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Being Vocal

byJoe Wordsworth©

"Bathroom... I'll be there in a few minutes", I whispered after catching my breath. I felt her hand let go of my cock as she entirely obeyed--getting out of bed quietly, as not to disturb the other people sleeping in the room. I watched, through the nearly pitch black room, her shapely figure move off and around the corner--the light never even clicking on as the door swung open and then shut again.

. . .. ... .....

It'd been a vacation that had taken us and a couple of friends out in the great American experience, the first parts of the trip were more or less innocent. Beth and I having few, if any opportunities, to fool around. Four people in an Oldsmobile for several hours... it isn't terribly conducive to hot action. And, besides, there'd be plenty of time for that, later.

I'd planned to take her out of town, and for us to get a hotel room together. All the things we could do in a somewhat foreign place, with nobody around, no people accidentally walking in... no worries. It'd be like a little romantic getaway. But, surely, as we crept up on our destination, I had so many more interesting ideas.

Beth is an amazing, girl, first off... my oldest friend, and the love of my life. We only started fooling around in the last couple of years and our time together--personally and sexually--has been just perfect. Shapely and attractive, she really is a pretty girl--though she does that thing that women sometimes do where they shy away from attention to those facts. It’s charming and sweet, and compliments her more demure nature. She rarely raises her voice, and when she pulls her soft brown hair back into a tail or just to pin it up... you can see just how beautiful she truly is.

Just as captivating, though... is what she's like, when turned on. See, for such a reserved girl, there's a wildcat inside of her that has been begging for years to get out. You can see it when she loses track of what's going on, behind her eyes when she's cumming. You can see it when she does what she's told, you can hear it when she talks during sex. Slowly, but surely, I was letting that wildcat out... we were taking baby-steps, and I was determined to break her of so many reservations during this vacation.

All I needed to do was take control of the situation.

All she needed to do was enjoy herself.

. . .. ... .....

We hit our hotel late in the evening, and the most remarkable idea came to me. I could have a private room with Beth, and I could subject her to every little fantasy I'd thought of... but better than that, so much more "dangerous", was if all four of us "saved money" by getting a double room and just pairing off in the beds. Of course, there would be no question--Beth and I would share one; the other two friends that came on the trip, Drew and Tom, would share the second bed. Captive audience... sleeping friends... a girl who can't stifle a moan if her life depended on it... and me, a man with little to no shame.

So much more perfect. Baby-steps, right? Well, the next step would be "shhhhhh, baby".

. . .. ... .....

It started off innocently enough, I doubt even she expected that anything was /really/ going to happen, that night. We curled up with each other, I had an arm out that she was resting her head on; my other draped around her hip, my cock just about to the point of aching as I felt her smooth, firm ass press against me. I could smell her; I could hear that faster-and-slower breathing that told me that she wasn't asleep. I ran a hand up and down her side, stroking her through her pajamas like Aladdin rubbing a lamp. Every time my hand dipped down to her waistline... then down her hip... then down her thigh, and back up... she would exhale deeply.

If anything could ever have been said about Beth and me, it’s that we knew how to get each other going. A touch here, the sound of the other breathing there, two bodies in contact in a comfy bed in the middle of the night... ours was an easy magic to make.

She turned, when I ran my hand back up, again, and our eyes barely met in the dark before she leaned up and I leaned down and we met in a kiss. Our lips touched firmly and our hands groped desperately for each other, as if we couldn't really hold onto enough of one another--for fear of losing them. I pulled her closer and firmly slid my hand down from her neck, whispering across her amazing breasts, lingering long enough to get a gasp as I let my nails graze her very pronounced nipples.

She was excited. I could feel her pussy through her pajamas, on my knee... she was wet, and she was so warm as to be almost hot. I could feel her lightly grinding herself on my leg as my hand continued down to where we both know it needed to be.

Over her thigh, down her leg and back up to barely touch her now aching pussy through her clothes. She let a small, but unmistakable moan escape her lips, and that was my cue to start tonight’s work.

I snaked up a bit and rested my head near her ear, so I could whisper to her while my hands played whatever games I wanted. I wanted to make sure she heard me, and if she turned her head, she could respond quietly to me, without waking our friends.

"You need to be very quiet, hon... do you understand?", I said as I let my hand rise up to her waistband.

A whimper and a very hushed "Yes" came back to me as I felt her swivel her hips, in hopes of capturing the fingers that were going to make her cum, tonight.

"Yes, what?", I whispered... pulling my hand away from her pajama bottoms, decisively.

"Yes... sir.", her heart was thumping hard, her breath was ragged and labored, and I hadn't even touched her yet. My pretty Beth's most sensitive erogenous zone was her mind, always was, and one of the things that made our sexlife so magnificent was that playing with her mind was something I was better at than anyone.

I replied with a curt, "Good girl", and let my thumb pull her waistband up just enough for me to slide my hand down to her dripping wet pussy. I had barely touched her, by this point, and I felt nails lightly clench into my arm, knees start shaking, and could sense that she wanted nothing more than to scream my name, call for God, anything to release what was building up in her.

My fingers wet, already, I let my middle finger stroke her from bottom to top, slowly... breaking to push only a bit inside of her on the upstroke. Over and over, I let my finger tease an entrance that I know would make her scream in pleasure--but this wasn't entirely about just getting off (though by this point I'd have given nearly anything to have done that, myself). It was a process. It was about her trusting me in the face of even the most embarrassing situations. I kept whispering to her.

"Shhhh, don't make a sound, now. Can you do that for me? Can you stay...", I pushed my finger inside her delicious cunt, "...quiet?"

She buried her head into my shoulder and let out a very muffled moan.

"If you can't, we can stop...", I said as I hooked a finger over her g-spot and kept still.

"P-please, sir? P-p-please?", she whimpered.

"Please what?"


"You'll have to say it, baby.", I assured her. To some, it seemed like an old game--I'm sure. But Beth's reluctance to using more... colorful language... was genuine. It made her blush. It made her shy. I knew that this was killing her, working up the courage to do what I was telling her to do.

"Please... let me... cum, sir. Please? Let me.... ohhh, gg-g-g-o-d!", she buried her face in my shoulder again as I flicked her clit with my thumb over and over while she was talking. Her entire body shudders and grabbed onto me like it was the only thing it was designed to do. After a few moments of quivering, after her hands released their grip on me... I decided it was time to move onto something I'd been thinking about for a while.

I stroked her pussy, lightly, not enough to make her cum, but enough to keep her attention, and grabbed her hand.

"Be a good girl, now." I said, as I put her hand over my pajama bottoms, right where my cock was straining to get free.

Like a real trooper, she moved her hand around and pulled my cock out, stroking it up and down, feeling the girth of it and enjoying the sensations I was giving her. She was being so quiet, and I knew how hard that was, that I let her stroke me for a minute or two until I was ready... and then told her what to do, next.

"Bathroom... I'll be there in a few minutes.", I whispered after catching my breath. I felt her hand let go of my cock as she entirely obeyed--getting out of bed quietly, as not to disturb the other people sleeping in the room. I watched, through the nearly pitch black room, her shapely figure move off and around the corner--the light never even clicking on as the door swung open and then shut again.

. . .. ... .....

The bathroom was dark. So dark that I couldn't make out much of anything, though my eyes had adjusted to the problem a little. I could make out where the sink was, the counter... and I could make out a silhouette of a gorgeous woman, standing in front of me, waiting for her master to tell her what was going to happen next.

In here, we could move around, be somewhat more vocal... in here, we could have a rendezvous in the dark. In here, we were going to let our hair down a bit.

I walked up to her and gave her what I knew she was immediately missing. I pulled an arm around her waist, a hand behind her head, and leaned down. Our lips met in the dark, tongues flashing across each other, in a non-vocal and desperate attempt to tell the other just how much we loved them. Enough, it seems, to warrant a moment of silence, holding each other in the middle of the night.

It was a moment that gave way, willingly, to hands groping her body, feeling smooth places and firm places. Feeling her pussy through her pants, briefly, and hearing the moan that it always causes... I leaned in and whispered to her "Turn around, and do exactly as I tell you"...

...her only response was "Yes, sir.", as she shivered with the thought of what was about to come.

I ran my hands, while standing behind her, up and down her sides for a moment, feeling the weight of her large breasts in my hands... feeling her ass pressed against me... feeling her cunt, wet and willing.

I moved my arms over hers, placed my hands over hers, and said "Put your hands on the counter, baby... that's it, that's a good girl... hold on to the edge of the sink right here... good girl. Now, don't move, don't let go. I'm going to fuck you, now.

A whimper of lust left her.

"Would you like that? Is that what you need, now?", I continued attracting her attention while I jerked her pants around her ankles, her perfect ass sticking out for me.

"Y-yes...", she said.


An exhale of surprise left escaped her control and her eyes, had I been able to see them, were probably wide with disbelief. I brought my right hand down on her ass, just as my left was fondling her pussy--which was getting wetter by the second.


"Sir... yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir."

"What do you want?"

"I-I-i... I want you... to... f-f-uck me. Sir.", she gasped out, the words so hard to say because of her shy nature and the two fingers working in and out of her gorgeous pussy at the same time. I tickled her g-spot and wanted her to almost cum, before taking her, tonight. That was the only was it could be thought of... this wasn't going to be romance, exactly. This was going to be my slut, my pretty little slut, gripping a bathroom counter while her master thoroughly fucks her pussy until he's satisfied. This was taking her.

With her words, I put my cockhead at the entrance to her warm hole... and, gripping her hip in one hand, and fisting my cock in the other, I slowly sank into her. Inch by inch, letting her quiver with absolutely delight as she had her desires filled as completely as her pussy was going to be. She moaned, "Oh-hh... yessss!" as I continued. She was so wet, that after a moment or two, I was buried completely inside of her.

Placing my hands over hers, on the counter, my mouth just behind her ear, and my cock throbbing inside of her... I began to speak while I ground our bodies together.

"Is this right?", I pulled out a bit.

"Is this exactly what you wanted"... in... "me to do to you?"... out... "Huh?"... in...

And out of that pert little mouth, between the gasps and the labored breaths, came "Y-yes, sir... oh, yes, sir. Oh, God... Oh, shit...", she was out of control, now. She had entirely succumbed to the sensations I was giving her.

"And what are you?"

"Oh, God... yours... all yours. I'm your slut.", her voice wavered from distraction as her body started building with a heavy climax. "I'm yours, oh yes... oh, fuck me... please, please fuck me... just like that... mmm..." her mouth was moving without her mind thinking about it and the whole thing was impossibly erotic.

By this time, I was furiously pounding in and out of her, feeling her pussy grip and hold me like a wet, velvety fist. She wasn't letting me go, she need it too much. And I was determined to fuck her so hard that she'd barely be able to walk out of this bathroom. Over and over I drove my cock into her. Over and over, she yelped and gasped with pleasure.

I heard her say she was cumming only seconds before she did... and her knees almost gave out with it. She convulsed over and over, gripping the counter for dear life as multiple orgasms took her. I held her up and slowed down, letting my beautiful little slut relax a bit. She deserved it. She was doing so well.

I turned her around, our bodies sweaty and sore... I held her in my arms while she came down a bit... only one thing left to do.

I grabbed my dick and started slowly stroking it, holding her in one arm, leaning down so I could tell her... "Talk to me."

Her hesitation was evident... it was one thing to lose control and start yelping out dirty things, but how was she going to just... say them? Could she? She whimpered a bit, her way of telling me that she was nervous.

"C'mon, baby... you can do it. Just talk to me. Tell me what you enjoyed about all this."

Her arms snaked around my neck and I was stroking my cock, as anxious as I could be to finally cum, after all of this. As always, I'd almost given up on her being able to tonight--this was one of the hardest things I could have asked her to do... but... then...

"When...", she started, with a trembling voice, throaty and sultry--but labored, as if she was trying to sound sensual... "...when you were... when you were fucking me..."


"...and you made me... beg for it..."


"...and when I couldn't do it... and you... you spanked my... my ass..."


"...that got me so... so... hot..."


"...my pussy got s-so wet..."


"...I just needed you to fuck me...

...oh, God, almost there...

"...I needed you to fuck your little slut..."

I grabbed her around her waist, furiously pumping my cock as I leaned in and held onto her while I came. Over and over I shot cum all over her tummy and hip and I felt the whole experience overtake me. She shuddered a bit, herself, an aftershock of her whole night coming up while I came all over her. We held onto each other for a moment or more. Sweaty, satisfied, and only then did we realize that there were other people in the hotel room.

We cleaned up a bit, got re-dressed, and hand-in-hand, we climbed back into the cool, comfortable bed. We held onto each other, and she whispered "I love you", as we both fell off to sleep.

. . .. ... .....

The rest of the vacation went well. It was a relaxed experience as we drove cross-country the next day, me and my Beth in the backseat while the guys took turns driving up front. We snuggled up in the back, talking about the events of the previous evening (and, yeah, that morning) in somewhat giggled and hushed tones. If the guys knew that we'd gotten it on mere feet from where they were sleeping, they hadn't mentioned it. The sun was shining, and I was pretty pleased with her and myself.

We mostly behaved in the car. A few sly gropes, a few quick kisses, nothing overt... nothing major. I wasn't going to subject her to getting caught fooling around two feet behind my friends in an Oldsmobile on the highway. While intriguing, I was quite relaxed and tired, and figured the minor play here and there was sufficient. She turned several shades of red whenever I'd do something a little over the line... a little wicked. I'd snake a hand here or there... touch her this way or that... and she'd flush brightly. It was too perfect.

Ultimately, though, we both slept here and there in the car on the long drive back. Tired as could be from our hotel night, one of us was curled up in the others' lap half the time, and we got in late in the evening. Awake, and free from the bonds of company, I had so many plans for the rest of our time together. It was out last night. She had to leave--I only had Beth for another day, before she was off to where she came from, her vacation and mine barely coinciding. I was going to make it all count. I was going to take this one step further than we'd actually ever gone. Not a big step, necessarily, but a significant one.

. . .. ... .....

We were showered and fed, relaxed and rested. Beth and I talked that evening, but behind the conversation was the hint of expectancy. She was wondering what was next. I could tell. So, while enjoying the night, and effortlessly put... pulled her up off of the couch, put our drinks away, and started:

"Go into my room, and put this on.", I said, handing her a maroon robe, "...and don't come out until I get you."

"Why? What are you going to do?", she asked, with a smile on her pretty face.

"Trust me."

She half-danced off to my room and closed the door behind her, no doubt she was getting changed and would be wearing only that robe. It was up to me to set the whole scene. There are five senses to the human body, and I was going to create the scenery such that all of them had something to do. I scrambled to clear my spacious living room, with my soft, downy sectional curving around what was quickly becoming an obvious playpen. I grabbed a few of my toys, the ones I knew I would need, and spread candles all over the floor around the edges of the room. Cutting off all of the lights, and lighting the fires, I put on some very soft and faint music on my entertainment system and made sure the thermostat wasn't too low.

Candlelight, faint music, and the items I'd need... blue velvety ropes, one of my more fun vibrators, a bottle of lubricant, and small things like massage oil and other little fancies. It was going to be an interesting night.

. . .. ... .....

"Alright, come with me", I ordered her, holding her hand while her other held the robe closed.

The room was dark, with a little light, and she looked around briefly before turning her attention back toward me. I pulled her in closely and kissed her fully on the lips. We made out by the candlelight for a minute or two, our tongues swirling around each other, our bodies grinding into one another, we were wanton... we were aroused... but we were also in our roles, again. Mine to direct, hers to obey. And I knew that we had much to do, and I wanted her to leave the whole evening with one thought, that I was the greatest lover she had ever had. I was determined to own her, in that way. She was my girl, my Beth, and I wanted assurance that such a title went that deep.

I ran my hands down her back, sliding them over her fantastic ass. Guys notice Beth's chest all the time, everyone I've ever met--to be honest. And while she has large and wonderful breasts, I confess... I always was an ass-man. I leaned down, trailing her neck with my tongue while her arms were wrapped around mine... raised on her tip-toes and desperately encouraging the exploring I was doing. I paused and nuzzled her breasts, nipping lightly at her hard nipples, making her gasp and shudder. I groped her ass, feeling it, kneading it... enjoying myself immensely and getting harder by the second.

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