tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBelieve It, or Not

Believe It, or Not


The Halloween party held each year at the old Garner Mansion is a blowout head banging celebration. Everyone in town wants to attend, but only a select group are invited. My best friend, Jamie, a wild child at heart, has somehow procured a couple of tickets for the bash. The tickets are darn near impossible to get unless you happen know the right people, which by the way Jamie does not. I don't know how she got the tickets, and I'm not asking; sometimes it's better not knowing. She came through and that's all that matters in my book. I can't believe it, I've been a walking zombie all week, I can't concentrate on anything else but the upcoming party.

It's not your ordinary Halloween party, it is elegant, private, and very chic, masks are required. The party is always at the Garner Mansion which is supposed to be haunted by the Garner's eldest son, Christopher, and you guessed it, he died on Halloween night. It's a good story to tell, and a few people swear they have seen the ghost; probably after one too many glasses of punch. I suppose it adds to the whole atmosphere of the party, if you believe in that sort of thing, which I don't. Ghost, or no ghost, I plan on dancing and celebrating like it's my last night on this earth. I figure why not, isn't the world supposed to end in the year 2012 anyway? I need to make the best of each and every party crossing my path.

I spent much of the past week preparing my costume. It consists of a deep emerald green ballroom gown with a full skirt held up by layers of petticoats, cinched in at the waist with bone stays which push my breasts up and out into breathtakingly creamy soft mounds; my areolas peek out if I so much as take a small breath. My thick auburn hair is swept up off my neck into a mass of curls, with a few wispy tendrils framing my face . Silver shoes to match the small silver bag for all the girlie stuff, and one silver mask lined with tiny glass beads complete my outfit. I am ready, let the party begin.

Jamie picks me up, arriving on time. I am impressed, this is a stellar moment, Jamie is never on time for anything in all the years I have known her. She must be as excited as I am about the party. I open the door to see an absolutely stunning vision, Jamie squeezed into a small french maid outfit, which does little to hide her curvaceous body. The bust line of the costume pushes her ample bosoms up, just short of spilling completely out of the top. A white apron covers a black uniform, white petticoats, white stockings with a garter belt, and a black mask with rhinestones complete her look. Jamie looks breathtakingly gorgeous.

"Wow, is the only word I can say about your costume, Jamie," I tell her, "you look killer."

"Watch this," she says and quickly turns around, bending at the waist to reveal one very cute ass, without a stitch of underwear on.

I laugh hysterically, "only you would do that."

"This is going to be a perfect night, I can feel it," she tells me, "let's get moving."

Twenty minutes later we pull up to the front of the mansion. It is dark and forbidding, lit outside only by a few burning torches. A handsome young parking attendant jumps to the side of the car, and opens the doors for us. Jamie presses her breasts gently against his arm, giving him a bird's eye view of her attributes. She casually tosses the keys in his general direction, purposely missing his hand so the keys drop to the ground.

"I'm so clumsy," she smiles, and she hurriedly bends over to pick up them up.

She gives the poor boy a close-up view at her smooth rounded ass and shaven mound. When she turns back to hand him the keys, she brushes the side of her hand lightly across his apparent erection, and whispers into his ear, "very nice!"

The poor kid blushes three shades of red and almost falls down when he turns back to the car. Laughing quietly, we walk up the stairs and head into the mansion. The first room we enter is jammed with people, who are decked out in every imaginable costume. Flickering candles provide the only light throughout the entire mansion. They are set up on tables and mantles in each of the different rooms and hallways. The furnishings are opulent and luxurious, in rich deep colors and soft fabrics. Every wall seems to hold an original oil painting framed in ornate gold, portraying each of the Garner family members. Jamie and I press through the crowd trying to reach the ballroom. We can feel the pounding bass emanating throughout our bodies as we get closer. Along the way, we are both groped, touched, and caressed by men, and women.

Laughing, Jamie yells to be heard, "I love this place!" as yet another man slips his hand under her short dress to cup her sweet ass.

She turns into the man, pressing her body against his, and plants a deep passionate kiss on his lips. He encloses her body with his arms. I see his hands grip her tightly by her ass, drawing her in tight, feeling her soft breasts crush against his chest. The crowd moves around them, separating the them from my view. The last thing I see is her hand up in the air, waving goodbye to me as she disappears into the mass of gyrating bodies. The rest of the night is a blur of alcoholic beverages, flirting, dancing and gropes. The masks covering the faces of the people, entice wanton behavior, and increase the allure and mystery of the party. I love every second of it.

Somewhere between the dancing and the heat from all the bodies, about half way into the party I start looking for a doorway so I can escape the crush. I need some fresh cool night air to clear my head. Miraculously the crowd shifts, clearing the way, and I slip quickly through a door, closing it behind me as I step out onto a patio.

I take a deep cleansing breath, and inhale the scent of fresh roses from the flower garden hidden in the shadows beyond the patio. The place is deserted except for one couple down at the opposite end. I walk to the edge and lean on the railing to gaze at the stars lighting up the dark sky. Suddenly I am aware of one very tall muscular man pressing against my back. I can feel a rock hard shaft rubbing across the soft checks of my ass through the silk material of my dress. A deep voice whispers into my ear, telling me to close my eyes, which I do, surrendering myself to the sensations of the night and his will.

The voice disappears into the side of my neck as his warm lips press heatedly into my flesh. His hands slide up and down my arms, brushing lightly against the sides of my full breasts, making my body quiver. He places a forearm across my chest, resting his hand lightly above the swell of my breast, and with his other hand he pushes my head off to one side allowing complete and total access for his lips to nibble and suck on my neck and shoulders, his hot breath exhaling against my skin. I react instinctively and lean back. I hear a low guttural sound escape from my lips. My breath deepens, allowing my nipples to escape the confinement at the top of my dress.

When my nipples are exposed, he whispers once more into my ear, "you are sweet as sugar, my love."

He moves his hands, reaching up under my breasts, feeling the full weight as he cups them, squeezing them firmly. When he rubs his thumbs across my nipples, I moan and squirm, pressing my body into his. My nipples harden in response and I can feel the moisture of my juices beginning to soak through the crotch of my thong. His nimble fingers quickly opens the zipper at the back of my dress, letting it fall away to reveal my full breasts and soft curves. The cool night air is erotic, the darkness sensual and he pushes the dress and petticoats down off my body. Next he hooks his thumbs under the material of my thong and he slides them down my legs, his molten breath trailing behind. I can feel the wetness from my pussy running down the inside of my thighs. I want him. Once he strips me of my clothes, he turns me around to face the back of the house, at the same time keeping his body pressed up against my back.

"Open your eyes, and watch in the reflection of the glass doors," he commands me.

I feel his hands over my body and I open my eyes to see, nothing! I only see myself reflected in the glass. I can feel his fingers caressing my body. I can see my flesh indented where his hands hold me, where his fingers pull my nipples. But I cannot see the man. I can't wrap my mind around what is happening. My legs go weak, and I feel light headed. A pair of strong, unseen arms wrap around my body, holding me in place.

It is then I hear a gasp, and Jamie emerges from the shadows at the other end of patio. She sees everything, yet at the same time, sees nothing.

The man she is with utters, "what the hell?"

They both can see my body being played, caressed, and squeezed but no one stands behind me. More people walk out on the patio to watch. Before long I am ringed by a small group of men and women, all watching me as my body is manipulated by unseen hands. My body aches for release. As if he can read my mind, his hands rove down my hips until they reach my legs where he gently pulls them apart. His fingers roll and twirl my hard nub and my hips push against his hand.

The silent watchers see my head roll back, and my body arch against the unseen force. I feel their eyes burning across my hips as my clit is exposed for their entertainment. The passionate stares roaming across my figure heats me to my very core.

Suddenly I feel my body being picked up and carried over to a table where he lays me out on my back. To the crowd watching, it appears as if my body floats over by itself and lowers to the table to rest.

My right leg is pulled to one side, and then he does the same to my left leg. I feel vulnerable as my wet pussy is exposed for everyone to view. I cry out and push my hips into a pair of invisible lips as I feel my clit sucked, and a tongue inserted into my wet slit. At the same time I can feel his fingers and hands squeezing my breasts, pulling and tweaking my nipples.

The crowd sees my body squirming and arching in response to my unseen lover. They can see my lips pulled aside to expose my clit. They watch as my breasts are rubbed and my nipples pulled. They can feel the hot energy flowing across their bodies. In response, some of the men in the crowd begin to stroke their cocks, one man puts his hand under a woman's dress and starts to finger her wet pussy. Another woman pulls out her breasts so the woman next to her can squeeze the nipples between her fingers.

I feel tears start to roll down my checks. I don't know if I am crying from the terror of the unknown, or am I crying for release. A finger gently strokes my face, wiping my tears away, then it is inserted into my mouth. I suck the finger tentatively, and slowly, unsure. The finger is removed and replaced with a throbbing hard cock. My lips wrap around the wide shaft and I suck greedily on the unseen cock. I feel a hand on the back of my head gently forcing my head to take more, which I do, until I begin to gag. He backs off so I catch my breath, then his rhythm picks up again as he thrusts his cock in and out of my mouth.

The crowd sees my head moving back and forth over a hard shaft which is invisible to all. They can see my hair pressed against my head. Suddenly, I am turned over, laid out on the table face down.

I feel the cold texture of the marble pressing against my body; my legs pushed aside and the lips of my pussy spread apart as his hard cock enters my body. An unseen hand reaches up pulling my hair and forcing my head back. He thrusts with a hard rhythm, slamming my tender body against the table. The sensation is electric. The touch of the cold marble sliding against hard nipples is sensual and erotic. The cock in my pussy, the table pushing against my clit is too much. I feel an orgasm rip through my body, making every muscle in my body tighten. I cry out into the night, my release erupting from every part of me. I feel his continued beat as he pounds away at my wet pussy, harder and harder until threads of hot cum flow inside me.

The crowd sees my legs spread out, and my pussy is swollen, parted and open, wet juice flowing down my legs. They can see my body pushed against the table over and over again until my muscles contract, and my orgasmic release is seen by everyone. The musky smell of my heat permeates the night air, as pearls of moisture drop from the table to the patio floor. I am pulled up from the table by those unseen hands and I feel a pair of warm lips pressing against mine before I am released, left to stand naked and alone.

The crowd is hushed, not moving, they act like a single unit collectively holding their breath together as one. Jamie breaks the spell by gathering up my clothes and helping me to dress. We don't say a word as the grown covers my tender body, and throbbing nipples. The crowd breaks up now, into small groups of murmuring shadows, drifting away in the night.

I begin to cry again, I'm not sure why. The encounter was sensual and hot, yet terrifying at the same time. Jamie drives me home and gets me into my house. She offers to stay the night with me but I convince her to leave. Once she is gone, I walk around house, checking each window and door to make sure everything is locked up tight.

My next stop is the bathroom where I start the water in the tub. I dump nearly half a bottle of bubble bath soap in the tub as I fill it up with almost blistering hot water. I sink into the water and let it envelop my body. Slowly I begin to relax, my mind playing and re-playing everything which happened to me tonight.

By the time the water is cool, I still can't rationalize the evening. I step out of the tub and wrap a huge soft towel around my still throbbing body. Walking into my bedroom I freeze in place, standing like a statue unable to move.

In the middle of my bed is a bouquet of freshly cut red roses, still damp from the cool night air.

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