tagErotic CouplingsBella's College Experience Ch. 02

Bella's College Experience Ch. 02


Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback on Part 1…in exchange, I sped up my submission of Part 2, and even started writing Part 4! Thank you again, and keep writing, I love reading what you have to say.


Jeff couldn't believe what he was seeing. Lying half naked on her bed was his girlfriend's gorgeous roommate, her legs spread and her pussy soaked. He had always thought that Bella was immensely attractive, but had always gotten a slightly snobbish vibe from her. Lisa said that she didn't ever have any guys over, so Jeff had figured that she was either a prude or really picky.

That didn't seem to be the case, however. He had stopped by just to pick up a book for Lisa, who was back studying in the library. He hadn't really felt like wasting his night on books, but Lisa had insisted, saying that it was the least they could do, since they had partied all last weekend.

As much as Jeff agreed that they should spend some time on their studies, he hadn't been able to help feeling a little let down. Lisa was hot enough, but every so often she would put up some kind of wall. It was irritating, especially when it lasted awhile.

But here he was, in their room, and Lisa was all the way back at the library. And obviously Bella was not either of the things he had thought. His cock throbbed in his pants as he stared down at her shaven pussy, glistening in the pale light from the street coming in through her window. She had looked amazing during that orgasm, one hand roughly fucking herself while the other alternated between rubbing her clit and squeezing her own breast. He hadn't been able to believe his luck – he still couldn't!

She stared up at him from the bed; her dark brown eyes a startling contrast to her smooth, pale skin. A small whimper escaped from between her pouty lips, and Jeff decided he needed no more beckoning. The fact that this was his girlfriend's roommate was the last thought on his mind – all he knew was that this gorgeous girl was laying on her bed with her legs spread, waiting for him.

He set his hands down on the bed, one on each side of her body. He heard her let out a small sigh of contentedness as he slowly leaned his face down towards her lower half. The beautiful pussy in front of him looked absolutely perfect, and almost immediately he dove his face forward.

He let his tongue slip out, gently caressing her dripping folds. He could still feel her pussy quivering, obviously the after effects to her orgasm. Her body began to shiver as he let his tongue continue to run up and down her slit. He could hear her beginning to make noises of pleasure, and he let his tongue find the hard nub of her clit. She let out a noise much louder than before, her back arching from the sensation of his tongue on the sensitive spot. He realized that this could have been precisely what she had been imagining while playing with herself earlier…and the thought nearly made him come right then. He knew he had to save himself, though – fucking Bella was something he wanted to savor, and milk for all it was worth.

She began to gyrate her hips around his face, grinding against his mouth. Jeff brought a hand up, letting his fingers run over her swollen lips. This brought out another whimper from her, which he took as a go-ahead to slip in two digits. Her back arched again, and Jeff contented himself with letting his fingers fuck her while he licked around and over her clit. Bella was now continuously crying out, obviously still sensitive from her orgasm before. Jeff let his fingers move faster, his tongue savoring the bittersweet taste of her juices. His cock throbbed again, the constraints of his pants now feeling like entirely too much. He needed to fuck her, and fast.

But before he could even think about moving, he felt Bella's back starting to arch up again, her cries reaching a crescendo. He could tell that her climax was rapidly approaching, and all she would need was a little push over the edge. He slowly removed his fingers, leaving her hips grinding against the air, desperately searching for friction. He moved his hand down to between her firm ass cheeks, his index finger slowly moving forward to wiggle into her asshole.

Bella let out a noise not completely unlike a shriek, and Jeff felt her juices flow forth as her orgasm hit her. He moved his face down from her clit to lap up what he could. He barely did so, when he felt Bella's hands moving down into his thick hair. He let her pull him up her body, bringing his head down to hers to kiss him deeply. Her tongue moved around in his mouth, feeling like it was cleaning up all of her juices. She obviously loved the taste – he knew that from before, when she had sucked them up from her vibrator. Jeff's cock throbbed at the thought of replacing that vibrator with himself, and he rapidly moved his hands down to take off his pants. He needed attention and he needed it quickly.

Bella watched him as he kicked off his jeans, pushing down his boxer shorts right after them. Her eyes seemed almost hungry as she looked at his cock, a thought that flattered him. He would love to have her suck his cock…but right now he needed to be inside of that wet pussy.

He positioned himself on top of her on the small bed, reaching down to grab a hold of his rock hard cock. She shivered as he moved it against her pussy, positioning the head right at her entrance. He felt her nails dig into his back, and obvious expression of the need she was feeling for him. He could relate to the feeling, and didn't hesitate in plunging forward so that all eight inches of his cock was buried deep inside of her. She let out a loud cry, immediately pushing her hips back against him. He started up a swift rhythm, rocking in and out of her.

He realized that her shirt was still on, concealing the magnificent breasts he had often admired while she was studying in the room with him and Lisa. He sat back, reaching up to pull the t-shirt over her head. He was faced with her B-cup breasts, which, when she was standing, sat pert and pretty on her chest. Now he reached his hands out, letting his palms fall onto each breast. She gave a sigh of contentedness, closing her eyes and throwing her head back while their hips moved roughly together. Jeff let his hands gently knead her breasts, licking his lips as his fingers found her nipples. He twisted them between his fingertips, remembering the way Bella had looked while she had done that to herself. She was absolutely stunning, and Jeff couldn't believe that he was actually being able to fuck her right now.

This thought in mind, he began to pound into even harder. His balls slapped against her ass, and she lifted her knees towards her chest while crying out in pleasure. He moved his hands to grip her ankles together, holding her legs on one side of his shoulders while he pumped in and out of her. Her breasts lay bare, just begging for his attention. He moved his lips down, somehow maneuvering them down so that they were on top of her left nipple. She let out a loud moan, and he let his teeth nibble on the hard nub, pulling it between his teeth and flicking at it with his tongue. Bella seemed to love the attention, moving one hand to fondle her right breast while his mouth attacked the other.

Her other hand moved down to her clit, rubbing at the sensitive area with two fingers. Jeff moved his head back to look down at her, soaking in the sight of her sweat-slicked body while he continued to pound into her. Her head tilted back again, and he heard her grunting out his name, slowly drawing out the one syllable. This only caused him to increase his rhythm, his balls slapping loudly against her ass and a wet sound sounding through the room as his cock moved in and out of her soaked pussy. Jeff looked down at where Bella's fingers were moving over her clit, enjoying the view of her glistening twat. He realized that there was one part of her body that he hadn't had a good view of yet…and it happened to be his favorite part, too. Too many times had he let his eyes wander down to her ass while watching her study in the room…and there was no way he was going to give up the chance to have a really good look now.

A little hesitantly, he gave up his rhythm and pulled out of the warmth of Bella's tight pussy. She made a noise of protest, pushing the hair back from her eyes to look up at him questioningly. He said nothing, and instead motioned for her to roll over. She understood his message immediately, moving so that she was on her knees in front of him.

The moment that her ass was positioned in front of him, he took in a deep breath. It was absolutely perfect. Her cheeks were smooth and perfectly formed, almost melting down into her hips and legs. Jeff wasted no time in grabbing his cock and positioning it at her entrance again, this time from behind.

Her pussy felt even tighter from this position, and he couldn't help but let out a loud groan as he pushed his cock into her. It felt like a smooth, warm glove around him. He had barely started to push his hips back and forth when she let out another loud yell, and he felt her juices surround his cock as she orgasmed for the third time that night. He smiled with slight satisfaction, increasing the rhythm of his body.

He reached down, grabbing two handfuls of her luscious ass. He let go and slapped the ample flesh, enjoying the way he could see it turn red even in the dim light. He slapped it again, letting the sound echo through the room. He could see Bella arching her back, whimpering along with each thrust. She pushed back against him, attempting to get as much of him inside of her as possible. He responded by pounding into her even harder, so that she finally stopped moving and let out a series of yelps, obviously enjoying the feeling of his hard, deep pushes. He slowed down his rhythm again, concentrating on getting as deep into her as possible. He could hear her panting, and his own breath sounded very shallow. He knew that he was unbelievably close to coming.

"Put your finger in my ass again." Bella's voice was breathy and soft, but determined sounding. Jeff blinked at her request, but didn't hesitate in complying. He first brought his hand up to his mouth, sticking both his index and middle finger in his mouth before moving it down to her ass again. He let his thumb rub around the small button for a few seconds before positioning his finger at her entrance. He pushed it in, moving slowly at first. Bella responded loudly, pushing back against his hand and whimpering. Jeff smiled, replying by moving his finger faster in and out of her. She seemed to like it, looking over her shoulder at him and gasping for breath.

"Two…" She mumbled, barely loud enough for him to hear. Jeff's eyebrows rose, and he glanced down at her ass, where his finger was pumping her. He quickly added a second finger, watching as her asshole stretched to accommodate the new digit. Her cries reached a fever pitch, and Jeff continued to pound into her. He felt his balls tighten slightly and knew that release would be coming soon.

"I'm coming…" He choked out, moving his hips faster against Bella's backside. But before he knew what was happening, he felt her moving away from him. He looked down to see her crawling forward on the bed, turning around so that her face was in front of his throbbing cock. Her warm mouth suddenly engulfed his stiff member. Jeff nearly choked as he looked down at her, bobbing her head back and forth on his cock. Her dark eyes glinted up at him as she licked up her juices from him, coaxing his own fluids out of him. He squeezed his eyes shut as he felt his orgasm coming forth, Bella's tongue still running over the head of his cock. He could still feel her sucking him as he came, his fluid spilling into her mouth. She was like a little vacuum, licking up every last drop of his come.

He finally opened his eyes as his orgasm subsided, panting as he looked down at her. She smirked back up at him, leaning back on the bed and tossing her hair over her shoulder.

"Weren't you supposed to be out with Lisa?" She asked, her voice slightly hoarse from the screaming she had been doing just a few minutes earlier.

"I was bored with studying." He smirked back at her, leaning forward to wipe away a drop of cum that was at the corner of her mouth.

"Were you? Well, I hope this was more interesting…" She raised her eyebrows, moving towards him once more.

"Definitely…" He trailed off, watching as her hand moved towards his cock once more, slowly stroking it back to life.

"Good…" She caught him looking, and tilted his head up to meet her eyes again. "Well, I have to keep you occupied, now don't I? I don't want you getting bored and running off on me…"

Jeff grinned, already feeling his cock perk up again. He knew there must have been a reason he had always liked Bella…

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