tagLesbian SexBelinda and Sue - A Love Story Ch. 01

Belinda and Sue - A Love Story Ch. 01


The ongoing story of a holiday love affair. This will be part 1. If readers like it there can be more to come.


Sue was a recent neighbour across the road from Belinda. Their paths had crossed shortly after she moved into the apartment opposite but she had made Belinda's heart jump from the first time she saw her. She seemed to be a little lost and her slim boyish body was all that Belinda needed to awaken her innermost feelings.

They became friends and just being close to her with the occasional opportunity for a light touch here and a glimpse of her in bra and panties as she tried on a dress, a skirt or a pair of jeans was almost as much as Belinda could stand. She was infatuated with her and hoped that the relationship might grow into something more than friendship.

It was during a day out into the countryside when they both were able to take an afternoon off together that Sue confessed to her that she had led a fairly sheltered life sexually speaking and had only been out with a couple of other boys before getting together with and eventually marrying Mark at the age of eighteen. He had been her only sexual partner. Was this for real Belinda wondered as Sue related that personal information, probably losing some of her inhibitions because of the wine that Belinda had taken with them.

She went on to relate to Belinda that she had missed out as Mark was a nice enough guy from a really good family but seemed to be more interested in golf than he was her. Because of her sexual inexperience and Mark's lack of interest, there had never been any real passion in the relationship. They eventually became fed up with each other and agreed that am amicable split was the best thing for them both.

One gem she did admit to was that she often thought about other people in the office and she told Belinda that she did have a bit of a crush on Bobby her ex boss, to whom she had been a PA, but that was as far as it went. It was only later on in their conversations that it dawned on Belinda that the boss she was talking about was actually a woman. That revelation made, Belinda asked her if she was pretty or was it just that she admired her but Sue just shrugged and said that she didn't know why and nothing happened anyway, but it did give Belinda a bit of a tingle knowing that she did have thoughts about women that were perhaps more than respect or friendship.

As the afternoon wore on, they finally climbed back in the car and drove slowly home. Belinda parked the car on her drive and invited Sue in for a cold drink. She knew that her husband Dave wouldn't be home for a couple of hours so they would be alone. For some reason, she didn't want her to meet him yet, she was hers and even though nothing sexual had happened, she didn't want to share her, least of all with him. When they got inside, Belinda poured some chilled white wine and motioning for Sue to follow her carried her glass upstairs to the bedroom. She wanted to change her clothes, but most of all, wanted Sue to be with her while she undressed so that she could gauge her reaction.

Sue sat in the seat overlooking the garden and made small talk about how nice the house was, how pretty the garden was while Belinda reached into her wardrobe for some fresh clothes. Pulling out jeans and cotton top, she half turned away from Sue who was still engrossed with the garden and slipped off her dress, letting it fall to the floor. For a moment, she stood there in her bra and panties looking away from her but unknown to Sue, Belinda could see her reflection in the mirror on the other side of the room. When Sue looked round at her, she watched her mouth open slightly and the tip of her tongue came out and licked across her lips. She was staring and looking at Belinda but as soon as she made a move to reach for her jeans, Sue looked away, afraid perhaps to be caught out in an unguarded moment but Belinda knew at that moment, she was not put off by the sight of a partially clothed woman but was perhaps just a little embarrassed.

They continued to see each other over the following weeks as often as work and husband allowed and the relationship became a little more intimate as time went by but didn't get sexual as Belinda was still unsure of Sue's reaction to someone trying to seduce her. She had to resort to what might appear as unintentional touches although they were quite deliberate, brushing Sue's hair a couple of times after she had released it from a pony tail and when she was alone at home and sexually arosed by thoughts of how close she had been to kissing the nape of her neck, masturbating in the shower to the fantasies that went through her mind.

For the following days, she developed something of a routine for her lone pleasures when she got home before Dave which seemed to be more and more frequent these days. She would undress but leave her panties on, then laying on her stomach with a pillow under her hips but pushed between her legs so that she could feel the pressure on the outer lips of her vagina and against that most sensitive clitoris, gently at first, move her body, gripping and opening her thighs, all the time feeling the heightening of her pleasure as she humped the pillow.

Sometimes she would allow herself the pleasure of an orgasm like this, her hands underneath, massaging her sensitive nipples until the release came and with it the waves of pleasure. Her clitoris would be sensitised and the slightest touch would almost make her jump off the bed. Sometimes though before she reached this critical stage, she would roll onto her back and slip her hand down into her panties touching the slipperiness and then with her fingers covered in this wetness take them into her mouth, tasting herself and remembering the sweet smell of Sue's hair. Belinda would allow her feeling of imminent orgasm to fade away before once again starting on the climb to satisfaction. Gripping her thighs tightly together and then feeling the pleasure rising up as she released the pressure between her legs and then doing it again getting closer and closer each time, and then, at the last moment, putting both hands down her panties and rolling over onto her front again, pushing and rubbing at herself until the climax hit her, all the time thoughts of the girl rushing through her mind, imagining what it would be like to touch and fondle her.

Dave and Belinda had booked a holiday for a week in Spain to take advantage of the Mediterranean sun and she was beginning to dread having to be away from Sue for a week when, as if it was fate, a few days before they were due to fly out, Dave gave her the earth shattering news, as far as he was concerned, that the project he was working on had gone badly off track and that he would have to fly up to Scotland to the head office in Aberdeen for a few weeks to get the problem resolved. He was apologetic and thought that perhaps she would react badly and give him a hard time but Belinda, the dutiful wife, was reassuring and told him that of course he must do what he had to do and it was fine. Inside she was overjoyed.

It was only later that evening while they were watching TV that Dave reminded her that the holiday was all paid for and that instead of wasting the money which they couldn't get a refund on, why didn't she go without him, perhaps see if one of her girlfriends could go along to keep her company. Belinda was non committal and said that she would think about it. She had already done that and wanted to rush over and ask Sue to join her on the holiday but she let it wait until the next day.

In the early morning, she drove Dave to the airport and then driving herself to work, the thoughts were rushing through her mind hoping that she could persuade Sue to go with her and then later that day she called on Sue, her mouth dry with anticipation. At first, Sue was unsure about it but finally said that she would join her and as her passport and travel documents were up together and the tickets paid for, she said that she only had to let the temp agency know that she wasn't available that week and that she would come along.

Belinda couldn't conceal her pleasure and gave her a big hug and without thinking put her hand under her chin and kissed her on the lips. It was only a quick kiss and suddenly she realised what, in her excitement, she had done, but to her surprise, Sue put her hand behind Belinda's head and pulled her face to her to return the kiss. They broke apart both giggling with excitement and spent the next hour planning what they would take to wear and what the resort might be like and the hundred and one other things that they needed to do before they caught the Saturday afternoon plane to start the holiday.

For some while, Belinda had been awake with her thoughts but eventually, carefully climbed out of bed so as not to wake the sleeping girl beside her, walked over to the balcony and looked out over a sunlit harbour with an azure blue sea, watching the early morning sun glinting on the tops of the little waves that rolled against the sandstone foreshore. For some reason, she wanted to stand naked and stare out at the scene. It was all so different from the day to day life at home and with a quick glance to make sure Sue was still sleeping, let her nightdress slip to the floor. The cool breeze caressed her nipples and they hardened spontaneously into tiny buds, erect and sensitive, slightly opening her legs, that same breeze caressed her outer lips. she could feel a moist secretion and gently touched her clitoris with the tip of her finger and then moving her hands up her body touched her hardened nipples.

She stood like this for several minutes until suddenly, she felt a movement at her side. Sue had crept over to the window and had also slipped out of her nightdress. She was as naked as Belinda was. Standing side by side, Belinda slipped an arm around her waist and they both stood there looking through the billowing net curtain at the view before them. They were both in their small secret world, hidden from everybody, alone with their dreams. Belinda was a little unsure what to do but gradually pulled her round to her and with their bodies pressed together kissed those so tender lips.

Any tension or resistance there might have been, slipped from Sue's body as she returned the kiss and they stayed together savouring the moment, the kiss becoming more and more intense until her lips parted slightly and Belinda was able to gently slip her tongue between them, and then, the excitement of feeling the tip of Sue's tongue on hers in an erotic response. After a while, Sue pulled back and leant against the side of the window frame. Belinda could hear her quick and urgent breathing and could see her chest rising as she gasped for air. The excitement of the brief erotic few moments was having the same effect on her as well, she also was breathing hard and it felt as if she had just run a mile, her heart pounding in her veins.

Belinda was able to look at her now, this centre of her world, naked and no longer hidden from her gaze, Her breasts quite small with delicate pink nipples and little areoles of a slightly darker pink. She had the most beautiful olive skin and as Belinda lowered her gaze she took in the shape of her hips and waist and most of all the dark triangle of hair covering her pubis, hiding that almost visible entrance that she longed to touch. Her legs were slightly parted and Belinda knew that she was as turned on as she was. Pulling Sue to her once more they kissed deeply, their breasts pushing against each other.

Gradually and almost imperceptably, Belinda moved her hips forward until she could feel Sue's sex against hers, moving her leg until it was between her friend's legs, pressing into her and holding that shape while they kissed, this time with deep thrusts of their tongues into each other mouths.

Belinda wasn't sure what to do now other than to continue to kiss and caress. she ran her fingers through her friend's silky hair and then down onto her neck and then slowly and as naturally as possible, moved her hands down to Sue's breasts and began to tease her nipples which now were as erect as hers. With one tentative hand, Sue reached across and touched one of her nipples but the touch ended almost as quickly as it began and her hand moved to pull Belinda closer to her. Belinda could feel her hard nipples pressing against her as she ran her fingers down her spine and felt her shiver as she pulled her closer. At this point, Belinda didn't care if nothing else happened between them, she knew that she had shown Sue her feelings for her and they had been returned. How she wanted to touch between those thighs and feel if she was as wet as she was, she wanted to run her fingers though the slit between those hidden lips and touch the clitoris and give her the satisfaction that she knew she could.

Slowly but deliberately, Belinda moved her hand towards her goal but at the last moment felt a hand grip her wrist to stop her. "I'm not sure." Sue whispered, "I haven't done this before and I'm not sure."

To reassure her, Belinda replied, "That's OK, but I have never felt this way about another woman." With this, she moved her hand back to where it could pull her towards her and kissed her one more time. She allowed herself to bend slightly and take one of the pink nipples into her mouth before slowly breaking apart.

"Are you OK?." Belinda questioned, "I haven't upset you have I?"

With a little struggle clearing her throat and gaining her composure, she said "No, it was beautiful, I want to know more about you Lin"

It seemed that by shortening her name, Sue had created a bond between them and it didn't go unnoticed.

After breakfast, Sue wanted to go to the beach. They both had two piece bikini costumes, not matching but similar in design which they slipped on and then each pulled a beach robe over their head and along with a bag of essentials they were ready. Belinda's thoughts were still racing wondering if they could go any further after the first inconclusive but reassuring contact. They were both a little unsure of each other and how far it should go, Sue more than Belinda, but after the initial start, Belinda knew that the confidence would grow. There was an attraction between them which she knew was bound to have an inevitable conclusion.

When they arrived at the beach, they found a spot that was pretty much out of sight of the rest of the people who were taking the sun or swimming in the sea. The water really did look inviting and the place they had chosen, to one side of the small sandy beach, was a large, smooth sandstone outcrop which was a real suntrap and would satisfy their need to be together without interference and at the same time feel the sun on their bodies. Grabbing their space, they laid out the two towels and flopped onto their stomachs, exposing their backs to the morning sun which was not too strong this early, letting their bodies soak up the warmth.

They watched each other from time to time but without much conversation, turning over onto their backs at the same time, their fingertips meeting and making small movements, intertwining and then breaking apart until just the tips were touching. After an hour or so, Belinda sat up and offering her hand, they stood up and made their way into the sea. The water was warm but because they had been in the sun, it sent a quick chill though Belinda and she felt her body break out in little goose bumps. The same had happened to Sue and for a couple of moments, they grabbed at each other, jumping about until they had acclimatised.

The water thankfully was shallow close in as a swimming ability was not at the top of Belinda's skills list but Sue seemed at home in the deeper water and after breaking away from the initial clutches at each other, swam out some distance, leaving Belinda in the shallows. But, with a few strong strokes, she was back at her side, splashing and laughing and swimming under the water, through her legs and coming up shaking the water from her long hair. It was glorious and when they finally came out of the water Belinda was exhausted.

Dropping down onto their towels, the sun quickly dried their bodies and they knew they could settle down for another hour or so before the sun became too strong. This was day one and Belinda wanted to make sure that as she was fair skinned, she would not burn, so reaching for her bag, brought out the bottle of strong sun factor cream that she had selected before they left home. Sue was laying on her front so Belinda took some cream in her hand and massaged it into her shoulders and down her back. She noticed just at the top of her firm and beautifully shaped buttocks, a light cover of fine dark black hair. Not noticeable unless close up, but she was close up and deriving considerable pleasure from both her viewpoint and her actions. Sue had the most glorious ass, so round and tight that Belinda could hardly stop herself from touching and fondling it but she knew that she must resist.

After she had finished with the girl's back, she started to rub the cream into the backs of her legs, starting at her feet and gradually working upwards until it was the turn of her thighs. With a gentle touch from her hands, Sue moved Sue's legs apart so that she could do her inner thighs. Almost certainly Belinda spent more time there than she should have but along with the hot sun on her body and the thought of being so close to Sue's crutch it was having an effect on her. She knew that this was where she wanted to go and Sue knew it as well. As her fingers got closer, she felt Sue lift her hips upwards so that she could reach through her legs, her knuckles just occasionally but gently pressing on the cloth that separated her from that sensitive spot. Belinda knew that Sue was turned on by her ministrations as each time she made contact she gave out a little grunt of satisfaction. She watched her breathing and it was laboured and deep.

"Turn over and I will do your front if you like." Sue rolled onto her back and Belinda continued to rub in the sun factor cream around her neck and throat and down around those beautiful breasts, caged as they were in her swimsuit and on down across her stomach, gently slipping the tips of her fingers under the waistband and just making contact with her pubic hair. Once again, rubbing the cream into her legs, making sure she covered the arch of the girl's exposed feet, upwards to the broader area of her legs until again, her hands were close to that place. Belinda was so turned on that it was a couple of minutes before it registered that Sue was offering to do the same for her.

When she repeated the instruction "Let me put some cream on you now. Lay down on your stomach, Lin, let me do you before you burn, your skin is too fair to stay out in this sun"

Belinda was so turned on but knew that there was more pleasure to come from those small hands working their way around her body. It was so good feeling the small circular motions and when she started to put the cream on her thighs, it was like an electric shock, her body was tingling with anticipation. She opened her legs and taking her cue, Sue massaged her inner thighs but to Belinda's surprise she felt her touching between her legs with the flat of her hand through the material of her suit bottom and dispensing with any gentle knuckle touches.

Leaning forward, she whispered in her ear, "I am so excited Lin, it has never been like this before, let me do the rest of you"

What could Belinda do other than do as she was bid and roll over onto her back whilst Sue carried on massaging her with the cream around the tops of her breast and downwards across her stomach. Belinda pulled her bottoms down slightly, just enough to expose a small amount of blonde hair. The fingers moved down and as Belinda had done, teasingly slipped her fingers under the waistband but not going deep enough to reach her clitoris. The movements around her inner thighs almost made her have an orgasm there and then, such was her height of arousal.

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