the way he was avidly watching the Princess' degradation, occasionally looking at Bridget as though he'd like to sate himself in her body again. The Princess' mewling cries as Garrett filled her backside under Patrick's watchful eye. Bridget knew exactly how she felt, but she didn't want to look or watch. It felt wrong to be a witness to someone else's degradation. However, she couldn't quite block out the groans and small yelps and wonder if that's how she sounded as well.

After eating she cleaned the dishes and took the opportunity to clean between her legs with a wet clothe. The wait for food seemed to have cooled Blaine's urgent need and he and Samuel seemed to prefer to have her do the work while they sat and enjoyed themselves with a dicing game while the others ate. This was the first time since their capture that Bridget had been able to get close to the Princess, but the other woman only glared at her when she tried to approach. So she backed off. Perhaps the Princess was worried about getting in trouble if they tried to talk. Mealtime seemed to be over all too soon and Garrett was replacing Blaine at the dicing game with Samuel as Patrick and the Princess disappeared into his tent. Stretching as he stood up, Blaine grinned in anticipation. He was so boyishly good looking that Bridget could almost pretend he was an ardent young suitor from town, a respectable and unthreatening young man. Of course, that only lasted until he opened his mouth.

"Come on little maid," he said as he came towards her. "Time for bed."

The masculine smugness in his voice was daunting, but she followed after him quietly. There was no where else for her to go.

"My turn tomorrow," she heard Samuel say as she and Blaine headed towards the tent and she shuddered. The cruel man frightened her. Unlike Garrett and Blaine he truly seemed to enjoy it when she was frightened or hurting. Blaine was just indifferent to it, which she could deal with much better than Garrett's occasional and confusing kindnesses. Inside the tent there was the illusion of an intimate setting, she and Blaine were alone with only the extra two bedrolls for company. Garrett and Samuel's voices were only a murmur of sound.

"Lay down," Blaine said, unlacing his breeches. The urgency in his voice reminded Bridget that this man had had to wait while Garrett and Samuel took their turns with her and she became a little more anxious as he climbed on top of her without preamble. Fortunately she still had some residual wetness between her legs or it would have hurt a lot more as he shoved into her tender folds, his indifference towards her in this case turning into something almost painful.

Bridget bit down on her lip to keep from crying out as Blaine began pumping on top of her, his breathing harsh and ragged, body slamming against her tender thighs as he used her like she was truly the toy that Patrick had called her. She couldn't help the small whimpers that escaped her as he sawed back and forth, but the sounds she was making were drowned out by his low groans as he pleasured himself. After the more sensual ministrations of Garrett, she found herself confused as to whether or not be thankful that Blaine made no effort to include her pleasure in his.

Enduring his rough thrusts, Bridget could feel her inner channel slickening, a defense against Blaine's plundering assault. She gasped with relief as she felt his body tense against her; he shoved in deeply and his hard rod pulsed, filling her with a generous flood of cream. Bridget moaned softly, the sore ache between her legs feeling much more sharp now that it was over.

Standing up, Blaine grinned at her happily. "I needed that. Strip down now, I want you naked before I get back in here."

And with that he walked outside. For a moment Bridget lay there frozen and then she quickly stood and stripped off of her clothes. Feeling incredibly vulnerable she slipped under his blanket, curling up and gingerly touching the stickiness between her thighs. Her poor sex felt swollen and tender. Reaching back further she bit her lip as she encountered the cool metal of the plug inside of her, wondering if she dared take it out. Wondering if she even could.

Outside she could hear the men laughing as Blaine requested Garrett's 'oil' and she could also hear the cries and pleas coming from Patrick's tent. The Princess sounded like she was begging, although Bridget couldn't tell what she was begging for. She wondered if the Princess also found occasional moments of ecstasy, some of the sounds she was hearing were remarkably similar to the ones she knew she'd made herself. The comments from the men seemed to confirm that, as they joked about how her royal highness was enjoying herself in a very common way.

Then the tent was opening again and Blaine stepped back inside, his eyes immediately going to the small pile of clothes that she'd left neatly folded at the base of his bedroll. Seeing her covered by the blanket he just laughed.

"No need for modesty, little maid," he said, almost teasingly. Bridget felt completely out of her depth at his almost jocular tone, having him address her almost as if they were friends. "So far I've liked everything I've seen."

She blushed. She couldn't help it, and that seemed to amuse him even further. When he grabbed the blanket and pulled it from her body she squeaked as she tried to cover herself with her hands. Blaine ignored her attempts and peeled her arm off of her breasts, sighing happily as he cupped them and nuzzled his face into the soft flesh. Somehow having his body covering her own seemed to help with her sense of outraged modesty; at least if one of the other men in the tent came in they wouldn't be able to see her naked body, Blaine's would block the view.

It was almost surprising how much he seemed to enjoy her breasts, not just squeezing them, but also playing with the rigid little nipples, twisting them with his fingers and sucking them into his mouth. He lavished his attention on them, seeming to enjoy himself with the touching. The small noises she made in the back of her throat and her squirming, even the tugging on his hair as he bit down on one sensitive nub, seemed to be just incidentals which he ignored. Blaine just wanted to enjoy her breasts, not seeming to care how she reacted as long as she didn't try to stop him.

Unfortunately, Bridget was enjoying his touch on her breasts just as much as him, and it was becoming harder for her to hide it. Her breasts and nipples weren't nearly as sore and abused as her sex and the bounty of attention being heaped on them was causing that slow burn in her stomach to rise again. It had already been stirred by Blaine's time between her thighs, despite his unconcern with her desires, and now she felt that molten heat curling and licking at her core. Heedless of her little noises, Blaine continued to enjoy her soft curves, his manhood already erect again against her thigh, but he seemed to be more interested in playing with her upper body than in sinking into her for the moment.

The little nips and tugs he was giving her breasts made Bridget's hips jerk upwards instinctively, her fingers threaded through his hair pulled him in closer as he sucked one rosy bud deeper into his mouth. She moved against him without thinking, the suckling of her sweet nipple going through her like a lightening strike, straight to her center. When she pushed her hips against him, his hard body pressed down on her mound, rubbing against the sensitive bud there and making her writhe beneath him as the pleasure jolted through her.

"Mmmmm, I like that you're so responsive," Blaine said as he pulled away and turned her over onto her hands and knees, pulling her hips towards him as he ran an appreciative hand over her bottom, lingering on the plug that was nestled between her creamy cheeks. "I'm starting to think Garrett is right about it being more fun if you're squirming for it."

Bridget hung her head in shame, hating that he could now see the puffy, swollen and slick folds of her womanhood. They were wet with her own desire, not just the culmination of his.

Then he tugged at the plug and she let out a little squeak and then a long low groan as he gently eased it from her body. Her muscles all relaxed as she was emptied of the unyielding metal. Letting out a long sigh of relief, Bridget didn't even protest as an oiled finger pushed into her rear, it was so much less intrusive than the plug.

"Very nice," Blaine said approvingly. Apparently he was feeling rather chatter. "I thought Garrett was crazy when he first started bringing out this stuff, but I have to say sometimes he does know what he's talking about."

Unsure if he wanted an answer or not, Bridget just closed her eyes and stayed silent, trying not to think about the second finger that was now pushing into her backside. The plug had loosened her up considerably and the movement of his fingers was giving her the strangest sensations. Then his fingers were gone and she could hear him rubbing oil over himself.

The hard, blunt head of his manhood bumped against her prepared bumhole and Bridget whimpered in fear. Gripping her hips tightly, Blaine began to ease his way into her body, a slow, long thrust that made both of them groan. The thick shaft burned as it pushed deeply into her, giving her a slight ache in her gut as the head opened up her narrow passageway, but the intrusion had none of the sharp pain she'd expected from the insertion of the plug. The strange instrument had done its job well, loosening up the entryway to her body so that Blaine had no trouble fitting his thick meat into her backside.

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