tagSci-Fi & FantasyBen and Streek: Clone Saga Ch. 06

Ben and Streek: Clone Saga Ch. 06


Chapter 6 - Resolved


Just a warning; this one contains extreme graphic violence, non consensual BDSM and some torture. I in no way endorse the abuse of women. -Ax


Ben and Streek returned to the area around Rodferns' Impound Facility. There was much less activity now that it was late in the night. Streetlights illuminated the street, and there were shadows all around them.

There were no stars in the sky due to thick cloud cover, and light drizzle fell, making the streets look shiny with moisture. Ben and Streek walked down the side of the street toward the diner they were at earlier that afternoon.

"What are you going to do Ben?" asked Streek. Ben stopped walking and Streek turned to her.

"I'm going to help them get my ship back. The Doc will just have to forgive me. The question is; what are you going to do?"

"I don't want to go against the Docs' orders."

"What about your Captains' orders? I'm still your Captain!"

"Are you? We're not hauling cargo any more."

"If you're going to go against me Streek, then let's sort it out right here!" Ben raised her fists in a fighting stance.

"First you want to fuck me, now you wanna fight me?"

"Do you prefer it the other way round?"

"Damn you Ben! Put your fists down, I'll come with you, but I still think it's a really bad idea." Ben put her fists down and relaxed "Good, glad to hear it. We'll be fine, you'll see."

"And for the record, I could have totally taken you!"

"Dream on Cockroach."

They got to the diner, it was still open with the light spilling out onto the street, it seemed quite empty. A short sharp whistle drew their attention to the dark alleyway beside it, and Streek saw a male Ben in the shadows motioning them over.

When they got to the dark alleyway, they saw several men waiting there in the darkness. Streek counted seven of them. They were all Ben Anders, and all dressed in dark clothing.

One of them approached them and said to Ben,

"I love what you did with your hair, very sexy!"

"You said that before."

"No, that was my clone, I couldn't believe it when he told me he saw you. You two owe me an escape pod."

"It's in the middle of the desert on Antares, go and get it!" said Streek.

"It doesn't matter, all is forgiven if you help us take back the Clubber Lang."

"That's what we're here for dickhead." said Ben.

"You too Girl Streek?, it's funny that you have more balls than the other two Streeks."

"Yeah, funny. So you're the Sire?" said Streek.

"I'm the original Ben, yeah." He held up his left hand, showing them a thin, red cut across his palm "Here's the proof."

"Proof that you're inferior to the rest of us!" said another Ben.

"Yeah, you're obsolete, old man!" said another.

"Ha!, I love their sense of humour. This slow-healing cut proves that I'm the one who created them all. That means I'm the Captain. Now that we've sorted that out we're much better organised. We are the Ben Seven, a merry band of fugitives. You can make it the Ben Eight if you call me Captain. Of coarse, you're welcome to join us too Girl Streek. I'll make sure the boys behave themselves around you."

"Fuck you!" said Ben. "You're my Sire, but you're not my Captain. We'll help you out and you're gunna tell us what you did with the Cloning Pod, that was the deal."

"Yeah, that's the deal. But you gotta do what I tell you in there. Come on, I'll go over the plan with you."

Captain Anders led them further into the alley and pulled out his TAB. A holographic map of the Impound Facility appeared above it.

"We're coming in from underneath, hacking through the perimeter grid and using laser cutters to get through a steel grate. I paid good money for the layout of their security system, you can see the location of the cameras and scanners marked here..."

"Wait a second," said female Ben. "Don't you want to know what we're bringing to the party?" She pulled her TAB from her pocket.

"What a TAB?, we all have TABs and guns."

"This one has high resonance, quantum-phase electron transmitters. I've developed a program with a hyper-adaptive, multi-phase data hacking algorithms."

"What the hell does that mean?" asked Streek.

"It means she can remote hack most electronic systems." said Captain Anders. "...Where did you get that kind of tech? Who are you rolling with now?"

"That's none of your business."

"Well if that's true, then you shouldn't have any trouble dealing with the cameras and scanners in the building."

"I won't."

"That'll make this considerably easier then. Once inside we will split into three teams. I'll be with Ben-One and Ben-Two and we'll set about securing the Clubber Lang in the shipyard here, and preparing her for take-off. Team two will consist of Ben-Three, Ben-Four and Ben-Five, they'll enter the control room here, and release the clamps and open the roof so we can escape. You girls will be with Ben-Six, say hi Ben-Six."

"Hey there." said one of the Ben clones to Ben and Streek. "...We met earlier in the diner."

"Do you wanna be called Ben-Seven?" Captain Anders asked female Ben.

"Hell no! ...just call me Bernie."

"Bernie, yeah, I like that. Anyway you guys will be in charge of entering the security room here and disabling the main security system, shouldn't be any problem with your fancy gadgets eh?."

"No, no problem."

"There will be guards about. Take them out quickly and quietly, the last thing we want is to get bogged down in a drawn out gun fight. Are you okay with that Bernie?"

"Yes, I've killed a man before, have you?"

"I like you!" smiled Captain Anders. "...Sure you won't stay on? I'll make you my Second-in-Command."

"If I stayed on, I'd be the boss of all of you!"

Later on, the Bens were entering the building through a hole in the floor where the grate had been cut away. The female Ben and Streek pulled themselves up after them and found themselves in some sort of well lit storage basement with crates and large steel canisters all around.

"You can take care of those security cameras now Bernie." said Captain Anders.

"Way ahead of you, Boof-head."

"Good, you all know your jobs, do it quickly and quietly and then get to the Lang as fast as you can. Good luck!" Captain Anders walked up the stairs to a large door.

"Wait a minute." said Streek as she held up her TAB, running an X-ray scan. "...It's clear."

Anders gave her a nod and then he and a couple of his clones disappeared out the door.

Ben-Six had a black beanie over his head. "Let's go girls, just stay behind me, you'll be fine."

They followed him out the door and into a brightly lit corridor. Both girls had their TABs out, Ben was disabling security scanners while Streek was running her X-ray scanner, looking out for guards.

Streek saw two guards around a corner coming up. She put her hand on Ben-Sixs' shoulder and put a finger up to her lips, telling him to be quiet. She signalled to Ben, pointing to her eyes and then holding up two fingers and then pointing around the corner. Ben nodded and then followed Streek as they crept to the edge of the corner.

As the two male guards reached the corner, Ben and Streek sprung out and then swiftly disarmed them, they let out a surprised yell, and then Streek swung the guards rifle, smashing him in the head and knocking him unconscious, while Ben kicked the knee of her guard and then as he dropped she grabbed his head and twisted his neck, killing him.

Ben-Six was staring at them wide-eyed with his gun drawn.

"Just stay behind us, you'll be fine!" said Ben, and they stepped over the guards and moved down the corridor.

Deeper in the building they came to the Security room. Streek ran her X-ray scan while Ben disabled the lock on the door. "I see two guards at the station in the centre of the room, both armed with hand guns." said Streek.

"We'll burst in and shoot 'em down before they know what's happening." said Ben. "Are you ready to take a life Streek?"

Streek took a deep breath and nodded.

"No, let me do it." said Ben-Six. "I'm not totally useless."

"Me and Streek are expert marksmen." said Ben.

"I've been practicing too!" said Ben-Six. "Who the hell put you in charge anyway?"

"Fine, come on then brother. I'll go left, you go right. Streek, watch our backs."

Female Ben and Ben-Six stood shoulder to shoulder at the door holding their guns up in front of them.

"On three," said Ben. "...One ...Two ...Three." She hit the button and the door slipped open, they both stepped inside with their guns pointed forward.

BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM. The shots rang out, Ben let off a single shot to the forehead of the guard killing him instantly. Ben-Six let off three shots, two of them hit his man in the chest, he dropped to the ground, crying out in agony.

Ben walked up to him and shot him in the head. Streek entered the room behind them, holding her own gun. "Intruders Targeted!!" Streek heard the whirling sound as the Killbots' machine-guns started powering up.

"BEN GET DOWN!!" Streek dove behind a console as a barrage of bullets flew around her.

"It's a fuckin' Killbot!!" yelled out Ben from behind her cover. "Give me a minute, I'll shut it down."

More bullets sprayed around the room. Streek could hear them hitting the console she was hiding behind. She popped up and let off a few shots at the bulky robot and then ducked down again as more bullets barely missed her head.

We haven't got a minute, that damn machine will kill us all. She could see Ben-Six behind a desk, clutching his gun. "Six! Draw its' fire for me!!" she yelled to him.

Ben-Six nodded to her and then took a deep breath and ran across the room, firing at the Killbot. The machine fired back, barely missing him as he dove behind another console.

Streek had run around behind it, she launched herself at the robot with her knife in hand and latched onto its back. She began stabbing at the front of its head, smashing the glass lens of its glowing red eyes while it continued to fire.

A rod retracted from the Killbots' body and Streek screamed as electric volts coursed through her body and threw her back hard onto the ground. The Killbot turned to her and fired, but it couldn't target her with its badly damaged optical sensors.

Streek recovered quickly and saw her gun on the ground, she scrambled for it as bullets flew all around her. Streek grabbed her gun and pointed it at the robot just as it stopped firing and powered down, slumping its head.

Streek was breathing heavily, still pointing her gun at the hulking Killbot in front of her. Adrenaline was pumping through her system, she was sure she was going to die.

"I got him!" said Ben, holding her TAB in her hand. "Are you okay Streek?"

"...Yeah ...I ...yeah!"

"That shit was crazy!. You could have gotten yourself killed!. I told you I could shut it down."

Ben-Six came up behind her, "Yeah, I'm okay too, thanks for asking."

Ben came over and helped Streek up off the floor again, she turned and looked at the disabled machine. "You didn't mention there was a fuckin' Killbot in here!"

"I didn't see it!, it must have looked like just another machine on the scanner."

Ben-Six got his TAB out. "Team three to Captain, do you read me?"

"Yeah, go ahead Team three."

"We just had a run in with a Killbot. Be advised there may be more of them."

"Killbots! That wasn't on the fuckin' security layout, shit! What's your status team three?"

"We're fine. We've reached the security room, about to commence with our objective."

"All right, do it, and hurry up and get your asses down here, Captain out."

Ben-Six turned to Ben and Streek, "The Main Security Network can't be hacked remotely, leave it to me."

He pulled a wire from his TAB and plugged it into one of the consoles the guards were sitting at. He brought up a holographic keyboard and his fingers were dancing over it.

Streek looked down at the dead men on the floor, blood was pooling underneath them, she was still a little shook up. "Are you sure you're okay Streek?" asked Ben.

"Yeah, I'll be better when we're out of here."

She looked at one of the security monitors that was still intact after the place was shot up. She could see the main shipyard in it. There were several ships docked there in the huge hangar. The Clubber Lang was amongst them, with its' boxy hull and distinct red paint job.

A large, bulky loader was parked near it. There were a couple of other ships that would probably be better to steal, the SecCorp Yacht would be faster and there was a KairoCo Gunship with more firepower, but she knew the Bens had their heart set on getting the Lang back.

She noticed the rear door of the Clubber Lang was open, team one had made it inside.

"Done!" said Ben-Six. "Now we can get out of here without being blasted to hell." He unplugged his TAB and got up from the console, "Let's go."

Ben and Streek followed Ben-Six back through the building. Streek was making sure she scanned for robots as well as guards, but they didn't come across anyone. They made it to the huge hangar where the ships were kept.

Streek saw that team two had succeeded in opening the roof.

"There she is." Female Ben and Ben-Six said together as they saw the Clubber Lang docked at the far end, past several other ships of different sizes.

They started quickly walking toward the ship, when all of a sudden, a deafening explosion came from the wall to their right and a shockwave knocked all three of them off their feet.

Streek was in a world of silence, pain and disorientation as she struggled up off the ground. There was dust, smoke and debris all around her.

Ben was saying something to her but she couldn't hear. Ben grabbed her arm and pulled her up and they ran to some nearby metal crates, getting down behind them. Ben-Six joined them.

Slowly Streeks' hearing returned and she could hear the popping of gunfire, getting louder and louder. "What the fuck? ...Pirates?!!" said Ben.

Streek peeked around the crates and saw half a dozen men coming through the gaping hole in the wall, they wore black leather and mismatched armour and were firing assault rifles and combat shotguns.

She then saw Sadie entering through the hole, firing purple laser blasts from her hand gun. Streek got back behind the crates as a hail of bullets came their way.

"What the hell do they want?" said Ben-Six. "That explosions' gunna bring every Fed for miles down on us! We gotta get to the Lang Now!" said Ben. "Streek, break away while we cover you!"

"Right, then you!"

"You ready Six?"

"Yeah, ready!"

Ben popped up the top of the crates and fired several shots from her Wik-15. Nearly all of them hit Pirates, but most of the bullets bounced off their armour, it was enough to send them scuttling for cover though, as Streek sprinted out from the crates.

Soon gunfire was coming after Streek, but she made it behind the leg of the KairoCo Gunship. It was around half way between the steel crates and the Clubber Lang.

Other Ben clones were firing at the Pirates from the ship and behind the loader.

She looked up and saw a missile tube nearby on the wing of the Gunship, she hoped that wouldn't get hit, being blown up once was enough.

Streek gripped her Wik-15 and leant around the side of the steel leg and let off several shots at the Pirates, as they popped up from cover. She thought she hit one in the arm, making him drop his shotgun.

Ben and Ben-Six took the opportunity to race out from the crates toward where Streek was. A huge guy with green armour around his torso and upper legs stood and aimed his big assault rifle at them. Streek recognised the giant; the Steel Shark Pirate they called Tank, who had once brutally raped her as a man.

Streek fired at him, but he seemed unphased, as the bullets bounced off his armour. He fired a burst toward the two running Ben clones.

"BEN!!" Streek cried out, she continued firing, but her gun just clicked as her clip ran out.

Ben-Six toppled over as bullets struck him in the back, female Ben just kept running until she made it behind the leg, where Streek was.

Ben-Six cried out in pain and was struggling to get up, blood was spilling from his body. "I gotta go get him, cover me Streek!"

Streek grabbed Bens' arm, "No, wait!" Streek slid out the empty clip from her gun and pulled out another clip from her pocket to reload.

Ben-Six tried to crawl along and then the girls saw blood spray out from his head as he was shot again and then slumped down dead.

"Drakk! It's too late for him. We gotta get to the ship." said Streek.

Once again Ben covered Streek as she sprinted over to the Clubber Lang. A large loader was parked near the ship and Streek took cover behind it. Streek covered Ben as she ran over to join her.

Streek saw Tank bear his assault rifle at her again, he was well out of the effective range of her hand gun. She concentrated and let off a few shots at him, one hit him in his unprotected arm and he cried out in pain as his burst of fire went wide.

Ben managed to safely make it by her side. Then Ben noticed that the other Ben clones weren't there shooting at the Pirates any more.

"Fuck!!, those bastards closed the door to the Lang, they're gunna take off!" Bens' TAB chimed and she pulled it from her pocket and answered, while Streek let off more shots.

"Friends of yours?" said Captain Anders.

"Don't be a fuckin' retard, they're trying to kill us as well. Let us in, NOW!!"

"You declined my invitation to come with us, remember?"

"You can't just leave us here Ass-hole!"

"Yes I can. But a deal's a deal, so listen up. I sold the Cloning Pod two days ago, to an Asian guy by the name of Amos Chong, a known arms dealer."

"Okay, now let us in, they're gunna kill us!"

"Sorry, I hate to do this to one of my clones, but I just can't trust you. You won't tell me who you're working for. Good luck Bernie."

"GO TO HELL, YOU CUNT!!!" Ben screamed out.

The Clubber Langs' engines whirled as they powered up. Ben quickly tapped away at her TAB. She remote hacked the rear door of the ship, it started to open as the ship began lifting off the ground.

Ben climbed up on the loader, bullets, and the odd laser blast smacked into the big machine and the ships' shields.

Ben was getting ready to jump at the slowly opening door, when Streek pulled her down just as a barrage of bullets flew right where she was. "Watch it Ben, you'll get yourself killed!"

"We'll get killed if we stay here!"

The Clubber Lang lifted up, out of reach. It spun around in one spot and faced the Pirates, as gunfire was absorbed by its' shields.

Big blue balls of plasma fired from the ship. A barrage of blue explosions rained down on the Pirates, some were disintegrated and others were sent scrambling.

A large fuel tank was hit, and the hangar was rocked by another powerful explosion. The Clubber Lang stopped firing and flew up through the open roof and zoomed away, out of sight.

"We gotta steal another ship, right now!" said Ben.

"The Gunship!"

Ben looked over at where the Pirates were, there was black smoke everywhere. She could see bodies strewn around on the ground, then the firing started up again.

She could see blue laser blasts through the smoke, and then got a glimpse of blue armour. "Shit! Looks like the Feds have joined the party."

They started out toward the Gunship but a barrage of laser fire sent them diving back behind the loader.

"I think they saw us!" said Streek.

Ben shot back at them and a laser blast shot off one of her braids, she ducked back behind the machine.

"How the hell are we gunna get over there now?" said Streek.

"The loader!" said Ben. She got her TAB out again and started another remote hack. The loaders' engines thrummed to life and it lifted a foot off the ground, hovering. "Just stay behind it Streek, it'll take us to the ship."

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