tagFetishBelonging To Ms. Tery Ch. 01

Belonging To Ms. Tery Ch. 01


My girlfriend Cathy was starting to get tired of me and my fetish for her feet and shoes. She did not trust me enough to leave me alone with her shoes. I house sat for her once and made a mess of her closet. I told her what I had done with her shoes, which was to ejaculate into them, after having sniffed and licked them. She was disgusted with me and threatened to end things with me. I begged her to reconsider. I cared too much for her to let her go. Even though my desire for all things related to her feet was overwhelming I still wanted to be with the rest of her. I had to agree not to mention feet or shoes again. I had to worship her pinkish toes and soles from afar.

I was going insane trying to catch glimpses of them. She detested me even looking at them. I had to be stealthy about seeing them arched, relaxing, or dangling a shoe. I was not sure if she was enjoying the torture I felt. I sensed that she was.

"I'm not having it. My shoes are too expensive for you to do that. Since when is a shoe intended to be used as a condom?" Cathy said.

I would start to protest but she would silence me. I felt I was becoming a submissive to her. The sex was still good, but I could no longer initiate it. I had to wait for her to be in the mood. She was starting to be on top more than I was now. Cathy was instructing me on how to please her. My pleasure and satisfaction were not even mentioned. It had become all about her elusive G-spot that I was incapable of finding.

I was still turned on by her. Cathy was 23 years old. She was about 5'7" and had an average sized body that was not too shapely. Her belly was flat. She had small breasts and her butt needed to be in tight clothing to look noticeable. All that did not matter. I wanted her feet, and not having access to them made even more desperate. She actually pampered her feet and only wore fashionable shoes. Even her flip flops were pricey. I could not believe she took such good care of them yet would not let me touch them or even look at them. She told me that my excessive attention to her feet made her feel less like a woman. She needed to be treated like a whole woman.

"I care about all of you." I would say.

"I don't believe you." She answered.

I actually started to doubt if I did care about anything but her perfect feet.

She worked as a manager of a department store and dressed professionally. I had a warehouse job that basically had me moving material from one end of the floor to the other. The job offered me plenty of time to get lost in thoughts of Cathy. I envied the men who spent so much time around her, and her feet. I knew that I needed to satisfy my fetish, but did not want to cheat on her. I submitted myself to her authority.

When she would leave the room for a minute, and sometimes leave her shoes, I would move as fast as possible and would sniff them before she returned. I was reduced to this. She had caged my fetish. Internet porn did not replace a real pair of feet. I needed to touch and lick.

She would ridicule me when she spoke to her friends over the phone. She didn't care that I was able to hear her.

"I actually caught him licking an old pair of flip flops like he was having dinner or something. What a loser." I heard her say once.

There was a part of me that knew I needed to rescue myself from not experiencing what mattered to me. If she had told me she was having an affair with someone else, I probably would have said nothing, hoping she still wanted to have me around to abuse.

When she told me that her friend John was having a costume party, I got excited. I wanted to see Cathy dress in something sexy, especially her footwear. She usually wore conservative clothing that showed very little skin. My excitement was extinguished when she told me I was going to go as a lion and she was going to be the hunter that caught me. I felt she was more of a lion tamer than hunter.

I looked pathetic in my full body costume. My mane was so scraggly, I felt as though I were a toothless lion with no claws. She looked sexy in shorts and boots. Her toy gun was strapped to her waist. I was told to remain at her side without saying a word. Animals can't speak and I did not have permission to roar.

"Just... be quiet and let me do all the talking for us." She said.

I nodded my head in agreement.

When a very attractive blonde dressed in something reminiscent of a pouting heiress came up to me and started to talk to me, I only nodded sheepishly. She seemed annoyed I did not give her the attention her beauty deserved.

There were more than a few vampires at the party. Some women were showing plenty of leg. There were the usual pop-culture copycats. One guy was running around pretending he was hallucinating. Standing out amongst all of them was a woman dressed as a super heroine. She wore a shiny black full body- suit that that fit her very tightly. There were two, silver half moons on her ample chest with the letters M T in black. The letters were in fancy script and each letter was inside a half moon. There was also a silver utility belt on her waist. Her boots were black and came up to just below her knees. She wore a black mask that covered the top half of her face and head. Dark curly hair rested on her shoulders. She had the full mane that I was missing.

I was staring at her as though I were a child, remembering and early memory of being turned on by a super heroine. I was quiet on the exterior, but inside I was crying for her. She noticed me staring. How could she not. She beckoned me with her gloved fingers to walk to her. I left the side of Cathy who was in the middle of a conversation with a ghost. I didn't care if she scolded me. I was going to talk to the super heroine no matter what Cathy wanted me to do.

I walked over to the mystery woman as if I was becoming freer with each step. Cathy's grip on me was loosening with every step I took.

The vinyl clad beauty stood proudly and acted as if she was appraising me.

"Hello." I said.

She looked amazingly fit. The only unexposed part of her was the lower half of her face. The pale skin was young and vibrant. She was not very tall, even with her heeled boots she appeared to be only about 5'5". Her dancer legs were in a wide and confident stance. Her brown eyes were primed for action if anything arose.

"What pathetic creature are you?" She said.

Her voice was melodic and soothing.

"I am a lion." I said meekly.

"I see." She said.

"Your costume is amazing." I said.

"This isn't a costume." She snapped.

"Sorry." I said.

"That's all right. You won't make that mistake again."

"My name is Dave."

"I am Ms. Tery!" She triumphantly said.

I knew right away she took her role very serious and that she was probably ensconced in a world of fetish that seemed intriguing to me. I looked down at her boots and wanted to fall to the floor and lick them. When I looked up again, I noticed a curiosity about her stare.

"You belong to Cathy, don't you?" She said.

"Yes." I said.

What did she mean by belong? Was she aware of how Cathy treated me?

"Follow me." She ordered.

She did a quick turn. I saw her backside and was entranced. She had a bubble butt waiting to be noticed and worshiped by all. Her boots moved quickly and adeptly. She walked into a bedroom as though this was her apartment. I followed her in. She twirled around with her hands on her hips. Her eyes were intense and focused on me.

"If you're going to stare at my boots with hungry eyes, I think it fair I give you the opportunity to lick them." She said.

"Yes." I said.

I wanted to scream for joy and raise my arms in victory. It felt so long since I had fed my desires for anything to do with feet or footwear.

"But first take off that ridiculous costume." She said.

I was more than happy to take it off. I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans underneath. I tossed the costume off to the side.

"You now belong to Ms. Tery. Get on your knees." She commanded.

I couldn't believe what she said, and wasted no time in going down on my knees. The smell of her leather boots was intoxicating. I looked up at her and was instantly attracted to the power she projected. Her body-suit looked made just for her. I noticed it was zippered at the crotch, and could not keep my eyes off her private area.

"Lick, don't look. You will have plenty of chances to look at me in the future." She said.

I licked all around her boot. If she had presented me with the bottom of her boot I would have licked that also. I closed my eyes and imagined us alone, forgetting that I had come with a lion tamer who had me leashed to her side. I could sense her approval of my enthusiasm. Suddenly I was being nudged by a bare foot in my face. She had taken off her right boot. Her foot was small and the toe nails were painted alternately in black and silver. I sniffed the toes that smelled of leather and sweat. I was overjoyed.

"Isn't that what you have been wanting?' She said.

"Yes, I have, Ms. Tery." I said.

"You have been starved for too long. Feed."

"Thank you." I said.

I nibbled on her big silver painted toe then took it into my mouth as though it were a prize. I felt gratitude. I felt rewarded for having suffered with Cathy for so long. She took care of her feet. The pinkish sole had been pampered well. I was interrupted when I heard Ms. Tery talking with someone. I looked up and saw that Cathy was looking for me. Her eyes were furious and her mouth ready for battle. Her prey had gotten away from her. I was just as furious by her arrival.

"What are you doing? Get up!" Cathy yelled.

"He's with me now." Ms. Tery said.

"Alexandra, what do you think... who do you think you are?" Cathy said.

I heard her mention someone named Alexandra before, from her college days, but had never met her until now.

"You treat him so badly. It isn't enough he is submissive to you, but you won't reward him." Ms. Tery said.

"That is none of your concern."

"I made it my concern. It is my job to rescue those that need rescuing." Ms. Tery said.

I realized her whole circle of friends knew about our relationship. I didn't care. I was only glad that Ms. Tery was aware of it.

"Say something, Dave! And where is your costume?" Cathy Said.

I looked dumbfounded. Were two women really fighting over me?

"He is fine under my foot. He seems to like it. Tell her who you belong to, Dave." Ms. Tery said.

I smiled.

"I belong to Ms. Tery." I said.

"Alexandra, you are going to regret this."

A few people had gathered outside the door to watch. Cathy looked very angry and ready for a confrontation.

I quickly moved away from my mistress to watch the battle unfold.

Cathy charged at Ms. Tery. I had never seen her display this type of anger or physicality. I was afraid if she beat her foe I was going to receive some of her vengeance. Ms. Tery calmly readied herself. She was awkwardly poised on only one boot. Her bare right foot was standing on its toes in a ballerina pointe. When Cathy was near enough, Ms. Tery quickly lifted her booted leg and kicked Cathy in the stomach. Cathy doubled over as she tried to grab hold of slippery leg. Cathy was about to reach for her smaller foe, when Ms. Tery clenched both hands in a unified fist and came down hard on the side of Cathy's head.

"Take that." Ms. Tery said.

My ex-girlfriend fell to the floor screaming. She looked helpless and vulnerable. She was fortunate my mistress did not want to continue beating on her. I was glad that my last image of Cathy was one of her defeated. I had spent too much time with her, receiving too little in return.

"Let's go."Ms. Tery said to me.

I followed her through the apartment. People stared at us and yelled something about a good show. This was no show. She really hit Cathy.

I watched as her right foot did its best to even things up against her heeled foot. She gave me her boot to hold as if it were my prize for choosing her.

Once we were outside a light rain started to fall. The full moon offered some light as it was very dark. I followed her to an all black car with tinted windows. The interior was also dark. It felt very comfortable to be in her car.

"Shall we?" She said.

"Yes." I answered.

She sped away.

I kept my eye on her bare foot as she accelerated down the street. It shone pale and delicious in the dark. She drove very quickly and made sharp turns. I held on to her boot.

"Go ahead." She said. "You can sniff it.'

I did as she suggested.

I wasn't sure where we were heading, but I knew that I wanted to be with her no matter what. The names of a few of the streets seemed familiar, but none of the buildings did. We were headed to the industrial part of town. A place with more than a few abandoned buildings and long ago used warehouses.

"You live in this area." I asked.

"Address me as Ms. Tery." She said.

"Do you live in this area, Ms. Tery?" I said with no hesitation.

"Yes. I own the top floor."

The building we stopped in front of was set up for lofts. We took a noisy elevator up and she led me into her loft/lair.

"Welcome to your new home." She said.

"Thank you, Ms. Tery." I said.

I was thankful for her kindness. I was grateful I no longer had to deal with Cathy.

I looked around her home. She had contemporary furniture and the walls were full of colorful art. There was a large king sized bed in the center of the room. I knew that at this point there was no chance for me to join with her in sex. If we stayed to our roles, and I wanted that more than anything, I was subservient to her.

"Are you tired?" She asked.

"Yes." I said.

"For tonight, until I get the room next door ready, you can sleep on the floor next to me."

"I get my own room?"

"If you wish... to be with me, I need you here... nearby." She said.

"That is fine with me."

"It is small compared to this area."

"I want to be with you, Ms. Tery." I said.

She went into a storage area and came back with matting and covers for me to use. I busied myself with preparing a comfortable sleeping area next to her bed. I would have slept on the bare floor. She went into the bathroom and stayed in there a while. When she finally came out she was wearing a white robe. The mask was off. Her face was beautiful. Her skin was unblemished even though she wore no make-up. Her curly hair flowed everywhere. Her countenance, without the mask, was one of a woman of principle. I trusted her. She was bare foot even though the tiled floor was cold.

I probably stared to long at her before going into the bathroom to wash up. I looked in the mirror and smiled. I kept on my clothes not wanting to disturb the rhythm of my role and went back into her living area. She was in bed already. Her robe placed on a chair next to where I was to lay. She was covered with her comforter and was on her back. Her face was gentle and reassuring.

As I lay down on the floor, the lights went off. The curtains remained opened. The moon shone through the windows. The center of the city looked close, but at the same time her loft felt secluded. The noises of the city sounded distant.

No one spoke for a while, until she finally addressed me.

"I need you to serve me and that includes my whims, my needs, and sometimes my fantasies. I will treat you as a valuable member of my world. I won't hurt you. I do require you respect Ms. Tery. You must also respect Alexandra. I need you to be a true gentleman. Your contact with me will be mostly with Ms. Tery, but not exclusively. I have allowed you to see me as Alexandra so you will know that I have another life. I have a working life, a social and sometimes family life. On those occasions when you see me as Alexandra, you will respect her just as much as Ms. Tery. Do you have any questions?"

"I have a job." I said.

"You will keep your job. You must be a productive member of society. Is there anything else?"

"You knew of how Emily treated me and denied me certain things?"

"Yes. She and I were rivals in school at one time. We graduated from college the same year. Now don't mention her again."

"I won't mention her again."

"Is that it?"

"I guess... I just need to know if I can trust you ..."

"Yes. You can trust me, as long as you do not betray either Ms. Tery or Alexandra. Do you understand that?" She said.

"Yes, I do, Alexandra." I said.

"The consequences for your betrayal will be severe. Goodnight now." She said.

"Goodnight, Alexandra." I said.

I was awoken by a toe in my mouth. This was the toe on her left foot, the one that Ms. Tery had used to defeat Cathy. This one was colored black. I sucked on her toe and tried to get as much of her foot in my mouth.

"That's it. Take it. You were interrupted last night."

I looked up and could see she was wearing her mask and had on a shiny black half body suit. Her legs looked stunning. She reached down to her crotch area and popped a button. She lifted the bottom of the piece to reveal a pair of silver panties. Her bottom was full and taut.

"I continued to suck her toe and closed my eyes. She smelled of perfume. I did not want to anger her by looking at her panties.

"You can look. You are being rewarded for following orders." She said.

"Thank you, Ms. Tery." I said.

I opened my eyes and took my reward. She looked amazing. She was stunning and wonderfully available for me to worship.

"Go ahead. You may touch Ms. Tery's rear."

I brought myself to my knees ad placed a hand on her covered butt. I felt I had touched a source of power and a source of inspiration to me. Obedience led me to this. I could see she enjoyed the touch of my hand. I moved down to her leg and felt her dancer's thigh. Her skin was soft and uniform.

"How do you feel about your mistress?" She said.

"That she is incomparable to anything I have ever known." I said.

My hands moved around the front of her thighs. I wanted to feel her strength.

"That is enough... this time." She Said.

"Thank you, Ms. Tery." I repeated.

"Perform your duties and you will be rewarded." She said.

She walked away, letting me see the full of her backside in her silver panties.

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