tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBeing with Brooke

Being with Brooke


All characters are 18 or over in the time frame of this story. Thanks.


Brooke Allison was one of those people that was obnoxiously intoxicating. You couldn't get enough of her, although many times you found yourself wondering how she gets the balls to do half the shit she does. I admired her for her brazenness but loved her for her submissive side also. I guess she was a contradiction because most of the phrases I'm using to describe her are an oxymoron. Anyway, she and I had a few wild encounters together in our past relationship. We grew up together and both discovered our love for the female anatomy very early. We're now 21 and 20 but we first played together when we were about 14 years old.

How could we not love the female anatomy as our bodies were the first we discovered? Brooke with her 36c tits and nice round ass and breath taking legs and me with my 38d tits and long luxurious curls and sultry lips, both with sweet caramel skin. Not only were we exploring our own bodies but each other's as well, so naturally we were turned on! She was the type of girl you could love because she was so loyal to your wants and needs. She knew how to obey and how to tease you with her tempting ass. Often I'd find her bent over in a short skirt with no panties and I'm certain she did not own a bra.

I can specifically recollect a day when she and I were in the mall and she wore this really short black dress. It was very loose fitting at the top and the neck of it went down between her breasts almost to her belly button. The bottom was quite fitted over her ass cheeks. It was tight enough you could see her cheeks rise and fall with every step she took but loose enough that if she ever dared wear panties you wouldn't see a panty line but of course she went commando almost 24/7 so no problem there! I had on a white loose fitting top with red stripes that hung off the shoulder. I didn't wear a bra this day either and my nipples were very visible. I, also, had a denim mini skirt on with yellow thong panties and flats.

When we got to the mall, Brooke was eager for something in the vending machine and upon retrieving it from the bottom of the machine she "couldn't reach" possibly because she wasn't squatting, like most people do, but instead bent at the waist. Needless to say, she had to bend over for a very long time and showing "innocently" off her ass. After so long of watching her struggle, I decide she needed "help." So naturally as I leaned over her to help hold the little flap open as she reached for the candy, I had to place my hand on her ass and as I lifted my hand once she got what she was searching for, I may have unintentionally lifted her dress a tad. There also just so happened to be an older man sitting at a table near us. He looked to be about 37-40 years old. He had dark brown hair with just a few little streaks of grey above his ears with dark eyes, tan skin which was just a bit lighter than she and I were.

I noticed his gaze upon Brooke's slightly exposed ass cheeks so I tugged at her arm as we giggled at our own exhibitionism and tilted my head in the man's direction to show her he was interested. She gave me that bad girl look as though she definitely planned to fuck with him but didn't quite know what she was going to do yet. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, she kissed me. Hard. She turned so that I was pinned against the vending machine and her ass was facing the man and placed my hands at her ass. I slowly comprehended what she had in mind and once I got into her rhythm I started caressing her ass lightly and slowly, showing off more of her ass.

My guess is, she decided she wanted more so stopped kissing me and licked my bottom lip playfully grabbing my ass at the same time giving me her most wanton look. She pulled me by my hand walking toward the man sitting at the table with his white button up and blue jeans, finishing up his lunch he watched as we walked closer. Brooke, on a mission, walked by letting a finger trail across his back, never stopping to talk or any of that, simply giving him a little signal to follow us. She licked her bottom lip at him and blew a kiss. Now in my mind, if I was him the little preview he just got was insuring enough that he should've known if he followed, he'd enjoy himself. I'm not sure why he still sat there. Possibly not to be so obvious? Dumb founded? Who knows but he eventually rose to follow our swaying asses.

Brooke led me down an empty part of the mall where none of the stores were being rented out, only a few lights were even on, and there were two kiosks and a bench next to some plants, a trash can, and ash tray. The bench and plants sat up against a wall between the entrance of what would be two stores and the kiosks where down the center of the hallway directly across from the bench. I'd say the kiosks stood about 8' apart from each other. Brooke and I stood up next to the first kiosk. She stood behind me with my hands braced up against the kiosk, kissing my neck and gently rubbing my nipples through my top. When she was satisfied with how hard they were and how turned on I was the pulled down one side of my shirt to expose my right breast. Soon, we noticed our new friend walking up the hall we were in. He made himself comfortable on the bench across from us and enjoyed our show. I decided I was tired of being led by Brooke and that I needed to do some of the directing.

I turned around and licked the side of her sweet neck, enticed by the scent of her shampoo. I bit her ear and told her that I was dripping wet and it was all because of her antics and that she should solve my problem for me. She grinned and willingly complied by slowly moving down to her knees on the tile of the mall floor. The gentleman on the bench had quietly taken his cock out and was stroking it. I must admit I was a bit shocked at his girth. He may have only been about 6 inches long or so, I couldn't tell from so far away but there was no denying his cock was nice and fat. My mouth watered for it. Meanwhile, Brooke, the naughty little vixen she was, had lifted my skirt, propped one of my thighs up on her shoulder and gone to work on my slippery wet cunt. I remember thinking to myself that it was a good thing I shaved that morning. She started to work a couple fingers in me and the man picked up his pace stroking his cock. I was really eager to taste him so I didn't want him to cum yet. I motioned for him to come closer so I could distract his hands from stroking his dick for a bit.

He slowly walked over to stand by me; Brooke looked up at us and moaned her approval. I pulled him close to me and while leaning in to kiss his lips I placed his large hands on my bare tit. He seemed to really like this as I noticed his cock twitch and leak some pre cum as it rested up against my thigh which was draped over Brooke's shoulder. He kneaded my breasts with his rough hands, pulling and pinching my nipples. All the stimulation was too much and I let out my moans in orgasm. Brooke picked up her pace of thrusting her fingers in and out of me, rubbing up against my tender g-spot, while I jerked the man's hard, fat cock and he nursed my tits.

Once I came down from my high, Brooke came up from between my now shaking thighs and asked if the man wanted a taste. He smiled and nodded his head, licking Brooke's full soft lips filled with my love juice. I took this as the perfect moment to taste his stiff tool and got down on my knees in front of him. I started by tonguing his balls a bit as I stroked his length and when I noticed more pre cum drip from his dick head I though he must be loving this! Two hot and horny little bitches seducing him in the local mall?! Me being one never to waste precious jizz, sucked the tip of his dick into my hot wet mouth. Soon I had his entire length down my throat and was lightly tugging his ball sac. He was moaning into Brooke's mouth and brought his big hands down to wrap them in my hair. He was driving my head up and down his extensive member causing me to make slight gagging sounds and drool all over his fat prick. I always loved being throat fucked and letting all the nasty juices fall down my chin and tits.

Brooke bent over next to my face and grabbed her ankles. The man stuck his fat fingers in her sopping wet pussy. I looked over not being able to resist her juices and brought my hungry mouth to her cunt. The sensation of his fingers in her pussy and my skilled tongue on her hot little clit drover her wild and she finally got her first orgasm of the day, or at least as far as I knew, you never know with Brooke. Soon I decided it was time for someone to get fucked and directed this man's beautiful cock into her anxious little whole.

He moaned at the feeling of her tight little pussy. Brooke went wild as she didn't expect him to thrust into her. She loved this, I know I would. I love that first thrust of a nice fat cock in me. He turned so that she could prop herself up against the kiosk and give him better access. He spread her cheeks so he could dig deeper in her tunnel. Her pussy was leaking all over his yearning prick and dripping down his balls. I slip between her legs on my butt and leaned back to alternate between licking her white creamy fluids from his big heavy balls and her engorged clit while rubbing my own.

Her pussy tasted so sweet. I loved licking his dick as it dug out the deepest juices she had to offer. As I was sucking his balls I noticed how they tightened up and his paced quickened so I moved to suck on Brooke's clit because I wanted her to orgasm when he did. She loved this along with my reaching up to twist her left nipple. She went over the edge and let out a weak little scream right before he pulled out his gargantuan cock and pulled me by the hair away from her pussy to shove his dick down my wanting throat. He jammed it in and out a few times and soon I received his tasty hot load. He pulled out for the last few spurts as Brooke got down next to me and shot them across her mouth and cheeks.

He leaned up against the kiosk for a minute and I licked the tangy cum off Brooke's face. Then she got up and helped me up and we walked away fixing our clothes, leaving the heaving man to collect himself and process what just happened to him.

Another adventurous afternoon hanging with Brooke.

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