tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBeltane Memories

Beltane Memories


I woke up in my warm bed...the sun was up and above the eastern horizon, and the light cast on my bedroom wall told me I had slept later than I had planned.

It was Saturday morning, and it was the Pagan holiday Beltane, and Mayday.

I Lay there in bed and stretched my body, feeling the warmth of the sun warming the room. It was deliciously comfortable, and as I ended my morning stretch, I realized I had had a sexy dream, and reached up, cupping my breasts and squeezing them slightly in each hand. I smiled to myself, and threw the covers back, getting up out of bed, and down to the bathroom for a shower.

As the warm water poured over me, I began to remember parts of the dream I had had last night. I could remember that it had to do with sex, but I couldn't remember how. The emotions and responses were still firing off in my brain, and as I stood there in the shower, I reached for my wet soapy breasts and then remembered why I had awoken in a state of arousal.

The dream was about my boyfriend, Lee. God, he was so hot. He had this way of humming when he went down on me that nearly made me climb the walls when we made love. He loved to bend me over the side of the bed and come at me from behind...With that huge cock of his, he would push in and out of me slowly, building me up till I would have to push back against him to signal that I couldn't take it anymore, and I needed to be downright fucked.

But in my dream, we were different people, and didn't look like ourselves; Lee had on this ugly fur coat that he wouldn't take off, and as I remembered more of the dream, I could almost feel the hairs of the coat brushing against my skin while he fucked me on my hands and knees. I could see the whole dream in my mind now, and as I recalled the events, my hand slipped down to the wet soapy folds of my pussy, and I stroked my finger tips across my clitoris, wishing he were there right now.

Soon I was so intensely aroused that I reached for a small shampoo bottle and slowly pushed it up into myself and I rubbed my clit faster, the warm shower water running down my body, as I masturbated thinking about him.....wondering why he left me.

I sighed, rinsed the soap from my body and turned off the water, now thoroughly depressed. I got out of the shower and got dressed in khaki shorts, a white blouse, and my hiking boots.

I wandered through the kitchen and grabbed a glass of milk and one of Mom's scones as I headed out the door.

Dad was out in the garden weeding around the tomato plants, and mom was with him, thinning out the carrots as I wandered down to the garage to gather my own gardening tools of a sort.

I picked up my basket and boline, and placing the small sickle into the basket, walked out of the driveway and down the road. I thought maybe I would go down to the old Downy homestead, as the wild daisies would now surely be in bloom.

The grasses were so verdant and soft to the touch, and the field towards the old barn was alive with daisies. It was wonderful and peaceful, being among the new growth.

By the old creek bed, the willows were forming blooms from their velvety catkins, and I could smell the first scent of pollen in the air. The robins were riding the lifting air currents, sensing the warming breezes that would soon be here, and I watched as those on the ground pulled up worms to feed their newly-hatching babies.

I wandered towards the stream, as though transfixed upon its babbling waters, and I stared into the cool liquid at the tiny fish. As they ducked my shadows, I stood up and went towards the barn, cutting handfuls of daisies with my boline, and placing them in my basket.

From behind the barn grew an enormous fir tree choked in climbing ivy, and I sat there, peaceful with Mother Earth, and her newness, and contemplated the God and Goddess, and their places, during this, the time when new things are borne from the Earth.

As I meditated, holding the freshly-picked flowers in my basket, I heard the sound of a woman laughing, and looked up.

She had run out of the trees, giggling as she leaped through the daisy-filled meadow, her long golden hair flowing behind her as she ran in a white gossamer robe.

From the trees came what I first thought to be an Elk, but that was only from the neck up. It was definitely male.

He had extremely muscular legs, and as he ran after the woman, I could see the muscles of his biceps bulging with each stride. He was nude, and I could see his enormous, half-erect penis bobbing up and down with each stride.

He had huge antlers growing from either side of his head, and beneath the shaggy shoulders was a massive chest with bulging muscles and a rippled abdomen. He was masculinity in its purest, wildest form, and as I watched, he stopped and stood tall among the grasses, bugled loudly as an Elk, and chased after the woman.

She shrieked with laughter and I soon saw that they were playing at a game of chase. As she ran, he charged after her, his member stiffening as he drew nearer to her, and suddenly she stopped, and he came up short, his chest heaving as she turned and smiled at him.

He caught her up in his muscular arms and she laid her head against his smooth chest as his hands ran through her hair, and across the skin of her body. Her robe fell away by his hands, and at the sight of her nakedness, his member drew to its full, and throbbing majesty.

I sat there, dumbfounded, as I slowly realized what I was seeing, and I began to weep at the awesome spectacle that I was witnessing. I knew this to be the Goddess and her consort Herne, Cernunnos, the Horned One. They were about to create life, and not only the life that the Goddess would carry within her womb until its birth at Yule, but the life of the entire world.

I sat there beneath that tree and watched as he pulled her down into the grasses with him, and on her knees, he took her from behind, thrusting his tremendous organ into the depths of her body, as she alternately moaned in pleasure, and squealed with delight.

I became incredibly aroused, and set the basket of daisies aside, and allowed myself to touch my breasts, the pink nipples that were standing erect as gooseflesh. I became extremely aroused, and could not stop at casually stroking the milky skin of my breasts; I watched the rutting god mate with his consort as my hand reached down the front of my pants, and I was startled to find how wet I was. The folds of my own sex were wet with its own lubricant, and as I watched them, I rubbed at my clitoris, my free hand pinching at my left nipple as my heat increased.

I thrust two fingers inside of myself and tipped my head back in my pleasure, my own soft moans mingling with those of the Goddess as she copulated with Cernunnos not far from where I sat.

As I pulled my hand back to my clitoris, I bent my head down, and lifted my breast to my lips. I grasped my nipple with my own mouth and suckled at my breast while I brought myself closer and closer to the point of orgasm.

I was ready to cum, and held back as long as I could, until finally I could wait no longer, and I cried out, as the Goddess too cried out, and Cernunnos thrusted deeply into her a last time.

As I shook with my orgasm, so did the Goddess tremble in her pleasure, and the god released his seed into her womb, filling her with the promise of warm summer days, fruited harvests, and plentiful crops for all the children of the Earth.

I collapsed and leaned back against the trunk of the great tree, breathing heavily and too drained from my orgasm to pull my hand away from my pulsing sex. I only wanted to lay back and revel in the afterglow.

As my eyes closed, my mind drifted, and I thought of the amazing gift that the God and Goddess bestow upon the Earth's children in the form of so many daily miracles that we take for granted.

Slowly I pulled my hand away, sat up, and opened my eyes.

They were gone.

Had they ever really been there? Perhaps in spirit they were.

In either case, I know what I had seen and felt, and as I stood and straightened my clothes, I gathered my boline and the basket of daisies and I walked to where they had been.

The grass was matted and pressed down to the meadow's surface. I could feel the energy still there, the majick of the God and Goddess's union.

I took half of the fresh-cut flowers from my basket and left them lying there in the grass, turned, and walked home, looking at the natural world in a wholly different manner.

For the first time I felt a part of the Earth, rather than just a nameless, faceless member of the human race.

I keep daisies in my home and that knowledge with me always.

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