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Belle South


After awhile, all location photo shoots look about the same. You've seen them all, done them all, and are bored silly. Half the time, you're just going through the motions, wondering when you will get to go back home this time. Now and then, however, you hit one that stands out in your mind for a very long time. So far, this wasn't it.

In days past, this gig would have been one of my favorites. Photography of one of the most beautiful gardens in the south in absolutely perfect weather. Usually, the PR department just turned me loose for a few days and they got enough photos to last them a year or two. This time, they had hired an ad agency to put some "zip" into their ads. Attendance had been down and the board wanted to see a change soon.

I hate working with agencies because they are all the same. None of them really gives a rat's fanny about their clients. All they really want a series of ads to do is show how great and creative they are. If by some freak chance, their client's product shows an increase in sales, the victory dances and chest thumping begins big time. If, on the other hand, the product's performance stays the same or completely tanks, obviously it was doomed before they took the job and their fantastic ads were wasted on that piece of shit. Think about it - how many times have you seen a great ad on TV and can't remember the name of the product 15 minutes later.

Today, instead of knocking myself out to get some really incredible shots, I had a twit of an art director, two assistants, and a couple of "suits" from the agency. Every angle was second-guessed and evaluated by "the committee". They had even trotted out the Southern Belles (a group of area young women dressed as ladies of the Old South - hoop skirts and all - who were used as guides for special events). That was good for an hour's delay on every photo as they argued about which Belle was to be positioned where.

When the lunch break rolled around, we had completed a rousing two setups. The twit and his associate flits were "emotionally spent" after the ordeal and decided that we would just have to stop for the day while they got their "creative juices" refreshed.

I breathed a sigh of relief as they sashayed back to the parking area. Grabbing my regular camera gear, I headed back into the gardens to get some "real" photos done. I certainly wasn't certain that I would even bother coming back for Round Two with the agency but I felt an obligation to have something good to give the client.

That's when I spotted one of the Belles still hanging around. "What are you still here for? I thought Twinks-Are-Us had released you for the day?"

"They did, but I thought we had been booked for the day. My ride won't be here for another three hours. Those other bitches wouldn't let me ride with them. So I'm stuck here."

There was just something about her that caught my eye. Before I knew it, I asked, "Well, why don't we do a few more photos? Without those agency fucks around, we just might get a few decent shots."

She grinned, "HMMM, no competition from those other tight ass twats! Sounds good!"

Intros all around and soon Ann and I were trooping around like old friends. She was an absolute natural and the camera lens loved her.

Before lunch, "the committee" had only cranked out two setups. After an hour, Ann and I had put a dozen great shots in the bag and were taking a break.

The usual small talk revealed that Ann had just turned 18 and was on summer break before heading off to Alabama for college. This was the only job she could find that paid decent money for part-time work. "I really just wanted to hit the beach and work on my tan, but my aunt said I had to get a job. It's not too bad - just a couple of days each week wearing the outfit and acting shy."

"I'll bet you're about to melt with that hoop skirt in this weather."

Ann looked at me with a twinkle in her eye, "Not really. We all have a little battery powered fan mounted to the hoop under our dresses - and I'm only wearing a bikini under here."

My dirty old man's mind went into sensory overload and I nearly choked on my Coke.

I had booze older than this little hottie so I forced myself back on track and stammered, "I guess we really ought to get back to work."

The last tour group for the day had already passed through and even most of the stragglers were already back at the gift shop on the other side of the gardens. When that realization hit me, my dick overloaded my brain once again, "You know, the agency is wanting to jazz up things a bit. They really want to bring in a younger crowd and I don't think that group is really into hoop skirts and shy smiles."

Ann nodded, "I know it bores the shit out of me."

"You already have a bikini on, right?"

"Yeah, but there's not much too it - just a little white thing. Oh well, what the hell!"

Moments later, the Southern Belle was gone and HOT BOD was in the house! Ann dumped the costume on an azalea bush and twirled for me, "What do you think - is this OK? My boyfriend got it for me through the mail and made me promise not to wear it on the beach unless he was with me. I figure this doesn't count."

Standing in front of me was a vision of true Southern beauty - and lust! Ann's body was perfect and the little suit did nothing to hide any of it. She was all natural too - nice firm tits with rigid nipples trying their best to poke through the fabric! The suit bottom wasn't a thong, but something looked familiar about it. That's when I saw the famous "WW" tag. Her boyfriend had bought her a Wicked Weasel suit! No wonder he didn't want her near the water without him. As soon as that bikini hit the water, it would be virtually transparent.

I couldn't help myself, I had to look at the crotch of her suit - sure enough, her pussy must have already been soaking wet because I could clearly see every little fold and crease. Ann had no idea what she was really showing.

"I think that will do just fine. If that doesn't catch some of the younger readers, they're dead!"

Reality set in as I noticed the lighting was quickly changing and we only had a little bit of usable daylight left. We quickly ran though another series of Ann in various poses. While I have to admit that I did do some "personal use" close-ups of her fabric covered tits and pussy, I knocked myself out to conceal her wet spot in most of the photos - after all, they had to be usable in a regular magazine. I made no attempt to hide those hard nipples though - they might even get a "rise" out of the agency twink. If the first set of pictures were good, these were SMOKING!

Just as we wrapped up the shooting, the Gardens automatic sprinklers turned on and Ann beamed, "I loved running through the sprinklers when I was a kid! How about a couple of shots of me playing in the water here?"

I gulped and grinned as she took off for the water. There was no way in Hell that I was going to miss this show!

As Ann ran squealing through the water, her suit got absolutely soaked - and immediately became absolutely clear. From 10 feet away, she looked totally naked!

At first Ann didn't realize what was happening as she twirled and posed for the camera. Suddenly she looked down and went into panic mode. She didn't know what to cover - tits or pussy! I got one of those "Venus on the half-shell" poses as she struggled to cover everything at once.

Just as suddenly, Ann started laughing and pulled her hands away. She turned back toward me, legs fully spread and hands defiantly on her hips, "I don't know whether to kill the little bastard for getting me this suit or fuck his brains out!"

I was still clicking happily away when she reached behind her and untied her top. The bottoms quickly followed and Ann stood there in all her glory - water dripping from her pointed nipples and from the little tuft of pussy hair between her legs. No one from the agency would ever see these pictures but I would treasure them like gold!

Ann started walking toward me totally nude. I kept shooting until her pussy slit filled my viewfinder.

Ann pushed my camera aside and pressed her wet little body against me, "Got anything long and hard besides that lens?"

Now, I'm pushing 60 from the wrong side and my pill box can't hold any Viagra. Right at that moment, however, I could have driven nails with my cock.

We stumbled toward some tall azaleas groping everything that we could. My mind was whirling as I popped one beautiful nipple into my mouth and started lapping away. Ann was squirming in agony/ecstasy as I licked and nibbled lower and lower. I paused briefly to play with Ann's belly button and then lazily traced my tongue into her peach fuzz box.

Now I've always been overweight and balding (all the way back to high school) but I never lacked for a date. I discovered long ago that a soft Southern accent, a sense of humor, and basic manners always broke the ice. Of course, when they discovered that I could practically lick my eyebrows, that didn't hurt either.

I'm not certain who was getting the most of my pussy lashing this time. Ann was already shaking with her third or fourth orgasm when I pulled my "six pack" grip. I had licked from clit to asshole and she was absolutely soaking. Before she could protest, I slipped my little finger into her butt and my thumb into her twat. When I squeezed them together, Ann fucking exploded! I couldn't count how many times she came. She was begging me to stop and then begging me not to stop!

When "THE BIG ONE" finally hit, Ann could take no more and collapsed against me.

As she lay there shivering, her nipples stabbing the air, I was still stroking her soft fuzz. She started moaning softly and reached down and found my trouser tent, "Did I cause that? Jeez, guess we had better take care of that swelling!"

My head rolled back as I head my zipper sliding down and felt Ann's hand wrap around my straining cock. Even in my best days, I never had more than 6 inches but this little gal had found an extra inch buried under there somewhere and was making the most of it.

Her warm lips slipped over the tip and I felt her tongue tease the ole pee hole just before she went balls deep on me. It had been so long since I had sex that my balls were practically exploding. I held out as long as I could, "Oh My God! Here it comes!"

Instead of pulling out all the way, Ann opened her mouth and popped my dick on her tongue. That was all it took! Cum must have shot all the way from my toes as I blasted into her throat and mouth. Ann gulped as much as she could and then clamped her lips around my cock until I had blown the last bit into her mouth.

This time, it was my turn to slump back against a tree. I was totally spent! Ann looked me in the eye and slowly opened her mouth. I must have cum in buckets because her mouth was still full of my jizz. She tilted her head back and gulped once, swallowing every last drop!

She grinned, licked the last trace from her lips, wiggled my now limp dick, and asked, "Is it empty mister?"

We both quickly pulled ourselves together and got ready to leave. Ann slipped the hoop skirt back on but she left off the bikini. Now she was totally naked under there as we walked back to the gift shop.

As I tossed my gear into the SUV, Ann reminded me that we still had one more day of shooting.

She smiled sweetly and said in her best Southern drawl, "Y'all cum again real soon!"

Yes, Miss Ann, tomorrow is another day! I just hope I brought enough of my pills to survive!

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