tagNonHumanBelongs to the Sea

Belongs to the Sea


My blood feels the pull of the full moon tide. It's been too long since I've been away from the ocean. Work, family, everyday life, I let it overwhelm me and I begin to loose my sense of self. What do I want? What do I need? The questions bounce around the inside of my head like John Bonham's sticks on the crash cymbal. Hmmm, I don't remember adding "Dazed and Confused" to this playlist.

Man, I just need to get away, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. Sigh...

It seems like it's taking longer to reach my little cove, I recognize the way, and I know I'm getting closer. Anticipation adds a syncopated rhythm to the deep pulse of the sea in my veins.

Release. Yes, that's what I want. No, need. A word so powerful that it dissipates all the nagging questions and fills me with hope, and intense longing. Words can be so effective. Release, in all it's forms - please! Well, except for the soon to be experienced sensuality of the water itself, it may be a while before I find true physical release. No interesting prospects on the horizon, and no time to date anyway, and toys are, well just toys. No. Let the thought go. Let the frustration go. As I pull my towel from the car I breath the invigorating, lush, air deep into my lungs and find the path. I've never run into anyone here, my secret little cove at the edge of the island. It's not really secret, Kay told me about it more than a year ago, when we were venting to each other. A place to let things go, she said, to let yourself go. Yet she never comes herself, I wonder why? As I step into the clearing at the edge of the small, white, sandy beach, I am as awed as I was the first time I stepped into this sacred space, this indescribable place of beauty.

A sense of deep joy, a feeling of home coming, of belonging. It has been too long since I was last here. For over a year I made it to these waters a few times a month, and always on the full moon. But life has gotten busy.

I carefully bundle my clothes and set them into the crook of a rock, stepping gingerly to the edge of the water. Gently lapping little waves tease my toes, and the muscles, I didn't realize I had tensed in expectation of cold, relax in the luxurious, warm, tropical water. The water here is never cold. I start to contemplate why, no fresh water springs? There should be seasonal... Stop. I catch myself mid analysis.

Release. I breath the word out loud, barely a whisper, yet it hangs in the cool evening air, full of promise.

A little burst of wind caused goosebumps to break out across my bare skin. My nipples tighten and I can't help but smile as I notice how much warmer the water suddenly feels. I wade smoothly, no need to stop and adjust for each sensitive area as I am immersed in the warm, welcoming water. Soon I am neck deep and standing weightless, feet barely touching the soft sand below me. Bouncing lightly on my toes with the tiny waves, feeling my body aware of the touch of water against my skin. I know bathing suits don't consist of much material, but the difference between a little fabric and nothing is enormous. The water swirling and caressing every inch of skin is a sublime sensation. I lift my my feet from the sandy bottom, gently scissoring my legs to enjoy the water squeezing in and over my sensitized vulva . I smile and close my eyes. I won't bring me to orgasm, but it feels soooo good.

I lay my head back and gaze with wonder at the full luminous moon. My body archs, slowly floating horizontal, only the stiff little peaks of my nipples break the surface to be teased by the cool breeze. I float there, arms and legs relaxed as if I were standing, quietly rocked by little waves, eyes drinking in the moon and stars, the wispy clouds, and the brilliantly black, and endless sky. One by one I let my issues go.

With the release of each thing I let my limbs drift farther and farther apart, opening myself like a lotus blossom to the will of the universe. I close my eyes and yield to the world around me. The sound of the water crackles and pops gently in my ears. The cool wind on my nipples, the warm water buoying me, holding me securely. Beyond release, I find surrender, then peace. Freedom from time and space.

What was that? My eyes fly open as the sensation of something pushed past in the water below me. How long had I been floating? Had I drifted to sleep or had it just been a moment since I closed my eyes. I couldn't tell. I tense as I feel it again, closer, it was fast, and it felt big. Of course, as soon as I tensed I lost my buoyancy and began to sink. I flailed gently, scared to splash, scared to let my feet down. I roll onto my stomach to check my bearing to the beach. How did I get so far from shore? I'm almost to the small break in the rocks that opens to the ocean! I start to swim for the shore, trying not to splash, stroking with everything I've got. I sputter and stop abruptly. It swam right across my path, just beyond my finger tips. No dorsal fin, not a shark, not a dolphin. What could it be? I begin to swim again, this time it comes up along my right side, pacing me, just out of my peripheral vision, until I dare to glance at it, then it darts ahead, disappearing in the dark water. Was that a face I saw? Fins or arms? Were those tentacles? Panic digs into the edges of my mind threatening to shred my sense of reason. I tread water, trying to gather my thoughts, what do I need to do? What's my way out? I close my eyes and send out a prayer to the universe for help and guidance. Breath in and release, in and release, calm and steady. I can do this. I open my eyes to fix the beach as my target - but all those thoughts simply disappeared. It was a face, a other worldly beautiful face. Huge dark eyes, deep and intense. He was not human, he was not a fish, I was not sure what he was, beyond enthralling. "Where have you been?" I gasped, and almost choked on the water I forgot was so near my mouth. The words, deep, intense and resonant, were not spoken aloud. Can something silent be deep and resonant? The words reverberated within my mind.

I stared, struggling to understand what was happening, while he stared back. Does he have eyelids? I'm going to loose this staring contest... "Where have you been?" came again, warm and gentle this time. "Can you hear me too?" A smile flashed across his handsome face. "Whenever you are in the water." His teeth where white, sharp and pointed like a fish, but his lips looked soft. He glided a bit closer and became serious again. "Why have you been away? I listened to you for many moons. Then you disappeared." I didn't know what to say. Listening to me? It should be freaky, in a stalker kind of way, but it wasn't. His large eyes conveyed care and concern. "Yes, I care. More than you know. You were lost to me." He moved even closer, his green hand reaching out to touch my cheek. Did I say green? He was green! Funny I just noticed that.

He chuckled. "Yes, green. Does it bother you?" I shake my head no. Still unsure whether to speak or not. "It doesn't matter, I hear both. I not only hear you, but feel you. I have never felt such a connection before. Never wanted another with such longing, such passion." He move close enough for me to feel his body through the water barely touching. He had a human like torso (except for the green). I noticed his hand was webbed, what else was different. His touch was not cold. "I am the same temperature as the water in which I live." I flinched slightly as I feel something swirling near my legs. "Do not worry, it is all me." I'm sure my eyes all but popped out of my head as he raised an octopus-like tentacle, suckers and all, to the surface to show me. He laughed now "No, I'm not related to this Ursula, the sea witch." I felt the flush from my chest to my cheeks, embarrassed to have even had the thought. "Do not be embarrassed. I love your thoughts, your mind, your soul." He moved closer embracing me, "Your warmth." His lips brushing my blushing cheeks. Embraced, it is hardly an adequate word. Two arms and, I couldn't even count how many, tentacles softly caressed me softly from the soles of my feet to the roots of my hair. "I am drawn to you." His lips found mine, gentle and tentative. His touch growing firmer as I moaned with pleasure.

It was unlike anything I had ever experienced, or could have even imagined. The tentacles were not slimy or sticky, but soft and sensuous. And the wicked little suction cups were taking little nips and nibbles, teasing here and there and, oh my god, everywhere. Two tentacles wound their way up my body, wrapping themselves around each of my breasts. I gasped as they squeezed rhythmically from the base to the tips, the tips of the tentacles alternatively tapping and tickling my nipples, interspersed with the application of a suction cups and tugging. I was writhing against him like a libidinous eel. I don't even know when I wrapped my arms around his neck.

His hair, well, you couldn't really call it hair, was soft and thick like sea anemone fingers and each strand caressed my hands or arms where they touched. His skins was smooth and tight, not hard, but firm. And he explored each and every bit of my skin. "Mmmmmm..." was the most intelligible thing I could say (or was it think?) as a tentacle brushed against my now swollen, wanton clitoris. He seemed to tremble in response to the intense jolt of pleasure that flashed through my brain (or was that me trembling?). "Ahh, you like that." and the tentacle began to play with it's new found treasure. His mouth slowly devoured me, kisses on my lips, cheeks and neck, deep and demanding one moment, soft and reverent the next, a sharp nibble here and there causing little bursts of shivers. His hands exploring my back, neck, ears, hair... And the tentacles, holy smokin' sensations Batman, they were everywhere! Every erogenous zone was being entertained and enthralled simultaneously.

My feet and legs were being massaged by more tentacles (how many is that so far?) and my hips began to thrust lasciviously, driven by the tenacious tentacle at my clitoris. Small waves were being generated in the water around us as thrusting became thrashing. Small orgasms rippled through me as another tentacle began to probe it's tapered tip against my outer labia, exploring, probing deeper with each thrust. When yet one more tentacle (I have truly lost count now) gently rubbed against my tender anus I knew I was close to exploding.

Continuously reading my mind, adjusting each movement, exploiting each threshold of pleasure, and occasionally, pain. Every muscle in my body proceeded to quiver as orgasms continued to roll through me. Up and down, over and over again to ecstasy and back. Yet the tension was not released, it continued to build within me. Suddenly, wave after wave of exquisite spasms crashed through my body. Intense convulsions consumed my body and numbed my mind. Yet, even in this moment of rapture, a tiny awareness tugged at the edge of my consciousness, which was fading fast with each successive mind-altering twitch, something larger than a tentacle was pushing against my open throbbing core. with my arms and legs wrapped, and for all intents and purposes, bound, all I could do was look down between us. It protruded from a slit low on his abdomen much like the foot of a mollusk emerges from it's shell. Holy shit, it must be as thick as the business end of a baseball bat, and a brief moment of panic gripped me.

"That's not going to fit!" It was as my last coherent thought as it was pushed into my slick center. My next thought was "Oh.... Holy Shi...! AAAHHH!!!" as he withdrew a smidge then plunged deeply into me. Suddenly there no breaks between the crests of my orgasmic waves. Overlapping sensations and over stimulated erogenous zones exploded as body wracking spasms. Devastating, whiplash inducing convulsions persisted as I was split apart and lost my mind. The tentacles gripping my arms, legs and breasts squeezed and pulled harder as I was held immobile in his multi-limbed grip. Suction cups viciously sucking and releasing all over my body set off mini firework all over my skin. The tentacle playing with my ass progressed to double penetrate me as his humongous organ slowly impaled me again and again and again. He covered my mouth with a soul sucking kiss, as he filled me in every way possible. I vaguely noted that we were sliding underwater. I was going to drown, and somehow, that seemed to be the least of my concerns...

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