tagInterracial LoveBelievers Bible College... BBC Ch. 02

Believers Bible College... BBC Ch. 02


Read the Chapter 1 introduction to Belivers Bible College, and the first chapter before reading the continuation. Religion and sex go together like peanut butter and jelly making a female subrogation sandwich. Example: fundamentalist Mormon elders are infamous quoting scripture justifying their pedophilia in marrying thirteen year old girls not as lechery but doing God's will.

Sad news today that Dario Fo, Nobel Literature prize winner, who mocked religion passed away. The Vatican considered his work pure blasphemy. In this chapter of BBC I've put a whole new spin on the sacrament of Holy Communion, which I'm sure Dario would have found humorous.


Jordan and Lisa, unwrapped the first package finding two sets of high quality royal blue, white trimmed slut lingerie. The school colors of BBC are royal blue, representing the coming of the King, and white for purity. Each set contained a pair of hose with faint white triangle patterns, a garter with hose straps, and a skimpy bra.

"Aren't they the most dainty, sexy things you've ever seen mom? I just love the lace, and they're done in the school colors, the same as the cheerleading uniforms." Jordan said, inspecting a bra, thinking royal blue was the sexiest of colors and how great she would look in the lingerie and uniform.

"I've never worn anything like this, never, ever, in my entire life," Lisa said holding up the dangling strapped garter with both hands, feeling a strong electrical tingle in her moist pussy.

"So dad isn't big into lingerie?"

"He bought me a robe once," Lisa said, while shaking her head from side to side indicating to Jordan her father was absolutely clueless when it came to lingerie.

"Was it a sexy mini silk robe?"

"Nope, full length terry cloth with long sleeves; brown terry cloth at that."

"When did he give it to you?"

"On Valentines Day maybe ten years ago. I never wear it thinking he should have bought something lover romantic rather than scrubwoman utilitarian on Cupid's day."

"Lucky for him you don't believe in divorce," Jordan laughed. "I hope we don't give him a heart attack or stroke when he sees us in these." Jordan said, holding the garter up to the crotch of her dress.

"I'm sure he thought he was being sweet, he told me the robe was just like the one my dad bought your grandma. A good, sensible, warm robe that doesn't show food stains."

"Poor grandma. Where in the heck are the panties for the outfits?" Jordan asked searching through the package and finding none.

"Why?" Lisa replied, laughing.

"Why indeed, they'd only get in the way."

Undressing and trying on the bra Jordan tried to pull it up to cover her nipples, but realized it was a half-bra designed to lift up her tits and show off her nipples...not cover them up.

"We might as well walk out naked with our ass, tits, and pussy exposed," Lisa said with a questioning smile.

"Wrong mom, we're going to look so much sexier than naked ever was. We were born naked and got spanked, tonight almost naked gets us fucked." Jordan said confidently laying out the lingerie.

Opening the second package it contained two pair of 5" royal blue 'fuck me' high heel pumps, two pearl necklace chokers, and an accessory bag.

The bag contained a pair of trimming scissors, Coochy Shave Cream, two disposable razors, a list of instructions, along with makeup (which they didn't have much of).

"I think coach Tom wants us to shave 'down there' mom."

The instructions outlined the steps with the difference that the mom was to have either a 1 1/2 x 3" landing strip or small full 'V' tuff remaining while the daughter should be completely nude.

"I guess that way they can tell us apart," Jordan laughed.

"Why don't I shave you first mom and then you can shave me." Jordan said, taking the initiative. "What will it be mom, strip or filled 'V'?"

"I'll go with the filled 'V' triangle representing BBC's logo of the Holy Trinity, The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost."

"Good choice mom, provided it doesn't get too crowded down there," Jordan laughed, trimming off Lisa's soft wispy auburn hair noticing how wet they were. "I read somewhere that prostitutes were the first to start shaving so they could wipe off the cum quickly for their next customer. By the way mom, what does cum taste like?"

Lisa laughed to herself saying, "What did your hand look like after it was covered by Robby's cum?"

"Like he had a very bad head cold and blew a big wad of thick snot on it from both nostrils." Jordan said as her face grimaced thinking how gross her hand looked coated in the slimy mess.

"Well, funny you should say that, because that's exactly what it tastes like - thick, warm, salty snot, with a somewhat pungent musky smell. "

"Yuck mom, that sounds totally disgusting. And we're suppose to swallow that stuff?" Jordan said making a 'no way' face.

"If you what to become a cheerleader that's what you have to do, and at least pretend you like it. Most women can do it, but some like your aunt Jenny can't, having a condition called sperm revulsion making them throw up instantly once cum hits their taste buds. A few, like your grandma, actually like the taste; me I don't mind it, but don't enjoy it either."

"Grandma likes the taste of cum? I can't believe it."

"She told me once it was a gift from the Lord that rises up from your grandpa's balls like He rose into heaven, and she's trained her taste buds to love man seed. If you have trouble swallowing cum pretend your swallowing a load deposited by the Lord Himself."

"So it will be sort of like me taking Communion, but instead of swallowing wine, the make-believe blood of Christ, I'll be swallowing cum, which is real blood, telling myself is a load from the Lord. That at least should make the stuff slip down a little easier."

"Now your starting to think like grandma, just keep repeating to yourself 'it's a load from the Lord' and you'll do just fine. Now promise me you won't tell a living soul what I'm about to tell you."

"I won't mom, cheerleaders promise."

"When your grandma and grandpa are making love grandma told me she always fixes her eyes on the huge Jesus portrait they have in their bedroom, pretending Christ is inside her."

"And so that's why she thinks grandpa's cum is Christ's cum. There is no way you're going to spit that stuff out no matter how bad it tastes." Jordan deduced with a smile.

"We sure did raise a smart child."

"You know mom some people believe Christ was black, maybe we should tell grandma, or better get give her a portrait of a black Jesus to replace the white one." Jordan said with a touch of the devil in her eye. "She's still a very young grandma having you at eighteen and looks terrific. I'd hate to think the only 'lingerie' she'll own in her life is a brown terry cloth robe."

"What are you saying Jordan, that grandma should be sitting on the sink right now getting her pussy shaved and we're short one set of lingerie?"

"Stranger things have happen mom, I'm sure some of the recruits grandfathers can still get it up. Wouldn't it be something if we all triple dated sometime. I wouldn't mind if grandpa shared cleaning duties with dad, I think he might enjoy it." Jordan said, knowing she was always her gramps favorite.

"Let's see how all this goes for us, before we bring in grandma and grandpa."

"Sure, it was just a thought."

After Lisa was finished shaving she asked her daughter how it felt.

"It's like I'm eleven years old again." Jordan said running her hand over her perfect looking, smooth as the day she was born, porn actress quality looking cunt.

"That's about how old you look, if I didn't know you were eighteen I'd swear you're jail bait."

"Maybe that's why coach Tom had me shave nude so the bulls and especially their dads could fantasize there're fucking an underage white girl? Probably imagining I'm the plantation owner's completely innocent pre-adolescence daughter losing her virginity to his black cock."

"You think?" Lisa said, telling Jordan she answered her own question.

"Let them think what they want all I know is I'm going to be a cheerleader, have my schooling paid for, and have unknown orgasmic pleasure doing it."

"Well I hope so dear, but unless we get that butthole of your widened it won't be pleasure you'll be feeling," Lisa said as she applied lube glistening up the 10" magnificent looking black dildo reflecting light off the overhead fixtures.

Bending over as she did before Lisa worked the head of the thick black love toy into her daughters butt and held it there for a moment at the point where the mushroom head was captured by the sphincter muscle.

"Are you okay, dear?"

"I'm find mom, just don't move it for a minute. How does it look inside me?"

"I've never seen anything more erotic in my life."

"How does it feel in your hand."

"Like it belongs there, and that I should have been doing this since I was your age."

"Better late than never. So what does an orgasm feel like mom?"

"Wish I could tell you, but I don't think I've ever really felt a big one. I've had small ones and have come close a couple of times, but never have gone off the edge. Your father isn't much of a lover, you saw how small his 'cute', as you called it, little dick was. I doesn't help that he ejaculates in a couple of minutes when he's inside me."

"I've come to the realization that Purity Balls are nothing more than a mechanism to control the sexuality of young girls by white men with small dicks who can't please a woman. Not having more than one man in our life it keeps us completely in the dark about what's out there that can sexually satisfy a woman," Lisa told Jordan, long thinking this but never having the nerve, until now, to speak her mind.

"Like big black cock, mom?"

"Exactly like Big Black Cock, which interestingly has the same initials as Believers Bible College."

"Duh, mom...really?" Jordan laughed.

"Mom, are you saying dad tricked me into signing the pledge, taking advantage of the fact that I was naïve about sex." Jordan said questioning the morality of the contract.

"Not knowingly, I'm sure, but the outcome is the same. If you honored the pledge you'll know only one man your entire life and not know what you're missing."

"Are you saying I should offer up my pussy tonight in addition to by butthole, because I'm starting to think the whole Purity Pledge deal was coercion on dads part."

"No, not until we discuss it as a family. If we're all in agreement that's it's okay for you to give your virginity we then need to agree who will be the first to cum in your pussy."

"Do all religions treat their females like mushrooms...keeping them in the dark and feeding them BS?" Jordan joked.

"From what I've read, Evangelicals, Catholics, and Jews are all bad, but Mormons and Muslims are by far the worst."

"What do the M & M's do that so wrong?"

"How would you like to marry someone your grandpa's age and share him with ten other sister/wives?"

"No way mom. I wouldn't mind giving grandpa a blow job, or having him clean me, or maybe even fuck me up the butt from time to time, but never in a million years would I marry a man his age! If a million years did go by and I ended up marrying him I'd be lucky to be fucked five minutes once a month."

"If you were a fundamentalist Mormon you would have to, or be banished for the rest of your life; never seeing any of your relatives, including your dad and I, ever again."

"That's fucking horrible mom, I know Jesus would never approve of that. I'm sure He's up in heaven crying countless tears for little Mormon girls. What about Muslims, what makes them so bad?"

"Are you looking forward to your first orgasm?"

"Of course I am, what a silly question."

"Well if you were raised in a fundamentalist Islamic country there would be a good chance you'd never experience the utter bliss of sexual release."

"How could they possibility stop me mom, lock me up for the rest of my life?"

"No, but by cutting off your pleasure button at the top of your clit." Lisa said rubbing Jordan's clitoris to demonstrate her point.

"No fucking way mom, how fucking cruel, evil, and barbaric is that. I sure hope God smotes them good some day sending a bunch of Tomahawk missile up their butts."

"I believe He is doing that as we speak. The purpose of this despicable procedure is to deny females pleasure so they don't go out looking for a 'better' man...because there is no better. You won't feel a thing no matter who is inside you."

"Wow mom, you've really have come out of your shell tonight. It's almost too much to take in, thank you so much for having this talk with me."

"I just wish my mother would have had this talk with me when I was your age."

"Mom, since you've never had a big orgasm I don't feel like we're doing this tonight as mother/daughter but rather like inexperienced sisters," Jordan concluded.

"I completely agree with you, I'm feeling more like a sister than your mom double dating with you on your first date," this drew a hug from Jordan with the black dildo dangling between her legs telling her mom she was her new BFF and going black was indeed bringing them closer together as they had prayed.

After applying more lube Jordan's ass was ready to swallow more of the black cock with Lisa eventually burying the whole 10" into her daughter's butthole.

"How do you feel dear."

"Very full, like I ate a big meal. I don't think I'll have to diet for the rest of my life." Jordan joked.

"Maybe I should try your new diet, I've been looking to drop a couple of pounds," Lisa laughed.

Finishing getting ready they brushed out their hair and pulled in back so it wouldn't get in the way giving blow jobs and applied more makeup than they would normally use in a year. Jordan and Lisa took turns painting each others face changing into Biblical harlots right before their very eyes. Lastly each applying bright red lipstick for the first time in their lives.

"Mom, the red lipstick makes my mouth look like my pussy."

"Of course it does, that the whole purpose of lipstick. To make your mouth look more fuckable.

"Well it sure does work." Jordan said, thinking her mouth really did look like it needed a black cock in it.

Clasping their half cup bras each did a half turn with Lisa's half inch nipples sticking out proudly while Jordan's areolas dominated her puffy nipples. Needless to say both sets of 34B's looked classy, suckable, and in perfect proportion to their 'A' frame dancer bodies.

Finishing dressing they put on their garters, hose, and high heels and stood together in front of a full length mirror.

"Who are those two incredibly sexy sluts we're looking at mom?" Jordan said admiring both her and her sister/mom's bodies showcased in royal blue lingerie.

"I have no idea. I wouldn't recognize me in a thousand years. I love how the half cup frames my tits and nipples and the garter/hose frame my pussy," she said turning herself on by how good she looked.

"I'd do us mom." Jordan laughed.

"So would I. It's rather unbelievable what the Lord created,"

"Mom, not bragging, but I think we are some of His finest work. We should have done this years ago."

"No, if we had you really would have been jail bait." Lisa laughed.

"Mom I heard the door bell, it's them our first black father/son lovers." Jordan said as excited as a sixteen year old going to her first formal dance...which of course Jordan never did being homeschooled.

"Relax, coach Tom will call for us shortly. Best take out your butt plug, I don't think there is room in there for two."

With Jordan bending over Lisa pulled out the large black dildo marveling at how the asshole remained gaped open and then very slowly closed looking down into an anus for the first time in her life.

"I think you are as ready as you'll ever be. Here hold a cold wash cloth on your pussy to give it a nice red, turned on, color according to the instructions." while Lisa did the same.

Downstairs Dereck and Terrell were greeted at the door by coach Tom and Pastor Bob who they had met before. Both attractive black men stood 6'2 and looked like each other with Terrell forty pound heavier than his 160 pound son.

Dereck and Terrell I'd like you to meet Scott Miller the father and husband, or should I say hubby, of Jordan and Lisa.

Scott, having put his dicklet back in his pants when the doorbell rang approached both with an extended right hand and a huge wet spot on the front of his light colored trousers.

"Great to meet you Derek and Terrell," Scott said, thinking how strange in was to be shaking hands with two black men who will be fucking his wife and daughter in front of him minutes from now.

"Good to meet you too, did the party already start?" Terrell laughed pointing down to the coffee saucer sized wet pre-cum stain.

Scott was instantly embarrassed standing there red in the face while everyone laughed at Terrell's joke.

Coach Tom quickly regained his composure telling Scott he was among friend here, and that Scott was very much looking forward to watching Terrell and Derek break in his wife and daughter.

"Well then I'll take your wet spot as a complement to me and my boy." Terrell said putting his arm around the shoulder of the six inch shorter cuckold to be.

"Have you ever done this sort of thing before?" Scott asked losing his embarrassment.

"A couple of times. The last was this past summer when Derek was dating a white gal who introduced me to her mother, married to a traveling salesman who wasn't home much."

"The boy and I would swap between them for the variety. I found out that the pics the mother was taking of all of us fucking were sent to her hubby on the road, who surprisingly said he loved them and couldn't wait to come home."

"Needless to say we all had a great time but he didn't leak nearly as much as you. I imagine when you blow you'll hit the ceiling. So this will be the first time your wife and daughter go black with your daughter's pussy a no fly zone as I understand."


"Don't worry the boy and I will take it slow. It would be a shame to break the new toys the day there're opened up."

"So you looking to play some ball for BBC?" coach Tom asked.

"Always good to be part of something new. Plus it's great to know that if I perform on the court and in the classroom I'll have all the white pussy I want and not have to go looking for it."

"Which will give you more time to focus on your game and studies." coach Tom added.

"Exactly, way too many of my friends spent all their time hunting white pussy, best if it just knocks on your door and then leave once you nut."

"Don't forget your old man here," Terrell said.

"Oh yes, my dad has developed a real taste for white meat. If I attend BBC I can return the favor of him feeding me all these years by feeding him white snatch and butt."

"Yep, every time my boy has a good game I'll be up here on the weekends celebrating with him. You're going to have a bunch of good games, now aren't you boy or am I going to have to whip your ass." Terrell said, laughing while lightly play punching his son on the shoulder.

Scott then realized what a powerful recruiting and performance tool coach Tom had developed thinking BBC could well have a winning team after one season. If all the fathers applied pressure like Terrell who knows they could make it to the playoffs or even become national champs.

"So what are you two packing?" coach Tom asked.

"I'm 9" and a good 2" thick, while by boy is a bit shorter, but makes up for it being a tad thicker. Women when the lights are out can always tell the difference because my black banana points to the left and Derek's points right.

"That's about exactly the same size the father/son bulls had last night," Pastor Bob observed.

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