tagRomanceBelle of the Shamrock Ball

Belle of the Shamrock Ball

byUncle South Loop©

I’d missed the last two years’ balls. The one two years before, when we first learned of Katherine’s cancer, and last year’s shortly after her death. I’d come tonight, my first attempt to keep the promise I’d made her.

Katherine made me swear to get on with my life after she was gone. She and all the rest of my friends had said not to mourn her loss more than six months, but I needed more time. It wasn’t until recently that I began to feel a little restless and bored with my solitary life.

Katherine’s fondness of the annual charity event prompted me to finally venture out and attempt to keep my word. In deciding to attend, I thought to make it a weekend like she and I’d done in the past good years. I reserved a room for the weekend, at the hotel where the ball was being held, thinking that a full weekend in the city could help in rebuilding my life.

I waded through the large hall and found my assigned table - number 151. To my amazement, seated at my table was a woman whose appearance totally embodied the occasion. A “true daughter of Erin”, she wore an emerald green strapless gown that perfectly complemented her bright red hair and pale complexion. A mature woman, I guessed she was in her forties and thought her very beautiful.

She sat alone, the two chairs at her sides empty. Drawn to her loveliness, I placed one hand on one of the vacant chair backs and leaned over to ask, “Is this seat taken?”

She turned to look up at me with a face was both radiant and warm. After looking me over for a few seconds, she answered, “No, it’s not. Will you wife be joining us?”

“Ah that she could. I lost her over a year ago. I’m a widower and have come alone.”

She paused for a moment, somewhat startled by my response. “I’m sorry. Please…join me. I’m here alone too. My husband is stuck in New York on last minute client business.” As I sat, she extended her hand, “I’m Megan Conroy.”

I sat down and said, “Thank you. Delighted to meet you, Megan. I’m Jim Delaney. The luck of the Irish must be with me tonight.”

“How so?”

“I come alone and wind up sitting next to a beautiful Irish belle - the belle of the ball.”

Megan laughed, her blue eyes sparkling, in reply, “Must be those mischievous leprechauns.”


“Who else could it be? Here I am a stranded belle at the Shamrock Ball and rescued by a handsome man with the gift of blarney.”

We laughed together at her witty rebuttal. When we’d calmed, I said, “Thank you for the compliment - blarney or not.”

“Then again, those little imps could be tricking us by taking everything we say and making it sound like blarney. They’re known to have a wicked sense of humor.”

“I agree. Only one way to tell for sure.”

“How’s that?”

“Why don’t we play along and see if we can beat them at their own game?”

Instead of replying immediately, Megan looked into my eyes and covered my hand with hers. We sat staring at each other for uncounted time. Her gaze didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. Instead, it was what Katherine and I used to often do.

I drifted back into memories for a moment. Coming back to reality, I realized my good fortune of meeting and sitting next to this incredibly attractive woman. Adding to the moment was the flirting banter we’d exchanged. While she’d made it very clear she was a married woman, I was enamored by both her beauty and wit.

Our gaze was broken by the arrival of other two couples, our tablemates. Before greeting them, Megan leaned over and whispered, “I’d love to play along with you tonight. Who knows? The two of us together might be able to outwit even the leprechauns.”

Before I could think of an answer, Megan turned to the new arrivals and introduced us as if we were a couple. She only used our first names to the four and everyone joining us later. All were strangers to us both and hadn’t a clue that we’d just met.

I played along, enjoying every minute. Megan truly was an Irish Belle of the ball through dinner, leading the table conversation with her wit and charm. Afterwards, she coaxed me to the dance floor when the band started.

Understandably, Megan drew the attention of many attendees. As her partner, I rode an emotional high from the admiring looks. We danced together well, leaving the floor only when the band took breaks. As the evening would down, the crowd thinned and the band switched to playing only slow numbers.

Megan quieted with the change in tempo that signaled the approaching end of the evening. She abandoned the role she’d played all evening, draped her arms on my shoulders and pressed her body into mine. I savored feeling her breasts against my chest and the press of her hips on me.

The evening nearly over, I felt the need to let her know how much it meant to me. As we untangled for a pause between songs, I brought her hand to my lips. I kissed it and said, “Megan, you’ve made this evening one I’ll never forget. This ball is the first time I’ve been out in nearly two years. I can’t thank you enough.”

A few seconds lapsed before she spoke, “I feel the same. You’ve been wonderful. Do you mind if I ask you some personal questions about your wife and you?”

“Ask me anything. For all you’ve given me tonight, I owe you more than answers to personal questions.”

“How long were you married before she died?”

“Twenty-five years. She died a year ago. In fact, my coming here tonight and getting a room for the rest of the weekend I’m trying to keep a promise I made her shortly before I lost her. ”

“A promise?”

“Yes, my Katherine made me promise that I’d get on with my life when she was gone. She even said she hoped I remarried.”

“Did she die suddenly? An accident?”

“No, it was cancer. We fought it for a year before it took her. I stayed with her to the end, kept her at home and did all I could.”

The band started up again, Megan set her wrists on my shoulders and I grabbed the sides of her waist. She said, “That must’ve been hard for the both of you. I admire your devotion and understand why it’s been two years since you’ve been out.” We swayed to the music before she added. “This might sound somewhat callous, but I envy the relationship you and your wife had. My marriage isn’t anywhere near what yours was.”

I let her comment pass because Megan was milling something over in her mind. When ready, she restarted, “Tonight isn’t the first time my husband has stood me up using the “client business” excuse. We’ve been together for 17 years. Unlike yours, our relationship is more one for appearances than love. I know for a fact he’s been with other women.”

“I can’t help but think your husband is a damned fool. For him to go elsewhere when he has you is beyond me.” Immediately feeling my remark might be offensive, I quickly added, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound so harsh.”

“No…no…it’s OK. I find your honesty very flattering. Tonight…meeting you…has been wonderful. If only it could last longer.” She pulled close and kissed me. Her lips felt wonderfully warm and soft. I couldn’t pull away and our kiss deepened. She surprised me when her tongue snaked between my lips. Despite being on a nearly deserted dance floor and in plain sight, I couldn’t help respond physically to the beautiful woman in my arms.

When we finally broke for lack of air, I said, “You’re an incredible woman, Megan. One I’m sure I’ll never forget.”

Megan laid her head on my shoulder saying, “Nor I you, Jim.”

The song lasted a few more minutes and we danced in silence. When it ended, Megan stepped back and asked, “I’ve another question, Jim. It’s very personal and you don’t have to answer me if you don’t want to. How long has it been since you’ve made love to a woman?”

“It’s OK. The last time was over two years ago, with Katherine.”

“It’s been longer for me… since my husband and I quit being intimate. Sex between us had been waning for years before we just stopped trying. I’ve had opportunities but couldn’t bring myself to having sex with men I had no feelings for. You’re not like them, Jim. Could you…would you…” Unable to finish, she dropped her head.

While I’d only met her, I understood why she couldn’t finish. I touched her chin and lifted her head to look into her eyes and told her, “Meagan, I can’t think of anything I’d like to do more than make love to you. But, I need to know if you’re really sure you want to. I’d never forgive myself if we did and you’d suffer from guilt afterwards.”

“I’m sure Jim. I want to…very badly. I need you.”

I kissed her, shorter and less deeply than before. “Good. I’ll do my best to be what you need. I’m worried because it’s been so long for me and I don’t have lots of experience with women. Katherine was my first and only lover. But, I’m yours tonight and for as long as you want.”

Megan’s face brightened. She turned and took my arm saying, “No need to worry. I just know we’ll be good together. I’m sure YOU won’t regret this night.”

Everyone we passed, leaving the ballroom and the hotel lobby, smiled and even nodded at us. I was sure it was due to the beaming smiles on both our faces. Boarding an elevator together, Megan fell into my arms and we kissed passionately until the doors opened on our floor.

Quickly going down the hall hand-in-hand, we entered the room and again embraced in kissed behind the closed, locked door. Our desires mounted. Our hands roved each other’s bodies. When we broke for needed air, I asked, “Can we slow it down some.”

Megan stepped out of my embrace and before turning asked me to “Undo my dress and sit down.”

She turned back around and I shed my jacket, sat and watched. She moved close, stood between my feet, and let her gown fall to the floor. She’d worn green thigh-highs, bra and panties - her dress color. The contrast, in the single bedside lamp’s light, made her skin seem to emit a glowing softness. Never taking my eyes away, I loosened my bow tie, undid my shirt studs and discarded my cummerbund.

Megan reached behind her back to unsnap her bra, slid the straps off her shoulders, slowly peeled it off and tossed it aside. She hooked her finger in the waistband of her panties, slid them down over her hip and let them fall.

In the faint light of the bedside light, her bare skin radiated a soft glow. Stunned by her beauty, I froze in awe. Only the red crests of her breasts and her trimmed patch of red pubic hair above her cleft broke the milky white softness of her womanly body. She stepped out of the discarding pile at her feet and shoes, kicking everything aside saying, “I hope you’re not disappointed.”

I managed, “Hardly, Megan. You’re an incredibly beautiful woman.” I spoke honestly, fully realizing what a complete fool her husband was.

She spun around slowly giving a total view of her nakedness. Completing her slow turn, she beckoned, “Please. Touch me. I need to be touched.”

My arms rose instinctively to the bare sides of her legs above the nylons. Her creamy white skin felt soft and smooth. Dragging my hands up, I glided my outstretched fingers and palms over the edges of her hips. Veering inward, I skimmed the rise below her waist brushing through the soft thatch of pubic hair.

Megan inched closer when I ran my hands up to her cover her bare breasts. “Play with them, Jim.”

I needed no encouragement. Megan breasts weren’t overly large, but so ample I couldn’t completely grasp them with my hands. I fondled and massaged them and a pink blush flashed just above. On top of the flush, were darkened brown freckles that dotted the pallid skin of her upper chest and ran up over her two shoulders.

I couldn’t resist Megan’s two perky nipples. I prodded them with my fingertips. She reached out and braced her hands on my head. They grew hard when I flicked them and I glanced up to see her closed-eye smile of enjoyment. I took the two nubs between the tips of my thumbs and forefingers to taunt and tease. The swelled. She shuddered and whispered down, “Your touch is firm but so gentle, little jolts are streaking through me down to my pussy.”

I kept toying. Megan’s smile remained as her body’s vibrations increased in frequency and intensity. I smelled the scent of her arousal. Her mouth suddenly sprang open and she yelped, “Too soon. Too soon!”

I snapped my hands away, she moved back and, after a few panting breathes, said, “I want you so badly, I’m already wet and hot. And you’re still dressed! I want to make love to you, but not in a rush like some horny teenager. I want us to go slowly and enjoy each other fully.”

“You’re so beautiful, Megan. I want to please every way I can. It’s my turn to undress for you. Let me get my shoes and socks off, then we’ll switch places.”

In bending over, I frantically removed and threw aside shoes and socks. Bending forward, her scent still hung in the air. I straightened up only partially and looked up to ask, “Before we change place, I’ve one more request. Can I first see how wet you are?”

Megan smiled, nearly giggling in delight answering, “You really do like my body. Of course, you can. But, be careful and remember it’ll be my turn next.”

She moved close. My head was level with her center. The moisture on her folds and lower open glistened in the lamp’s light. Her scent flooded my nose. I reached out and ran my fingertips down her slippery groves as her hands rested on my head. I stretched my thumbs down and swiped the red ridges surrounding her opening where she was even damper.

Inhaling her womanly aroma prodded me to slip my thumb tips into her slit and run them up so I could view the inner pink hidden beneath. Megan wobbled, her hands pushed down harder on my head’s crown. I stopped when her clit hood appeared.

Intoxicated with the aroma of her seeping wetness, I carefully lifted the flap up with a fingertip making Megan moan and shake. I couldn’t stop myself in sticking out my tongue touching the small lump with the tip. Megan’s body jolted and she jumped back crying out, “My turn!”

We switched places. With Katherine being the only lover I’d ever had, I was a little nervous but went on. I pushed my suspenders off my shoulders, shedding my outer and under shirts. Megan watched closely as I unclasped, unzipped and pushed my pants down. My harness tented out my briefs, level with her face. Hooking my fingers in the elastic band, I shoved them down and off.

Megan scanned my entire body, “You’re a beautiful man.” Her hands grazed over my thighs, hips and stomach and on up to brush my chest, pausing only to tweak my nipples hard. She dragged them slowly back down and gazed straight ahead at my rigid staff.

Megan’s right hand cupped and lifted my hanging sac, lightly hefting my balls in her palm. With her nose an inch away from the tip of my cock, she swathed my rod with feathery brushes of her fingers before griping it gently while massaging my balls. Tightening her hold, she started stroking slowly.

I watched a glistening drop of pre-cum ooze from the tiny slit of my swelled dome. She darted a quick glance up then returned. She stuck her tongue out and licked the droplet with the very tip. I clenched my teeth so I wouldn’t moan and closed my eyes trying to gain control over throbbing cock. I struggled try to summon enough control to stem a premature release.

I nearly jumped feeling Megan’s warm, wet tongue on my domed head. A groan escaped my mouth when she lapped the smooth circular head. My breathing became ragged as her lips slide down the bloated side of shaft. I opened my eyes and reached down to hold her bobbing head in my hands. I heard and felt amazing vibration when she emitted an “Mmmmmmmm” in one of her head’s plunges.

Megan released my balls and I saw her hand swing out and then disappear, passing over her thigh. She sped up her assault and I saw her elbow gyrate. I knew she was enjoying my cock with her mouth and she was rubbing between her legs. I couldn’t stop her. She was obviously enjoying herself, even though I feared she’d bring me off prematurely in her mouth.

I hung on as long as I could, closing my eyes, biting my sucked in lips and twisting my head and upper body. When I couldn’t stand it any longer, I clenched her head and pushed her back. “I want in you. NOW!”

“Yes, now. I need you!” Megan scrambled across the bed, laid back and spread her legs wide open. I followed on my knees. Her eyes widened watching me line up my steely-hard, throbbing cock with her entrance and pressed my bulbous head into her hot, slickness. She clamped me with both her arms and legs, ramming me fully into her.

Her hips bucked up off the bed lifting us both, screaming in an immediate orgasm, “Yes, oh god yessss!”

In the sudden strength of her clutching, I’d instinctively braced my upper body’s plunge with my arms. Unable to move and suspended above her, I was so enthralled, watching her face and seeing her upper chest flush a deep red, that my own need was delayed.

Megan calmed. In loosening her grip, heavenly sensations washed over my engorged cock, encased in her wet velvety channel. They raced through me flaming my own need. I eased back slowly and thrust back in. I followed with quickened strokes.

Megan bucked her hips up again and again as more orgasms rocked her body. I thrust through them, driven by my own need. With my cock’s first jerk, I slammed in hard, held and erupted. Our mixed discharges welled up and the hot stickiness streamed out between us. Megan’s lips found mine and we kissed as I emptied into her.

My spurts waned. We broke our kiss and I eased more of my weight on her. We lay together in motionless silence, still joined. Megan was first to speak, “I knew we’d be good together.”

“Yes, we are.” Her hands stroked my back, pausing for frequent hugs. I gently brushed her shoulders and neck.

I felt her flex her inner muscles squeeze the sides of my buried shaft twice, “Jim, you’re still hard.”

I pulled nearly out and slid back and replied in amazement, “I am. I shouldn’t be…could be just a slight delay. But, only one way to be sure.”

I restarted with slow measured strokes. I wasn’t sure why I remained hard and shortly stopped caring. Megan matched my reignited desire. We made love again, slowly and without the earlier urgency. Though totally different than before, we shared an even greater pleasure. Megan stayed with me the entire weekend. We left the room only to allow the cleaning crew in. By Sunday, we knew that we were meant to be together. It took six months for Megan’s divorce to be finalized. We married the next day.

We’ve been together for five years now. Our love grows stronger every day. Our home is filled with our growing collection of leprechaun dolls and statuettes.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I’d share the love of two women in my lifetime. I’ll never forget Katherine and am grateful for the night I chanced to meet Megan, the Belle of the Shamrock Ball.

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