tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBelonging To Sir Ch. 04

Belonging To Sir Ch. 04


Cassie wasn't ready for this. She had spent an hour getting ready. Well, Sir spent an hour getting her ready. Her hair was left down, blow dried straight and Sir had instructed her to put on minimal makeup. He had removed her plug long enough to reapply lubricant just in case and now she was collared and ready for delivery.

Mr. Mason had called earlier and wanted her to be brought to him. In front of all the guests. Sir had been uncharacteristically quiet. He didn't talk a lot but he always seemed to tell her what he was doing and why. But for the last hour he hadn't murmured a word.

Cassie had been kneeling at Sir's feet while he stared off into space. Finally he rose to his feet and got her leash. Cassie could almost hear a grandfather clock chiming, counting down to the beginning of her night. Sir attached her leash.

"I'm sorry, Cassie. You must go on all fours from here on out."

Cassie had already known this. Sir had spent a bit of his time telling her what to expect. Or rather, what was expected of her. Good little doggies don't talk. They also don't bite, scratch or touch themselves. Cassie wasn't worried about the last part. Sir was able to turn her on, but she had no lust for Mr. Mason and wasn't sure she could even get wet enough to make her life easier for the party.

Sir opened the door and led her down the long hallway. The carpet cushioned her knees but she knew she the tile she had to cross would be painful. As they got closer, Cassie could hear the buzz of conversation. Too many voices to pick out what was being said. It grew louder as they hit the foyer and Cassie winced as she crawled along the tiled floor.

There were many people standing around, dressed as if they were attending a black tie affair. Maybe they were. She also saw other people like herself, on all fours. What surprised her was that there were guy puppies too. She hadn't expected that.

Sir gave the leash a little yank and Cassie scrambled to catch up.

"What a lovely creature, Luke. Is this one yours?" An older lady stopped them as they approached the ballroom.

"No, Mrs. Hunter. This one here is for Mr. Mason." Sir's voice was tight and short, Mrs. Hunter gave him a questioning look but let it go. Sir continued into the ballroom and Cassie sighed in relief as her knees were once again on plush carpet. Cassie gasped and scrambled after Sir as someone had bent down and smacked her tail, making the plug wiggle inside of her. Sir didn't react, but continued to lead her.

Cassie braced herself as they approached Mr. Mason. She knew she couldn't avoid the party, but she had secretly hoped something would have happened to prevent her presence. No such luck.

"Ah, there you are, Luke." Mr. Mason said, greeting Sir. Sir relinquished the leash and Mr. Mason's smile grew. Cassie gulped at the look he gave her.

"You may go."

"I thought I might stay, in case you need me."

"Fine, but I don't want to see your face unless you are needed." Sir gave him a nod and walked away. As Cassie watched Sir go, she notice men stationed all around the room. Guess it was good to learn now that escaping was impossible. She'd never get passed any of those men.

"Well, aren't you happy to see me?" Mr. Mason said, staring down at her. Cassie hadn't a clue at what he wanted her to do. Until one of the other girls caught her eye and wiggled her rump. Cassie looked back up at Mr. Mason and waggled her tail. The look in his eye had her thinking he was trying to set her up. Like all he really wanted was an excuse to punish her. Cassie made a note to herself to obey no matter what. She really didn't want another one of his punishments.

Mr. Mason jerked her chain and started walking. Cassie crawled after him as he stopped at various groups of people, letting anyone who wanted to pet her and touch her. It felt weird to be petting like a dog. Even worse were the fingers that found their way to her pussy. She was pretty sure that normal people didn't do that to their pets.

"Why don't you roll over and show these men your belly," Mr. Mason said as he sneered down at her.

Cassie dropped to her side and rolled onto her back, with her legs and arms up like a puppy would have been.

"She's something, Mason. Is she for sale?"

For sale? Please say no, please say no!

"No, Conrad, she isn't. She's new and has quite a bit of breaking in to do."

"Such a shame. She's quite a looker."

"Here, I will let you play with her first." Mr. Mason handed the other man an actual dog toy in the shape of a bone. The man through it towards the wall and Cassie stared at him for a moment before crawling over to go "fetch" it. Cassie picked it up in her mouth and returned to the man.

"Not very enthusiastic is she?" Conrad said.

"We will just have to fix that."

Cassie looked around and saw the others like herself were actually acting like a puppy. Like they wanted to. Panting, wagging their tails and bounding after toys. Cassie cursed herself. She should have ran after her dad died. She had gotten herself in way over her head.

The man through the toy again and Cassie bounded after it, trying to show more puppy like qualities as she retrieved the toy. She returned to the man and dropped it to his feet, panting and wagging her tail.

"Much better," the man said, smiling down at her. Mr. Mason, however, was not smiling.

Mr. Mason picked up her leash and gave her another jerk before walking off. Cassie tried to keep up with him, but he kept yanking on the leash as she fell behind. He walked up to a couple of women who were seated with their puppies sitting at their feet. Mr. Mason engaged them in conversation. Cassie sat at his feet and tuned out his conversation and took in the rest of the room.

Now there were several around the room who were getting blow jobs or fucking their puppies and Cassie blanched. She had hoped Mr. Mason didn't want to do any of that with her, but she knew it was a foolish hope.

A sharp jerk of the leash sent her gaze back up to Mr. Mason. He sneered down at her again before repeating himself.

"I said this lovely lady would like to play." Cassie's eyes turned toward the lady. She looked like she was in her early forties. She had pulled her dress up over her hips and bared her shaved pussy and hooked her legs over the arms of her chair. Mr. Mason jerked her leash again.

"We don't have all night, the lady would like some puppy kisses."

Oh no. As Mr. Mason pulled the leash to get her face into the crotch of the other lady, Cassie pulled back on her leash, resisting. Mr. Mason smiled cruelly as his hand pushed her face down into the lady's wet pussy. He was stronger than she was and eventually gave in and stuck her tongue out and licked up the slit.

Cassie saw Sir standing in the shadows at the edge of the room and he gave her a nod. Meaning she should just do it and get it over with. Cassie took a deep breath and stuck her tongue out again. She licked up the slit and circled her tongue around the clit.

Mr. Mason finally released her hair but the woman had taken up to holding her hair to push her face down.

"Lick my pussy," the woman ordered. "Stick your tongue in my pussy."

Cassie stuck her tongue inside of the woman's pussy and started to fuck her with it. The woman controlled her head and soon Cassie was licking and nibbling away at her pussy when she finally started to grind against her face. When the woman shoved her face down to her asshole Cassie bucked away with a gasp.

"No!" Cassie yelled. There was no way she was licking someone's asshole! Mr. Mason took her by the collar and started to drag her off with a wicked gleam in his eyes. Cassie searched the room until she found Sir. He looked angry. Cassie started to shake as she realized she had disappointed him.

Mr. Mason stopped long enough to exchange words quickly with one of his men and he proceeded to approach the middle of the room. When he stopped in the middle, Cassie sat at his feet, trembling.

"Ladies and gentlemen! May I have your attention? I'm sad to announce that my puppy of the evening has refused service." Mr. Mason's voice carried over and people quieted down to pay attention. As he spoke, two of his men were carrying something towards them. "For the rest of the night, she is fair game to anyone here! Even your own pets, if you give permission. If there is anything you need, just let me know. I can provide you with whips, paddles, clamps or anything else you might desire."

As Mr. Mason's men put down the wooden object they carried, Cassie paled. It was wooden stocks. The men dragged Cassie over to it while she thrashed against them and pushed her neck and wrists down and locked her in. Tears fell down Cassie's cheeks as she struggled against the stocks. She let out a muffled cry when she was gagged with a cock.

Cassie looked up into the man's eyes. He was someone's pet. And he shoved his cock into her mouth, barely giving her time to breath. She gagged when it hit the back of her throat but he kept going. He didn't last long. He pulled his cock out and shot his load in her face. Which made Cassie cry harder.

And it didn't let up from there. She always seemed to have at least one cock in her. She was glad the plug stayed in. She wasn't sure she could handle anyone fucking her ass like this. And it seemed to be a rule that everyone was to pull out and shoot their spunk on her, not inside her. She had people spank her ass raw as they fucked her. Not only with their hands. Mr. Mason had been handing people paddles to spank her with.

Mr. Mason came to the front of the stocks and smiled cruelly down at her. He showed her the clamps with weights on them and she tried to scream at him to not do it, but the cock in her mouth kept the words in her throat. The man pulled out long enough for Mr. Mason to pinch and clamp her nipples, so Cassie wouldn't bite his cock off. And then he was back inside her mouth as he fucked her face. Cassie shrieked as the weights bounced around by people fucking her.

She was ready to throw in the towel when she saw Mr. Mason with the electric wand. Mr. Mason was not gentle like Sir was. At least, as gentle as you can be when you shock someone. Sir would zap her, Mr. Mason held the wand to her body for long shocks.

After a few minutes of shocking her, most of the people waiting their turn walked away, shaking their heads. Mr. Mason hadn't let up on her. When people abandoned Cassie, he took his turn. He ripped out her tail and plunged himself inside her in one quick, hard thrust. Cassie hoarsely screamed. She had long ago lost her voice and couldn't help but whimper as Mr. Mason plunged into her ass over and over while shocking her with the wand anywhere he could touch her with it.

Cassie gave an inward sigh of relief when some of Mr. Mason's guests came up and distracted him. As soon as Mr. Mason walked away from her, she felt hands on her face. She tried to look up but he knelt in front of her. Sir stared into her eyes, looking to see how far gone she was.

"I'm sorry, he isn't usually this cruel," Sir whispered to her.

"Luke, you better get her out of here while my husband has him distracted. The poor thing. What has gotten into that man?"

Cassie couldn't see her, but she was grateful for the assist. Sir gently pried her out of the stocks and clamps, bundled her against his chest and strode out of the ballroom. Cassie cried out when he tried to set her down on his bed, her ass too raw to take it. Sir turned her over to her stomach and walked into the bathroom. After a few moments of cabinets and drawers opening, he returned.

"This should help," Sir said, as he put some cream into his hands and began to massage it into her wounds. She could feel how tense he was. He must have been very angry with her. She had failed to do what he asked of her. To obey no matter what.

"I'm sorry," Cassie croaked.

"Oh, Cassie. This wasn't your fault. Mr. Mason has changed somehow. He seems obsessed with your pain for some reason. This was not your doing."

Sir continued to whisper words of comfort as he massaged cream into her welts and bruises. The sting was finally lessening and her eye lids were getting heavy. She wasn't sure how she could feel tired now. She should be thinking about how she was going to get out of here, to get away from this awful place. Instead, she wanted to stay in this bed, where the sheets smelled like Sir and comforted her just as much as his soft, lulling words.

Cassie must have fallen asleep; she woke when she realized Sir's hands had left her. The lights clicked off and then a warm naked body joined her on the bed. Sir threw a blanket over the top of them and then he drew Cassie on top of him and held her as she fell back asleep.

When she woke the next morning, she was still cuddled to his chest. His hands were slowly combing through her hair. She looked up and Sir was wide awake, watching her.

"Did you sleep?" Cassie asked, her body was still tender and sore.

"Some." Sir's voice sounded troubled still. "I'm sorry, Cassie. I'm sorry I didn't step in. You weren't ready for last night and Mr. Mason... he was looking for a way to trip you up so he could do what he did. If I could, I would go back to the night I saw you hiding in the bushes and let you go without a fight."

"Why does he want me?"

"I'm not sure of the whole story. But I think it had to do with your mom."

"What?" Cassie asked, pushing herself up to look down at him.

"Your mom was supposed to marry Mr. Mason. Or he wanted to marry her. I'm not sure whether they were engaged, promised or he was just obsessed with her. He saw your father as a man who took what was rightfully his. When your mom passed away last year, he began dealings to ruin your father. Financially, really. He wanted your father's land, his money, you. He wanted him brought low, knowing he had lost everything he cared about. Then your father had a heart attack and it took away Mr. Mason's method of revenge. So I think he's settled for tormenting you to get back at your mom."

"But my mom is dead! And my father. How does this work if neither of them is here to suffer seeing me this way?"

"I don't think he cares anymore about making them pay. Now it's about making your life miserable. Sins of the father and whatnot."

"So there is no hope for me? That it will get better?"

"Not if we stay here. With him."

"What are you saying?" Cassie gasped, looking down at him.

"Never mind for now. Just let me hold you a while longer before we eat breakfast and face Mr. Mason for ending last night early." Sir guided her head back to his chest and held her tight. He held her tight long after the knock at the door and the servant leaving a tray of food at the table in the living room. Cassie felt her eyes droop and she snuggled down in his arms, content to stay here as long as he would have her.

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