tagNovels and NovellasBen & Nancy Ch. 05

Ben & Nancy Ch. 05

byD.C. Roi©

Passion in James County XV: Ben and Nancy

Ben immediately recognized Dawn Dillon when the girl walked into his classroom for English composition class. His heart started to pound and his chest felt tight. "God! She looks just like her mother must have looked when she was in high school grade!" he thought when the slim, lovely teenager walked into the room, moved down the aisle between the desks, and took a seat.

The classroom full of students sat there, looking at him expectantly. Ben stood up, picked up the corrected essays, and walked around in front of his desk. "I'm Mr. Morris," he said. "I'm going to be teaching this class for the rest of the year. I know a few of your names from other classes where I've substituted, don't I, Mikey?" He glanced at a blushing Mikey Bacon, who was notorious for making mischief, while the class giggled.

"I have your essays graded," Ben continued. "I'll call your name, you raise your hand, and I'll give it to you. It's one way for me to get to know who you are."

After he handed the last student her essay, Ben started back toward the front of the classroom. "I have a question for you," he said. "Do you think an aberration of nature makes a person admirable?"

"What do you mean?" Mikey Bacon asked.

"I'm not being critical of any of you who said pro athletes were admirable," Ben said, "but take pro basketball players, for example. They are freaks of nature. The only reason they're successful at what they do is because they were born bigger and more coordinated than normal people. Why does that make them admirable?"

"Because they make lots of money?" Mikey asked hopefully.

Melissa Griggs raised her hand. Ben nodded in her direction. "Just because you have a lot of money doesn't make you admirable," she said, looking a bit smug.

"Yeah, but some pro basketball players do all kinds of good stuff," Ronny Wiggins said. "They give money to charity, go visit kids in the hospital, stuff like that, doesn't that make them, you know, admirable?"

"What about firefighters?" Annalise Mills, whose mother was a firefighter/paramedic asked. "They do good stuff for people every day."

Ben remained quiet, watching and listening, as the kids struggled with the question he'd asked them. His eyes scanned the class, but kept drifting to Dawn Dillon. "I can't believe how much she looks like her mother," he thought. "She has the same slim build, the same lovely eyes, and her hair's even the same color."

The kids kept the discussion going, making some good points. When conversation began lagging, Ben decided to see if he could get them looking at a different aspect. "Some of you picked people who weren't famous," he said. "Quite a few of the girls see their parents as admirable. Ginger, you made a good case for your mother, so did you Annalise. Dawn, you made a very eloquent case for your father, too. What do the rest of you think?"

The discussion took on new life as the kids struggled to try and figure out how someone who wasn't famous could be admirable.

When Ben realized there were just a few minutes left in the period, he called a halt to the discussion. "What I'd like you to do for next class," he said, "is to write a one-page essay on what qualities you believe make a person admirable."

The bell rang, the kids picked up their books, and started filing out of the room.

"Dawn, can I speak to you for a second?" Ben said when the girl neared his desk.

"Ah...sure, Mr. Morris," the young woman said, looking nervous.

"I just wanted to tell you I was touched by your essay," Ben said when the classroom was empty. "It made me feel as if I knew your father. I was sorry to hear about what happened to him. He'd have been very proud of you."

"Ah...thanks, Mr. Morris," the girl said, blushing. Clutching her books to her chest, she left the room.

During his free period, Ben went to the teacher's lounge. There, he encountered Tosha Brown, a slim, attractive black woman who taught history.

"How's your first day going?" Tosha asked him.

"So far, so good," Ben said. "Better than I thought it would, actually."

"You know," Tosha said, grinning, "a lot of the girls have decided you're a real hunk."

"Aw come on," Ben replied, feeling himself blush. He'd never thought of himself in those terms.

Tosha poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down at the table across from Ben. "I understand you and Evelyn are an item," she said, holding her cup in both hands, sipping from it.

"I'm not an item with anybody," Ben said. "Evelyn and I have been seeing each other, but there aren't any commitments I'm aware of. At least I haven't made any."

Tosha peered at him over the rim of her cup, then lowered it. "Does that mean you'd come over to my place for dinner if I asked you?" she said softly.

Ben smiled at her. "I think I'd like that," he said. "Am I being asked?"

Tosha nodded, her brown eyes locked on his.

"When?" Ben asked. Tosha was quite attractive; an evening with her could turn out to be quite interesting.

"You doing anything tonight?" she asked softly.

Evelyn had told Ben she wouldn't be available tonight because, as a member of the teacher's union negotiating committee, she had to attend a school board meeting for negotiations on the new union contract. She said she expected the meeting to run very late. "Nothing much," Ben said.

Tosha smiled, displaying a mouth filled with even white teeth. "Dinner will be ready about six," she said. She picked up a piece of scrap paper and wrote something on it, then she pushed the paper across the table to Ben. "That's my address," she said.

At five-fifty-five, Ben knocked on the door of Tosha's apartment. She opened it, looking extremely attractive. She had on a ribbed white button-front cotton sweater and baggy jeans, cinched around her waist with a wide black belt with a silver buckle. The outfit highlighted her lithe body. Ben thought she looked terrific.

"Hi," she said.

"Hi," he said. "I like your outfit."

"Ah...thanks," Tosha replied, clearly pleased by his compliment. "Come in, dinner's almost ready."

She stepped back and Ben walked into the apartment. It was small, neat, and had been personalized with pictures and African art.

Tosha was acting a bit nervous. "Would...would you like coffee...or...or something?" she asked.

"You have a very nice apartment," Ben commented, looking around. The apartment was filled with the smell of their cooking dinner, but Ben found he wasn't all that hungry right then.

"Ah...thanks," Tosha said. She stood next to Ben in the small combination living room-dining room-kitchen looking as if she couldn't decide what to do next.

Ben decided to help. "Where's your coffee maker?" he asked. "I'll get some coffee started."

"It's over there, on the counter," Tosha said and gestured in that direction. "I keep the coffee in the refrigerator."

Ben found the materials and soon had coffee brewing while Tosha made herself comfortable on the sofa and watched. He looked over at her and she smiled. "This isn't the way it's supposed to be, is it?" she asked.

"What isn't?" Ben responded.

"You making coffee for me," Tosha said. "I mean, this is my place. And I did invite you here for dinner and..."

"I like it," Ben said. "Fussing over you makes me feel useful." That got him a smile. "I'm not the greatest cook in the world, but people tell me I do make a mean cup of coffee."

While the coffee maker worked, he sat down. Since the only seat available in the living room was the sofa Tosha was on, he had to sit next to her.

She tucked her legs under her and looked at him. "So what made you decide to become a teacher?" she asked.

Ben shrugged. "I'm not sure, exactly. It's just something I've always wanted to do," he said.

Tosha smiled. "I know, it was that way for me, too," she said. "I wanted to be a teacher from the first day I went to school."

Ben nodded. "I know exactly how you feel," he said. "Teaching is more than just a way to make a living, isn't it?"

Before Tosha could say anything else, Ben put his hand behind her head and urged her face toward his. She offered no resistance and their lips joined, sending hunger flooding through his body.

Tosha moaned softly into his mouth and moved against him, her arms sliding around his neck.

While the kiss lingered, Ben began to unbutton her sweater. When the buttons were open, he slid his hand under it and began stroking her silky-smooth belly.

Tosha made no effort to stop him, nor did she end the kiss. Instead, her tongue slid into his mouth and one of her hands began sliding over his pants, seeking his cock.

The kiss ended. Ben kissed her cheek, licked her ear, then his lips started moving down her neck.

Tosha kept fondling his cock through his pants, making it harder, causing lightning-bolts of pleasure to arc through him.

His hands continued to glide over her warm, smooth flesh, accompanied by Tosha's soft moans of joy. After a while, his kisses began moving downward. He felt the muscles of her stomach ripple as his lips and tongue caressed them. Tosha leaned against the back of the sofa, continuously uttering soft murmurs of delight. It was a wild new experience for Ben, who'd never made love to a black woman! He was as turned on as he could ever remember being!

From her belly, his lips traveled upward, once again journeying toward her breasts. He slid his hands around behind her and unhooked the clasp that held her lacy bra closed, baring what turned out one of the loveliest pairs of breasts he'd seen in a long time. They weren't big, but were perfectly conical. Small, enticing nipples jutted from small aureoles, which were a darker hue than the rest of her. Her breasts appeared almost painfully swollen.

When he began to lick and suck the swollen tips, mewls of delight gushed from Tosha and her hands fluttered, as if she wasn't sure what to do with them. Her body quivered and shook. He hadn't expected to get this far this fast, but since he was, he had no intention of halting until he'd gotten what he wanted.

Ben unfastened her belt, opened her pants, then he grasped her slacks and tugged them down. Tosha helped him as he exposed her lean legs. Now all she wore was a pair of lacy white bikinis which formed a stark contrast to her ebony skin.

He moved off the sofa and knelt beside it. Tosha stretched out, lifting one leg and draping it on the back of the sofa while Ben was still sucking her nipples. Her eyes were tightly closed and her body was quivering.

He slid his hand over the silken flesh covering one leg and cupped her middle. Tosha moaned, arched her back and her hips began to twist as he caressed her vagina through her panties. The wetness of her excitement had begun to soak through the sheer garment.

Ben kept caressing her damp gash and her hips rocked and twisted and her moans of joy got louder. He pushed the panties aside and touched her puffy labia.

Tosha began pulling at his arm. "Take me, Ben!!! Please!! I want you in me!" she murmured ardently.

When he heard her fervent request, Ben stood up, quickly got out of his clothes, and laid on top of Tosha's lean, black body. She slid her hand between them, gripped his cock, and guided it to her slick opening.

Ben felt his cock sinking into Tosha and thought he'd never been in anyone as tight! As wet as she was, his cock had to fight its way into her. For a minute, he wondered if she were a virgin, but as ecstasy rushed through him, pleasure became the only thing he could comprehend!

Tosha locked her legs behind Ben and forced her pelvis against him. Her eyes were shut, her neck muscles were corded, and her body strained against his. Suddenly, she exploded.

"Yeah!!! Oh, Lord!!! Oh, Lord!!!" she cried, her body twisting and turning wildly. "Give it to me, Ben!!! Harder!!! Oh, shit!!! Harder!!! Harder!!! Oh, shit!!! I'm...I'm coming!!! Fuckme-fuckme-fuckme-fuckme-fuckme-fuckme!!!!!"

The wild motions of Tosha's body sent a hurricane of delectable emotions swirling through Ben. It was so intense he had little control! His hips began beating a wild tattoo against hers. He drove against her, his passion rising, then supreme delight washed over him as he exploded.

"Gahhhhh!!!!!" he groaned as he erupted into her. It was as wonderful an orgasm as he could recall having in along, long time.

"That's it!!!" Tosha exulted when they finished, "That's what I been needing!!!"

Ben pulled out of her, then kneeling on the floor next to the sofa, he put his arms around her and looked at her. The white panties still encircled her middle and her ebony skin shone from sweat their exertions had brought out. He thought she was gorgeous.

He stood up, scooped her into his arms and started for the bedroom.

Tosha's arms slid around his neck and her face brushed his cheek. "What...what are you going to do to me now?" she asked hesitantly.

"You'll see," Ben told her as he carried her to her bedroom. "It will be wonderful!"

In the bedroom, he laid her on the bed, removed her panties, then he laid down next to her and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her, gently at first, but the kiss grew fervid and Tosha's arms stole around him as she molded her wondrous dusky body to his.

Ben's hands roamed the warm, smooth sable surface of her slim torso, stroking her everywhere he could reach. She moaned softly and her tongue lashed his.

The kiss, sweet as it was, ended, and Ben's lips moved to her neck, then onto her chest. Breath hissed from her and she rolled on her back, giving him better access to her breasts. He took his time, sucking the rigid tips, nibbling them to the accompaniment of sounds of elation.

"God, Ben, do I ever love the way you make me feel!" she purred. "Inviting you over was the best idea I ever had!" Her hand coasted over his back as he devoured her with his lips and tongue. "I've never felt this wild!"

As he kissed her breasts, Tosha's body began moving sinuously, driven by pleasure his lips, tongue, and hands evoked.

"Oh, Lordy!" she moaned, "What you're doing feels so incredible!" Her body twisted and turned as his hand slid between her slim legs and onto her pussy. "Oh!!!!" she groaned. Her hips rose off the bed as her back arched, "Oh, yeah, Ben, do that! That's wonderful! So wonderful!!"

Ben slid a finger into her snug opening, slick and slippery with the juices he'd spewed into it earlier and began thrusting gently. Tosha responded with the age-old motions of sex.

So far, the evening was going wonderfully for Ben. Tosha was as exciting as any woman he'd ever been with. He could see her passion growing by leaps and bounds. The more he caressed her, the more fervent were the sounds she made and her body moved even more frantically. He knew she was headed for release.

Ben took his lips from Tosha's hard-tipped breasts and began kissing his way across her concave belly. He could feel her belly ripple as his tongue lapped it. The fact that the skin he was kissing was dark made what he was doing more arousing than anything he could recall.

"Gahhhh!!!!" Tosha groaned, her body straining against his mouth. "Good Lord, Ben! You're making me crazy!!! That feels so damn good!!! It's wonderful!!! So wonderful!!!"

He kissed through her pubic hair, his tongue licking the opening his finger was thrusting into. Her hips rose, pressing her vagina against his face.

"Ohhhhhhh!!! Oh, Lord, Ben!!! Oh, Lord!!! Yesssssss!!!" she cried. "So good!!! So good!!!" Her hips twisted and her legs strained in response to the intense pleasure he was evoking in her.

Ben explored the upper rim of her slit with his tongue, seeking her clit, not finding it. When he licked the spot where it should have been, Tosha went wild!

"Ah!!! Too good!!! Too good!!! My Lord!!! Never, ever felt this goood!!!" she groaned, her back arching like a bow. "Lord!!! Oh, Lord!!! I can't stand it!!! I can't stand it!!! Feels too good!!! I...I...Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Her body stiffened, her fingers dug into his arm. "Gahhhh!!!! Gahhhhhhh!!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Screams of delight continued to pour from Tosha and her body remained arched, quivering, quaking, straining while Ben punished her with his lips and fingers. "Eeeeeeeeyahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" After her last, loud cry, Tosha went limp. Ben kissed her pussy one last time, pulled his finger out, and stretched out next to her.

Tosha lay there next to him, her chest rising and falling gently, her eyes closed, a smile on her face. After a few moments, she turned to face him, opened her pretty brown eyes, and smiled softly. "God! That was incredible!" she gushed, "Mr. Morris, you have a magic tongue!" She pressed against him and kissed him fervently. She chuckled. "The girls in school are right, you sure as hell are a hunk!"

What he'd just done to Tosha had revitalized Ben's cock. He could feel it pressing against her soft, smooth belly.

She slid a hand between them and gripped it. "Damn! You're hard again!" she exclaimed, looking startled. "I...I..."

"What's the matter, are you worn out?" Ben asked.

Tosha stroked his cock. "No way! Never! Take me!! Put that thing in me and make me feel like that again!" she implored.

"It would be my pleasure," Ben said. He began caressing her lovely ebony peaks once more.

Ben was turned on and Tosha seemed to be, too. His hands moved over her warm flesh and passion once again blossomed.

"Make love to me again, Ben!" Tosha moaned, her chest heaving, her hand clutching his cock. "I want you in me! I gotta have you again!"

Ben rolled on her side so her back was to him. He guided a lean, lovely leg over his, pulled her against him, then he reached over her hip and guided his cock into her. A shudder of ecstasy went through him as his rigid pole entered her incredibly snug channel once again.

"Damn, but you're big!" Tosha gasped, "Goddamn! I think you're in me all the way to my throat! Jesus!!!"

Ben began moving. His hand covered the spot where their bodies joined, found her clit, and began stroking it.

"Oh!!!!" Tosha groaned. Her body jolted and shook as Ben lunged against her. "So good!!! Feels so good!!! More!!! Do me more!!!!" Her hand covered his, urging him on.

Ben had to use every last bit of self-control he had to keep from coming, given the snug, rippling grip of her pussy. He kept thrusting into her and rubbing her clit. Before long, he felt her stiffen and her hand tightened on his.

"Now!!! Oh, Lord, Ben!!! Now!!! Yes!!!" Tosha cried. "Eeeeahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Now!!! Now!!!! I'm coming!!!! Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckmeeee!!!!!" Tosha's body went into wracking spasms.

There was no longer any reason for Ben to hold back. He quivered and moaned as his pulsating cock spewed hot cream into the woman in his arms. "Take it!!! Take ittttttttt!!!" he yelled.

They were both so spent that they dozed off. Ben lay next to Tosha, musing that the evening had been far more satisfying than he expected it to be. And it didn't matter at all that he never did get to eat the dinner Tosha had cooked for him. "I guess I'll have to settle for breakfast instead," he thought, just before he dozed off.

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