tagSci-Fi & FantasyBen and Streek: Clone Saga Ch. 03

Ben and Streek: Clone Saga Ch. 03


Chapter 3 - Out of the Frying Pan

The third planet in the Antares system was in midst of being terraformed by the Federation. It had a small population of colonists, who gathered in small settlements such as the Space-Port of Port Redland.

It also had a transient population of traders, workers and criminals that you would normally find at a backwater space port.

This was where Ben and Streek found themselves after unwittingly turning themselves into female clones and launching in an escape pod to avoid being gang-raped by their other selves.

The main street of Port Redland was quite unremarkable. The giant atmospheric generator rose up from the centre of town, casting a long shadow over half the street. Everything was casting a long shadow now the sun was sinking toward the horizon.

All the buildings in the street looked much the same, simple structures with smooth, off-white plasti-steel walls, each closed off and air conditioned.

Each of the shops had similar simple signs, like someone had gone through and labelled them in order to tell them apart.

The place was usually dead during the blistering heat of the day, but now it was approaching dusk and there were a few people walking here and there and the odd hovercar driving down the road.

Ben and Streek emerged from one of the buildings labelled "Clothing and Equipment Store". Streek wanted to make it her first priority to buy some pants, which she had been without since landing on the planet. She was wearing her new pair of new Karkee spacer pants with many pockets that fit her new body well.

The new pants weren't the only thing they ended up buying. "It's strange, I think I enjoy shopping more than I used to." said Ben.

"Don't you think that outfit is a little skimpy Ben?"

Bens' new outfit consisted of a pair of tight grey shorts with a brown belt and a small sleeveless, sky-blue top that didn't quite cover her belly. "Hey, it gets hot here, I was sick of sweating it out in those track pants."

"But were not going to be staying here much longer."

Ben looked at the small stack of credit slips in her hand, "Looks like we just spent a large chunk of our money in the store. How are we gunna buy passage off this rock? And where are we gunna go?"

"Jeez, I don't know. You're the Captain aren't you? You're usually the one with the plan."

"I need to think about this. let's go get a coffee. I think I saw a cafe down the street."

The girls walked down the street, Streek was glad to have her new boots, her old shoes were too loose. She had bought a new knife too which she had holstered and concealed inside the waste band of her pants. she felt better carrying a weapon for her protection.

"I'm gunna have to get used to the bra, but I'm glad for the support" she said to Ben.

"Yeah I know what you mean, at least we're not wobbling about the place any more."

Streek was getting used to the feel of her new cotton panties as well, it was strange wearing womens' underwear, it made her feel more like a real woman.

A scruffy looking, middle-aged man walked by them, he was quite obviously checking them both out, particularly their big boobs.

"Hey look there!" said Ben pointing across the street. "What? the Bank?" "Yeah the Bank, it's still open." "What? Do you want to rob it?"

"No, I was thinking that I might be able to access my account, withdraw all my money."

"You don't have your ID chip, and if you did it would be a mans' ID chip."

"Perhaps I lost my ID chip, I would need a retinal scan and my password to prove who I am. As far as I know my eyes are still the same."

Streek considered this for a moment. "They would notice that the account is for a Benjamin Anders."

"Yeah, I'm a woman named Benjamin, what of it?" "It could be worth a try." "Yeah, I'm gunna do it, wait for me at the cafe, it shouldn't take long."

Ben crossed the street to the bank, Streek watched her enter the building and then continued down the street.

She knew the sun was setting now, though she couldn't see it behind the atmospheric generator. The giant machine let out a consistent thrum like the one out in the desert, the locals were probably all oblivious to it.

She reached the building labelled "Cafeteria". At least this one had larger windows around the front and sides to set it apart from the other boring plain buildings. She could see several tables and chairs set up inside, there were a few customers in there drinking their beverages. A lot of the tables were empty as well. Streek pushed the door open and entered.

Streek ordered her double expresso from the fat, middle-aged woman behind the counter and then sat at a table facing the door. She had been travelling on camelback in the heat all day, she was surprised she didn't feel all that sore and tired.

She casually observed the other patrons of the cafe as they casually observed her. There were a couple of middle-aged women, wearing plain garb chatting away to each other at another table by the counter, a young couple were drinking milkshakes at a booth on the wall and another creepy looking little man with big ears and beady eyes staring at her from the booth in the corner as he drank what looked like a Cola drink.

Ten minutes later the last remnants of daylight faded from outside and lights began to come on down the street.

Ben came through the door, she nodded to Streek with a stern look on her face that told her that it didn't go well. Then she went and ordered a large cappuccino with five sugars from the fat waitress.

She sat down at Streeks' table. "It didn't work?" Streek asked.

"Would have, but my accounts have been frozen by the Federation"

"Really, why?"

"If I had to guess, I'd say it's because we were arrested in New Heidi."

"We were? ...our male selves, ...the Feds have them already?"

"Yeah probably, and there's something else." Ben said frowning


"The Feds probably noticed someone trying to access the account from here, you know how serious they are about this Alien Technology stuff."

"Oh shit! They're gunna be coming after us!"

Ben nodded solemnly. "We need to get off planet quickly, and stay out of sight of the Feds."

Streek sat back and took another swallow of her coffee. She really didn't want to be a Federation prisoner.

"There may be a crisotunity here." said Ben "...If we were arrested in New Heidi, it's likely the Clubber Lang was put in the impound yard there. We could travel there and find a way to recover her."

"You mean steal the ship."

"You can't steal what's already yours."

"I'm sure the Feds wouldn't see it that way."

"I could change the responder codes, make her a different ship and we can trade in the outer rim, keeping a low profile."

"That's your plan?"

"You asked me for one!"

"And what's your plan for getting to New Heidi, without being taken by the Feds?"

Ben stayed quiet as she sipped her Cappuccino.

"Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt you lovely ladies." The man from the corner booth who was looking at Streek had approached their table. He was a short, ugly man with wispy light brown hair, beady eyes, very large ears and a stubbly little chin.

Streek thought he looked a bit like a rat, and guessed his age to be around forty. She didn't like the look of him one bit.

"What do you want?" she said.

"I couldn't help overhearing, were you looking for passage to New Heidi? I can help you, I can."

"Overhearing eh?" said Streek "...You were listening in, spying on us!"

"Oh no, I didn't mean to, but as you can see, I tend to hear a lot of things." he said pointing to his ears.

"Those are freakishly large ears." said Ben.

"Yes, lucky for you I know a man who's good at slipping by unnoticed, Captain Eubene."

"Captain Eubene?"

"Yes, he's in the business of exotic imports."

"You mean he's a smuggler?" said Ben.

"Do I? Anyway his ship, the 'Black Jester', is docked here, and New Heidi is on his rounds, I'm sure the two of you could arrange something with him if you wanted to." He gave them both a sly smile.

Streek frowned, It sounded like just what they needed, but she didn't trust this man, he looked like he would sell out his mother for a fist full of slips. Streeks' eyes met Bens', she looked like she didn't trust him either. They were stupid to talk so openly.

"I think you might have misheard us." said Ben "...Excuse me, I need to go pee." Ben stood up. "...Don't you need to pee too?"

"Oh yeah." said Streek, she got up and followed Ben into the womens' toilets.

"Little rat, I bet he's off selling us out to the Feds right now." said Streek when they got in.

Ben got into a small cubicle and dropped her pants, she really did need to pee. "Probably not, he would have done that instead of talking to us if he was inclined. I bet the Feds have a warrant out for him as well."

"I still doubt we can trust him."

"Me too, but I'm afraid our options are really limited. We need to get away from here soon, and a smuggler would be good at avoiding Federation attention." There was a tinkling sound as Ben started pissing in the toilet.

"But what would the smuggler want in return? we have no money. I am not going to offer up my pussy."

"Yeah I know. Maybe if we just met this Captain Eubene we can work something out. If we get a bad feeling about him, we walk away and figure out another way. Maybe steal a ship or stow away, it's all quite risky."

"Yeah okay then. Just be on guard, men are fuckin' predators!"

When Ben and Streek came out of the toilets, the creepy little man was still sitting in his booth in the corner. The girls walked up to him. "Okay we will meet with this Captain Eubene and see what he says." said Ben.

"Ah good. I will take you to him." he said smiling.

"We're not going aboard his ship, he will have to meet us here."

"No, he wouldn't be on his ship. He'll be at the 'Full Boot', a spacer bar near the docking bays. I'll take you there to meet him."

Ben and Streek looked at each other. "Okay then, but try anything and my girl Streek here will fix a hole through your skull before you can blink. She's a stone cold killer." Ben looked a Streek again and Streek tried her best to look tough.

The man gave a nervous smile. "Hehe there will be no need for that, my name is Raff by the way, so you are Streek and... "

"Captain Anders."

"Oh?, a Captain without a ship?"

"I will have my ship back soon enough, now are you going to take us to this bar or what?"

"Yes of coarse, follow me ladies."

Ben and Streek followed the little man out into the night. A little way down the main street, they saw two Federation officers in their blue uniforms walking down the other side of the street.

"This way." said Raff as he ducked down a dark side street.

Streek was glad he was avoiding the Feds, she didn't know if they were looking for them specifically, but she didn't want to find out.

There were others walking around the streets going about their business, the girls did their best to blend in. Streek fingered the knife at her waist, she really hoped that she wouldn't be needing it, mostly because she and Ben wouldn't be any good in a fight.

They were in the space dock district before they knew it, and Raff took them to the building with a sign saying "The Full Boot".

He lead them down a stairwell, the bar was underground. They entered through the large doors. Streek could smell the smoke and alcohol and stink of body odour as they entered. There were about a dozen people in the dank bar, they looked like a rough crowd, Smugglers, Pirates and thugs and a couple of whores.

Streek could feel the eyes on them as they entered, making her feel very uneasy.

"Which one is Captain Eubene?" asked Ben.

"He's not in here." said Raff "...He must be out back in the game room, come on."

A big bearded man and a whore stared and smiled at them as they walked past to the door at the back of the room, to the side of the bar.

The game room at the back was even more dank and smoky, there were a few different shaped pool tables in the middle of the room, some pinball tables and old VR games set up along the wall. At the far end of the room was an electronic betting booth and a large screen showing swoop-bike races.

Streek counted seven rough looking men in the room, playing pool and drinking and smoking. Ben and Streek stood at the door and all eyes in the room seemed to fall on them.

"Come on." said Raff, beaconing them into the room.

The girls slowly followed, and Streek noticed a couple of the men stepping around behind them, blocking off the entrance. She suddenly felt very uneasy, and felt at the knife around her waist.

"Well, well, well. Look what the rat dragged in." said one of the men, a large fat man with thick black hair and a grey stubbly chin and wide nose.

"Is this Captain Eubene?" asked Ben.

The fat man laughed, and so did all the rest. Streek wondered what was so funny.

"Ha! did you use that Eubene line again Rat?" "My name is Raff!, you know that Wat." "Yeah, Raff the Rat!" the big man laughed.

Ben seemed confused. "Which of you is Captain Eubene?"

Wat gave her a wide grin. "You're a dumb blonde bimbo aren't you? go on Rat, tell her!"

Raff turned to her. "Captain You-been, as in You been tricked!"

"What?" said Ben confused.

"Stupid bitch, there is no Eubene, the rat brought you here to the game room so we can play with you!"

"No!" cried out Streek "...get away from us, we're leaving!" She and Ben turned to leave but the two large men blocked the exit.

"No you're not!" said one of them, a large, bald black man.

"Come on baby don't be like that, we're not gunna hurt you, we're all gunna fuck you, and then you can go."

Streek pulled out her knife "Let us go, or you wont be fucking anyone ever again, Ass-hole!"

Raff quickly ducked away behind a pool table.

"Oooh watch out, the wildcat has claws!" said Wat "...I like 'em with a bit of fight, let me show you mine."

Wat pulled out a metal cylinder from his pants and flicked it, making it extend to around a meter long. He thumbed a button and it thrummed to life. 'Oh shit, a Stun-rod!'

"Do you like my big rod? Come on bitch, let's see what you got." Wat taunted her, with his stun-rod held high. Streek was holding out her knife defensively, she was scared out of her mind.

Wat feinted toward her and she slashed at him but he dodged back and she missed by several inches, the men around her laughed.

Then she heard Ben cry out behind her, the black man was holding her with a big knife to her face. "I got one of them too." he said to her "...now drop it, or your girlfriend won't be so pretty no more."

"Aw, come on Sawyer, I can handle her." said Wat.

"I just wanna get to the fuckin', do it now bitch!"

Streek saw the terrified look in Bens' eyes and realised she had no choice, she let her knife drop to the ground.

"I was havin' fun." said Wat as he turned his stun-rod off and put it away.

One of the men got up behind Streek and grabbed both boobs. "Whoo, look at these tits, nice!"

Streek tried to pull his hands away. "Don't fight us slut or you and your bimbo girlfriend will really get hurt." Wat threatened.

Raff poked his head up from behind the pool table. "I did good this time eh?, got you some pretty ones with big boobs. I tricked them good. I think they're worth two nickel bags of Ryphin and a bottle of booze too, eh?"

"You'll get a bag of Ryphin like usual, and you can fuck them when we're all done!" said Wat.

"But these ones are wanted by the Feds, I overheard it. You'll probably get a reward for turning them in, after you're done. That's worth more isn't it?"

"Is that true bitch? are you wanted by the Feds? what did you do?"

Streek looked at him with hot anger in her eyes, while her boobs were getting groped. "We killed a bunch of rapists!" she told him.

Wat laughed out loud again and the other men joined him. "Well you did a lousy job of it this time, get down on your knees."

Streek found herself being forced down, so that she knelt on the hard floor. Wat came and stood over her and unzipped his pants, and pulled out his thick, half-erect cock.

"You're gunna suck my cock now bitch, and you're gunna do a good job, and don't think about biting or your girlfriend will lose her eyes."

He put his cock in Streeks face and she turned away disgusted.

"Come on bitch, open up for me, you really don't want to see me angry."

Streek reluctantly took the cock in her mouth and sealed her lips around the shaft, she couldn't believe this was happening, why didn't she trust her instincts.

"Come on, suck." said Wat "...Use your tongue. You know how to blow a guy, I bet you done it plenty of times!"

Streek had been forced to suck cocks before, when she was a man and being raped by Pirates in the Vico system. It had seemed like a long time ago but the cock in her mouth made the memories fresh. The cock swelled larger in her mouth as she sucked.

The smell of his crotch was horrible, as was the bitter, salty taste of his dick. Wat got hold of her hair and moved his cock back and forth in her sucking mouth. Another man grabbed her boobs and was playing with them again.

Ben had also been forced down to her knees. The black man was fucking her face with his big, hard cock. "Cradle my balls, stroke the shaft, do I have to tell you everything whore?"

Sometimes the big, round head of Wats' cock would poke at the back of Streeks' throat causing her to gag, which Wat seemed to find amusing. Streek just sucked and sucked, she hated having to pleasure this Ass-hole rapist but had resigned herself to it.

Another man had his erect cock out and was slapping it against Streeks' cheek. "Why don't you share the love, bitch!" said Wat, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and the other one quickly found its way in and she was blowing another man.

Her top was being pulled up, and her new bra was yanked down so that is sat under her breasts. Streek felt her bare breasts being rubbed and squeezed and her sensitive nipples being pinched. It didn't feel good like when Saladin was fondling them, she hated it.

Streek looked up to see men all around her, most with their hard cocks out. They were all laughing and jeering and teasing her and Ben, as she continued to suck on the big dick.

She sucked for a while and her jaw was getting sore.

"Hey, give me a turn with that bitches' mouth." said another man. The cock in her mouth was pulled out and straight away another one was stuck in her face, Streek let out a groan as she took it in her mouth and sucked.

"This nasty cock is going up your tight ass later!" said the man she was just blowing. Streek was devastated, she remembered how painful and degrading anal rape was, it wouldn't be any easier now she was a woman.

She thought that if she could get them off with her mouth as much as she could, it might save her pussy and ass some grief. She sucked the man harder and bobbed her head back and forth.

"Damn, that's good, look at me while you're blowing me slut!"

Street lifted her eyes and looked into the face of the man she was sucking. He was an ugly man with short cropped hair and thick stubble covering his face. She noticed he had a few teeth missing when he gave her a wide grin "Hmmm ...pretty!" he said.

Streek sucked, and sucked, and sucked, until without warning the cock in her mouth throbbed and warm fluid squirted into the back of her mouth. She quickly recoiled in disgust and another load spurted into her eye. She bowed her head and spat out the cum on to the floor. "Eeeuughhh!" she said.

"Hey that's not very nice, you should swallow it all down for me slut."

Streek wiped the cum from her face with her hand, she looked over and saw Ben on her hands and knees on the ground, a man was behind her, fucking her doggy style, while another was getting his cock sucked.

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