Ben and Streek: Clone Saga Ch. 03


Wat then grabbed Streek by the hair and pulled her up. "Owwwwllll!" cried out Streek as she struggled to get to her feet. He pulled her over to a pool table and roughly pushed her down, so that she was bent over the table. "Gunna get me some pussy now!"

He grabbed her pants and panties and pulled them down, exposing her bare ass. He stepped up behind her and rubbed his hard cock on her slit. Streek grit her teeth, bracing herself for what was going to come.

Wat didn't waste any time, pushing his cock through her tight pink lips and thrusting it in deep.

"Aaaiiighhhh!" Streek cried out, she felt the sharp pain of her hymen being ripped.

"Ha, the bitch was a virgin!" said Wat.

'No I'm not, I lost my virginity last night, what's going on?' Wat pulled back and thrust it in again hard, bumping Streek forward against the table. He continued thrusting into her as she cried out. Tears flowed from her eyes.

It bloody hurt as he raped her dry, tight pussy. He wasn't starting out gently like Sal did. The other men cheered Wat on as he raped her over the pool table. Streek was getting continually rocked forward as she got fucked, she desperately wanted him to stop.

It went on for a while, until they all heard another voice from the doorway. "Hey! The young ladies do not appear to be having a good time. Release them, you Ruffians!"

"What the fuck...?" said Wat.

Standing at the doorway was a little, old man. He had big ears and a big nose, thick glasses, a bald head and short white beard. He only stood around four and a half feet tall and looked to be an octogenarian.

He was unarmed and by himself. "Who the fuck are you Grandpa?" said Wat, his cock still wedged firmly up Streeks' tight cunt.

"I said let them go, or I'll have to hurt you!"

All the men in the room laughed, he had to be the least threatening person to possibly show up. Streek groaned, 'this was who showed up to help them?'

"Sawyer, fuck this little clown up!" said Wat.

"With pleasure." said the big black man, approaching the small stranger.

Quick as a flash, the little old man shot around Sawyer and kicked the back of his knees, as the black man dropped, he had his head slammed into the side of the pool table. Sawyer hit the floor and didn't move.

There was a moment of stunned silence in the room. Wat ripped his cock out from Streeks' vagina and yelled out, "Get that little Cunt!"

The six remaining big, rough men in the room moved to attack the old man.

Streek got up from the table and pulled her pants up. She saw the little old man deftly dodging attacks left and right, and heard the loud thwacks as he delivered punches and kicks like a skillful martial arts master.

Streek blinked through her teary eyes, it was like a Kung fu holo-film come to life. The little dude could fight! The thugs couldn't seem to touch him.

Ben crawled out from the ruckus and Streek offered her hand and helped her up. "What is this?" said Ben, Streek just shook her head, unsure.

The little old man jumped up on the pool table dodging Wats' stun-rod and then kicked him in the face, sending him falling back into a pinball machine and smashing it.

Another man swung a pool cue at him, he jumped on it, pinning the stick to the table and then kicked that man hard in the face.

He kicked the Cue up and snatched it from the air, then quickly spun it around knocking three other guys back.

The thugs were getting back up, they had cues, knives and broken bottles in their hands and were cursing loudly. They were pissed off, and ready to spill the old mans' blood.

The little old man stood on the pool table in a Kung fu stance, with the pool cue in his hand. Streek wanted to help him, she grabbed some pool balls and began throwing them. One hit a thug in the shoulder and he cried out in surprise then the next one smashed him square in the forehead. He bent over yelling as he clutched his head.

More thrown balls distracted the men, while the little old man was dodging their attacks and whacking them hard with the pool cue. The old man ducked as a ball whizzed past his head. "Sorry!" Streek called out.

Ben grabbed a Whiskey bottle and smashed it over a mans' head while he was turned the other way, dropping him to the ground.

Then Raff came out from behind one of the pool tables, he had Streeks' knife in his hand. Streek turned and saw him, and suddenly felt something punch through her gut. An intense, debilitating pain followed, and she heard Ben cry out her name.

Streek dropped to the ground, and Raff was standing there with the bloody knife in his hand, and a terrified look on his face. Ben quickly came over, and before Raff could move, she shoved a broken bottle into his throat, tearing it up.

Raff staggered backward clutching at his throat as litres of blood spilled out of him. He dropped to the ground making a horrible gurgling sound and kicking his legs as he died.

"STREEK! NO!" Ben cried out as she gathered her in her arms. Blood was spilling from her belly where she was stabbed. Ben ripped off her top and folded it, and pressed it against the wound, trying to stem the blood flow.

"!" Streek said weakly, she was in a world of pain. The little old man stepped over several unconscious bodies and went over to them. "My goodness! what happened?" he asked Ben.

"She's been stabbed!, we need to get her to an infermary now!"

"No, my ship is closer. My android had medical programming. Come!"

Ben lifted Streek in her arms and followed the man out of the game room at a brisk pace. Her adrenalin was pumping as she continued to follow him up the stairs out on to the street.

"Come on, stay with me Streek, it's gunna be alright."

People were stopping and looking as they passed, a little old man leading a blonde in just her bra with a bleeding girl in her arms.

They entered a docking bay and the little old man dropped the ramp on his sleek, curved, white Star Ship and they entered.

"Makita, get in here!" the old man called out. "...Put her down here." he said to Ben pointing to a bench.

An advanced looking android entered the room, it looked skeletal with smooth white plates. The plate on its head had and androgynous human face with human-like dark grey eyes.

"What the fuck do you want now?" it asked, it had a monotone voice that wasn't distinctly male or female.

"This woman is suffering a stab wound to the abdomen, treat her."

"Yeah righto, stand back you Cunts." said Makita approaching Streek.

Its' hands came up over her and it pulled away Streeks' bloody T-shirt, there was lots of blood over her belly. The android examined Streeks' belly for a moment and then looked up again.

"Where the fuck is the stab wound?" it asked in its monotone voice.

"Stupid fucking robot!, she was stabbed right in the guts!" said Ben angrily.

The android got a cloth and wiped the blood from her belly. Ben let out a gasp. Streek was feeling light-headed, she got up on one elbow and dared to look down. To her amazement the skin on her belly appeared unbroken, the pain was not near as bad as it was too.

"But ...I saw her take a knife in the guts." said Ben "...She freakin' bled all over me!"

"And I felt the thing stab me." said Streek.

The little old man came up and examined her belly too. "Hmmm, that's quite something isn't it?"

The little old man got out his TAB and lifted it up at them.

"What's going on old man?" asked Ben.

"Just a moment, hold still please." lines of light quickly swept over Streek and then Ben as they were scanned. The old man tapped at the screen on the device and examined it.

"Hmm yes. It's like I thought. Are you aware that you're both clones?" Ben and Streek were quiet for a moment. Bens' eyes narrowed as she looked at him. "You're not with the Federation are you?"

The old man shook his head. "No, don't worry about that. You're both Xenoform, with the ability to regenerate, quite remarkable really."

"Xenoform?" said Streek. "Made from Alien Technology, like me." "Is that why were kicking ass back there? Are you a clone too?" "Yes, I'm a clone. My Sire is dead I'm afraid." "your Sire?"

"The person who created me, my template, who I used to be. Makita, the young lady has lost a lot of blood, attach a drip to her please."

"I'd really like a glass of water please." said Streek "...I got a horrible taste in my mouth."

"me too." said Ben.

"Oh, where are my manners? My name is Doctor Roland Arnott, that's my assistant Makita. Welcome aboard the 'Avatari'."

"I'm Captain Ben... Bernadette Anders and this is Lisa McKenzie, AKA Streek. Thanks for the save back there, and for helping Streek."

"Yeah, you could have shown up twenty minutes earlier, but thanks." said Streek.

Makita came back in the room with two glasses of water and gave them to Streek and Ben.

"Thanks" said Ben "...Hey, nice 'droid you have here."

"Nice? Makita is probably the most advanced android in the galaxy, she's part Xenoform too"

"'She', is it?"

"Well Makita is neither male or female, machines don't reproduce sexually, so what use is gender? But 'she' is more polite than saying 'it', wouldn't you agree Makita?"

"If you say so, you old Prick." said Makita as she went about setting up the drip into Streeks arm.

"Why does she talk like that?"

"Oh, I was getting sick of the usual polite, obedient responses, I'm experimenting with something a little more colourful. Although I didn't intend for her to be quite so ...vulgar. I will change it again, when I get the chance."

"What were you doing there anyway Doctor, uh.. Arnott?" asked Ben "...How did you know where we were and why did you save us?" asked Ben.

"Oh lucky for you I was in the area. Scanning is a passion of mine you see, and I'm always scanning Federation communications. I overheard the call come in demanding the arrest of a certain young woman."

"After the bank. I knew they were after us."

"Yes, and the thing that got my attention were the words 'code mockingbird', that's code for Alien Technology; Top Priority. You see, I'm hunting down Alien Technology as well. I came to Port Redland to find you before the Federation did."

"Then how did you find us?" asked Streek.

"Scanning of coarse. I have the most advanced scanners in the galaxy."

"Xenoform." "Yes Xenoform. I picked up your unusual bio-readings in the underground bar and went to retrieve you. I didn't know you were clones until I saw your stab wound, or lack of, rather."

"You came to retrieve us?, what are you planning on doing with us?"

"I just want to know what you know about the Xenoform Cloning Pod, do you know where it is?"

Ben shook her head, "No, I think the Feds may have got hold of it, I don't know."

"No, I would know if the Feds have it, they're still desperately hunting it down. They know how dangerous it is. I intend to find it before they do. How did your Sires get a hold of it?"

"Oh, I bought it from a guy in a Spacer Bar on Brandona, got a pretty good deal for it." said Ben.

Dr Arnott blinked at her. "You talk about it like it's a swoop-bike, that machine has the power to bring down empires!"

"All I know is, it was heading for New Heidi two days ago."

"Hmm, we shouldn't hang around here much longer. Makita, prepare the ship for take-off, full stealth mode."

"Okay Ass-hole!" "You're taking us with you?" "Of coarse, I'm not going to leave you here for the Feds."

Soon the ship rumbled as it took off, it flew very smoothly, much smoother than the Clubber Lang. "How are you feeling now?" Dr Arnott asked Streek.

"Better, thanks."

"Yes, you are strong and healthy, but you've been through an ordeal, you both will be needing a change of clothes, hmm?"

He was right, Ben and Streeks' clothes were stained with Streeks' blood. Ben was still only wearing a bra and shorts.

"Have a shower and rest if you need it. I don't have any clothes that would fit you aboard, I'll get you some bathrobes to wear for now. Makita will come to measure you up, she is programmed to excel at over five hundred occupations, I'm sure a tailor is one of them."

"...When you are ready, come and have a chat with me. I'm sure we still have plenty of questions for each other."


Ben and Streek soon went to the ships bathroom. They both stripped naked and Ben got a hot shower running.

Streek found a bottle of mouthwash in the cabinet and gargled it. "Shit, I'm never gunna get this fuckin' taste out of my mouth."

Streek joined Ben in the shower and washed the dried blood from her body. Ben looked down at her belly, "It didn't even leave a scar, that's pretty amazing. You scared the hell out of me back there."

"Yeah, I was scared too, thanks for helping me." "Any time girlfriend." "Hey, Ben?" "Yeah?" "What's it like to kill a man?"

Ben thought about it for a few seconds then said "I didn't kill a man, I just killed a rat."

After their shower, the girls dried off and wore the towelling bathrobes their host gave them. Neither of them wanted to rest, they were still far too curious.

They found Dr. Arnott in the large central common room they had come into before. The room was octagonal shaped and had several doorways around it, as well as the exit ramp, which was now closed. Various shelves and benches were arranged around the room and a few computers with screens and holo-tables.

The place struck Streek as being caught between a sterile, high-tech facility and a well-used workshop, like Bens' on the Clubber Lang. Dr. Arnott was sitting on a couch studying the screen of his TAB.

He looked up and saw the girls had entered the room. "Oh, come, have a seat ladies." he said, gesturing toward a couple of comfy looking lounge chairs opposite him. "...Can I get you something to drink, tea perhaps?"

"NO!" Streek cried out. "She doesn't like tea." said Ben "...Have you got any beer?" "Oh yes, I have a fully stocked bar."

"Fully stocked eh?" said Streek "Would you have Dark Rum and cola?" "I believe so, Makita!" The android entered the room, "What now dick-head?"

"Would you be so kind as to get Lisa a Dark Rum and cola, ...and a beer is it?" he asked Ben. "Yeah, Dry Ale if you got it, ...and Whiskey, a double." "and I'll have a cup of Earl Grey, thank you." "Yeah, whatever!" said Makita, leaving the room.

"You wear glasses." said Streek. "Yes, I do." "I've never seen anyone wear glasses, exept in holo-films. Pretty much any eye defect can be fixed up, can't it?"

"My eyes are perfectly healthy. My spectacles allow me to see more much more than the human eye ever could on its' own." "Cool!"

"You have no Idea. ...I was looking over your scans, Fascinating!" said Dr. Anott as Ben and Streek settled into their seats. "...You've both been gender reassigned."

"Err, yeah, we used to be... I mean our Sires were men." said Streek.

"And breast augmentation too."

Ben and Streek both blushed. "They wanted their own ...girl clones."

"Then they shouldn't have done the full mind duplication. It must have been quite disconcerting for you"

"You could say that"

"Lets see, you're both only a little over fifty hours old. You received health optimisation and regeneration too, as Streek demonstrated."

"How does the regeneration thing work?" asked Ben "...Does that mean we can't die?"

"No it doesn't, Lisa could have died back there if she lost too much blood and her heart stopped beating. Here, let me show you something."

He held up his TAB, and a hologram of a rounded silver object appeared, slowly rotating above it. It was a few inches long and the body was pod shaped, with flat disc-like wings. It had three multi-jointed arms protruding from the back of it, or the front, it was hard to tell. The whole thing looked very smooth and curved. It reminded Streek of the Cloning Pod.

"This is a Xenoform Nanobot. Magnified one hundred thousand times. You have billions of billions of these in your system."

"It looks like a little Star Ship" said Ben.

"Yes, they are like Star Ships, and your body is like their galaxy. A galaxy they created, and they will do whatever they can to defend it. They swarm in huge numbers when performing tasks. They fight destruction with creation. We call it Nano-Mechanical Bio-Regeneration."

"They fix us up when we're hurt?" said Ben

"Yes. It is a system that makes us Xenoform clones very damage resistant. I've even seen them regenerate whole body parts over a few hours. But if the wounds are fatal, they may not be able to save the clones' life."

"That might explain why I..." Streek trailed off. "What?" Ben asked her.

Streek looked embarrassed and hesitated for a moment. "Back there, when I was ...penetrated, it felt like I ...I lost my virginity again."

"Oh," said Ben "yeah, me too"

"Oh, I see." said Dr. Arnott "...Your hymen was broken, and it wasn't the first time." Streek nodded. "...The nanobots must have seen your torn hymen as damage to your body and went about repairing it. Though I suspect it may take longer to regenerate because it is not a part of the body that normally heals."

"So, what?, we're gunna stay virgins forever?" said Ben "Physically, yes, it appears that way."

Makita returned with a tray of drinks. "Here's your fuckin' drinks!" she set the drinks on the little coffee-table in front of them. Makita looked at Streek, "Do you want me to measure you up for your clothes now slut?"

"Don't call me slut, you fuckin' trash can!"

"Fuck you."

"Not right now Makita." said Dr. Arnott. "...Just get your material and equipment ready for now." The android left the room again.

"What the hell is wrong with 'polite and obedient'?" Streek asked Dr. Arnott.

"I apologise, I will change her soon. To something a little friendlier." Streek picked the glass up off the table and took a sip of her Rum and cola, it tasted good.

"Is there anything else you can tell us about ourselves?" asked Ben, before downing the glass of Whiskey.

"Not really, oh, you're infertile, that's kind of the default setting for clones."

"Drakk, I never though of that!" said Streek "...Good!, I really don't want to get knocked up."

"That means you don't menstruate either." "Oh, ...that's good." "Though female clones have been observed to suffer mood swings from time to time."

"Really?" said Streek "...I hadn't noticed." Ben gave her a look.

"Why can't we kick ass like you did back there, that was awesome!" said Streek

"Oh yes, it wasn't the Cloning-Pod that allowed me to do that, it was another Xenoform machine, it 'writes' skills and experience directly into the mind. I received several lifetimes of martial arts experience in just minutes."

"Wow, cool!"

"Yes, it is very cool. I admit I really enjoyed 'kicking ass' back there, it made me feel young again. Although I never did any ass kicking when I was young. The process can't be done on just anyone though, it causes brain damage that my nanobots were able to repair."

"We've got nanobots, can we learn Kung fu too?" Streek said excitedly.


Streek paused and thought for a moment, "So those nanobots inside us were the ones that built us right?"

"Yes, that's correct."

"Can they re-build us? change our bodies so that we're men again?"

"That could be possible if you could reprogram them. To do that you would need to be able to interface with them, and as far as I know, the only way to do that is through the Cloning Pod."

Streek smiled, "You hear that Ben?, it's possible!. We can get our dicks back!, we just need to find the Pod again."

Dr. Arnott stroked his white beard. "Then we share common cause. If the two of you help me recover the Xenoform Cloning Pod, I promise I will help you become male again."

"Why do you want the Cloning Pod anyway?"

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