tagGroup SexBelize it or Not Ch. 01

Belize it or Not Ch. 01


First a little about myself, I was nineteen at the time all this occurred and I come from a small town in the middle of rural England, I would describe myself as average, as in average height, average weight, average looks and guess what? Average personality, I joined the army to try and broaden my life experience and also my sexual experience, if possible, because up until this point it was non-existent, apart from a couple of drunken teenage fumblings which I'm led to believe don't count.


So how did it happen, it's 1985 and here I am stuck on top of a hill in the middle of Central America for five and a half months with a man known to the world as Mad Rob!

It all started two weeks ago, I'd been a soldier in her majesty's armed forces for around five months and following passing out from basic training, I was sent to my infantry battalion, which unluckily for me was in the process of being transported to Belize in the America's. As a result I was attached to an administration platoon until my posting was decided. I was told to report to Brize Norton in Oxfordshire where I would meet the rest of my platoon and be transferred out of the country to meet up with my battalion.

Belize is situated south of Mexico and to the east of Guatemala, and therein lies the problem, in the eighties Guatemala was in the throes of a civil war, but had also made overtones as to sovereignty over Belize, the civil war would occasionally spill over the border into Belize and that's what her majesty's forces were there to prevent. There were also major problems with drug running in the area.

On arrival at Brize Norton, I was told to wait in the departure lounge, or as I would describe it an aircraft hanger, I headed towards the only other person in there who was dressed in Army uniform, and not Air Force blues, as everyone else appeared to be wearing.

He was quite a unit, around 6'4" and must have been that wide, or so I thought, although it didn't appear to be fat. A faint scar run from the corner of his left eye down to his lip, his eyes were quite unnerving and appeared to be staring straight past me as I introduced myself and asked him if he was attached to my battalion. He replied he was and said his name was Rob, it suddenly struck me that this man could be the legendary 'Mad Rob' a legend in the regiment and as far as I had heard was away in the jungle attached to some top secret squad. I didn't push my luck and just sat next to him to await boarding. It appeared the administration platoon was me and Rob.

A short while later we were onboard and flying over the Atlantic en-route to Miami International Airport, the only good thing about this journey was a 12 hour layover in Miami, to await further transport on to Belize.

We got into Miami around 8pm and on arrival in there Rob suggested we headed downtown, we changed into civilian clothes, put our bags in a left luggage locker and headed to the legendary Coconut Grove, here I was, a country boy and on my first trip abroad was about to step out in one of the most well known destinations in Florida, go figure.

We went to a few bars, and I even saw what I thought was a Miami dolphins cheerleader surrounded by what I assumed was the entire defensive line, they even made Rob look normal sized.

After a few drinks we headed off the strip to find a quiet bar, and walked into what I can only describe as what you would think an American bar would look like if you'd only ever seen them on a film.

It was pretty quiet apart from a few individuals, drinking quietly and a rowdy group in a booth in the corner next to the toilets. We ordered a couple of Millers (well you would wouldn't you?) and started to talk to the barmaid, she introduced herself as Clara and we asked her where we could get some food, she was really pretty, as you would expect it was Miami after all, around 5'3" strawberry blonde hair in a bob style, she had small breasts from what I could tell as she was well buttoned up in a pale blouse and wearing tailored blue jeans and cowboy boots, and she had the cutest freckles.

She seemed to be a quite attracted to Rob and they were flirting like a couple of lovebirds as I started to feel like the proverbial gooseberry.

Around this time, she headed off to clear some tables and Rob headed off to the toilet and I sat talking to a local at the bar, he was trying to explain the difference between a diner and a resteraunt as I was getting hungry, I then heard a commotion in the corner and as I looked over, I could see Rob had pinned a man up against the wall and appeared to be attempting to polish the wall with his head, I could see Clara was trying to rearrange her clothing, which appeared torn, and as I ran towards him I could hear some shouting and what really surprised me was all the accents were British.

I then saw one of the unlucky man's friends walk towards Rob with a broken bottle in his hand, Rob was far too busy with his attempts at redecorating to see him coming, so as is the way in all those western movies I picked up a bar stool and let him have it, how was I to know it would smash into a thousand pieces like in the movies, what it also did was drop him like a stone and later I found out, fracture his skull, Oops.

The two other men in the booth decided to stay where they were, which was fortunate as I was running out of bar stools. Bob on hearing the shattering of furniture turned around and saw my handiwork and dropped his now unconscious plaything onto the floor.

What seemed like seconds later there were sirens and a mass entrance of what I took to be half of Miami's finest.

It appeared that the local at the bar local had called 911 seeing the incident unfolding. What became apparent quite quickly was that Clara had been accosted by the male Rob had sorted out, he had grabbed her as she leaned over the booth to collect an empty pitcher, and in his drunken state had managed to tear her blouse, it was at this point Rob emerged from the toilets and seeing what was going on decided to pull the idiot out of the booth by his ears, I tell you that has got to hurt.

The police looked like they were about to do a little bit of redecorating themselves until Clara stepped in and explained that we were the knights in not so shiny armour, it appeared she was the daughter of a cop and as her saviour's, we were now local celebrities, the other three were run in and my unfortunate victim was taken to the emergency room.

As a result an hour later we were back on the strip with a couple of off duty cops and Clara attached to Rob like a limpet, and guess what? It turns out the gorgeous blonde was a cheerleader and also Clara's friend, I'd like to say she was instantly attracted to me and I spent the night with her, but she had a rock on her finger which probably could have wiped out a third world countries debt if she ever sold it and her fiancé, who was a really tidy guy, actually was a linebacker, but what a great night.

The three of us ended up at Clara's flat where I tried to get a few hours sleep on the couch whilst listening to what sounded like the rutting of a couple of banshee's. But was in fact Rob and Clara in the bedroom.

I don't know how he was going to do it, as we were flying out in the morning, but I heard Rob promise to take her around the world, she seemed to get all excited about this and the noise got even louder!

A few seconds later the bedroom door opened and Rob asked me if I would like to join them, I could see a smiling Clara behind him beckoning me in and I decided not to piss Rob off by saying no, well that's what I told myself, I nearly tripped as I was trying to get in there that fast.

As soon as I got to the bed, Clara pulled my boxers down and took me into her mouth, she was on her knees, on the edge of the bed, and a grinning Rob, with a cock that looked big even on him, slid up behind her, I started to panic because I thought the moment she takes that thing inside her she's bound to bite down on me.

As it turned out he went slowly and she just groaned a little and sucked me in deeper, and that was it, I came straight down her throat, she gagged a little as she attempted to swallow it and I could see cum seep out of the side of her mouth and trickle down her chin. I hadn't lasted long but you got to give the girl credit, she kept sucking and a short while later I started to get hard again.

As soon as I was up to full size Rob told me to change places, he said he wanted me to loosen her up, I looked at him quizzically as his cock was a lot bigger than mine, when Clara piped up 'In my arse, put it in my arse!' I suddenly realised what he meant.

Being an English gentleman it wouldn't do to say no to a lady so I positioned myself behind Clara as she handed me a bottle of baby oil, I covered my fingers in oil and slowly worked them inside her little puckered arse, I really couldn't believe she was going to take his cock up there, but it was not my place to question.

I slowly worked in a couple of fingers then pulled my fingers apart slightly to pour some oil in, I didn't know if this was how it was supposed to work, but I thought it might help, I covered my cock with the oil, removed my fingers and slowly eased my cock into her, she groaned a little and as the head went past her ring she jammed back on me taking me up into the hilt, I started to fuck her, gently at first but pumping harder and faster as I got into a rhythm, I looked up to see Rob getting his cock licked, she wasn't sucking it because there was no way that was fitting in her mouth, no matter how much baby oil she put on it.

She must have felt me getting close to cumming because she pulled forward and my cock slipped out of her, I groaned but she just told me to lie down underneath her, I did as I was told and she guided me into her sopping pussy, I then saw Rob positioning himself behind her and start to gently ease into her ass, as he went in inch by inch I could feel his cock through her thin membrane, it felt well weird, but this was my first ever, and only, threesome and I thought I better go with it.

By now Clara was really getting into it and started to gently move back and forwards, I just lay there enjoying the feeling I then heard her start to groan as she pushed back harder, I looked up to see a nipple in front of my mouth and thought it would be rude not to start sucking so I did, and that's when it all got very exciting, Rob started to groan how tight it was and was by now pumping into her like a man possessed, I can't believe she took him all in but she gave it a good go, I started to pump as well whilst still sucking one nipple and twisting the other, and that was it, she must have orgasmed, because she started to spasm, she was screaming and bucking wildly, and then I felt a hot liquid stream down onto my groin area, at first I thought she had pissed on me but then I realised it was far too sticky, I now know she had squirted on me and she continued twitching wildly as her orgasm took hold, I came almost straight away and then I heard Rob give a massive grunt as he emptied into her arse.

She collapsed on me and seemed to have passed out, Rob lifted her off me and motioned for me to take my leave.

As I walked out I looked back to see him laying her on her front in the bed and I could see cum and juices flowing from both her holes, he climbed in beside her and started to cuddle her as he pulled the quilt over them, I turned the light out and closed the bedroom door as I left. All in all one of the best nights in my life!

Clara woke me up around six in the morning with a smile on her face and a cup of black coffee, apparently you can't get milk in America? Or so it seems.

She then drove us to the airport, and after a lot of goodbyes and a promise to catch up on our return journey she was gone.

The only other thing of note to happen was on the flight south Rob said he owed me one, for saving him from getting bottled. I couldn't imagine ever needing to cash in the favor, but rather have him as a friend than an enemy. Little did I know...

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