tagNovels and NovellasBen & Nancy Ch. 09

Ben & Nancy Ch. 09

byD.C. Roi©

Passion in James County XV: Ben and Nancy

Ben, looking forward to another evening of passion with Tosha Brown, walked up the sidewalk to the front door of the apartment building where she lived and pushed the button for her apartment. "It would be nice if we got to eat tonight, too," he thought, smiling. "But if we don't, and we do the things we did last time I was here, I'm not going to complain."

Within seconds, the door buzzer sounded. He went inside, up the stairs to Tosha's apartment, and found her apartment door slightly ajar. He walked into the apartment and found Tosha standing in her living room, smiling at him. He looked at her and felt his heart begin to race.

Tosha had a soft-looking peach colored robe belted around her. Ben was sure there was nothing under the robe but the woman's slim, lovely body, and felt his cock begin to swell.

"You must be hungry," Tosha said, her voice soft and husky. "You're early."

"Do you mind?" Ben asked.

She licked her lips and gave him a sultry look. "Of course I don't mind," she said. "The more time we have, the better I like it." Keeping her eyes locked on Ben's, she backed to the sofa and sat down on it.

Ben walked across the living room and sat down next to her, just far enough away to be discreet. Tosha's eyes continued to hold his, and what she was thinking was very clear in them.

"Ah..." she murmured, "I...I made a casserole tonight. It won't spoil if..."

Ben leaned toward her as she leaned toward him, then their lips were fused in a torrid kiss. Tosha arms slid around his neck, and his hands moved around her, sending thrills roaring through him. Her tongue thrust into his mouth and her fingers slid into his hair. She moved closer. His cock swelled even more.

When the kiss ended, Tosha looked into his eyes. She was breathing hard, her lips were parted, and her eyes revealed the wild emotions roiling inside her. "I know tonight is going to be wonderful!" she whispered. "Just like the last time was!" She pulled his head toward hers and their lips met again.

As they kissed, Ben undid the sash holding her robe closed and began kissing her chest and neck. The lithe, lovely ebony-skinned woman cooed with delight and pressed against him.

Ben pushed his companion back until she was lying on the sofa and, wide-eyed, stared at her. Contrary to what he suspected, she wasn't naked under the robe. Her sable body was clad in a lacy white camisole and equally lacy thong bikini. The camisole was so sheer he could see through it. Her petite, perfect breasts, their nipples erect, pressed against it. The white lace was a stark, beautiful contrast to her raven skin.

Ben gazed at Tosha for a few moments, drinking in her pulchritude. Then, with trembling fingers, he undid the buttons holding the camisole shut and slid the straps down over her shoulders, baring those lovely breasts. He bent and began caressing, licking, and sucking the rigid buds of flesh which topped the ebony mounds.

Tosha responded with increasing urgency as Ben drew first one nipple, then the other, into his mouth and lashed them thoroughly with his tongue. His hand went to her leg and began sliding toward her pussy, sending more thrills roaring through her.

Ben's hand glided over Tosha's sleek, warm flesh and up between her thighs. He touched her vagina through the lacy fabric of her panties and Tosha groaned. When he touched her middle, Ben realized she was sopping wet! She really was a hot woman!

Ben's lips left Tosha's breasts and began to venture downward over her nubile body. The glided over her heaving belly and moved onto her legs. He began kissing her thighs.

He could feel Tosha quivering as he adored her with his lips and tongue. This was heaven! His lips moved slowly up her legs, toward her middle.

"Oh, Lord, Ben!" she groaned. "You're making me lose control again!"

Ben continued exploring her smooth, hot flesh with his mouth. He could feel her quaking and smell her need. When his venturing lips arrived at her pussy, he softly licked the puffy, silken lips through her panties. Tosha's hips rose off the sofa and she cried out. He repeated the action, with similar effect. He shoved her panties aside and plunged his tongue into her pulsing quim.

Tosha shrieked and her back arched. "Ah!!! Ben!!! Oh, Lord!!! Eat me!!! Yes!!! Give me your tongue!!! Gahhhhhhhhh!!!!"

Ben knew how much Tosha loved being eaten and went about doing that with a vengeance. He felt her shudder as his tongue lashed her vagina, speared into her, licked her clit, then slid into her pussy again. Then...

"Gaaahhhhh!!!! I'm there!!! Oh, Lord, Ben!!! I'm there!!! Yeah!!! Yeah!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Tosha cried as her body went into spasms of ecstasy.

Ben felt the impassioned movement of his companion's body, heard her feral groans and kept his mouth pressed against her vagina, his tongue sluicing through the swampy opening, lashing her clit, plunging into her. Her wild movements finally stilled and she fell back on the sofa.

Ben stood up and quickly got out of his clothing. His cock jutted in front of him like a pulsing white projectile, purple tip shiny, covered with juices of his excitement.

Tosha, her chest still heaving, looked up at Ben and reached for him. "Take me, Mr. Man!" she purred, "I want that thing in me right now!"

Ben fell on top of her and felt her hand clasp his shaft and guide it into her. She was as hot as any woman he'd ever known! As his cock sank into her torrid cavity, he felt her lean, strong legs wrap around him, forming a living black belt around his hips and he continued to thrust forcefully.

"Yes!!! Oh, Lord, yes!!!!" Tosha groaned, ecstatically as he slid into her. "That's what I needed! Good Lord, Ben, you're incredible!"

Tosha's wild movements, impassioned cries, and the tight, quivering clutch of her pussy, merged to give Ben a roller-coaster ride of joy. It wasn't long before he was about to explode. Then a shudder of ecstasy rushed through him and his loins unleashed. "Ah!!!!!" he cried, molten cream gushing out of him, bathing Tosha's insides.

Ben's explosion swept Tosha along with him into a whirlpool of rapture. "Yes!!! So hot!!! So hot!!! Lordy!!!! Yes!!! Take me!!!! Take me!!! Yesssssssssssss!!!!" she cried, clawing at him, thrusting her body against his.

An hour later, after finally taking the time to eat the delicious casserole she had prepared for him, they were in Tosha's bedroom, on her king-sized bed. the gorgeous black woman had shed what remained of her skimpy underthings and her dark, sinuous body was pressed against his. Her hands roamed over him, her lips teased his nipples, while he gasped with delight.

Tosha pushed herself up on straightened arms and smiled down at him. "I want to make it with you again, real soon!" she said. "But I really have to go pee."

"I'm not going anywhere," Ben said. He lay there and watched her get off the bed and, with feline grace, walk out of the room. A few minutes later she reappeared, got back in bed and resumed her caresses, much to his delight. She sucked one of his nipples. It drove him wild! She was one exciting woman!

Tosha's lips moved ardently over his quavering body, rapidly restoring him once more to rampant glory. Her hand encircled his cock and squeezed it gently. "This is thing is so damn wonderful!" she purred. "And you really know how to use it to make me feel good! I'm gonna give you a treat. A very special treat!" Holding his cock in one slim, raven-skinned hand, she lowered her head and slid her thick, dark lips down over it.

Ben felt delight rushing through him, delight so powerful he thought the top of his head would explode. He closed his eyes, gasped, grabbed the covers, and groaned louder.

Tosha took his cock deep into her mouth. Ben was startled. It felt as if she was deep-throating him! Then she let it slide out until just the tip remained between her lips. Then she lowered her head and it disappeared into her mouth once again.

Again, Ben's loud groans of pleasure accompanied her action. "Oh, God, Tosha!" he babbled, "Oh, God, that feels so good!! Oh, shit, you'll make me come in your mouth if you keep that up!"

If Tosha heard his plaintive cries, she ignored them. She continued doing what she was doing. Again and again, she roused him to the brink of explosion, then let him calm.

Ben, who couldn't remember ever the last time he was this turned on, was babbling mindlessly. His fingers clawed the covers, his face was flushed, and his chest was heaving. "Too good!!! Oh, God, Tosha!!! I can't stand it any more!!! That feels too good!!" he chanted as she continued to make him desperate with need.

Then, suddenly, his cock was waving in the breeze, untouched. Ben was confused, unsure what she was doing. Before he could utter a sound, Tosha's smooth sable thighs brushed his legs, then heat engulfed his cock once more as she sank onto him. He reached for her. "Yes!!! I need you!!! Please!!!"

Tosha carefully moving her hips, and Ben could feel his swollen cock sliding around inside her. His hands captured her breasts and he began thumbing her rigid inky nipples.

She moaned ardently and her hip movements became more urgent. "Now!!! Oh, Lord, Ben, now!!!!!" she cried as release swept over her and her body went into wild tremors. "Take me!!! Take me!!!! Please!!!! Please!!! Fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme!!!!" she screamed.

"Yeahh!!!!!" Ben groaned, exploding into her.

When Ben got home a few hours later, he sat down and finished correcting the papers his classes had turned in that day. Then, exhausted, he went to bed and quickly fell asleep.

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