"I don't think this is a good idea," Jasmine stepped through the door. "What if there's some hobo living in here?"

"Oh come on, Jaz. Who cares?" Mike pushed a few pieces of framing from their path. "We'll scare him before he can scare us. Besides, you're tired of the 'same old-same old, aren't you? You should really make up your mind. I mean -"

"Just because I think this place is a bit creepy doesn't mean I'm gonna chicken out." She tip-toed across a hole in the floor, watching as he handled the wooden beams. "I just don't like the idea of coming across weirdos in the middle of the night. We're here, aren't we? If I was gonna change my mind, I would have stayed home."

"Alright, I get it." Mike thought of the rumors she had told him about. The looters who nearly died of fright, people last seen here now missing. She had some crazy ideas, but what the hell, right? Maybe she'd finally get that 'supernatural experience' she always talked about. "I was just teasing anyway."

Around a corner a tattered staircase at the far end led to the second floor. Shining their flashlights about the morose hallway, they peered into holes in the walls that refused to allow release of their shadows, expecting at any moment something or someone would jump out. Portraits had once hung on the walls where nails, now hidden among the debris, left bare the thatching the plaster once clung to. They tested each step after inspecting it with a flashlight, Mike taking Jasmine's trembling hand to aid her in scaling the steps, his flashlight illuminating the outline of her breasts as they bound to each side with her steps. After carefully scaling the stairs they emerged to a long hallway with a couple of doors on either side.

"Hey! Check this out. Looks pretty clean in here." Mike excitedly walked over to the king-sized bed which was mostly made up and pulled back the blankets offering her a temporary love nest. "Ugh! Never mind!" The stifling aroma of urine, vomit and death assaulted his nose and stomach. Maggots shadowing the cameo of long dead flesh roughly the size of a rat. He tried not to vomit and quickly headed back to the hallway with his hand over his mouth and nose.

"Pretty nasty huh?" Giggling she nodded to the door. "Close that door so the smell doesn't come out here."


They checked the remaining rooms finding much of the same. The creaks of the house playing on their nerves, slight wisps of air passing them from an unknown source. The tension was effecting Jasmine in a new way, it was odd to her to feel aroused when thinking of the unknown, but at the very least she would have something different.

As they opened the door of the room at the far end of the hall, they found a very pleasant space. The walls were not the greatest, but no evidence of nasty odors or vandalism and the bed appeared clean after Mike's thorough inspection.

"Well Jaz," Mike placed his hands on his hip approving of their find, hoping it would set the mood for her naughty side. "I think this will definitely work. Let's set up and get ready."

"Yup." Jasmine agreed. Still fighting the urge to forget her long-planned ritual and take her willing boyfriend on the beautifully ornate California king bed. "Nicest room in the place, it should work well."

The two began unpacking their tools and equipment. They ran down their checklist making sure they had everything they needed. Then out of Mike's bag came five pieces of wood each hinged in the middle. After assembling the pieces and adding the legs, they had a perfectly round altar engraved with a heptagram of silver inlay and different golden symbols for each point.

Jasmine continued setting up the candles around the room as accurately as possible. She took extra care aligning these five candles, delicately placing each and the tools corresponding to them. Incense, salt, blessed water with a touch of cinnamon, granite and a blanket and cushion. She then placed a black candle in the shape of a nude woman and white candle of a man on the altar.

"Well, we're getting quicker with this." She stood and arched her back stretching as she caught Mike undressing her with his eyes. "Twenty minutes flat, that's a record."

"Wow, we've got a whole hour to kill Jaz." He placed his index finger to his temple, eyebrow raised. "Hmn... what could we do?"

"Heh, heh. Funny Mike. Wait for the proper time," She raised a disciplinary finger, "you know better."

She wished it weren't so, thoughts of abandoning their plan still fresh in her mind. "No food, no drink other than water and absolutely no sex of any kind for at least twenty-four hours before the ceremony."

"I know. Sometimes I wonder if it really makes a difference though." He stood before her, placing his hand on her upper arm, tenderly caressing her soft succulent skin. "I mean, hungry, horny and thirsty?"

"It does Mike." She placed her arms around his waist, her nipples perking and pussy pulsing against the seam of her skin-tight jeans. Placing her cheek against his hard, warm chest she pressed herself close breathing deeply his scent. "I've tried it both ways and it definitely does. When you deny your body physical satisfaction, you automatically start to rely on your spirit to fill the gaps."

"It's just a pain in the ass is all." Brushing the blonde waves of her shoulder length hair away from her face. "Oh well, it's only once every six weeks right?"

"Yep, unless we do the full moons too." She pulled away, feeling the moment die as she heard an odd tapping from the fireplace. She continued her comment hoping to dismiss the sound with the discussion. "Then you're talking twenty-one times a year. Eh, Twenty-one isn't that bad. It's once every two, or two and a half weeks."

"Yeah, okay, I don't think that'll be any time soon." Mike peered at the fireplace listening for a second set taps hoping to ease the new tension blocking his fun. "I got an appetite like a fat man lost in the desert chasing an ice cream stand mirage. Ha ha."

"You can watch me strip though." Jasmine smirked and stood up. She pulled off her shirt, exposing her soft skin and supple breasts, nipples standing proud.

"Ooh, you bad girl." He watched her as he tried to keep pace, sliding away his tank-top and posing with his muscles flexed for her approval, tracing her shape with his wanton eyes admiring her supple breasts as the silver white moonlight cast upon her from a nearby window.

"Nice." Jasmine batted her eyes acknowledging his gaze, slipping open her fly,seductively sliding off her jeans. Tossing the unneeded garment at her man with the tip of her toes.

"Aren't you full of surprises." Mike pulled off his jeans, stumbling as his sensual attempt failed, still watching his alluring lust bride tease his imagination.

"Now the rest baby." She lowered her head an looked up to him, inviting him to test her waters, snapping the string of her thong, still cautious of the odd and unsettling noises now coming from outside the windows and door.

"All of it?" He teased as he placed her hand at the waist of his briefs, inviting her hand to sample the goods. His cock pressing and straining to escape from within the limited space. He tried to ignore the sounds, taps and whistles, low murmurs and scratching. He cupped her pussy with thong in place, kneading her swollen, wet lips between his thumb and fingers forcing her body to heave and beg.

"Not too much." She pulled his hand away and slid his underwear off. She cupped his balls and massaged his cock, showing just a slight taste of what is yet to come.

Pushing him away, she handed him his robe with a slight teasing grin. She donned hers and walked around the room clockwise blessing it and clearing away the negative energy. Mike followed carrying a tray of lit incense, fanning it as they made three passes around the room. Then Mike placed a line of salt in front of the doors -- including the closets, the windows and the fireplace. They cast their circle and evoked the god and goddess, then stated the purpose of their ritual.

Jasmine took him by the hand and led him to the spirit candle, where they had placed the cushion and blanket. Kneeling slowly together they embraced each other pressing lightly, barely touching. They could feel the energy passing between themas they kissed. Slowly at first and ever so softly running their fingers along each other. First the arms, caressing and touching ever so slightly. Then to the back tracing each others spines and shoulders. Next to their breasts and finally to the loins.

They could feel the swelling of each other, hot and wet and ready for action. They tickled and caressed each other, slipping each other their tongues. Breathing heavy and moaning in ecstasy she stood him up and grabbed his cock. Licking from the base of his sack slowly but powerfully in circles up and down his shaft. As he began to moan and grunt she took him into her mouth and buried it deep in her throat, pressing her lips to his sack. Slowly she pulled back gently scraping her teeth along the shaft, then licking the tip and returning for another full thrust. She could feel it pulsing and throbbing against her tongue and her throat with each bob of her head. She planted him deep in her mouth anticipating his explosion, sucking hard and backing her head slowly away dragging her teeth as he pulsed his hot cum in her mouth. Slowly she stood before him running his still pulsing cock down her neck, between her breasts and across her belly.

Mike fell to his knees as she released him from her sensual grip, he was hungry for her flower. He started from her lips and made his way to her breasts stopping long enough to suck on her nipples, pleased as she moaned in excitement and arched her back. He traced her perfectly shaved and trimmed pussy with his fingers and then with his tongue. Rubbing her thighs and belly as he played with her nipples. He placed one finger slowly inside her pressing upwards and moving in and out. Starting at her clitoris, he licked down to his finger and back up again.

He could feel her begging to orgasm and began running his middle and index in and out of her a little faster with each thrust. Then sliding his pinky and ring fingers down between the cheeks of her ass. he lubed her puckered hole and gently slid in the pinky keeping perfect time in both. As she began to breathe heavier he slid in the ring finger along the pinky and began running all four faster and faster as she moaned and begged for more. Arching her back, she clawed into his shoulders and started screaming. He moaned in delight as he lapped up the juices from her throbbing loins.

Still hot and ready, she swapped positions with him and mounted him like a great steed. Ever so slowly rocking her hips back and forth, up and down in a circular motion. He tried to thrust but she stopped him and bent over kissing him.

"Stay still, relax my love."

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. She could feel how hard he was and made every stroke as slow as she could while squeezing him between her thighs. She could feel him begin to pull away as he was ready to explode. She placed her hands upon his pressure points and squeezed his shaft with it half way inside her, patiently waiting for him to calm down and continue.

"Not yet. I'm not done with you."

She could feel the urge to climax rushing upon her as she began to gyrate faster and harder. Finally it was just in and out slamming herself against him feeling him rammed inside and hearing his grunts. She felt his attempts to pull away.

"No! I want you to cum with me."

He nodded, grabbed her hips and allowed her to continue. As she felt herself begin to contract, she could feel him bulging to full girth inside her. She took his hands and pulled him up never missing a stroke. Holding him close with one last thrust, she pressed herself against him and squeezing her loins as hard as she could nearly convulsing with each throb of his cock inside her.

When they had both relaxed enough to move, she posed on her knees and spread her cheeks inviting him for a rare treat. He quickly pressed himself between her cheeks and began rubbing up and down, teasing her loose and ready orifice. She grabbed his sack from between her legs and gently pulled him towards her.

"Now or never, cowboy."

He pressed against her and grabbed hold to support it. She rubbed his sack and he could feel the excitement turn to lust as his cock became hard again. He gently slid the head into her stopping and backing half way.

"Do it now."

He lunged in and stopped to allow her to balance and then began thrusting in and out as she moaned and grabbed his ass. He played with one breast, squeezing and kneading as he balanced with the other hand. As she loosened a bit he increased his speed pumping as fast as he could.

"I should have let you do this sooner!"

"Now's just as good, baby."

Mike smiled and continued pumping as she fell from her hands to her chest, keeping herself posed for his thrusts. He bent over her and allowed her to lay flat, still thrusting as he kissed her back. She pressed her upper body back up and twisted to kiss him as they again reached orgasm and fell to the floor.

They lay breathing heavily, relaxing for a moment kissing him softly and curling close. After a while, Jasmine decided it was time to close the ritual.

"Come on Mike, we must finish our work. Don't disappoint me after ordaining you. Up on your feet and let's close this circle."

"Yes M'Lady."

After they dismissed all but the circle, Jasmine began to remove the circle counter clockwise. As she spoke her dismissal, an eerie wind came up from the doors and windows. At first she paid it no mind as wind was common upon undoing a circle, but it began to increase and become almost unwelcoming. She turned to Mike as held him close hoping that they could weather whatever was happening if they were closer together. Mike heard a whisper and turned to look at the door. He saw nothing at first, but then saw a figure appear.

"Why have you invaded my sacred space?" Questioned the figure as it floated towards them. "Why do I return to find unwanted souls within my domain?"

Mike held Jasmine tightly, fearing for their safety. Jasmine bent over and picked up her blade and pointed it to the altar. She was chanting in a language he had never heard before.

The figure laughed, "Ha ha fool! You attempt such stupid silly parlor tricks."

She continued the incantation repeating it over and over. Mike did not know what she was saying, but after repeating it twice he joined in the chant. When repeated, Jasmine changed one word and pointed to Mike, He then understood he must say that instead and nodded.

They repeated the chant for almost an hour until finally the spirit grew tired of hearing it. It came even closer now breathing down their necks. It's appendages clawing at their backs. It whipped them leaving bloody gashes on their backs and flung the salt from the doors and windows at them. The spirit put itself between them and the altar, but they did not stop chanting. In one last effort the spirit took hold of them, and lifted them to the ceiling.

"You dare to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh in my abode? I will show you your punishment for such insolence!"

The spirit threw them across the room, hitting the wall and falling upon the bed. The two of them now lay on the giant four-post king sized bed.

"The man and woman have fornicated in my sacred space! It is time now that they receive a just punishment!"

Out of the walls came fiendish looking things. Neither of them were quite sure of what they were. The beings each had breasts and a vagina as well as what looked like erect and deformed penises. Winged creatures with tattered gowns and long black hair. The figure in the middle of the room commanded them to have their way with the two half-beaten and still chanting mortals.

Two each took hold of each and positioned them on the bed so that each could watch the other as two more approached. Each chose one of them and began to rape them. The first came to Jasmine and placed its erect 'thing' inside her ramming her unforgivably with sharp quills tearing her apart. Then it switched to her ass and again rammed her unforgivably pulling a bloody quill covered lump from her. As she laid there still chanting, it put the other two to work drinking her puddled blood while it began licking her breasts with a tongue covered in short knives. The razor-sharp blades tore her flesh and ripped at her muscles underneath.

When they had finished mutilating her, leaving her alive and still conscious, they proceeded to attack Mike. First, the third winged beast climbed on top of him and took his cock in its hands and forced him to become erect. Then it put him inside it's vagina. Mike squirmed, horrified in his mind that there would be knives or quills, but there wasn't. It was as soft as Jasmine and just as wet and hot. As he began to orgasm, the beast released a thousand tiny quills out of the walls of its hellish cunt, completely tearing his member to shreds and then proceeded to rape his ass as it's twin had done to Jasmine. Mike couldn't feel what it was doing, he only knew that he would suffer the same. The beast crawled to his face and began to masturbate over him. When ready to orgasm, it shoved its member into his mouth. He could feel it pulsing and the warmth of the fluid on his throat. Then it released the knives slicing his cheeks, throat and tongue.

The two laid on the bed in a blood adorning them. The master of the winged beasts walked over to inspect his pets' work.

"There. Now you know the punishment for defiling my sacred space." It said as it stood over them gloating at their corpse-like bodies. "I suppose you will never do something like that again will you?" It added as it started laughing.

Suddenly it stopped laughing and became very silent. It leaned over Jasmine and then Mike. It could still hear the chanting as they lay there dieing. It shook Jasmine and ordered her to wake up, but she was difficult and did not stop chanting. Then it shook Mike and yelled at him to wake up. He heard its orders, and tried but it was no use. Then it picked them up and sat them on the edge of the bed and slapped them.

"Mike, Mike! Wake up!" A young man said as he slapped him in the face. "Man you guys must have had a wild night."

"Yeah," Mike answered rubbing his eyes. "I guess so."

Mike and Jasmine looked at each other, stretching and yawning. Their expressions baffling their friend as they reoriented themselves to their surroundings.

"Man," The young man said as he shook his head disbelieving what he was witnessing. "I guess you weren't joking after all. I'm glad you told me where you were going, the coven was starting to worry."

Mike and Jasmine looked at each other as they redressed into their street clothes. Half smiling and half concerned, they could almost tell that they were both there and that they had experienced the same thing...


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