tagNonHumanBelize Starthong's Lesson

Belize Starthong's Lesson


My elder tigress reached up for a vial on the highest shelf of the immense library wall. Her crimson blouse raised from her black skirt as she stretched, showing off a thin muscular back, striped darkest blue on white fur. The same markings wrapped around her muscular legs, and her tail which always swayed knowingly behind her nicely shaped rump...

I told myself to stop. She was my elder in the academy, yet still I couldn't help myself to admiring her catlike curves.

She must have felt my lupine eyes, because she peered over her shoulder and smiled knowingly back at me before snatching the vial off of its perch. For a cat, she was more than easy to look at. I've shared intimate time with few other lupines, but never a tigress like Elder Fur Belize Starthong, and never someone of her age. Her exact age was a mystery to all students in the academy, including me to this day.

Outside of her presence I wondered what it would be like to have her under me; though I never spoke it, and hardly thought it out of fear she could read my mind. Which wasn't out of the realm of possibility. She had vast command of many magical arts, though we studied under her as healers.

She was my academy senior by nearly six decades. I was her apprentice, if you could even call it that. More a student, quite inept compared to Belize's vast knowledge of the healing arts. I was learning quickly. In fact my colleagues made fun that I had become something of a pet to Elder Fur Belize. It was no secret, Belize had a reputation for quickly indoctrinating brilliant furs, while publicly discarding less talented students.

I luckily, was her favorite. Sometimes in the company of my peers it was a curse. Still, I liked Elder Belize Starthong. I knew that I had much to gain from our relationship, as strangely professional and exciting as it was for me. I wondered if the interest was mutual; I often times expected it was.

She moved across the room to me gracefully, and put the vial in my hand. "This will do the trick my little puppy." She said to me grinning slyly. Her paw grazed my arm, and sent a vibe of vulnerability through my body. I suddenly felt very awkward. The magical container fumbled in my paw before I recaptured it. "Are you feeling okay Deorrmic?"

"Yes," I said, trying to sound assured to my teacher. "I, I was just wondering how I apply the contents."

A Junar bug had bitten me nearly a week ago on my neck, during an expedition to the Halic Valley. The bite remained inflamed for nearly a week, during which time I treated it with a number of minor salves and spells - all of which had failed. In the past hours, the bite had swollen to the painful size of a walnut under the silver fur of my neck and was beginning to spread. If not treated soon, the infection could become rampant, even deadly.

Out of frustration and a but of fear I sought Elder Fur Belize's expertise.

"I was hoping you would ask," she said in a typical instructing voice, which twisted consonants in a gentle purring accent. "As you know, not all potions are ingested. In fact, some potions use no form of content contact at all."

I knew this to be true. I had heard of Likala potions, that upon spoken word, would disappear, but then magically perform the desired deed asked of it.

Belize turned toward me, her golden cat eyes dilating vertically. "This potion has a most unique application Deorrmic." She purred the rr's in my name slowly as she stepped towards me. "This potion was fashioned by the faeries of the Halic Valley. It's nature is intrinsic."

I hastened to open the vial while mumbling. "You mean it must be taken orally."

Belize seized my arm before raising the potion to my lips. Her movements so quick I nearly lost balance. "No, my little puppy. I'm disappointed. Orally would most certainly mean death."

Her grip on me was strong, and her claws had extended just enough to prick my skin, yet almost instantly she let go. For a moment I wondered then why she had just given me the potion without instruction, but this was Elder Belize's way. She had taught me well to respect magic, even that which seems harmless. So she expected more from me. I felt ashamed, I lowered my eyes respectfully and muttered "I'm sorry."

"Do not fret." Belize said, while raising my chin with her paw. "This is just another lesson in your path to being an experienced healer." She smiled knowingly, non threateningly. Which surprised me, for I had felt her wrath before for mistaken judgments. It was said half the toads in the academy moat were Belize's students.

"Apparently, I have another lesson to teach you today. One that will surely bring us closer together, and you further along my little puppy."

Belize began calling me her little puppy the first day of my apprenticeship. At first I resented it, who was this cat to call me a child! Though, in time I understood this was her way of taking me under her wing. Her way of choosing me out of few lupines who had applied and made it into the healer's academy.

Belize casually pointed to a dragon leather lounging sofa, that sat aside her desk. "Take a seat puppy, make yourself comfortable." She began walking to her desk as I took my seat. Then as not a second thought, she waved her paw at the door of her office and spoke a word in the Language of Catta. The door glowed for a moment, and I assumed she had cast a warding spell so there would be no intrusions. She then took seat on the end of the lounge chair by me.

For a moment the room was uncomfortably silent. We studied each other. Then she spoke.

"Are you afraid of me?" She asked plainly.

I didn't know how to answer. I didn't exactly fear being with Elder Belize. "I respect your knowledge and power." I answered, feeling proud of myself for not just resorting to a yes or no answer.

"Is that all you respect?" Belize asked. This time she turned to me. I could see the top buttons of her blouse were suddenly open, giving me view to an emerald pendant that hung between the curves of two full, darkly-striped breasts. I did my best not to stare, but it was impossible. My heart began to pound. The view was intentional. She was testing me. Say something! I thought.

"I think you're pretty cute also." I said, but instantly regretted it. Pretty cute? Did I just say that? I braced myself for toad transformation.

Instead she giggled.

"That's so funny, my little puppy." She said, then placing her paw on my thigh. "I think you are cute also. This will make our lesson easier."

I looked at her paw, then her serious eyes, then at her paw again. "Elder Be-"

She silenced me by extending her claws into the musculature of my thigh. Pain gripped me. I bared teeth for a moment, but then understood the wordless discipline- be quiet. I obeyed, she released.

She stared into my eyes. "There comes a time Deorrmic, when the level of trust between a healer and their patient, or student and teacher must rise to an intimate plane of understanding."

I watched in amazement as she unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and drew it open, giving me ample view of a black lacy brazier. Her markings were divine, dark rippling stripes that flowed evenly over her breasts and stomach muscles. She was in perfect shape, perhaps better shape than some young kits that scantily strutted the halls of the academy.

Belize instructed, "Relax, my little puppy. Enjoy my lesson." Then she reached out and pushed me onto my back on the lounge sofa. In an instant, she prowled above me with her curvaceous cat form. Her golden eyes looking over my wolven body hungrily. I was no little fur either, I trained with Master Kottic in the fighting den often. My body was young, thick and muscular, my fur silver all over. I was a mountain of canine power under her tiger feline form.

I was breathing heavily now, and felt my jaw open involuntarily to pant. She took the vial from my paw, (which I almost forgot I was holding), and set it next under the lounge chair. "That's for later my little puppy. For now, we must establish our bond."

With Belize's magical claw and a word, I saw the belt to my robes slither away like a scared snake. She opened my robes, exposing my body like the innards of a banana. I was wearing boxers, which were now cast up like a tent over my swelling sex. She lifted up on her knees over me, and hiked up her black skirt, bundling the material above her thighs. Underneath, she wore a thong, if you could call it that, more like gold chains held together by a small strap of lacy widowed spider silk. The chains dangled around her exposed feline femaleness. Belize smiled down at me. "Don't speak puppy, desire, and look into my eyes."

I couldn't believe this was happening! My eyes met her gaze and I was charmed by their brilliance. Tension fled my whole body. I felt transfixed by her. I knew this was some sort of magic at play. A way of her relaxing me. My tongue lulled out of the side of my muzzle.

In a catlike stretch she spread her paws over my muscular stomach, onto my chest. She lowered her hips on mine, and the thin material of my boxers and her bra were all that lay between us. Elder Belize licked her chops. I lay silent as she ground her hips down on my stiff sex. I could feel the center of heat between her legs building on the underneath of my shaft. I began to pant involuntarily.

"MMmmmm yes. This feels good my little puppy, or should I say - big puppy." I smiled up at her. She was more than cute, Belize's motion upon me was beautifully slow and enticing. "Don't be afraid," She said taking my paws and guiding them around to her back. "Do as you wish."

I did. My hands fumbled with the latch of her bra for a moment, before setting her breasts free. The weight of them spilled onto my chest, and upon removing the material confines, she pressed her motherly boobs down on my sizable wolven chest. Her purring drove vibrations through me like thunder from the earliest spring storms.

Then we kissed. Our muzzles locked and our tongues danced. Our whiskers tickled each other as I hungrily explored my elder's feline mouth. Her rough tongue lapped at my hanging chops, driving me wild. There were no words or music. Just the sound of our unlike furry bodies exploring each other on the creaky leather of the lounge for a moment that would last a lifetime in my mind.

My hands, which were on her back, massaged downwards towards her ass. When my paws finally reached their lower destination, I greedily grabbed her hind end tightly. She let out a guttural growl as I pressed her hips down onto my still covered sex. I was about to explode in the tightness of my boxers. The barrier was to much for me. For her also.

She gripped one of my pointed ears licked it relentlessly as our bodies groped and pawed, sending each other into a passionate furry frenzy. Finally she hissed into it, "Are you ready for me puppy?"

"Yes," I nearly yipped back!

With that she leaned back off of me. Her claws went to work on my boxers, and in an instant they were shreds on my hips. My maleness stood at attention between her legs. She smiled down on me. "Now I told you this was a lesson in healing, my little puppy."

She leaned down and took the vial from under the lounge. She opened the cap and poured the contents on my engorged sex. It tingled with life. My cock felt amazingly cool, almost frozen. Belize explained, "Now the contents of this potion are activated only by a feminine orgasm. So little puppy, if you wish to feel better from your bite, you must make me cum!"

With that Belize mounted me. She pushed the flimsy gold chains of her thong aside, and worked her pussy over the length of my exposed sex. I prodded her furry catlike crease lightly, before finding the wet entrance to her heated hole. I felt her claws on my shoulders as she readied herself to accept my wolfish cock into her body. She nodded, and with one stroke my big ready puppy slid right up into her tight little kitty!

Her eyes glowed like fire in the dim room as the heat of her insides extinguished the freezing lotion on my sex. She let out a contented roar as we connected. I growled at her. Our bodies seeped into one another, becoming one mated animal. My rhythm meeting hers as she sought to itch a scratch deep inside her pussy with my cock. Her furry tits jiggled freely as she bounced up and down working my shaft deeper into the hungry slot under her dancing tail. I grew within her, and with one heavy thrust we were locked in love. Then I drew her close to me pressing her catlike curves against me. "Ooooh puppy that feels so good! Yes!" She moaned aloud as I made this elder cat my little doggie sex toy for the moment.

I gripped her tightly and thrust my cock deep into her relentlessly! Belize whipped her tail about and yowled with pleasure. Her slick muscles deep inside gripping and releasing me. I was fully into her, my cock buried deep under her tail, where my furry balls lapped against her swollen mounds of sex. Our mate began to ignite the intrinsic magic that worked between our tingling hot bodies. I pawed at her full beasts and she raised her nipples to my muzzle, where I lapped at the nubby tits on her furred globes hungrily. With each thrust she yipped angrily at me. The squishy sounds of our feral sex filled the room with the cinnamon scent of our sexual juices mingling.

This sent fire through her body, and I noticed her tail begin to twitch. She was cumming with me! "Yes Puppy! Yes, make me cum you foul wolf!"

I heard the roar just before the wave of deafening hot whet pleasure flooded the length of my cock. She leaned back and let out an alley cat's fevered moan! A glow cast about us as she came, again and again. I threw my head back and howled! "I'm cummmiing!" She yowled! Her rippling sex pushed me over. I pumped her full of wolfy seed, which her hungry pussy lapped up eagerly like milk with the motion of her body. The pendant on Belize's neck glowed brightly. I felt intense waves of power sweep from our pounding sex through my spine and outward into the room. We growled and painfully nipped at each other as we satisfied ourselves in throws of magically extended pleasure. When the last throbs of my cum pumping subsided, she crashed upon my hulking form, still tied together with love and magic. We enjoyed the inner tremors of our resonating sex.

In time I softened and removed my sex from Elder Belize. She buried her muzzle into my shoulder as I felt our warm juices run out of her and onto me. Still we held each other, until panting subsided along with the afterglow of our mate.

She touched my neck. There was no pain. The welt was gone. "The magic has worked purrrrfectly puppy." She confirmed in a whisper. We fell asleep entangled in each other's arms.

The potion had done it's work, but there was no doubt - the real magic was between us.

For months I studied under Belize in her quarters, before she left the academy on an expedition to the Colrath Mounts to help a child afflicted with Vuducic Plague. It was the last time I saw the tigress, and the only time we mated, yet...

Upon her leaving I found a scroll left openly for my discovery in her office. It was the casting instructions to the Junar bug bite potion. In the text it simply it read, "..the Junar potion, though versatile in its many applications and ability to treat a number of venomous bites - is sweet to the taste and best taken orally ..."

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