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Belly Dancer

byKY ridgerunner©

My wife, Kathy, and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We married young and started our family young. Jean, our daughter, and Jim, our son, are only 14 months apart. Kathy and I have always had an active and open sex life. We didn't show the kids videos of ourselves or anything but we could always talk openly about sex and they knew we had sex very often.

Jean was the first to marry and move out when she was 18. Jim got married about a year and a half later. Kathy and I enjoyed the new freedom of being able to have sex anytime and in every room. The only draw back was that both kids had keys to the house and for some reason they never lose the idea that this is home. They can come and go as they please; we almost got caught a couple times.

After a few months the newness wore off and there was that little bit of "empty nest" thing going on. Not having the kids to fuss over Kathy and I decided that we needed to find something for us. We looked into a few things but nothing really excited us. Then one day we were in this strip mall and saw a dance studio that offered belly-dance lessons. At first we just laughed at the idea but it seemed to grow on us. They also offered drum lessons so I could play for her as she danced.

Needless to say, we signed up. Kathy took the beginning class, then the intermediate class and the advanced class and finally became an instructor one night a week. My drumming was coming alone as well. We were very excited as we both made her costumes and got more and more into it. Then Kathy decided to share her new talent with some friends of ours and that's when things got very interesting.

We invited Danny and Barbara, everyone calls her Bunny, over for a Greek night. We ordered in Gyro plates and Greek salad and sat around on the floor on big pillows. The evening was going great. Everyone was having good time. Now I might add that Kathy and I have had sex with this couple for many years, but only in our fantasies. Any time we would have fantasies of bring another couple into our bedroom it would be Danny and Bunny. We never expected they would ever find out or that they had the same fantasies until this night.

After a good meal and some good wine, Kathy said we had something we wanted to share with them. Little did we know just how much we would share with them before the night was over. While Kathy went upstairs to change I poured everyone another glass of wine. When I saw Kathy at the top of the stairs in her gold panty and bra set with all the veils that made up her skirt and the veil across her face I put on the music and got out my drum. Danny and Bunny both looked at me questionably until they saw Kathy. If they hadn't already been on the floor I'm sure they both would have fallen there. Did I mention what all this dancing has done to Kathy's figure?

Kathy danced around the room removing one veil after another. I heard Bunny say something to Danny about his fantasy coming true. The last veil was the one over her face and chest. She bent over Danny and was putting it around his neck when Bunny suddenly reached up and unsnapped Kathy's bra. It fell down her arms exposing her tits for Danny to see. Kathy froze for a moment looking back at me and I just smiled and nodded. Kathy not only let the bra fall into Danny's lap but brought his hands up to fondle her tits. Bunny and I were cheering them on.

Kathy let Danny play with her tits for a few minutes then reached for Bunny's hand to pull her up. Bunny tried to resist but Kathy was forceful. She took Bunny to the center of the room and was dancing around her. Kathy started to remove Bunny's top and Bunny allowed it to be pulled over her head. Bunny started moving but it was more like a stripper than a belly dancer. Kathy unzipped Bunny's skirt and it hit the floor. They both continued to dance and Kathy did the same to Bunny that she had done to her; and Bunny's bra fell to the floor. Now both women were dancing topless in just their panties. Kathy got behind Bunny and pushed her in my direction to dance for me while she went back to Danny.

Bunny's tits were in my face and I couldn't help but reach up and play with them. Kathy was watching us as Danny continued to play with her tits. When Kathy saw me look over to her she took Danny's hands off her tits and placed them on the sides of her panties. She held them there as she looked back and me and asked the silent question. I just smiled and nodded. Kathy removed her hands from Danny's and he started pulling down Kathy's panties. I reached for Bunny's panties and she looked back at her husband. Seeing that he already had Kathy's off she looked back at me and smiled and off came her panties.

As if the women had their own signals they both backed away and were dancing nude for us. Then they looked at each other and changed places. Kathy was dancing for me and reached down to pull me up. As she danced around me she started undressing me. Bunny was doing the same to Danny. Once he and I were both naked they looked at each other again and changed back as if they were unwrapping a gift and offering it to each other. Kathy pushed Danny down and before he hit the floor she had his cock in her mouth. Bunny, on the other hand, pushed me back and walked up my body until her pussy was in my face. I wasted no time diving into her and she was every bit as tasty as my fantasy.

I licked and sucked Bunny's pussy for a while then she stood and turned around so she could watch Kathy and Danny. She brought her luscious pussy back to my mouth. I couldn't see my wife and Danny but heard muffled moans from both of them and assumed they had gotten into a 69 position. When Bunny leaned forward to tack my cock in her mouth I could finally see them just getting up. Kathy lay back on the pillows and I watched Danny slide his cock into my wife's pussy.

I was so amazed at watching Kathy getting fucked that I stopped licking Bunny's pussy. Bunny, too, stopped sucking me to watch and the both of us just lay there watching our spouses fucking each other. Like I said this is the only couple we have ever had sex with and that was only fantasy. Now here it was live and really happening. It seems it was a fantasy come true for them as well. Bunny was laying next to me now and was stroking my cock and I had my fingers in her pussy as we watched the scene before us. We watched as both Danny and Kathy reached orgasm then looked at each other and kissed each other deeply. I rolled on top of Bunny and my cock slid easily into her. She was so wet from watching her husband. I started stroking in and out of her and neither of us lasted very long. When she said, in mid orgasm, "Thank God you are finally inside me", that was it and I shot deep in her pussy.

I rolled off Bunny and looked up to see Danny and Kathy watching us. I said, "I hope we gave you as good a show as you gave us." Bunny started stroking me and told Kathy, "You have got to teach me to dance like that."

Kathy responded, "Your dance seems to have gotten the desired results."

I pulled Bunny's face around and kissed her. When she broke the kiss she told Kathy she still wanted to learn.

Over the next few weeks Bunny came over to learn to belly dance. Some times I would play the drum for them but most times they practiced alone. I think they were learning more than dancing and maybe someday they will share it with Danny and myself.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/10/18

Dancing is good for the soul ...

Loved this too short story about my favorite pastime ..... enjoying the erotic displays of a beautiful woman belly dancing. Flamenco dancers are almost as erotic .... Latin Ballroom is also very sensual.more...

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