tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBello's Dog Ch. 03

Bello's Dog Ch. 03


Alex followed her. She was heading the same direction anyway, that's what he told himself. It wasn't the way his pants silhouetted her curvy frame, or the mane of curls, or the chance to see those sharp blue eyes again that kept him watching.

He stayed far away enough to keep a low profile, keeping his footsteps steady.

They walked slowly, steady. But Alex could see her waning.

Her arms hung limp, her head too. Her feet stumbled over roots and rocks and she had slowed down to a crawl.

He held back.

She dipped out of view for a moment, and as he heard her cry out, he caught sight of her tiny frame slipping down a small embankment, and heard the thud of her landing.

Before he could stop his legs, they were taking him full speed to her aid.

He found her sat against a large rock, bloodied knees against her chest, wiping away tears hastily.

She looked up, her eyes full of passion...anger.

"You're still here? I thought you were smarter than that. Run home little boy." She spat the words out. Her bravado cracking along with her voice.

"What's the matter?" He chose to ignore her malice.

"I was fucking raped, if you recall. All of me hurts. I'm tired. I have nowhere to go."

Each sentence was punctuated by a snap of her teeth.

Alex's body again seemed to work on a mind of its own, but he leaned down and scooped her up. He forced her arm over his neck and held her waist.

Lola didn't speak her arm went up defensively, but he just held her close and helped her carry on the walk. He could feel her shallow breaths and winces, and guilt crept up on him faster than he could shrug it off.

Silence loomed over them for several minutes; Alex took nearly all of her minuscule weight onto his arm and pulled her over the rocky terrain. He allowed himself a quick glance down at her face and saw tears again.

"Why are you helping me?" She asked. She didn't allow herself to look up into those chocolate eyes. She was struggling to keep the tears in check as it was, and one look at him, and she knew, for some reason, she would tip over the edge.

"well.." He started "you beat the shit out of me, so I raped you. Even." She shuddered, remembering both of those.

"Then. You helped me out of there, so I help you. Even."

"A man with morals..interesting. Rare species I think." She sighed as he eased her over a particularly nasty patch of nettles.

Alex chuckled under his breath. He chest vibrated against her side.

It took longer than it should have to reach town. It was dark, and by now Lola had given up all together, her feet barely touching the ground as he dragged her into the sleepy village.

"I don't live far, but we'll get a taxi as soon as we see one, we stick out like sore thumbs, and I'm surprised Bello hasn't caught up already."

Lola began protesting that she didn't need his help, but she looked up to see a smile. The last thing she was expecting and she gave a smile and a nod in return.

"We can stay here, but not for long, I'm sure Bello will come looking."

Alex swung the door to his house open and plonked Lola down onto the nearest couch.

She looked around; it was a modern flat, all leather and chrome. She could see the adjoining kitchen and a tall breakfast bar from where she sat, and two doors behind her, which she assumed to be bathroom and bedroom.

"Nice." She muttered "But I'm dirtying it up, shower?" She asked, embarrassed by the small muddy footprints she had walked in.

He nodded to one of the doors and headed into the kitchen.

Lola allowed herself to stand under the steamy water for longer than she should have, sitting in the base of the tub and rubbing her sore flesh down, There were large blue bruises starting to show all down the inside of her thighs and she could feel the ones on her back too. Her lungs ached like all the air had been knocked out and her feet had turned to jelly. But the warm water helped to ease her slightly and once most of the mud had drained away, she felt human.

Her look was topped off with a fluffy white towel.

She threw the ruined clothes in the bin under the sink and stepped back into the living room.

As she emerged she bumped right into Alex's hard chest and he gripped her arms to steady her. He had changed into a pair of long pyjama pants, but his upper half was gloriously naked.

Lola was about to apologise when his head dipped to meet hers and he pressed his warm lips to hers. Lola freed her arm and swung it up sharply to meet his face, clipping his ear and cheek in one slap.

Alex stood back stunned, and a stream of apology left his mouth.

"I don't know why I did that! I'm... I'm sorry. There's soup there...I...You can."

He turned, his head down and sat, picking up his soup. His eyes not leaving his bowl.

Warm meaty smells hit her nose and her stomach growled awake. Lola stood shaky, her brain told her to leave, but she didn't. She had nowhere to go, nobody to go to.

She walked over to the other couch and sat.

"Thanks." Lola scooped up the bowl and discarded the spoon; bringing the bowl up to her lips she downed the soup.

"Live alone?" She tried to make conversation. The silence was killing her slowly.

Alex didn't answer her question..

"Do you want to get out of here? I can give you some money to go get a hotel.

You don't seem comfortable here. I can understand that, but you know, if you wanted some space?"

"No...No. I mean, I'm not...I'm fine here. I'll be out of your hair tomorrow."

"Ok. Well, beds yours, don't argue, couch is fine for me. Go to bed now, you're tired."

Lola was about to laugh at his assumption that she'd do what she was told like a child, but he had been good to her today, ignoring the rape, and the kiss, so she disappeared into the bedroom and shut the door behind her.

Alex was sleeping restlessly, in the middle of a dream re-enacting his torture at the hands of the rebels, when he felt something cold creep up his thigh.

He awoke immediately and swung his head up to see Lola at his feet on the small couch, huddled under the bottom corner of his blanket, her legs tangled around his. She was fast asleep, peaceful looking. Her toes were icy against his warm leg, and it sent a goosebumps down his flesh.

She wriggled again, snoring gently, and her foot slipped down his pajama leg and landed against his crotch. He tensed.

Her foot moved again, and the arch rubbed gently down his shaft.

"Fuck" He groaned. He willed himself to think of all the unattractive things he could. Bello's moist sweaty face, his Gran in her nightdress, anything.

But as hard as he tried he felt that familiar stirring. Before he could make a mistake, he lifted her foot and placed it behind him.

She settled back into the leather. It was going to be a long night.

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