tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBello's Dog Ch. 05

Bello's Dog Ch. 05


Lola and Alex woke to the sound of the world ending. Their world ending. How quickly and passionately it had started, it would surely end in a more gruesome fashion; if the noise outside was anything to go by.

The repetitive drilling of a machine gun rumbling through the floorboards. The roar of men's angry voices and shrill cries of pain following. The pounding of heavy and determined fists at the door.

"Hey Alex, you wouldn't mind opening up would you? You have something of mine, my property. I'll be taking that back today." A smooth and level voice cut through the noise.

Lola looked up at Alex, her eyes wide and dark, sinking into her face.

"Alex...he's here, he's found us." She clung onto his chest and buried her face away, tears coming quickly and freely, praying it was all a horrible nightmare, and that terrible, terrible man she once called father, wasn't here.

Alex's mind raced as he tried to put things together, when things finally seemed to click, he was up off the bed, dragging Lola up with him with a painful tug.

He grabbed a few clothes from the floor, that he hadn't packed last night, and dragged a sobbing Lola into the bathroom. He locked the door behind them and grabbed Lola by both shoulders, pulling her to eye level.

"Lola! Look at me." Lola's sobbing continued.

"LOLA!" He shook her violently until she stopped.

"Put on these clothes. We are getting out of here. You have to calm down. I know you are stronger than this. They won't fucking win this time, they can't." With that he thrust a pair of old jeans and a pyjama t-shirt of his at her and turned to dress himself in similarly mismatch clothes.

Lola wiped her palm across her dripping nose and dragged the clothes over her aching body. The twinges only served to remind her of the passion of last night. Fresh tears filled her eyes when she thought of Alex. She dare not look up at him. She focused on dressing.

A shatter of wood outside told them both that the bedroom had been breached. Alex reached for the window; and in an effortless move, lifted Lola up to it.

"Out you go." Lola looked down, they weren't high and she could easily land on the balcony under them and drop from there.

"You are following, aren't you?" She pulled at the collar of Alex's shirt and he tried to ease her out.

"Of course! Now go!" Lola nodded and slipped down the sill; landing with a thud on the cement balcony. Pain seared up her ankles, but she continued her momentum, rolling herself off the balcony and onto the soft grass below.

Lola looked up; Alex was still in the window, his upper half dragging itself out, his lower half still in the room.

He looked in pain, his face contorted.

Then Lola saw them, two dark figures emerge from behind him, gripping his flesh and material and hair, anything they could grasp. With one final yank, Alex disappeared back into the room.

Lola stood quiet; paralysed for a moment. The sounds travelling out of the window were hideous; dampened thuds of fists against flesh, crashing and tearing...laughter.

Lola was almost ready to throw herself back up the wall and up into the window, but at that second another dark figure appeared and a gun was raised toward her. Lola spent the time to notice he was aiming to maim and not kill...Bello wants her back...then she turned and ran. As she did, she cursed herself, tears stinging down her cheeks once more. 'Coward, you left him, Alex is in there, they are hurting him." Her thoughts were short and staggered; they coincided with the pounded of her feet against the soft gravel.

She didn't turn, didn't look back, didn't hesitate; she needed to get to a phone, or a car, anything, something...that's why when the man collided with her, it was so unexpected. The force of the blow took every ounce of air she had out of her, and left her gasping and heaving under him, face down in the hard stone ground.

"Don't you dare fucking move, or I'll take your fucking head off. I don't care what Bello wants, I won't hesitate."

Lola recognised his voice. His name was Tulo, and he was one of Bello's closest and most trusted men. He was in charge of most of the money coming in and out of Bello's dirty little business.

Lola laid still, he muscles stiff and her lungs still burning. She couldn't take him down even if she wanted, besides her current state, Tulo was a well-trained soldier, and could probably break her arm from this position if she struggled.

With one hard thump to the side of her head, the world disappeared and Lola slipped out of consciousness. The last thing on her mind was Alex's face last night, his eyes as he held her and rocked her.

When aching heavy eyelids opened again, Lola was home, and it was a place you wished she was a thousand miles away from. The same damp cell she recalled Alex being placed in. It was the same, exactly the same. The mattress with its stains, the blackened window, and a shredded sheet.

Alex was strung by his wrists to a clamp on the ceiling, and once she spotted him, Lola pulled herself up to standing and stumbled over to him.

"Alex, Alex. Please." She held his face and willed him conscious.

Her soft fingers clawed at the rough rope holding him, but the knots were tight and she did little but rope burn herself.

Thump. Her head spun, the lock was pulled back and the door began to swing open. Bello's huge sweaty form filled the doorway, and the smell of cheap cologne and cigars wafted in.

"Honey, your home." He chuckled, his neck fat vibrating.

"And it's so wonderful to see you again." He walked towards them, and smiled as Lola shielded Alex. He brought up his huge palm and grasped her neck, the air caught and she gasped.

"You are going to the men. You are going to keep them satisfied for as long as you stay warm." He licked his lips and ran his nose down the column of her throat. Lola struggled for breath as she tried to pry his fingers away.

"It's a shame to lose you to them, but what you did...you put us all at risk." He let go of her, and she slipped to the floor, breathing in lungful's of air.

"And this one..." He sneered at Alex. "This one will die."

"Don't you fucking touch him." Lola hoisted herself up again, and stepping back, swung her arm to meet Bello's face. The slap of hard fat against her fist stung, but the satisfaction of watching the blood spray out of his nose made it worth it.

She lunged forward to him again, but two uniformed men got to her first.

Alex chose this moment to open his eyes, and saw the bloody sight before him, cried out as they dragged her down. They looked at Bello for permission, and with a short sharp nod, they commenced.

They tore away the material from Lola's body, ignoring her sobs and pleas. One of the men took a handful of hair and dragged her up onto all fours, the other, a huge bulky man moved behind her. He took down his pants and clawing at her soft flesh, thrust into her.

She sobbed again, trying to writhe free, but he was heavy and he pressed her into the floor. The other man, a tall spindly thing had taken out his cock and pressed it towards her mouth.

Lola turned her head away from it, and looked straight into the tear filled eyes of Alex. He stood motionless, hanging, watching.

"I can see why you like her." Bello chuckled to Alex, nudging him in his still sore ribs.

As the cock found her lips again, she opened her mouth, and swung it straight back shut again.

"Arghhhh." The man squealed. He brought his hand back and slapped her. The force dizzied Lola, and her vision blurred.

She vaguely heard the man behind her grunt and finish. He slapped her arse once more before getting to his feet.

"My turn." The men swapped places and Bello clapped his hands together and laughed out loud as they did. His greasy face had grown red as he watched.

The second man took longer, and the larger man enjoyed beating her around as he did, and when they had finished. Lola lay bloodied on the concrete.

"Send her to the men's barracks. They can have their fun now." Bello laughed.

"You monster, you fucking monster. It's going to be ok Lola, I'll fix this, I promise, it's going to be fine." Alex screamed as Lola was dragged away.

"Think again." Bello grunted as he brought up the butt of the gun to his temple.

"Your luck just ran out."

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