Ben and Streek: Clone Saga Ch. 06


"Turns out I didn't have to go far to find you some play mates bitch." said the Trooper. There was an officer with him in his blue coat and cap, the others were more Fed Troopers.

"Hey, you're right, she's not bad!" said one. "Look at them big red titties." The men all got closer, leering at her.

"He's fucking her in the ass!"

"Yeah, it's a nice tight ass-hole too." said Baker. "It's makin' me cum."

He started thrusting faster, making Streek cry out and then he groaned and pulled his hard cock all the way out of the little hole just as hot cum spurted out of it on to her bare ass.

One of the Troopers was quickly removing his armour,

"I'm gunna bum-fuck her too." Baker stepped away and the other man got behind her.

Streek protested as he pressed his hard cock at her little opening and then forced his way up the raped ass. She cried out as her tight hole started getting fucked again.

"She doesn't look like a Pirate slut." said one of the men.

"Yeah? what were you expecting Hursty?"

"I don't know, tattoos and piercings and scars and shit."

"This ones a clone." said Baker. "With some kind of healing power."

"No shit! I never fucked a clone before."

While Streek was getting ass-raped, the other Troopers made themselves comfortable, removing their helmets and bits of armour and stroking their hard cocks.

One of them started playing with her sore tits, licking and nibbling her nipples.

The officer didn't say much, he just stood there watching. There was something different in his eyes, Streek thought that she could see sympathy in the way he looked at her. He didn't do anything to stop the rape though. Streek couldn't read the insignias on his uniform so she didn't know his rank.

"Aaah Aaah Yeah, milk my cock, milk it with your tight ass bitch!" said the Trooper raping her. He wedged it in deep and she felt his cum spill out inside her as he groaned loudly.

He gave a few more squishy thrusts and then pulled his cock out of her.

"I'm goin' next." said another larger Trooper with a big fat cock.

"No, It's my turn." said the officer.

"As you wish sir."

"I recommend her ass-hole sir, it's real nice and tight!" said the man who just raped her.

"No, I like pussy." said the officer dropping his pants, he began stroking his half-erect cock.

The officer approached her, he was fairly handsome, In his thirties, clean shaven with short jet-black hair and deep blue eyes. He looked into her eyes as he began rubbing his seven inch cock along her wet slit.

Streek let out an "oof!" as he slowly pushed it in. Her cunt was wet with Captain Clevens' cum and her sensitive flesh gripped the cock as it began moving inside her.

The officer held her firmly as he fucked her. This wasn't as bad as getting her ass pounded, but it still hurt.

The officer leant forward and began kissing her neck, Streek flinched away from the contact. He moved his mouth near her ear and then whispered, "I'm really sorry about this."

"Fuck You Ass-hole!" said Streek.

He whispered into her ear again. "I'm on your side. Fight the Future."

Streeks' eyes widened as she looked into his eyes, she didn't expect that. His cock kept moving inside her.

"The Doctor is going to make a move, you'll know when it happens." he whispered.

"Are you whispering love poems to her or something sir?" said one of the men watching.

"These Pirate sluts like it when you talk dirty to them." said the officer. "Yeah, take it, you filthy Bitch!" the other men cheered him on.

He soon leant forward again, "Some gear is stashed in the opposite room, Interrogation room five." He moved his head away from her again and continued fucking her.

"Oooh yeah, that's a tight little box. You're makin' me cum!" He moaned, but Streek didn't feel him cum inside her, he pulled his cock out.

"That was pretty quick sir." said one of the Troopers.

"I'm here for a good time, not a long time Trooper. Thanks for that slut." He leant forward and gave her a kiss on the cheek and whispered "Good luck!" Soon he got dressed and left.

"Now I can get me some ass!" said the big Trooper. He got behind her and rubbed his big, nine-inch cock at her ass-hole. The cum leaking from the hole helped lubricate it as he forced it in.

"Yeeeeeaaaaghh!!" Streek screamed as her sore ass was obscenely stretched around the big invader.

"Uh yeah! that tight hole's gunna squeeze my dick off." Said the big man as he pushed it in deep.

"Hey, who says we gotta fuck her one at a time?, how about we make a sandwich Rosco?" said another Trooper.

"Yeah, fine with me."

"No, don't." cried out Streek as the other Trooper got in front of her holding his hard cock. He pushed it up her cunt. Streek cried out as she was squashed between two men with cocks wedged up her cunt and ass at the same time.

Streek yelped and groaned as both cocks began moving inside her. Getting raped in both holes at the same time was too much for her to handle, but she had no choice but to endure it as she hung there between the two rapists.

The man at the front was giving short hard thrusts in her cunt while the big guy in her ass was fucking her slower and deeper. The sight of it seemed to excite the other men and they cheered them on and teased her.

Her whole lower body was awash with pain as the brutal double rape went on and on. The man pumping her cunt was the first to groan and spill his seed inside her. He left his cock wedged in the sopping wet hole for a while as the big cock banged her ass.

When he pulled out, more cum spilled from her. The man behind her pulled her back to him and started fucking her ass harder.

The door opened and Captain Clevens came back in. Ben was with him in her white hospital gown and with her arms cuffed behind her back. She looked at Streek with a look of horror on her face.

"You see Anders, I told you she was fine. She's just having a bit of fun with the boys." said Captain Clevens.

"You Bastards! Leave her alone!" yelled out Ben.

"Don't worry, you'll get your turn as well." Clevens brought her forward. "...Chain this one up next to her wait, put her in the stocks." he said to one of the Troopers. "Finish up here men."

"But I didn't get a turn sir." said one of the Troopers stroking his hard cock.

"Come back later, the pussy isn't going anywhere."

The big man behind Streek fucked her ass even harder, making her cry out in pain. The big Trooper groaned. "Nnnngh Yeah, I'm gunna cum!"

He pulled his big fat cock from the tight hole with a plop and gave it a few strokes. Streek felt the hot cum spurt onto her ravaged asshole and run down her legs.

Ben had been bent over and put into the stocks a few meters away, her hands and head were securely stuck through the solid boards facing Streek, her ass stuck out behind her as she was forced to stay bent over.

Ben looked up at Streek hanging there on the chain, into her teary eyes. "I'm sorry Streek, I'm so sorry!" she said to her.

"Don't worry Ben, it's going to be all right." Ben looked up at her questioningly.

Streek thought about the officer from before. Doctor Arnotts' Federation Mole. "The Doctor's is going to make a move, you'll know when it happens." Was the Doctor really going to come and save them again? This wasn't a bar full of thugs though. This was a Federation Cruiser surrounded by Federation Cruisers.

But the man had given her a thread of hope and she was clinging to it. I've got to stay ready for action.

Most of the Federation Troopers cleared out. The two who were in the room earlier stayed, sitting at the table and chairs on the other side of the room. Captain Clevens had taken off his jacket again. Both girls stared at him with anger and hatred.

Streeks' vagina and anus were still throbbing painfully, she could feel the sticky cum leaking from them, and running down her legs. Clevens came over, a chill went through Streek when she saw he had a small knife in his hand.

He went over to Ben and pulled at her gown and was cutting it away. "I had the pleasure of taking your friends' virginity earlier." he said to her. "Are you a virgin too, I will stick my dick into you soon and see."

"Rapist Asshole!" said Ben.

Captain Clevens moved around and punched her in the face with a sickening crunch. Ben cried out, Streek could see blood trickling down from her nose and was furious. Hurry up and make your move Doc, I really need to kill this Prick!

"First, I want to talk to you about your scum-bag Sire, Benjamin Anders." Benjamin Anders, Streeks' best friend since high-school. He had betrayed them, leaving them behind to die. The female Ben that he had been through so much with was her best friend now. Now it was hard to think of her as the same Ben Anders that had betrayed them both. She was better than him, she was Bernie.

"His father is a Federation man." said Captain Clevens, putting the knife down and getting out his TAB. "Lieutenant Jason Anders, serving as Chief Engineer aboard the SS Toblerone. He has an unblemished record, the Captain praises his technical expertise. What a disappointment his only son turned out to be."

He walked around near Streek and gave her boob a squeeze, making her flinch. He carried on, "Benjamin Anders himself, joined the Federation Academy at one stage. Scored very highly in Advanced Mathematics, and was talented with machines and electronics like his father. But there were several reported incidents where disciplinary action had to be taken."

"...His psyche profile indicated a lack of self discipline and a problem with authority. Quite common amongst military brats. The Federation could have fixed that, but he never returned to the Academy after the first year."

"I had better things to do." said Bernie.

Captain Clevens went around and kicked her in the stomach, "Hrrraaaaagh!"

"He stayed off the Federations' radar after that. Until he was found drifting in unprotected space, near known Pirate territory. Claimed he was a trader taking a short-cut when Pirates attacked him. More likely his Pirate friends turned on him, something like that, eh?"

"...Then at some point he got his hands on the Xenoform Cloning Machine and earned a spot on the Federations most wanted list. There's a lot of things you can tell me about Anders, lets start with where he is now."

"He's on New Heidi." said Bernie.

Captain Clevens kicked her again. "I want you to tell me what I don't already know."

"That's gunna take a hell of long time."

THWAK, Clevens punched her hard in the face again.

"What did you call her? ...Streek?, she already told me that Anders left you behind down there. How does it feel to be discarded like a piece of trash? Why would you protect someone who has such little regard for you?"

"I don't know where he is, okay?"

"Then let's see if you still don't know where he is when I'm ripping out your fingernails with a pair of pliers, or when I'm pulling out all your girlfriends' teeth and then forcing her to give me a blow-job."

"You Evil Prick!!" THWAK, Clevens delivered another hard right hook to her face.

"Yeah, I'll give you girls a proper introduction to my pliers and knife. But first I want to sort out this question of your virginity. Let's fuck!"

He went around behind Bernie and rubbed at her vagina. Bernie just grit her teeth and stayed quiet. He got his hard cock out from his pants and pushed it into her.

Bernie cried out in pain as he grabbed her ass and started fucking her with deep, hard strokes.

"Hey Captain, was she a Cherry sir?" asked Baker.

"She was."

"Ha, you owe me fifty bucks buddy." Baker said to the other Trooper.

"Damn it! they must both be dykes or somethin'."

"Aaaah, Yeah, you've got a tight little pussy too." said Captain Clevens as he banged away at her from behind, rocking her whole body forward and making the stocks rattle.

"Ow, Aaaagh, Stop it you rapist prick! Aaagh!" Streek hated just standing there watching her best friend get raped.

Then, all of a sudden, it happened. Streek heard a really strange noise, like a high pitched jet engine. A wave of energy seemed to pass through the room, there was a shower of sparks around the room and then darkness.

"What the fuck...?" came Captain Clevens' voice.

The room was pitch black, Streek felt the electronic locks on her shackles click open. She slipped her hands out, and crouched on the ground rubbing her wrists.

This was it, 'The Doctor's is going to make a move, you'll know when it happens'. She didn't know what he did, but she was free.

"Baker, go and find out what happened." came Captain Clevens' voice in the darkness.

"Yes sir, I... Hrrrrrrrrk!"

"Baker, what is it? what's going on?"

"Hold on sir, I have a glo-stick in my pack." said the other Trooper. He fumbled around and then pulled out the glo-stick and snapped it. A dim light filled the room and he saw Baker on the floor in a pool of blood. "Oh Drakk!... Captain..."

He then saw Streek coming at him with a knife, in one fluid motion she slashed his throat open. He dropped to the floor gargling. Captain Clevens backed up against the wall. He got out his TAB, "Emergency, Emergency, Security to Interrogation room six." But his TAB was dead.

Streek slowly got closer with the small knife in her hand, her face was in shadow, but she could see the fear in Captain Clevens' eyes in the dim light.

"Get away you bitch! ...You'll regret that!, There's no escape for you!" He grabbed a stun-rod that was on a rack on the wall, and swung it at her. Streek grabbed it with her left hand, it was inactive. She gave a strong kick to his stomach, making him double over. Streek quickly got behind him, dropped low and slashed the back of both his calves with the knife.

Captain Clevens screamed and dropped to the floor. Clevens couldn't stand, he just crawled along the floor as his blood spilled out of his legs. Streek just stood there watching him.

"Streek..." Bernie was still locked in the stocks.

"Be with you in a minute Bernie."

She walked up to Clevens who was desperately trying to crawl away. Streek kicked him in hard in the face and then kicked him over. Even in the faint light she could see the fear on his face, she liked it.

She crouched down over him. "Now I'm getting exited Captain. Are you getting exited?"

"...l...leave me alone you Pirate Slut!"

"No, I'm gunna fuck you! ...with something far less pleasant than a dick!"

He put his hands up to grab her and she quickly slashed both arms and then punched him hard in the face.

He cried out in pain. Streek then moved the knife down to his belly and rubbed the point of it along his skin.

"No!, Don't! Please!"

Streek rammed the blade into his gut up the hilt, Clevens let out a blood curdling scream. "Oh, were you a virgin?" said Streek. "Did I just pop your cherry?"

She pulled the knife back until it was almost out and then thrust it back in. Clevens continued screaming loudly as she thrust the knife back and forth in his guts.

"Streek!! ...STREEK!!" Bernie called out over the Captains' painful screams. "I appreciate your desire for payback, I really do. But maybe we should turn our attention to getting out of here."

Streek stopped thrusting the knife, the Captains' blood was all over her now. She stood up. "You're right Bernie. I've got no more time for this piece of shit. Let him die and rot."

Streek went over and undid the latch and opened the stocks, Bernie was glad to be able to stand up again. The Captain was still crying out in pain in a pool of blood on the floor.

"What do you think happened?" said Bernie.

"It's Doctor Arnott, he's helping us escape."

Bernie went and grabbed one of the Troopers laser rifles and examined it. "It's not working, whatever that wave was, it seemed to have fried all the electronics, like an electromagnetic pulse. But a Federation ship would be shielded against an EMP attack, surely."

Streek grabbed the knife and the glo-stick and headed to the door, "Come on." The two naked girls had to force the door open and slipped through the gap.

Out in the dark hallway they could hear confused shouting, it seemed the whole ship had blacked out. Streek went across the hall to the door marked 'Interrogation Room Five'.

"Where are you going? that's not the way out." said Bernie

"We have some gear stashed in here for us."

"How do you know that?"

"A friend told me."

They forced the door open and went inside. In the dim light of the glo-stick, the room looked very similar to the other interrogation room they were in. Streek saw a medium sized chest on the table. She went up to it and undid the latches and opened up the lid. She held the glo-stick over it looking at the contents.

There were a couple of handguns sitting on top. Bernie grabbed one and examined it. "They're laser guns, fully charged and fully functional." she said. "This chest must have shielded them from that wave, whatever it was."

Bernie reached in again and pulled out a visor, she put it on over her eyes, "Night Vision, cool."

"There's clothes in here too." Streek passed Bernie a black jumpsuit. Both girls got dressed again, they had no underwear but they were glad to be able to cover up.

They both fastened belts around their waste where they holstered their laser guns. Finally Streek pulled out a TAB from the chest. She turned it on and a holographic map of the ship appeared, showing where they were and the path they're to follow.

An electronic voice said "You are to head along this route, toward the bow and portside, to Airlock eleven-twenty two. The turbo-lifts will be off-line so you must use the maintenance hatches to travel between levels. Eliminate any resistance you encounter."

"You don't need to tell us." said Bernie, holding up her laser gun.

Streek noticed that she was starting to feel strange.

"Do you feel that Bernie? I feel lighter."

"Yeah I do, the Artificial Gravity Generator must have been taken off-line. It's slowly winding down."

Streek and Bernie moved quickly and quietly down the hallway. Down the hall they could see the faint glow of the glo-sticks. With their night visors they could clearly see four Federation Troopers.

"...sworn I heard someone screaming down there." they heard one say

"Are we under attack or what? do you know what's going on?"

"No idea, we can't reach anyone, all the comms are down."

"What are we supposed to do in a situation like this?"

"Don't worry about it." said Bernie, several green laser blasts illuminated the hallway and then four Troopers fell to the floor dead. Bernie and Streek moved on.

Streek checked the TAB, they were close to a point on the map where the path went downward. They found a maintenance hatch nearby and opened it, then one by one they disappeared down the ladder into the lower decks.

Streek let go of the ladder and fell slowly down to the lower deck. "The gravity's getting weaker." she said.

"Yeah, soon we'll be in Zero-G, that'll slow us down, let's get moving."

"Stop!, Identify yourselves." said a Federation Officer nearby. A green laser blast lanced out and struck him in the head, he dropped to the floor. Bernie and Streek stepped over him and moved down another corridor.

They came across more Federation members, most were stumbling around the dark with weapons that weren't functioning. Bernie and Streek cut them all down as they came across them.

Streek saw a sign that said they were on the training deck. They reached another door and strained to pull it open. They slipped through the gap and saw that they were in an open area.

Streek was gliding as she stepped, she felt really light now. Then there was the loud banging of gunfire, Streek and Bernie dove for cover as bullets struck around them. The Feds had woken up, and armed themselves with projectile guns.

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