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Belated Gift


Author's Note: This is my fourth story; purely fiction... please read my others and remember, comments are always more than welcome!

* * * * *

I lay in bed, half awake, half asleep. I felt you get up out of the bed and heard you looking for something in the bathroom. "What are you looking for sweetie?" I ask in a half doze from the bed.

"I forgot to give you one of your Christmas presents and I think I had it in here," you say, still searching around noisily.

"Don't worry about it baby, come back to bed, you can find it tomorrow," I say, looking into the bathroom and admiring your cute little behind as your rummage around under the sink.

"I found it!" you say, standing up, holding something behind your back, turning off the light and getting back into bed.

I reach over to turn on the bedside lamp and you gently kiss my shoulder and whisper into my ear, "Turn the light off baby." I turn my face to your to protest but before I can say anything your mouth covers mine in a passionate kiss that blows my mind away.

When you pull away and grin impishly at me I kiss your nose and reach over to turn off the light. I wiggle closer to you and gently slip my leg up and across your already partially hard cock and you moan as I whisper seductively into your ear, "So what's my present baby?"

You laugh gently, kiss my nose and say, "You don't think I'd give it to you that easily now do you?" and once again before I can respond your mouth covers mine and your sensuous tongue dances seductively with mine.

As always your passionate kisses arouse me immediately. When you slip your hand from my shoulder down to cup my breast I moan softly into your warm mouth. In response to my moan you gently pinch my nipple and I moan louder as you gently guide me onto my back.

You move above me, straddle my body and then just look at me. My face. My chest. Down my stomach to my dark, trimmed pussy. "God your beautiful" you say as you lower your mouth to mine and kiss me softly. Your lips pull away from mine and I reluctantly let them go, knowing that better things lay in store for me.

You kiss slowly down across my stomach and gently move my legs farther apart as you slip your tongue down across my wet slit and lap up the juices that have already started to flow from within me. I moan loudly as you plunge your tongue deep inside my hot, aching cunt and slowly pull it out to flick it across my throbbing clit. I lay in bliss as your warm tongue and long fingers work magic with my aching clit and hot cunt until I just can't stand it anymore.

I put my hands on either side of your face and lift your mouth to mine. I kiss you deeply, savoring the taste of my pussy juices on your tongue, before I pull away from you, push you down on top of me and whisper in your ear, "I want you to fuck me baby. I want you to fuck me hard" You look at me, shocked by my bluntness, you see the look of smoldering lust in my eyes and kiss me passionately as you move your hips to position your throbbing cock at the entrance of my aching pussy.

You smile at me as you slip the head of your cock inside my pussy and grin wickedly at me as you pull out when you know how badly I want you to just plunge your hard cock deep inside my hot, and now soaked, pussy. I moan in anguish and try to pull you down into me without any success. I look up into your bright eyes with a look of pure need in mine, "Please baby don't toy with me. I NEED you. Please baby, just fuck me, PLEASE?"

You smile slightly and kiss me deeply as you ever so slowly lower yourself onto me, sliding your long, hard cock slowly into my deep pussy as I moan softly. Once you've buried your entire cock deep within my pussy, you lay still and whisper in my ear, "What do you want baby?"

I moan in anguish almost scream at you, "JUST FUCK ME!!" you grin and slowly begin moving your cock in and out of my hot pussy. "Faster, faster. Baby please. Fuck me faster" I cry out as you begin to increase your speed.

You ram you hard cock deep into my pussy, fucking me so hard I can't even remember where I am, and don't really want to. I feel myself moving closer and closer to the edge as your pulsating cock plunges incredibly deep inside my pussy and I cry out, "Yes baby that's it. Fuck me harder, I'm gunna' cum baby that's it. Fuck me hard, fuck me baby fuck me, fuck me yes yes ohhhhhh, ohhhhh, yessssssss, fuck me, uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" as my body spasms with intense waves of pleasure and your cock pushes even deeper inside me as you release your hot load of warm cum inside my undulating pussy.

After we both came back to reality, you began to pull out of me. I look up at you, so handsome and covered in sweat from our passion and I whisper, "Please, don't pull out yet. I want to feel you inside me just a little longer" you kiss my nose and lower your cock back down into my pussy. We lay there, quiet in the darkness as I feel your wonderful cock becoming limp inside my sopping pussy.

You reach over to the bed stand and lay a single rose in my hand and whisper "Marry Christmas sweetheart"

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