tagLesbian SexBelinda Ch. 02

Belinda Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Made A Meal Of

In the communal changing rooms there was no trace of the woman at all, and her enquiries about her to the other women there shed no light on Liens disappearance. Now feeling hurt and bewildered by Lien's sudden departure from the sauna Belinda changed into her old sweatshirt and jogging bottoms without even showering. Deciding not to return to work today she would go home, remember what had just occurred and record it in her diary. Slipping on her ageing but comfortable flip-flops she grabbed her bag and made her way to the foyer. At first she felt bitter disappointment when there was no sign of the Oriental woman there either then realised that she had changed with such haste that if Lien had a private dressing room she would probably be still dressing. It was a good twenty minutes longer before the woman eventually showed up and apologised so sincerely that Belinda's anger faded at the sight of her bewitching smile.

"I really cannot stay long my sweet," Lien smiled apologetically once more, "I would really like to see you later to carry on where we left off."

"Frankly Lien I'm quite peeved at the way you left me in there," Belinda retorted tersely, "why should I see you later, give me a good reason?"

"Because I fascinate you, you can't resist my charms can you my sweet?" Lien raised her eyebrows and laughed knowingly.

"No I cant!" Belinda blushed glancing round in alarm at Lien's brazen openness.

"as I said, I must go very soon so here is a list of questions for my filofax," she was quite abrupt but made her request seem so sincere.


"If you could fill in the answers for me while I go to ring a cab I'd be ever so grateful Sweetness."

Astounded by the woman's unbelievable audacity Belinda picked up the card and glanced over the half a dozen neatly laid out questions. Already she knew that if she refused to answer the request the chances were she would probably never see Lien again. Belinda also knew that Lien clearly knew she was ensnared and was aware just how much she wanted to see her again. Already Belinda realised that at the moment she had probably been no more than a quick distraction and probably meant very little to the woman. Picking up the very expensive looking pen Lien had confidently left on the table she answered the questions that were carefully written on the piece of vellum.

Age 23

Boyfriend/husband- Yes

Live alone- No with boyfriend

Car- Yes

Job- Director of accounts

Salary- £36,500

Sexual likes- Obviously I like to experiment.

When Lien eventually returned smiling as usual, she didn't sit down but bent down close beside Belinda and hummed in a pleased tone as she watched Belinda finish her brief questionnaire. Just the woman's closeness and her perfume aroused Belinda and she sighed with pleasure as a flashback of what had happened between them a short while ago ran through her mind.

"This morning was really great, I mean it my sweetness," the woman whispered softly into her ear as if she could read her thoughts.

Then as if to confirm her statement she reached beneath the table and discretely caressed Belinda's inner thigh. To Belinda's surprise she shook all over in response to the woman's' uninvited touch that ventured dangerously close to her responding pussy. For what seemed minutes Lien ran her lithe fingers up and down her thigh teasingly as if to torment Belinda who knew the woman would leave her shortly. Lien's other hand scooped the answered question sheet that lay abandoned on the table and she perused it as if she had no knowledge of her secretive caress upon Belinda's trembling thigh.

"Meet me at 8 PM in the bar of the Ambassador hotel by the airport and I'll teach you some more, till later Sweetness!" Standing upright she smiled lovingly and prepared to leave.

"Oh. If you do come tonight, do wear something really sexy for me" her radiant black eyes twinkled then whisking up her pen she was gone.

For the rest of the day the strange excitement she felt refused to fade and gnawed at Belinda relentlessly. Three hours passed and she seemed to drift through them not even bothering about going to work or even eating lunch. Early in the afternoon and most uncharacteristically she went shopping for clothes. Subconsciously recalling what Lien had said she started by buying a low cut slinky red dress. Some black stilettos, black Dior seamed stockings and sleek red satin panties and a suspender belt followed, all paid for on her boyfriends credit card. Whilst passing the jewellers she saw a lovely triple string pearl choker and impulsively she bought it on her boyfriend's card as well.

"If he cant take a joke then fuck him" she laughed to herself uncharacteristically, "Perhaps when Lien was finished with her she'd let him fuck her as a treat when she got home."

When Belinda finally went home she spent over two hours in preparation bathing and grooming herself for the coming evening. Deciding to wear her curly dark hair up she pinned it high on the back of her head and fluffed it up before dressing in her new clothes and jewellery. The temptation to masturbate as she dressed was close to intolerable and it almost overcame her because she was so excited at the possibilities of what may occur this evening. She spent some time trying hard to ignore her arousal by preening herself before the wardrobe mirror checking herself over continually as she put on each item of clothing.

Driving towards the airport she felt so nervous and practically convinced herself that Lien would most likely not turn up anyway. If the woman didn't show John would be in for the fuck of his life tonight she decided. After parking her car she adjusted her dress and feeling very panicky headed for the bar on trembling legs. The constant interest and attention she got from many of the men in the bar boosted her confidence and ego quite considerably but she ignored them. She wandered round and round the bar for quite a while before eventually spying Lien sitting in a quiet booth far away from the hubbub surrounding the bar area. She felt sure that Lien had not been there earlier on her previous circuits. Lien's jet black hair was tightly plaited and pinned up on her head she wore a very expensive looking deep red trouser suit.

"I was becoming quite worried you wouldn't show up tonight Sweetness!" lied the oriental beauty then laughed "You look absolutely ravishing."

Belinda smiled coyly and blushed a little as she sat opposite Lien watching her intently as the woman ordered two drinks from the ever so attentive waiter without even asking her what she wanted. In just a few moments two large Brandies had appeared before them and Belinda laughed.

"I bet we wouldn't be so well looked after if we sat here in track suits or ragged jeans?" she smiled at Lien.

Taking a sip of brandy Lien spoke quietly "I rather thought we could have a meal first before we make love?"

She glanced almost shyly at Belinda who reddened instantly embarrassed by the woman's open frankness. Without waiting for a reply Lien had stood and carried their drinks off towards the restaurant gesturing for Belinda to follow her. The hotel restaurant looked very exclusive, it was dimly lit and the discretely placed tables were draped with beautiful heavy tablecloths that almost reached down to the thick piled carpet. Every single table in the room was adorned with flowers, candles, and silverware. They were seated in a vacant fairly secluded area close to the windows that looked out over the airport whose myriad multicoloured lights twinkled in the gathering darkness.

"To be honest Lien I must tell you that I really don't think I can afford to eat here," whispered Belinda slightly embarrassed.

"Don't be silly darling, I'm paying, well sort of, you see I'll charge everything you want to my hotel business account as I stay here quite regularly" Lien exclaimed smiling warmly.

"Oh, are you staying here tonight then?" Belinda asked.

"No Belinda, WE are staying here tonight, that is if you want to?" the quiet reply caused a shudder of excitement to run through Belinda.

"You know I want to or I wouldn't have turned up" Belinda glanced coyly at the woman lifting her eyes from her arriving starter for a few moments.

"God those shy looks really turn me on," Lien's voice was low and husky "I want you so badly I don't think I can wait!"

The conversation thrilled her and Belinda blushed repeatedly as Lien paid her so many complements as the evening slowly progressed. Just watching the incredibly sensual way the woman ate her food amazed Belinda so it came as little surprise that whilst eating their ice cream she felt Lien's bare foot begin rubbing her own foot beneath the table. The soft touches she accepted with a receptive smile even when the exploring foot began running up and down her shins and calves. Lien smiled knowingly at Belinda and her almond shaped eyes danced mischievously beneath her fringe openly relishing the sudden look of alarm that spread over Belinda's face as her wriggling foot forced its way between her knees.

"Relax my Sweet no one can see," she reassured her, "Do not resist me please, I insist."

Allowing the woman's exploring foot to slip up beneath her dress Belinda blushed again desperately hoping her reddened face would not give their secret away to anyone. Within her breast Belinda felt her heart begin to race excitedly as recklessly she yielded to her lover's advance and she felt the hot bare foot wriggle up tenaciously between her stocking clad thighs as she parted them. Noting that the restaurant was quite empty anyway slightly eased her misgivings slightly and she found the whole idea of allowing Lien to tease her so in public very stimulating. All the same her guilty eyes constantly shifted around the few people there she could see through the foliage and screening to ensure they were all quite oblivious to their little game. Excitedly she parted her legs wider as the foot slipped passed her stocking tops to press gently against the front of her lower tummy.

"Stockings, Mmm that is sexy," Lien cooed none to quietly "I adore girls in stockings!"

"Lien you're embarrassing me!" Belinda hissed in an urgent whispered tone trying to sound annoyed to no avail.

She could only sit there staring in terrified disbelief at Lien's calm face, only her dark eyes that twinkled mischievously betrayed her partner's intent. Belinda froze as she felt the foot move lower until the toes pressed deliciously against her ripe sex through her red satin panties, vainly she tried to clamp her shaking thighs together to no avail around the invading limb. She was powerless to prevent Lien and terrified of drawing attention to them Belinda tried not to move or betray her excitement at Lien's intrusion. In turmoil Belinda sat hopelessly attempting to eat her dessert casually while the foot began to massage her sex delightfully under the cover of the long tablecloth. Meanwhile on the other side of the table Lien casually resumed eating her own dessert as she manipulated Belinda skilfully. Nimble toes easily squirmed their way beneath the elasticated lace edging of Belinda's panties gusset to wriggle inside. They slithered against the slippery mess of her wet excited flesh occasionally making her grunt involuntarily with pleasure despite her anxiety. Trying really hard to keep up the facade of normalness they were enacting above the table convincing Belinda trembled, her hands shook relentlessly as she toyed with her ice cream watched all the time by her beautiful tormentor.

"No Lien STOP!" Belinda tried to make the whisper sound as authoritative as she could.

"I won't!" was the simple reply Lien gave her with which her big toe asserted direct pressure against Belinda's clitoris for the first time.

"Fuck Oh! Shit!" exclaimed Belinda trying to make as little noise as she could.

"You don't really want me to stop do you my sweet?" Lien's insistent quiet voice brimmed with confidence, "Just relax and enjoy it."

Her shaking hands clenched her cutlery as Lien's dextrous toes slowly rubbed her to fever pitch and Lien gave no respite to her helpless victim. Their eyes were intently locked on each other above the table as Lien carried on masturbating her and behaving as if nothing was happening. To anyone who may be watching only the strange flushed twitching of the European woman could betray their intimacy of their secret. Fortunately the resultant orgasm was a small discreet controllable affair that saw Belinda bent forward over the table slightly. She would seem in pain to any one watching as her convulsing thighs gripped around Lien's foot as she bathed it with her copious issue. Unfortunately this drew the attention of the waiter who came over to enquire if there was a problem.

"No just a little indigestion," Lien cut in, "she is very prone to it"

"Can I bring you any thing Madam?" he enquired concerned as Belinda straightened.

"I'll be OK now thank you!" stammered Belinda embarrassed at the unwanted attention they were receiving.

The waiter's intrusion was terrifying for Belinda but at least Lien's foot was gone from inside her now sodden panties. After a moment the waiter smiled and bowed before he left them to finish their meal. Taking a sip of wine Lien cocked a knowing eyebrow at her and smiled sweetly, in turn Belinda stared back her face annoyed but despite her acute embarrassment she was clandestinely ecstatic by what they had just done. They finished the meal in awkward silence as Belinda still felt embarrassed and Lien apparently did not want to risk upsetting her further. Lien ordered liqueurs, when they arrived Belinda had calmed down enough for Lien to realise that the uncomfortable atmosphere was lifting and broke the silence.

"Belinda," pouted Lien, she seemed really concerned, "are we OK?".

"Yes of course," now her discomfort had subsided Belinda tone was apologetic, "It's just that I am well, normally a little more reserved about sex than you shall we say!"

"Don't worry I'll try and control myself from now on," a giggle escaped Lien then she hissed, "the trouble is your so damn sexy I can't leave you alone!"

"Lien shush!" whispered Belinda nervously glancing about.

"Sorry," hissed Lien apologetically, "there I go again!"

"Oh Lien I feel so stupid it's not your fault, I'm just really shy that's all," Belinda smiled then added, "I tell you what, to show I mean it we'll do what ever you want!"

"Do whatever I want eh?"

"Yes anything!" smiled Belinda immediately catching on to the way Lien sudden acquired greater interest in her statement with slight alarm.

"Do you know what I really wanted to do earlier?" leaning forward as if to tell a great secret Lien whispered enthusiastically.

"No tell me then" Belinda smiled almost completely forgiving the smiling woman for her earlier indiscretion.

"I wanted to slip under this table then eat your hot juicy pussy for dessert whilst you sat there acting so prim and proper!" Lien smiled a cool measured smile.

"Mmm that would have been very nice but a little conspicuous don't you think if you suddenly just disappear and reappeared with all your sexy red lipstick smeared over your unexplainably dripping face!"

She cocked an eyebrow at Lien, for some reason Belinda felt quite brazen and insanely thought she could try and outplay or embarrass the ever cool oriental. At first Lien laughed with her and didn't even seem to rise to her comment. Soon enough though Belinda realised that her attempt at cleverness had backfired, alarm filled her as she watched Lien look casually around the room. Once she was sure no one was looking she carefully eased her chair back and dropped under the tablecloth obscured from view by the heavy linen.

"Shit Lien I was only mucking about" Belinda felt quite horrified but extremely excited by the prospect of what could be about to happen to her.

Only a meaningful silence came from beneath the table in reply as she felt the woman's hot hands slip up her legs beneath her dress. The small nimble hands felt so good sliding up against her nylon clad thighs that she didn't want Lien to stop, well almost. Anxiously she grasped the liqueur glass between both hands mainly to stop them shaking and tried to dissuade her tormentor from proceeding further. Lien's fingers were now snaking relentlessly around her hips grasping the sides of her panties.

"Lien please don't!" she begged in a frantic whisper as the fingers began tugging down her panties, "Oh shit Lien what if the waiter returns?"

"Help me here will you?" was the only whispered reply.

Knowing that Lien would take no notice at all of her protests Belinda decided to comply for to refuse would probably result in Lien doing something insane to draw unwanted attention to them. Obligingly she eased her bum slightly off the seat to help Lien with the removal of her panties. Slouching in her chair Belinda responded to the furtive tugs that insistently drew her to sit perched on the very edge of her seat. She was putty in the oriental girl's hands, fear of discovery enflamed her excitement many times over, while her panties were still stretched between her ankles she felt Lien spreading her unresisting knees wider apart. Above the table Belinda drew in a deep breath then tried to gather her composure and look as if she was relaxing after her meal. Sitting almost stone like Belinda could feel Lien's hands carefully lifting and folding back her dress to fully expose her pussy.

Constantly she found herself surveying the other patrons in the room Belinda realised the danger of being caught really heightened her excitement incredibly. Feeling Lien's narrow shoulders pressing hotly against her thighs she coughed in alarm when she accidentally caught someone's eye. Belinda smiled politely and nodded and they turned away the exact instant that without warning Lien slipped her tongue quite deep into her wetness. As Lien's probing tongue speared her delightfully Belinda knew instinctively if the woman was allowed to carry on that the resulting climax would be far too intense to keep secret in such a public place like this. Lien had begun writhing her long firm tongue in circular movements as she thrust it into Belinda sending shivers of pleasure through her. Wanting to let her lover continue for just a little while longer seemed so tempting but she knew that it would be their undoing. Lien's long squirming exploratory tongue was doing something wonderful to her but she must be stopped. Common sense burst Belinda's approaching ecstasy and she began trying to dislodge her lover discretely.

"Lien stop now for fucks sake!" she whispered desperately, "All right you win I'll do anything you want if you just quit it"

To Belinda's relief Lien must have decided that she had taught her a lesson because Belinda felt her move away and allow her to shut her legs. Lien busied herself out of sight by readjusting Belinda's dress beneath the tablecloth for her. Lien's nimble hands then slipped Belinda's soiled panties from around her ankles and shortly she heard her lover whisper.

"Is the coast clear my love?" Lien affectionately squeezed her foot.

"Yes be quick," Belinda felt panicky, "Hurry that was too scary for me!"

"Here I come ready or not!"

A red faced slightly flustered looking Lien reappeared in her seat her lipstick was smeared and her lower face glistened. Her black eyes twinkled with devilment and she laughed wickedly at Belinda before lifting the red satin panties to her face. Using them first as a napkin to remove Belinda's spent fluids and her own ruined lipstick Lien then pretended to put them on top of the table just to enjoy the look of horror on Belinda's face. Slipping them somewhere out of sight she then casually began to finish her liqueur slowly and silently making her conquest wait. The waiter was summoned and the bill put on Lien's room and once their drinks were finished they left.

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