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Being Watched


A big thank you to SummerX who's encouragement and plot suggestions have motivated me to resume writing. She has given me many ideas for future stories and despite her not wishing to take any credit, she may not appreciate the impact she has had on motivating me to write again.

As always, constructive comments are always welcomed and I hope you enjoy this little tale.


It was the third night in a row, I was lying in bed with my tablet watching a mother and son porn movie and I could see my bedroom door had been opened a crack and Mum's face was visible peering in as I watched via a small strategically placed mirror on my desk.

I was masturbating and had earphones in as I watched the movie, but was actually more excited at the fact that Mum was watching me.

My name is Andrew and I'm 22 years old and I've recently moved back home after college to live with my divorced mother, Katie. Mum is 46 years old and she split from Dad just after I went off to college four years ago. Neither of them discussed the reason for the split but as Dad moved in with a significantly younger woman he worked with, I guess he had been fooling around in the latter years of their marriage.

Anyway, I was stroking my cock, looking at my tablet and just glancing at the mirror from time to time making sure Mum was still there. For many years I had fantasised about having sex with Mum as I found her a beautiful and sexy woman. The last few days knowing Mum was watching me masturbate, but not challenging me about it suggested that she was possibly attracted to the idea of seeing me in a situation significantly more intimate than is usual for a mother and son.

The movie had got to a point where the son had given his mum a creampie and his semen was now displayed dripping from the mother's pussy. With the excitement of Mum watching me, I could still see her in the mirror, I was rapidly approaching my own climax. I pushed the duvet off me in preparation for my own climax and readied the tissues I had. The movement of the bedding caused Mum's face to disappear momentarily, but came back into view a few seconds later.

I started thinking about Mum witnessing my ejaculation and although I kept my head pointing at my tablet screen, I rolled more onto my back to tease Mum with a better view.

My orgasm was about to descend on me and I looked at Mum through the mirror and for a moment it looked as if our eyes locked onto each other and it was at this point I started ejaculating onto my chest and stomach. Mum's eyes moved to watch my spewing cock, but came back and looked into my eyes briefly one final time before her face disappeared and the door closed.

I was blown away with the fact that Mum watched me and I'm sure we both knew she was watching out of choice, and there was no obvious disgust at my actions.

I started to ponder what Mum wanted by watching me. Was it simply the sight of an erect penis that got her off or was it the sight of her son's erect penis? I know that for me knowing that Mum was watching me made the event almost mind-blowing. Plus the potential implications that my fantasy might have a chance of being achieved.

Suddenly the thought hit me; Mum knows I saw her watching. How will she deal with it? The last couple of days we never had eye contact so I guess she was able to "ignore" the issue thinking I wasn't aware of her presence. Today is a really different situation; we both know of her witnessing my climax, so it is significantly more difficult to ignore the elephant in the room from now on.

I decided it would be Mum who will either raise the issue or not. It will probably be best for me that I act as if it didn't happen until she decides to discuss it. However I still couldn't help a little excitement at the thought that Mum was watching me. With this final thought I finished cleaning myself up; switched off my tablet and the light and settled down and went to sleep.


The next morning, I had left for work before Mum had got up. This wasn't particularly unusual because Mum only got up early enough to join me for breakfast when she needed to get into work early, which wasn't very often.

As the day progressed, on more than one occasion I found myself pondering, almost day dreaming, about the previous night's events. I had to keep shaking myself to concentrate properly on my job. As a result the day was a somewhat surreal one. All the time I wanted to get home, in the hope that Mum might make me an offer that I couldn't refuse. But at the same time I was finding it difficult to want to have the conversation with Mum in case it didn't go the way I wanted. So a very surreal day.

Eventually the day came to an end and I finally cleared my desk. Although it was a Friday and customary to have a drink to end the week, I excused myself from the custom and headed straight home.

The house was empty when I got home, again fairly normal, so I set about cleaning the house as Mum and I usually did on a Friday ready for the weekend. Whenever I paused I experienced an increasing feeling of dread and I began to worry that the relationship between Mum and I had been damaged beyond repair. I started to think whether putting the mirror up to see Mum was a good idea now. As the late afternoon went on I felt more and more concerned.

It was nearly 6pm and Mum would be home any time now. I had started the washing, cleaned the kitchen and lounge and was heading upstairs to clean my bedroom. After about half an hour, my bedroom was cleaned and bedding changed and I suddenly became a little worried that she wasn't home yet.

I was just about to get my phone to call her when I heard a car pull up. I looked out the window to see Mum's car on the drive and the door open with Mum getting out. I watched her go to the boot and watched as she got some shopping out. It seems Mum had gone shopping, which she normally did on Saturday. So perhaps there was no need to worry after all.

I went downstairs and opened the front door as Mum was looking for her key. She looked at me and clearly flushed as I looked back at her. She lowered her eyes and simply said, "Hi. Thanks."

I felt myself flush as I replied, "Hi." I then asked, "Do you need any help."

Without looking at me Mum replied, "Yes please. There's more shopping in the boot." She continued past me without looking up to me.

I was worried now. Perhaps last night wasn't a good idea. I went out to the car and got the remainder of the shopping and took it into the kitchen where Mum was sat at the kitchen table her head in her hands and I suddenly realised she was crying.

"Hey. What's wrong?" I asked, surprised at how upset Mum was.

Mum just burst out crying.

I came over and put my arms around her. But Mum seemed to want to pull away from me.

"What's the matter?" I asked again.

Between sobs Mum finally said, "I'm so sorry Andy."

"Sorry for what?" I asked.

Still unable to look at me, and after a pause she eventually said, "Invading your privacy."

"Oh. You mean peeking at me last night."

"Andy, I'm so ashamed that I watched you. I shouldn't have done it."

I squeezed her shoulders and this time Mum relaxed into my embrace. I bent down and kissed her on the forehead and said, "Mum. It's ok. I liked that you were there." Trying to put her at ease.

"But I was so weak. I should be able to control myself better."

"Look Mum, you're obviously upset. Let's forget about it for now and perhaps chat about it later. But I can assure you the only thing I felt about it was being flattered. So no harm done."

Mum looked up at me a little shyly and still with tears on her cheek, and with me rubbing my hand on her shoulder she said, "Thank you Darling. Let me go and sort myself out and change, then I'll make something to eat for us."

With that I released Mum and she got up and before heading out of the kitchen she turned to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek, another smile and headed upstairs.

I put the shopping away and decided to cook a meal. Something fairly quick so meatballs, pasta and sauce with a green salad.

I was just about to call Mum down when she walked into the kitchen. She had her casual joggers and a tee shirt on. Her brown hair was damp and she wasn't wearing any make-up, but she looked fresh and had a glow to her complexion.

"I was about to call you." I said. "I've made some pasta and salad."

Mum smiled and said, "Thanks." She then sat down at the dining table and I served up the pasta and salad.

Before I sat down I asked Mum if she wanted a drink and she asked for wine, which I poured and then I joined her at the dining table and we ate, mostly in silence.

With the pasta eaten, I was desperate to know what caused Mum to decide to watch me. So I took a breath and asked, "Mum, why did you decide to watch me?"

Mum looked at me and said, "I'm so sorry Andy."

"I'm not annoyed or scared or anything like that, I'm just trying to understand what would have pushed you far enough to do what you did?"

Mum seemed to be searching for something in my expression before she finally answered. All of a sudden she replied, "Andy I'm going to be honest with you, but it will mean that I will tell you things that are very personal to me and I hope you will treat them in the strictest of confidence."

"Ok." I replied and I sat back and let Mum speak,

She began, "After you came back from college I couldn't help but notice how masculine you had become. You also looked so like your dad when I first met him. I became curious and wondered if you were the same as your dad in all respects, so I needed to see you naked.

"For the last few weeks I've tried to see your, uh, genitals, to see if you were like your dad in all respects, but a few nights ago I caught you masturbating and for some reason I couldn't stop watching. Last night I saw you watching me watching you in your mirror and I still couldn't pull myself away. In the end, after you had finished I suddenly thought I had done something inexcusable and probably ruined the relationship we have and I don't know how to forgive myself, or what to do to get you to forgive me.

"So I feel like I've betrayed you in the worst possible way. Can you ever forgive me?"

Mum's head dropped and she just sat there not saying anything more.

"Mum?" I called.

She didn't respond.

"Mum?" I called again and put my hand on top of hers.

This time Mum seemed to flinch at my touch and then she looked at me.

"Did you like what you saw?" I asked.

Mum looked at me a little puzzled and said, "What?"

I said, "Did you like what you saw?"

"Um, I don't know what you mean." Mum replied still a little confused by my question.

"Was it pleasurable watching me?" I asked

Mum was still staring at me, not really completely focused on what I was saying, and then all of a sudden the frustration left her face and she looked me straight in the eye and replied, "I suppose I would have to say yes,"

I smiled at Mum and asked, "Do I look like Dad?"

Mum's face relaxed and showed a slight smile and she shyly replied, "Yes, I guess you do mostly."

"Mostly?" I enquired.

Mum's smile broadened a little and she looked me in the eye for the first time and replied, "Well you're a little bigger than your father." She then looked down a little coyly.

Wanting to know a little more about what Mum wanted and why, I decided to bite the bullet and asked her, "Would you like to watch me again?"

"But wouldn't that be a kind of incest?" she asked in response.

I thought for a second and then replied, "Well if it is incest, it's already happened, so if you were willing to do it once, I don't see any reason not to do it again, if you want to."

"I'm not sure if I could do it again knowing that you know I'm there."

"You didn't run away yesterday when you knew I knew you were watching me. So why would it be any different to yesterday?"

Mum thought for a moment and said, "Well if you don't mind, I would like to watch you again."

"Ok. Let's not worry about it now, let's work out how we'll do it when it crops up." I said trying to keep the conversation light.

At this point Mum got up and came around the table to me, and holding her arms out to me, I also got up and went to her. We embraced and Mum hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, finally whispering in my ear, "Thank you Darling. Thank you for understanding and not thinking badly of me."

I kissed her back and then held her away from me, at arm's length and smiling warmly at her I leaned back into her and said, "Mum, you'll never do anything to cause me to think badly of you."

We released each other and Mum asked, "What would you like to drink?"

"I'll have a cider please Mum."

"Ok Dear. Go and sit down and I'll bring it in." and then as I reached the doorway Mum called, "Andy!"

I stopped and turned.

"Thank you." She said with a warm and far more relaxed smile on her face.

I smiled back at her, with nothing really to say and turned and headed into the lounge.

Mum came in with my cider and we had a few drinks during the evening watching TV and just subdued but normal conversations throughout the evening. It was a pleasant evening and towards the end of the evening we both became quiet, for me, and I guess for Mum as well, as the idea of masturbating again this evening and trying to figure out how Mum might watch, without making it all a bit too perverse.

Eventually I decided to go to bed and got up. Mum seemed to look at me, not taking her eyes from me. It was obvious she was hoping for an 'opportunity' this evening. I decided it would be interesting to see how things would play out and very quickly I formulated a plan. I went to Mum and kissed her on the cheek, and then asked quietly, "Would you like to join me in my room?"

Mum smiled a little coyly and asked, "Are you sure about this Andy?

"I'm sure." I replied.

"Ok Dear. You go on up, I'll turn the lights off and join you in a few minutes."

We kissed each other on the cheek and I left to go upstairs.

In my bedroom I decided I would get into bed with no clothes on, instead of my night shorts. Before getting into bed I got my box of tissues and made everything ready. The last thing I did was place a chair next to my bed facing it for Mum to sit on. I couldn't think of another way of not making it feel sordid. I didn't want Mum to think that I felt she was some kind of pervert. As it was I wanted her to see me as I had a hope that this might lead to something more intimate between us.

I got into bed and waited. I was very surprised at how aroused I was. I couldn't wait for Mum to join me and was already hard. After a few minutes, there was a gentle knock on my door and I looked up as Mum just came in without waiting. I was completely blown away.

Mum had obviously quickly done her hair and put on make-up but it was what she was wearing that took me completely off guard. She had on a bustier that pushed her breasts up and together barely concealing her nipples. The bustier came down to her waste, with straps connected to very sheer black stockings reaching her upper thigh. She wore some very sheer panties and everything was bottomed off with some stiletto heeled shoes that made her legs look longer than they were. Mum is about 5 feet 9 inches without shoes and although not fat she has a figure that is curvy and a little muscular, giving an overall physique that looks quite powerful. Although I had often seen her in dresses that made her look very desirable and seeing her in jeans always caught my attention due to her legs and rear, which was very shapely indeed.

I gave her a little puzzled look and she smiled back at me and actually posed for me to look at her.

"Mum. You look stunning and so sexy. Why?" I asked.

"Well, I thought if you were going to let me watch you, the least I could do was hopefully dress in something that you might want to look at."

"I'm a very lucky guy to see such a beautiful woman."

I hadn't really been thinking about what I was doing with my hands, but very quickly I realised I was holding my very hard cock, but this was concealed below my duvet. So I indicated to Mum to sit on the chair which she did, and again to my surprise she sat with her legs parted, giving me a clear view of her crotch.

I pushed the duvet off of me and allowed Mum to see my cock held firmly in my hand and immediately started to slowly stroke it.

Mum took a breath as she saw me naked and aroused in plain sight and with a couple of glances to look me in the eye she mainly kept her eyes on my cock.

Mum was a little flushed, perhaps it was a little embarrassment, perhaps arousal, I wasn't sure, but it made her skin glow and enhanced the beautiful and sensual vision before me.

I kept drinking in the sight before me and continued pumping my cock. It didn't take very long before I was heading towards my climax.

Mum sensed my heightening arousal and suddenly ran her hands over her breasts, and then from her knees to her thighs, going from sheer stocking to bare skin. She also gave her crotch a quick rub every so often, I assume to help me reach my climax.

All of a sudden Mum sat forward and whispered, "Cum for me Darling. Cum for your mother."

This sort of finished me off and I had an incredibly intense orgasm. My first ejaculation shot semen high into the air. As this happened I heard Mum gasp. The second was nearly as powerful, and the third shot only about 6 inches and the remaining pulses pushed semen out of my penis to run down my shaft and hand.

Very breathlessly I looked at Mum who had a satisfied smile on her face.

Being very perceptive she got up and simply said, "Goodnight." And left closing my bedroom door behind her. I was grateful that there was no need to talk to Mum as I cleaned myself up. After a quick last trip to the toilet I went back to bed and settled down and went to sleep.


The next morning we got up and acted normally. Mum seemed to be a little more cheerful than she had been recently and we got into a routine during the day that was no different to any other mother and son.

The only change I made was I didn't masturbate between Mum's visits to my room and I let her dictate when that happened. It was a simple case of her asking me at some point during the evening if she could join me in my room.

We settled into this routine for the next few months with Mum asking to come to my room a couple, sometimes 3, times a week and wearing erotic clothing to help arouse me. Between visits we didn't really discuss what we did but for a while Mum seemed far happier and a lot more relaxed. After about 3 months Mum seemed to be looking a little less settled and it prompted me to enquire whether anything was wrong.

It was another Friday evening and after coming home from having a few drinks with the guys at work, and staying out for a meal I returned to find Mum listening to some music. She was listening to Otis Redding, which she tended to do when she was a little down. This reinforced my increasing concern that something was bothering Mum.

"Hi Mum." I asked as I joined her in the lounge. "Everything alright?"

"Hi Darling. Yes, I'm fine. I'm just listening to some music. There wasn't much worth watching on the TV." she replied.

I saw Mum had a drink that was almost empty and I decided to join her for a while and deciding to get I drink I asked, "Would you like a refill?"

"Yes please. There's a bottle of wine open in the fridge."

I took her glass into the kitchen, getting myself a cider and refilling her glass, I returned to the lounge and handed Mum her glass.

"Thanks Dear." She said.

I sat on the sofa and put my feet up and relaxed and decided to listen to the music for a little. Nothing was said for 3 or 4 tracks before Mum picked up the remote and turned the volume down.

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