Ben and Streek: Clone Saga Ch. 06


The girls grabbed on to the machine as it slowly moved, laser blasts were continuing to hit it. "Watch the flanks!" said Ben.

Streek saw a blue armoured Federation Trooper moving around the side. She fired her Wik-15 at him. they were heavily armoured and wore helmets, so she had to aim her shots carefully at weak points like the neck and joints.

She dropped one of them and started firing at another, Ben was firing at the other side.

"Intruders Targeted!"

"Ben! They got more Killbots!

"Good!" said Ben

"How the hell is that good?"

Ben did another remote hack while Streek continued firing away. One of the Killbots turned around,

"Intruders Targeted!" It started firing on the Federation Troopers around it, cutting them down with its' machine guns.

Streek reloaded her Wik-15, "This is my last clip!"

"Hang in there Streek!, we're almost there." Streek continued firing, carefully aiming at each target, luckily the hacked Killbot was drawing their attention as well.

The loader made it to the KairoCo Gunship and they took cover behind the steel leg again. Ben started to hack the entrance ramp to the ship. Blue laser blasts were firing all around them.

Streek saw one hit the nearby missile tube and then another. "Oh Shit!!..."

There was a huge explosion. Streeks' whole body was struck hard, and then everything went black.


Slowly Streek started to come around. She became aware of a stinging pain all over her body, and a throbbing headache. She slowly opened her eyes and there was a bright light, then a man with a white beard started to come into focus. "...Doc?"

"This one has started to regain consciousness already, inform the Admiral." Streek slowly realised it wasn't Dr. Arnott, he was taller and younger.

Streek felt her skin stinging, she needed to scratch it, but when she tried to move her hands, she found they were strapped down.

"Try not to move, you've been through some intensive trauma, you really are remarkable."

"Wh...where am I?"

"In the medical bay of a Federation Cruiser. You're a prisoner, but right now you're my patient. I am Doctor Edensteen."

"Ben, ...where's Ben?"

"I don't know who that is. Your female companion is right there, she's recovering as well."

Streek looked over beside her. Ben was unconscious in another bed, her arms and legs were strapped to the bed and she was wearing a white hospital gown. Her light blonde hair was singed and frizzy and patchy. there was a drip going into her arm, Streek realised that she was in much the same way.

"My skin hurts." said Streek.

"Most of your skin was burnt off." said Dr. Edensteen. "You've spent the last hour growing it back. like I said; Remarkable."

"Can you unstrap me?"

"Sorry, I'm afraid I can't do that Miss, I have orders. They say you're very dangerous."

"Nah, I'm a pussy-cat, I just wanna scratch my nose."


Streek looked around, they were in a sterile, advanced-looking medical bay. There were various machines and monitors around, and about half a dozen other beds, all empty. A white medical android was working nearby.

There were Eight Federation Troopers posted around the room, with their blue armour and laser rifles. The doors at the far end opened and two men walked in.

Dr. Edensteen stopped and saluted them, "Admiral Joyce, Captain Clevens."

They both wore their blue officer uniforms, with insignias and medals. The Admiral was a large, fat man in his fifties, with a full dark-brown beard and dark, intelligent eyes.

The Captain next to him was smaller, of similar height and build to male Streek. He looked to be around forty and was clean-shaven with short blonde hair, his face had sharp features, and he had a cruel look in his eyes as he stared at Streek.

"How are they doing Doctor?" asked Admiral Joyce.

"They've almost made a full recovery sir, which is quite amazing considering they appeared to be dying when they were brought in."

"Yes, Xenoform technology is an amazing thing."

"Their bodies have repaired themselves. If everyone had Nanobots like that, I would be out of a job."

"Is she responsive?" asked Captain Clevens.

"Yes Captain."

The Captain approached Streeks' bed, looking into her eyes, Streek didn't look away as the man loomed over her.

"I'm Captain Clevens, this is my ship, the Resolve, and you are my prisoner. What do you call yourself clone?"

Streek just kept looking at him, she didn't answer.

"You had better answer him miss." said the Doctor.

"Lisa." said Streek.

Captain Clevens looked over at the other bed where Ben was still unconscious. "That one is a female clone of the wanted criminal Benjamin Anders. Are you a female clone of his known associate Stephen McKenzie?"

"I can't remember." Streek was suddenly punched hard in the face. It really hurt.

"Captain!, please..." said Dr. Edensteen.

"Don't fuck around with me you Pirate bitch!" said Captain Clevens. "Where's the Xenoform Cloning Pod?"

"I don't know."

The Captain pulled out his hand gun and put it in Streeks' face. "Where's the Cloning Pod?" he repeated.

"I don't fuckin' know!" He turned to Ben and put his gun to her knee and fired. A blue laser lanced right through her knee, and through the bed under it, leaving a smoking hole in her leg.

"YOU MOTHERFUCKER!! I'LL KILL YOU!!" yelled Streek as she struggled against her bonds.

"Captain!!" called Dr. Edensteen, exasperated. "...Don't harm my patients! Nurse, get me some swabs now!" The doctor went over and started working on Bens' knee.

"There's no patients here Doctor, just clones." said Captain Clevens.

"They're under my care. If you hit a major artery, the blood loss could kill her."

"He's right, this isn't the place Captain." said Admiral Joyce.

"Yes sir." said the Captain, putting his gun away.

"Take 'Lisa' to an interrogation room. Get me some answers."

"Yes sir."

"Not yet!" said the Doctor. "...She's still recovering, I want to observe her here for a while longer."

"You said it yourself Doctor, she's recovering on her own, she doesn't need you. Just tell us when the Anders clone is awake."

Streek was unstrapped from the bed, all the Troopers in the room were pointing their laser rifles at her, they weren't taking any chances.

Streek felt confident she could kill the Captain before they killed her, maybe the Admiral too, if she was lucky. She seriously considered it, then they cuffed her hands behind her back and the moment passed.

She took a look at Ben before they took her away, she was still unconscious and still bleeding, the doctor and android were working to stop the bleeding. Streek was furious, and scared, and sick to her stomach.

Streek was taken down a long corridor, escorted by three Federation Troopers and the Captain. They reached a turbo-lift and the Captain pressed a button on the wall and said "Detention Sector." The lift started moving downwards.

"Eighteen!" said Captain Clevens. "...Eighteen Federation men were killed in your little raid on the Impound Facility, and many more wounded. Eighteen good men, who had families. All so you Pirate scumbags could steal some crappy ship. Why? What was so important about it? The Cloning Pod is worth a Hundred Million ships like that."

Streek didn't say anything as they stood there. Captain Clevens got right into her face, looking into her eyes, "You think you're gunna stay tight-lipped? You think you're not going to tell me anything, don't you? You're wrong! You'll see. You're going to tell me everything, every little thing. We're going to be close friends you and me."

The lift stopped and then changed directions, moving toward the stern.

In the Detention Sector, Streek was taken to another room, 'Interrogation Room 06' was written on the door. It made her think of Ben-Six, poor guy, but maybe he got off easy.

One of the troopers was posted outside as she was taken in. The windowless room was around ten by fifteen meters, roughly the size of the Clubber Langs' cargo bay.

There were various items scattered around the room, a table and chairs, a trolley with a sheet over it, a couple of different frames with chains and straps on them, some stocks, a small steel cage, various chests and cabinets around the room, there was a drain on the floor and a hose rolled up on the wall.

Interrogation Room is just another word for Torture Chamber.

"Chain her up there." ordered Captain Clevens, pointing to a frame by the far wall. The Troopers took her over and undid her cuffs, just to force her wrists into a pair of electronic shackles attached to a thin chain.

They hoisted her arms up over her head until she was forced to stand there, stretched out on the balls of her feet.

The Captain had taken his Blue officers coat off and hung it over the back of a chair so that he was in his white singlet. He slowly walked over to Streek, staring at her coldly.

Streek stared back, her eyes full of hatred. She was shit-scared, but she didn't want to show it. "At ease men." he told the Troopers.

When the Captain got close, he grabbed a handful of Streeks' white hospital gown and ripped it away from her body, leaving her stark naked.

Stretched out like that, Streeks' big breasts jutted out in front of her. The Captain grabbed them. Her skin was still stinging, and the rough grabbing hurt her.

The two Troopers put their rifles and helmets down and sat down in the chairs. They watched Streek, leering at her naked body.

"You've got a nice body clone. I love it when I have a young female to work on, they're my favourite. You're around the same age as my oldest daughter you know." He squeezed and pinched at her sensitive nipples, Streek yelped in pain.

"...And you're special. Your regeneration ability means I can get extremely brutal with you, and you'll just keep bouncing back for more. I'm gunna start off easy though, and slowly ramp it up. I consider torture to be an art form. don't you agree?"

"Nnnaaagh! ...I think you're fucked in the head!" said Streek.

Captain Clevens wound up and gave her a hard right hook to the jaw. "You'll talk to your master with more respect!"

Streek turned back and spat a bloody tooth at him. He squeezed Streeks' nipple between his fingers and twisted it, making her scream out in pain. "...Beautiful!"

"My imagination is running wild with all the things I'm gunna do to you. It's getting me excited, are you getting excited too?"

His hand slipped down to her crotch, it was smooth and hairless now, her pubic hair had been burnt off, and it wasn't growing back as fast as her skin.

He roughly rubbed at the lips of her vagina and then shoved his fingers inside, making Streek yelp. His fingers prodded at her hymen.

"What's this? Your maidenhood? You are special, a Virgin Pirate! I thought they were just a myth!" He laughed, and the Troopers laughed along with him. "I'm gunna enjoy taking your virginity!"

"I'm not a Pirate, or a Virgin." said Streek.

"Ha, right, are you going to tell me you're not a clone either?"

Captain Clevens dropped his pants. He stroked his hard six-inch cock. He grabbed her legs and pulled them up around him. Streek was left hanging by her arms. The shackles bit into her wrists. Captain Clevens had his hard cock pressing against Streeks' groin.

"Don't..." she said to him, looking at him with fearful eyes.

"Relax bitch, you're gunna get fucked by things that are far less pleasant than a dick!"

He positioned himself so that his cock-head pressed up against her slit and pushed its' way in, then he gave a hard thrust forward.

"Aaaaaaaaagh!!" Streek cried out as her hymen was brutally ripped and the cock forced its way inside her.

"Ahh, so tight!" Clevens had hold of her legs and was rocking his hips back and forth, fucking her. Streek was crying out, she couldn't believe she was getting raped again, her vagina was lubricated with blood, but the friction of the cock rubbing at her sensitive insides was really painful.

"Yeah, Yeah, take it all you Pirate bitch!"

"Ow ...Aagh ...I'm gunna kill you, you asshole!"

Streek could just hang there as the sadistic Captain banged away at her cunt. She saw the two Troopers watching with great interest. Captain Clevens turned to them, "Come and hold her legs for me men."

"Yes sir!" They immediately got up and approached them and grabbed a leg each.

"Spread her wide!" The men did as he said and pulled Streeks' legs wide apart. The Captain grabbed Streeks' hips and started thrusting harder and deeper into her.

Streek yelped with each hard thrust. After a little while Clevens let go of her hips and grabbed at her tender boobs. He kept banging her as he squeezed them and painfully pinched her nipples again.

"Ow, Ow, Ow, Stop it you freak! ...Aaagh!" cried out Streek.

Streek desperately wanted the assault to end, as it went on and on. Eventually Captain Clevens said, "Ugh, ...Yeah, I'm gunna cum!" He pumped away at her until Streek felt the wetness spill out inside her.

It was the first time someone had cum in her vagina, it made her feel sick, but at the same time, she was relieved he had finished. The Captain pulled his cock out of her, then motioned for the Troopers to let her go.

Streek struggled to stand on the balls of her feet again and take the strain off her wrists that were now aching badly, almost as badly as her cunt.

"Was it good for you too bitch?" She glared at Captain Clevens as he wiped the blood and cum from his cock with her torn hospital gown and started putting on his pants again. The Troopers sat down again.

Streek stood there with her head down, tears rolled down her face. She could feel the cum leaking from her raped vagina and running down her leg.

"Feeling sorry for yourself bitch?" said Captain Clevens as he went over to one of the chests and opened it, "...that was nothing!, you'll see."

He pulled out a paddle, it was about a meter long and black, it had a round handle, and the base of it was flat and flexible.

"Now, I have some questions for you." He came up to her again and pushed the paddle under her chin, making her lift her head again. She looked at him with intense hatred.

"Firstly, are you a clone of Stephen McKenzie?"

Streek didn't say anything.

Captain Clevens waited a little while and then swung the paddle. THWAP, the paddle slapped her left breast hard and she screamed out in pain.

"Are you a clone of Stephen McKenzie?" Streek nodded as fresh tears streamed from her eyes. "Use your words bitch!"

"...Yes!" Streek spat out at him.

"See bitch?, that wasn't so hard, eh? ...Where's the Cloning Pod?"

"I don't know."

THWAP, this time her right breast was whacked and she screamed out again. "Wrong answer."

"Aagh! ...But I don't fuckin' know, I haven't seen it since I was ...cloned."

Captain Clevens walked around behind her slowly. "But it was aboard that pathetic little junker, the Clubber Lang, wasn't it?"


"Why did you take the Clubber Lang in your bold attack? what was so important about it?"

"Ben Anders just wanted his ship back." THWAP, the paddle smacked Streek across her lower back, causing her to writhe in pain.

"Don't lie to me, you don't kill eighteen men and blow up half a building just for a crappy little ship like that!"

"It's the truth!" THWAP, Clevens smacked her breast again.

"Where was Benjamin Anders taking the ship? Where's he hiding it?"

"So they managed to get away?" THWAP, "Aaaaagh!"

"I'm the one asking the questions here bitch, we know he took the ship down into the Undercity. Where is he?"

"I don't know. Ben Anders left us behind to die. If I knew where he was I would tell you."

"I'd believe that, you Pirates are like wild dogs, you'd turn on each other in a second."

"We're not fuckin' Pirates!" THWAP, "Yeeeaaagh!"

"What did I tell you about lying!"

"How many other clones..." Captain Clevens was interrupted by the beeping of his TAB, he pulled it out and answered it, "What is it? ...Thank you Doctor, how's her knee? ...glad to hear it. I'll be there soon." He put his TAB away again. "Well, it seems your friend is awake."

Captain Clevens went and put the paddle back into the chest, then he started pulling his jacket on again.

"I'm going to be gone for a little while, when I get back I think we'll kick it up a notch. I heard you clones can regrow whole body parts, I'd like to test that out. I wonder if you can regrow your eyes, that would be something!"

The Troopers stood up at attention. "What's your name Trooper?" the Captain asked one of them.

"Baker sir."

"Would you like to have some fun with the prisoner Baker?"

The Trooper looked over at Streek and smiled "Yes sir."

"Then go ahead." He looked at the other Trooper,

"You, go and find some volunteers that are up for a bit of rape, we don't want her getting bored while I'm gone."

"Yes sir."

The Captain and one of the Troopers left the room. Streek could just stand there stretched out with her hands chained above her.

Her skin was bright red where she had been slapped with the paddle, and it felt like it was on fire, particularly around her breasts.

Tears flowed from her eyes as she fell into despair, it was only going to get worse. She thought of the name Angelina, Mia and Zacs' mother who had endured Federation torture for over a year without breaking, now she appreciated what she must have went through and just how strong her spirit must have been.

Streek resolved to be strong like her, but it was going to be hell.

The Trooper called Baker slowly walked up to her, he looked like a typical Grunt. He was in his mid-twenties and had a closely cropped crew-cut and square jaw, he gave her a lusty smile. "They made you out to be really dangerous, but I don't see it." he said to her.

"Then unchain me." said Streek.

Baker just smiled at her, "Sorry, I don't think the Captain would like that, gotta obey the chain of command you know."

He reached out and grabbed Streeks' stinging, red breasts and groped and squeezed them, making Streek grit her teeth in pain. "I specifically heard my Commanding Officer order me to fuck you. Orders are orders."

He stopped groping her and started removing the blue plate armour from his groin and legs. Soon he had his fat, seven-inch cock out, stroking it. He slowly walked around behind the naked, chained up girl.

"I'm not gunna get the Captains' sloppy seconds, You're gunna take it up the ass for me."

"No!, don't! You sick bastard!"

He slapped her ass a few times and then spread her ass-cheeks wide. "Oh Yeah, that little bum-hole looks good to me."

He spat into his hand and wiped it on the fat head of his hard cock, then he got hold of it and positioned it at her rear entrance. Streek tried to lean forward, but there was no getting away from him.

"Yeeeeaaaagh!!" Streek cried out as her sphincter was painfully stretched open and the fat cock forced its way inside her. He pushed it in deep.

Fresh tears streamed from Streeks' eyes as she endured the horrible feeling of a big cock wedged up her anus. Her tight ring relentlessly squeezed the fat shaft. "Ahh, damn that's tight!" said Baker.

He grabbed her hips and pulled her back toward him, then he started thrusting in and out of the tight hole with steady, deep strokes. Streek couldn't help crying, yelping and whimpering as he sodomised her, it was worse than having her vagina raped.

The Trooper grunted and groaned as he continued banging away at her from behind. Her squeezing ring hurt like hell as the fat, meaty shaft continuously slid back and forth through it and the cock-head kept poking deep into her bowels.

After a little while, the door of the Interrogation room slid open again. The other Trooper had returned and there were four other men with him.

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