tagNonHumanBeloved Ch. 04

Beloved Ch. 04


Raife had never felt so hard in his life. Her scent was filling his nose as her breasts filled his hands. He was losing control, the beast inside fighting tooth and nail for control. His lips wrapping gently around her stiff pink nipple had her body arching against him and a low moan escaping her throat.

As he worshipped her breasts with his lips and tongue his mind wandered momentarily back to the dream from last night. The memories had him wanting to taste her, just to see if she really was as sweet in real life as in the dream.

Jasmine felt his hands roaming across her skin, his thumbs hooking under the thin straps of her night gown. The cloth slid smoothly across her flesh to the floor with hot hard hands following closely behind exploring each inch of her supple body as it was exposed to him. Raife's lips raced with his hands to reach her most sensitive parts. He felt as well as heard her gasp as his hands ran softly down the outside of her thighs and his tongue simultaneously slipped between her nether lips. A tiny taste of her had him raging even harder.

Suddenly moving back up her form he lifted her yet again only to deposit her onto the thick mattress of his bed. His body followed hers down and she gasped again when his hard cock lay pressed between himself and her womanhood. She felt the juices flowing freely between her thighs as he kissed her passionately again. Reminding herself not to think she pushed her fingers into his hair to pull him even closer, deepening the kiss even more. She raised her hips to grind against the proof of his arousal, trying desperately to express everything she was feeling without words.

Her fingers raking over his back and tugging at his hair was almost too much for him to handle. Raife moaned into her mouth when he felt her fingernails scraping the flesh on his back. All this had him straining even harder to keep control of himself, to go gently. That fragile hold on control broke as soon as he felt her hips rise from the bed to press demandingly against him.

Jasmine squeaked as he suddenly rose and parted her legs. Then she was tensing as she felt him press the head of his cock against her hot, wet opening. Her reaction jerked Raife back into control, if only momentarily, reminding him of what she gone through so very recently.

"Are you ok? Should I stop?" he whispered softly into her ear, his breath hot on her neck.

"Yes I'm ok. Please don't stop." She responded barely above a whisper.

Her heavy breathing matched his as he eased forward and kissed her gently on the mouth. As her mouth responded yet again to his urgings he thought fleetingly about her reactions. It was almost as though this was the first time a man had kissed her or touched her to bring her pleasure.

Jasmine moaned her displeasure when Raife's lips left hers. Opening her eyes, she looked up into his and realized something was wrong.

"What is it? Have I done something wrong?" Jasmine asked, tears almost spilling over her long lashes as he remained silent.

He had to ask her. Before he lost the last remnants of control he had to know.

"Jasmine, have you ever been with a man before?" His eyes never left hers as he waited for what seemed like an eternity for her response.

Slowly, she shook her head no, even as her blushing cheeks gave him all the answer he needed.

Again, his head lowered and his lips captured hers. Tongues again began to duel as he renewed his efforts to bring her every ounce of pleasure he knew how. Fingertips brushed her still hard nipples as lips moved whisper soft over her neck.

Jasmine's heart felt as if it would burst from her chest when she felt those fangs close gently over her nipple. Then he was kissing and licking his way down her stomach yet again.

The scent of her arousal was driving him closer and closer to the edge, but still he forced himself to go slowly. His tongue slid ever so slowly over the length of her wet slit. He tasted her hot center and knew he was addicted for eternity. The unique scent of her was so very much stronger here, he couldn't hold out much longer.

Her hips rose from the bed as his agile tongue slipped inside her tight passage. The warmth that had begun to pool in her stomach coiled tighter and tighter as his lips and tongue played her body like a fine instrument. Crying out his name, she shattered against his mouth, flooding his lips with her sweet nectar.

Quicker than she could blink, Raife was off the bed and tossing his clothing into a pile across the room. As her breathing returned to normal, she took a moment to admire his hard lean body. Muscles rippled across his chest and down his arms as he moved. The heat began to build again in her, as she watched him stalk back to the bed.

Leaning over her, he pressed his lips against hers, devouring her in a passionate, breath-taking kiss that had Jasmine writhing beneath him. She lifted her hips and rubbed against him as much as she could with his body pinning hers to the bed.

Jasmine's mind was a whirlwind of thought and emotion, wanting more than anything to be able to give him as much pleasure as he was giving. She briefly thought of her plan, the sadness that came with that particular thought had her turning her attention back to the wonderful man above her, the man that was at that moment pressing his hot hard length slowly inside her.

Raife's thumb moved to her clit as he kissed her again and again. As she was nearing a second climax, her body rising against his, her breath coming out in pants and moans, he thrust in to the hilt. The sound of Jasmine screaming his name again had him nearly cumming on the spot. He held himself very still inside her. Not only to allow her to adjust to the new sensations, but he also felt as if he would spill at the slightest movement.

Jasmine opened her eyes and looked into silvery blue ones looking down on her. She could easily read the passion and hunger in those beautiful orbs. . In the throws of passion, Raife noticed the red flecks in her eyes had nearly consumed the emerald green of her eyes, leaving only a thin ring around the outer edge.

The pleasure of being so completely full outweighed the slight pain of his initial penetration and it had her grinding slowly against him.

Raife began to move with her, withdrawing almost completely then driving deep again. The feel of her silky muscles grasping his hard staff was mind-blowing. He felt his canines elongate and brush against his lower lips.

Jasmine noticed his fangs and felt the coil in her stomach tighten just that much tighter. Pulling him down she pressed her lips to his and ran her tongue over the sharp tip of a fang. Hearing the growl deep in his chest she repeated the action with the other fang.

"Do it Raife." She whispered against his lips.

Looking into her eyes he knew what she meant. He licked gently at the side of her neck, suckling against her skin. Earning him several moans and her nails began to dig deeper into the flesh of his back. He thought briefly that if he were human he would have scars.

When he felt her tight muscles begin to squeeze his cock, he buried his fangs into her neck. The first taste of her sweet blood on his tongue had him cumming instantly, his hot seed bathing her insides. He thought he could and would happily feed from her and only her for eternity.

Licking the wounds closed he looked at the face of the beauty in his bed. Her lips were red and swollen from his kisses, her cheeks flushed red and her long hair looked like a fiery halo. She looked to his eyes like a wanton goddess, and he already felt like worshipping her again.

Moving her to the pillows, Raife lay next to her dragging a blanket over them as he wrapped her in his arms. By that time he could tell by her soft breathing that she had fallen asleep. He laid his head against the pillow and followed her into sleep.


He could barely contain his rage. He had destroyed the room and still felt no better. All the furniture had been broken like so much kindling, every book ripped to shreds. The drapes and artwork had also been on the receiving end of his talons.

Every human servant in the building had run into hiding the moment he came in the door, which would now have to be replaced for the force of him slamming it had ripped it from its hinges.

After assuring they were off his scent he had doubled back and found that his hidden castle had been burned to the ground. He flew as quickly as he could to one of his other residences. There he had begun the destruction of the lesser study to try and ease the fury inside. He had needed to calm down a tad before planning.

The look on his face told his servants to give him a wide berth; otherwise they may end up very dead.

Thomas had no clue how they had found his hidden castle but he did know one very important thing. He knew exactly who had taken his latest toy. Raife and his little band of do gooders had her.

He had only decided to change this one so that maybe she would last longer than the rest. The fact that she had been taken from him before he had even begun grated on his nerves and his pride. He had to get her back.

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