I am a stag             of seven tines
I am a flood             across a plain
I am a wind             on a deep lake
I am a tear             the sun lets fall
I am a hawk             above the cliff
I am a thorn            under the nail
I am a wonder       among flowers
I am a wizard       who but I
Sets the cool head aflame with smoke

An excerpt from the song of Amheirgin

I was dreaming, dreaming in the dark place between the stars, outside the circles of time and space when I heard your call. Distant and quiet it was at first, but over time it grew more insistent. Intrigued I follow your call; down through the gates of the spheres I descended the tree.

Opening the veil I stood in a dark wood.

All around I felt the forms of things that give me homage. From the smallest shrew to the mighty wolf, crane and boar.

Looking up I see my Lady riding high in the sky, tattered clouds her dresses of silver. I can feel the pulsing of the mother under my feet, rich deep and fertile.

I can feel you, calling my name on the night wind. Lightly I spring between the sacred groves of oak, ash and broom, hearkening to your voice louder now.

I come.

From the dark beyond the your circle of fire I watch you. You are dancing in a circle of flame; your body writhing in rapture, flickering between the worlds, the firelight casts strange shadows over and around you. From above my Lady silvers you with her light, you dance aware of my form beyond the circle, your face lit from within, ecstasy in your dark eyes.

In the shadows I shift my form from stag to man, clothed in the arms of the forest I step quietly in to the circle of light.

Breathless you cease your dancing and our eyes meet. In that instant a stream of knowing passes between us, holy and sublime.

The moon shines upon you, I can see the crescent moon upon your brow.

I step into the circle of fire, feel it’s heat upon my body.

With our eyes we share an eternal cycle of death, birth and love. My love you have called me to this place, this becoming.

Gently I enfold you in my arms; our tongues entwine as our lips meets.

Time stands still.

I don’t resist as you pull me down onto the soft floor of this magical place. I can feel myself getting hard as your hands explore my body. I caress your breasts feeling your nipples tighten into hard buds of sensitivity. You moan as I pinch them, your body pressing tightly against mine. I can feel your heat, your need.

Gently I slip down the length of your body; my tongue leaving a trail that glitters silver in the moonlight. Slowly I work my way down to your vagina, I can sense that you’re wet and ready for me.

Gently I part your outer lips with my fingers, exposing you to the night air. With a quick dart of my head I penetrate you with my tongue, pushing it right up inside you tasting your juices, revelling in your taste.

I can feel your fingers grabbing my hair as your hips start to buck, forcing my face deeper into your wet pussy. Moans escape from your lips as I increase my efforts driving you onto the brink of the orgasmal abyss. With a scream you plunge into ecstasy, love juices gush into my open mouth and over my face.

The firelight shifts through the spectrum to gold as your orgasm ripples through the planes, channelling the energy in to a cone above us.

Slowly I work my body up yours until our lips meet and our limbs are entwined. Pre-cum leaks out of my throbbing cock as I softly push you back, spread your legs and position myself above you. My wet cock head poised at the entrance to your body.

With one slow thrust I push myself deep inside you, your back arches as I fill you with my hard cock, your fingernails scratch my back as I start to pump my cock in and out of your tight wet hole.

Slowly at first then faster and faster we build a rhythm bodies as one we climb the curve to release.

The fire shifts through rainbows as we climb higher and higher, the cone spins faster and faster.

With one last push we come, my juices shooting deep into your womb flooding it, as you come you scream, our bodies and souls entwined, dancing the spiral dance in wild abandonment. The cone above us flares between the heavens and earth, all is one, linked, balanced.

Slowly the light changes, we lie spent in each other’s arms, in contented silence. The stars continue their course above us and our Lady dips under the trees.

Your breathing changes and I can tell you sleep. Softly I get to my feet and walk into the dark woods.

I shift shape and part the veil climbing through the plane I return to my place in the spiral.

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