tagSci-Fi & FantasyBen and Streek: Clone Saga Ch. 02

Ben and Streek: Clone Saga Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Desert Dessert

Streek walked over the sand and rocks back to the pod landing site. Her shoes were too loose. They never used to be, but when she was recreated as a female clone her feet had shrunk and the stupid Alien machine had recreated the shoes the same size.

She did have some pants that fit her well enough, but they were ripped off her when two male copies had tried to rape her. Now she only had her silky red and white patterned boxer shorts and black DVDA T-shirt.

The crumby clothes she was wearing were the only possessions she had now. She even lost her cock, which was the most difficult loss to come to terms with.

And to make matters even worse, they were stuck out in the middle of a freakin' desert.

Streek had spent god knows how many hours stuffed in a tin can, pressed up against the female Ben clone. Then the alarm started beeping and they could see flames through the small view port as the escape pod entered the atmosphere of a planet.

Its' parachute deployed, and the pod drifted down to the surface for a not so gentle landing.

The place was dark and cold when they had warily climbed out, but the air was breathable.

A couple of hours later the rock had turned to face the systems' sun and morning broke, now it was starting to get bright and hot.

Desolate, came to mind when Streek looked around the planet, there was no sign of life anywhere, not even small bits of scrub.

Ben didn't know where they were, and the escape pod must have been the most basic kind on the market, it didn't even have any displays to show them where they were.

When Streek got back to the pod, Ben was bent over rummaging through a storage compartment.

"I had to squat down to take a piss." said Streek "...that sucks!"

"You're not going to start going on about your dick again are you?, it's gone, get over it."

Streek saw that Ben had tied the parachute up between the pod and some large rocks on the ground for shade.

Ben got up from the pod, her short, sandy blonde hair was wet with sweat and she was a little flushed, but Streek thought she was still pretty cute.

She was full bodied and curvaceous but no fat, except for her big fat tits, they were pushed up against Streeks' face for several hours in the Pod.

She found it a little arousing at times, at other times she found it infuriating. Her mood seemed to swing wildly in the pod, it was all very weird.

"Here's some breakfast" said Ben, throwing her something. Streek caught it and saw that it was a foil-wrapped bar, "Nutrition Bar" it read on the packet.

"Thanks, how old is it?"

"I wouldn't have a clue, these provisions have been here since before I bought the Clubber Lang."

Streek began undoing the packet, "Tell me we have water."

"About twelve litres in our little survival compartment. Hopefully we'll be gone before we need it all." "If there's anyone else on this stupid planet to rescue us."

"Well M-Class planets, capable of supporting life a pretty rare, relatively speaking, you'll usually find someone on them, and the pods' distress beacon has been going since it launched."

Streek tried to take a bite of the nutrition bar. "Dammit, I think I'd be better off trying to chew through one of those rocks. So you think we should sit here and wait for someone to show up and rescue us?"

"Yeah well it's gettin' pretty hot, we should just lay in the shade and conserve our energy for now."

The two girls sat down side by side in a sandy spot in the shade. Ben felt around in the pockets of her track pants for a bit and then pulled something out.

"Hey look at this, I still got my blunt."

"Did the nanobots reconstruct that as well?"

"Yeah, looks like."

"Wow, what if I we were wearing diamond pendants when we got scanned?"

"Yeah, the clone machine could've made us rich."

"As opposed to sitting in the desert with nothing but a crappy escape pod, yeah."

"I'm gunna light this baby up, I saw a flame-stick in the survival compartment."

Ben lit the joint and sat back down in the shade, the two of them passed it back and forth inhaling the sweet smoke until it was gone.

Streek was feeling nicely baked. She was also getting all hot and sweaty, she sat up and pulled her black T-shirt off, leaving just the tight white singlet she was wearing underneath.

Her big boobs strained against the fabric and her dark nipples could clearly be seen through the wet material.

Ben saw her doing this and decided it was a good idea, she took her shirt off, but wasn't wearing anything underneath.

She saw Streek looking at her big bare breasts and gave them a playful shake, smiling at her. Streek just shook her head.

Ben then bent over and pulled her track pants off, they were getting hot too. All she was wearing as she laid there in the shade was a pair of white mens' Y-fronts. Streek laid beside her in her boxer shorts and tight, damp singlet.

"Do you think I'm hot as a woman?" Ben asked.

"What?, of coarse we're hot, too bloody hot."

"You know what I mean dick-head, how good looking am I?"

Streek got up on her elbows and looked her over, like it was the first time she checked her out. "I'd do ya." she said.

"Would you now?"

"Yeah, you're like a seven or an eight, the nice tits help."

Ben laughed "Yeah, I'd do you too, Hootie McBoob." She gave Streeks boobs a playful squeeze, Streek knocked her hand away smiling.


The weed helped Streek to relax and forget her troubles for a while. The hours went by and the two girls did very little. They laid in the shade and drank water, chewed on their hard nutrition bars and talked.

As the sweltering afternoon dragged on she began to feel dozy and drifted off to sleep.

Streek woke up and immediatly got a fright, there was a large, light brown beast above her looking down at her.

She let out a squeal and staggered back, Ben also seemed to wake up beside her with a shock.

It was a camel, Streek realised, she never saw one in real life, but she recognised it. It was a huge beast looming over her and there was another one beside it and she could see a rider sitting atop each of them.

"Do not be afraid, he will not hurt you" came an accented male voice.

The rider called out a command she did not understand and the camel let out a groaning sound then lurched back and forth until it knelt down on the hot sand.

The rider climbed off its back. He was a tall, tanned man, covered in light coloured robes, he wore a turban and had a bandana over his face so that just his dark eyes peered out.

He looked like someone from an Arabian holo-film. The other rider dismounted as well, he was dressed much the same.

Streek realised with a start that her nipples could be seen through her singlet, she quickly moved her hands to cover them up.

Beside her Ben was slow to cover her naked breasts, both men must have had a good eyeful.

"Oh don't be embarrassed" said the man with his heavy middle-eastern accent. "...People often go naked around here, it gets very hot."

He uncovered his face, he was quite handsome with a dark, neatly trimmed goatee and looked to be in his mid thirties.

"Who are you?" said Streek, her voice a little shaky.

"I am Saladin Nahsaf and this is my younger brother Jorin. We inspect the atmospheric generators in this sector. Who are you?"

Ben spoke up next to her "I'm Captain Anders and this is my First Mate Streek, we're traders."

"I see, your trade does not seem to be going so well, yes?"

"Obviously! What planet is this?" said Ben, she uncovered her breast to grab her T-shirt and slip it on again, Streek did the same.

"This is the Antares System, we are on Antares-Three" said Saladin.

Jorin seemed to be staring at Bens' boobs the whole time with a slight smile on his face, he looked to be about five or six years younger than his brother and was clean shaven and also quite handsome.

"Last night I was taking a piss and I saw a magnificent shooting star. We followed the distress beacon on our TABS and have found two pretty girls have fallen from the sky."

"Don't get any ideas buddy!" said Streek defensively "...We don't like men."

"Oh, are you two lovers?" asked Saladin.

Ben and Streek looked at each other. "Yes" said Streek, putting her arm around Ben.

"How did you end up here?"

They didn't want to tell these strangers the crazy truth, Ben quickly made up a story. "There was a catastrophic radiation leak on my ship, we had to abandon her in a hurry."

"Really? Did the radiation affect you? Are you both alright?" asked Saladin.

"Yes we're fine, but we would appreciate it if you could take us to a space-port or something."

"But of course, we were heading back to Port Redland anyway, we just have one more generator to inspect on the way. You will ride with us. We can be there by tomorrow evening."

Jorin gave Ben another smile. "You can ride with me Captain. What is your first name?"

"Thanks, it's Ben."

"Ben? that is ...unusual."

"Yeah, ...it's uh, ...short for ...Bernadette."

"Then why not Bernie?, although I fail to think of any names that would be pretty enough for you." Ben smiled, and Streek rolled her eyes.

"Eh, can we just have a moment?" said Streek.

"Of coarse" said Saladin "Do you have any supplies you wish to take with you?"

"We have some water around in the side of the pod." said Ben

"Ah good, water is the most valuable thing you can have around here, we will load it onto the camels."

The two men moved around to the side of the pod. Streek turned to Ben "Can we trust these guys Ben? I don't like the way they look at us, and we're out here all alone with them, what if they're planning on raping us?"

"You need to relax, they're maintenance guys, not bandits, they seem nice enough."

"Oh yeah with his 'no names would be pretty enough for you' crap, can he make it any more obvious he wants to get into your Y-fronts."

"you think?" said Ben giggling.

"Ben!, I got a bad feeling about these guys."

"You're just paranoid because you were almost raped by yourself as soon as you become a girl. We don't really have much of a choice here Streek, I'm not gunna wait around until some nuns show up to rescue us. They're our only ticket out of this stinkin' desert."

"Yeah ...okay then. But don't do anything to lead them on, we're lesbian lovers remember. And put your damn pants on!"

"At least I have pants."

The men loaded the containers of water onto their camels. The large beasts were groaning and complaining loudly about kneeling on the hot sand, they had huge saddle-bags around them and a big, synthetic saddle between their two humps.

Saladin handed Streek a couple of light coloured pieces of fabric he got from a saddle bag.

"Here, cover up Miss Streek, the sun is very harsh out here and your skin is fair. I see you have lost your pants."

"We had to get out in a hurry" Streek said blushing.

She wrapped one Piece around her waist like a sarong and wore the other over her head like a bonnet.

"We better be on our way." said Saladin, he put a foot in the stirrup of his camel and swung his leg over.

"Yes, let's go Sweety pie!" said Ben, giving Streek an unexpected quick peck on the lips and then got going with Jorin.

Saladin offered his hand to Streek, she reluctantly took it as he helped her climb up into the saddle. She stepped on the saddle bags and clumsily tried to put her leg over it.

She almost fell off, but Saladin got hold of her, softly laughing as he lifted her in front of him in the saddle.

"HIAT" he called out and the camel began to violently lurch forward and back again as it got up, Streek shrieked as she thought she would be thrown off, but Saladin had a tight hold of her.

When the animal was still again she realised Saladin had one hand around her waist and another on her right breast, He moved his hands away just before she could react and knock them away.

It reminded her of how her male selves had grabbed at her boobs on the Clubber Lang. She heard Ben squeal as Jorins' camel got up and saw that he had her closely in front of him holding her around the waist.

Saladin gave the animal a light kick, and it started walking out into the desert, leaving the escape pod behind.

They travelled North-West through the desert, there really wasn't much to look at. Streek was hot and uncomfortable riding on the camel.

The slope of the humps kept making her slide back so that she was pressed up against Saladin, which she didn't like at all.

She kept trying to wriggle forward but always ended up shifting back against him again, at one time she thought she felt something poke into her, but she didn't want to think about what that might be.

Saladin tried making small talk with her. "Streek is a nickname, yes?"

"Yeah." she hoped he wasn't going to ask how she got it.

"What is your real name?" She didn't want to tell him it was Stephen, she thought of the name her male copies had given her.

"It's Lisa" after my favourite porn star.

"That's a nice name. You can call me Sal."

"Do you work for the Federation?" Streek asked.

"We are independent contractors, our contract is with the Federation." Streek was glad, she and Ben were products of highly illegal Alien technology, they really should avoid the Federation now, and keep the fact that they are clones secret.

"Why do you travel around on camels? wouldn't a hovercraft be like a hundred times faster?"

"We travel as fast as we need to, and the camels are cheap and reliable. The atmospheric generators are fully autonomous and are mostly fine, but someone needs to check them."

"right." Streek didn't talk with Sal much more as they travelled, now and then he would pass her a canteen and she would drink some water.

She could hear Ben talking with Jorin a lot, mostly she couldn't hear what they were saying but from the bits and pieces she picked up, it sounded like they were talking about engines and machinery. Now and then she could hear them laughing.

Four hours passed and the sun began to sink toward the horizon. Streek was feeling drowsy and drooped in the saddle, she didn't care that her bum was fully pressed up against Sals' crotch.

"Can you see that" said Sal. Streek looked up, in the distance in front of them there was something, a dark conical shape.

"What is it?"

"That's our atmospheric generator, the last one before we reach Port Redland."

"How many do you inspect?"

"There are twelve in our sector, all one hundred kilometres from the next. There are hundreds of them, all over the planet. One day they will generate a strong enough atmosphere to support a weather system and plant life."

"...Perhaps when I am an old man there will be a rainforest where we are now, and then there will be no need for the generators any more."

As they slowly got closer Streek could make out more detail on the giant structure. It was mostly a grey, steel cone with a fat base which was a couple hundred meters across.

It looked quite alien, sitting in the flat landscape of sand and rocks.

When they arrived there, Streek was quite glad to get off and stretch her legs. In the shade of the giant structure she looked up could see the shimmering clear gasses rising out of the top of it, hundreds of meters above them.

There was a continuous mechanical thrum coming from the machine which was quite loud when they got close.

The men didn't take very long carrying out their checks and finding that everything was functioning normally.

Ben and Streek saw that the sun was beginning to set.

"Are we going to camp here for the night?" Ben asked Sal.

"Not here, I cannot tolerate the noise for too long a time, We will camp nearby thought, we should get going."

They all mounted up again and travelled North for another twenty minutes. Streek thought the sunset looked quite pretty as they went.

It was getting dark when they stopped again, Streek could see the atmospheric generator off in the distance.

Jorin got a case out from one of the saddle bags. He opened it up and put it down on the ground, and flames rose up from the centre and started to dance about. Streek could see that it was a portable campfire.

Sal laid a blanket out on the ground for Ben and Streek to sit on.

"You may want to move it closer to the fire when it starts to get colder." he told them.

"thanks" said Ben and she and Streek sat down.

"We will start cooking dinner, are you hungry?"

"Yeah!" The only thing Streek had to eat all day was a nutrition bar that was hard as rock.

Jorin set up a pot over the fire, and Sal started chopping vegetables on a board. They seemed well prepared and had their routine all worked out. They had been doing it for years, though Streek suspected they didn't often have female company out here.

If they are going to try and rape us they would probably do it tonight, Streek thought, but then she shook the thought. Ben was probably right, she was being paranoid. They seemed nice enough and were treating them well.

They want to have sex with us, particularly Jorin, but I doubt they will force themselves on us.

Soon the girls were handed a bowl of food. "It's lamb stew." said Sal "...The meat is dehydrated, so it will be a little chewy."

"thank you" said Ben and Streek as they took their bowls.

The meal wasn't bad, particularly since they were both quite hungry. By then is was dark, thousands of stars filled the night sky.

We were just travelling between them not long ago.

"So how long have you two been together?" asked Jorin.

"oh ..uh we we're high school sweet-hearts" said Streek.

"I see, is it an open relationship?"

"No, strictly monogamous!" Streek answered quickly, she knew what he was asking, no chance dude!

"Huh, I do not like monogamy, it is not natural." said Sal "I have an open marriage and we are both very happy."

"Oh, you're married?" said Ben.

"Yes, but my wife does not mind me sleeping with other women and I do not mind her sleeping with other men.

We just have two rules, one: that we don't make babies with anyone else, and two: that we are open and honest and tell each other who we sleep with."

"that is ...interesting" said Streek.

"Yes it is, and I always enjoy sex with my wife the best, because I am deeply in love with her. But you would not want to have the same dessert every night, no matter how much you love the dessert."

"Are you married Jorin?" asked Ben.

"No, I have two steady girlfriends though, I am still not sure which one I should marry."

"I told you, you should ask Marrial" said Sal "...her family owns a lot of land in the Lizbeth Valley, that will be worth a fortune one day."

"And I told you, that is not what's important brother."

Ben and Streek listened to the brothers argue for a while as they ate their stew.


Afterwards the men took their bowls and washed them as Ben and Streek watched the fire, the warmth of the day had gone and it was starting to feel cool.

The night was still and they could just hear the thrum of the generator in the distance and the occasional grunt from the camels.

"We should put on a pot of Ryphin Tea" said Sal.

"Yes, good idea" said Jorin "I think you girls will like it a lot."

"I don't know, we're more coffee drinkers." said Ben

"You should try it." said Sal "It will start to get cold soon and the tea will make you feel nice and warm and relaxed."

"Okay then, why not?"

They watched as Jorin put the pot of water on the fire to boil and then went about preparing the tea he got from a small green tin.

"Here you go Bernie" he said handing the cup to Ben. "...Here you go Lisa."

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