tagSci-Fi & FantasyBen and Streek: Clone Saga Ch. 10

Ben and Streek: Clone Saga Ch. 10


Chapter 10 - End of the Beginning

There was nothing but darkness. Darkness and silence. Then her feet hurt. Then there was Bernies' voice, "No! It didn't work!"

"Are you sure? I thought I saw him breathing." came Bens' voice.

"Really?!" Streek slowly opened her eyes and Bernie came into focus in front of her. A big smile came across her face and she came up and hugged Streek hard. "You're alive!" she said joyfully.

"I'm Alive?" said Streek hugging her back.

"Yeah, you are. The nanobots fixed your wounds and the Cloning Pod gave you life again. I feel silly for getting so upset."

"...yeah, ...me too."

"That's not all the Cloning Pod did." said Bernie, stepping back and nodding down.

Streek looked down and got a surprise, "My tits!" her chest was flat and boobless.

"Look down further." Streek grabbed at her groin and felt a dick and balls.

"I'm a man again!, I'm a man!" Streek said joyfully.

"Yeah, you are." said Bernie. Streek became aware he was standing inside the Cloning Pod.

"You're gunna become a man again too right?"



"I've decided to stay a woman."

"Really? Why?" Bernie just shook her head and went back up to Streek and planted a kiss right on his lips. Streek kissed her back, their tongues rubbed against each other. Streek was filled with wonderful, warm fuzzy feelings. His cock started to press up against his tight panties.

They kissed passionately for a while and then Bernie finally backed away smiling, looking deep into his eyes. "I love you." she said quietly.

"I love you." said Streek. "You would give up being a man, just for me?"

"That's my decision. I want to be your woman."

"I want you to be my woman too." Bernie embraced him again. "Is this real?" asked Streek.

"That's her true form?" said Mia. "...She was a man all along?" Mia was looking Streek over, like she did when they first met.

"Mia, ...uh ...hi." said Streek.

"Why didn't you tell me Streek?"

"I ...uh, I tried to... I told you I like girls."

"You said you were a lesbian. You're not a lesbian, you're a man!"

"I was a lesbian at the time."

"Yeah ...well ...I'm happy for the two of you." She said turning away.

Streek also noticed Ben-Three and Makita standing out there in the facility in front of him. "Mak, it's good to see you again. Is the Doc around?"

"It is good to see that you are functioning again Streek. Your death was indeed unfortunate. Doctor Arnott is currently with the Avatari, he is not here." she said in her monotone voice.

"This is kinda weird for me!" said Ben-Three looking at Bernie and Streek in each others arms. "Welcome back Boy Streek. You're alive, you can scratch your balls again, and for some reason, my Captain loves you, but no one's told you the bad news."

"Which is...?" asked Streek.

Mia came forward again, "Skylar has called a whole Globular Cluster of Pirates here. There's hundreds of the fuckers out there. A bunch of ships too, including the Cthulhu. The Doc and Zac were standing by for extraction, but there's no way that's happening now. We wasted too much time... "

"Bringing me back to life?"

"Yeah, sorry, I didn't mean wasted. We have this place in lockdown, but it's not gunna stay locked down forever. Any other Resistance reinforcements aren't going to arrive in time to help us."

"So we brought you back to life, just so you can die with us again." said Ben-Three.

"It was worth it." said Streek, kissing Bernie again.

Streek bent down and struggled pulling off his boots, they were way too tight and were hurting his feet. "Sorry, didn't think about taking your boots off." said Bernie.

"My underwear isn't too comfortable either." said Streek. He zipped down his jumpsuit and undid the empty bra strapped around his chest. Then he reached down further into his jump-suit and tore off the tight panties, then rubbed his balls. He was glad to have them again.

Streek walked out of the Pod. The bodies of the guards he killed were still laying there amongst blood stains and scorch marks. "Skylar...?"

"She got away from us." said Bernie.

"My clone! Did you see her?"


"They cloned me, and made her insane. She tried to kill me, but I might have killed her."

"Yeah, I haven't seen her since you gave her the light show smack-down." said Ben-Three.


"There was someone else though." said Bernie, nodding over to the stairs where Sadie was sitting. Her hands were cuffed together over the handrail and her face was badly swollen and bruised, she was looking quite miserable. "What should we do with her?"

"Leave it to me." said Streek.

Sadie looked up as Streek approached. "That you Streek? ...You got that sex change you wanted, good for you. Shame to throw away such nice titties though."

"Your beloved leader abandoned you eh? That's gotta suck!"

"Yeah, people just keep letting me down." She stared at his face for a moment. "Streek, ...I remember you now. You were on that crappy little shuttle with Anders. Naeme ass-raped you as well. Heh, heh, he just doesn't learn! Well, we have a common hatred for Naeme, relationships have been built on worse things than that."

"Shit Sadie, I can't tell if you're serious about this relationship bull-shit!"

"I can't tell if I'm serious about anything. Why don't you come over here and give me a good hard fuck. Rape my ass, if that's what you want."

"I'm not gunna rape you."

Sadies head slumped, "Yeah, ...it's like Skylar said, isn't it? Well, can you do me a favour at least? There's a few Draxies in my jacket pocket. I just been carrying them around, y'know. Can you get them for me? I wanna get off my head one last time before you kill me."

Streek came forward and reached into her jacket, "Yeah, that top pocket there. Thanks." Streek pulled out the small capsules and then dropped them on the floor and stomped on them. "You fuckin' prick!!" spat Sadie wildly, "I'll be waiting for you in hell, you cold bastard!"

"There is no hell. There's nothing!" said Streek. He raised the gun and shot her.

The gun was Sadies' non-lethal Scorpion Tail. Sadie slumped down on the stairs, paralysed. "At least this is good for shutting you up." said Streek, turning and walking away.

Streek walked back to where the dead Pirate guards were, the other four watched as he started comparing his feet with the boots they were wearing. "She's lucky she got you. I wouldn't have been so merciful to the fuckin' whore." said Mia, walking up to him.

"I'd kill her in battle, no problem. But not like this."

Bernie came up and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him again. "My gallant knight."

"So how is the Doc?" asked Streek.

"He's in a better position than us." said Mia. "He got us into this facility with the Avatari. Bernie was the one who discovered its location."

"Courtesy of my 'business partner', the late Mr. Chong."

"You're not gunna like this..." said Mia. "...I gotta blow up the Cloning Pod. Our standing orders are to destroy it if we can't extract it. I've brought along a bit of C6, it should do the job. It's gunna put a huge dent in Skylars' plans. Our sacrifice isn't going to be for nothing at least."

"We're gunna give them one hell of a last stand right?" said Streek, unstrapping the boots of one of the corpses.

"You better believe it." said Mia clenching her fists.

The console beeped and Ben-Three went up to it and pressed a button. A holographic screen appeared with Skylars' face on it. "Anders, I want to talk with whoever's in charge there."

Ben-Three turned to the others, "Uh, ...who is in charge?"

Mia strode over to the console. "What do you want you little bitch?"

"Miss Bolton, I thought you slipped through our fingers, but here you are in our grasp again."

"What do you want?"

"I'm sure you're aware of the situation. You're probably prepared to die like a good little soldier. But there is a way out of this. I'm prepared to make you a deal."

"A deal? With Pirates? Fat fuckin' chance!"

Streek came up to the console, "Hello Skylar."

"Who are you? Another McKenzie clone? ...No wait, ...you're Lisa aren't you? The Cloning Pod brought you back to life and made those changes you wanted. Am I right?"

"Yeah, I'm the person you murdered."

"Well then, you don't want your friends doing anything rash. As long as the Cloning Pod exists, you can be brought back to life. You can do what nobody else in the history of mankind has ever been capable of, ...you can achieve immortality."

"Not if the Pod is in Pirate hands."

"But there will always be the possibility of getting it back. You destroy the Pod, and that possibility is gone forever. Leave my Pod untouched and you and your friends can get out of there unscathed."

"Like hell we would." said Mia. "How dumb do you think we are?"

"Okay, there's not going to be any free ride, but I'll withdraw half my forces, offer you a fighting chance. What do you say Lisa? It would be a shame to destroy such a beautiful machine, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah, like destroying my creator. You have a deal Skylar."

"What?! No she doesn't have a fuckin' deal!" said Mia. Streek ended the communication. "What the fuck...?!" said Mia, "You're not gunna stop me destroying the Pod, and Skylar won't keep up her end of the deal, you know that!"

"Yeah I know, we won't keep up our end either. She's scared. Here we are thinking we're trapped here with no hope, but we control one of the most dangerous machines in the galaxy. Let's use it!"


A couple of hours later, the Pirates finally managed to break Ben-Threes' code and override the lockdown.

The large doors opened and a bunch of stun grenades were fired in, exploding and flashing all over the place. A large machine gun turret was wheeled to the doorway and started spraying large calibre bullets all over the room.

The loud sound of the gun firing and bullets ricocheting filled the building. After a while it stopped. Pirate soldiers in full body armour, and carrying large assault rifles and shotguns, started piling into the room.

"There's the Cloning Pod, it's still in tact." said Commander Kahn. "No visual on the intruders. Keep an eye out!" They cautiously moved up the stairs. More and more armed Pirates entered and started filling the room. "Still no visual, where could they have gone?"

Commander Kahn looked up to the ceiling, he saw Mia squatting up there on a steel beam, "Boom!" she said as she pressed her TAB.

The Cloning Pod exploded with tremendous force. The whole room shook, and bodies were thrown everywhere, and shrapnel ripped through them. Kahn, along with most of the Pirates in the room, were killed instantly.

"FIGHT THE FUTURE!!" yelled out Mia, leaping down from the ceiling with her gun in hand.

Streek gave Bernie a quick kiss, "If you die again, I'll kill you!" she told him.

They both jumped down after Mia. More Mia, Streek and Bernie clones started dropping from the ceiling with guns in their hands. Makita dropped down, dual-wielding a pair of large assault rifles.

They had been very busy for the last couple of hours. Streek, Bernie and Mia were scanned with scavenged Pirate armour, weapons and ammo, each had Mias' C6 in their pocket.

They used the corpses of the Pirate guards, smashed up consoles and anything else they could carry to make new clones. They ended up with five Streek clones, five Bernies and six Mias, and a pile of C6 to pack inside the Cloning Pod.

Streek had hauled Sadie up to the beams on the ceiling, with the help of his clones, "We could make another clone from her corpse." protested Mia.

"I've made my decision. She can die another day."

Then they had all taken position up there, anxiously waiting for the battle to begin.

Gunfire erupted in the smoky, devastated room as they took care of what was left of the Pirate forces in there. More gunfire came in through the large doorway and more grenades were shot in. The clones dove out of the way as they exploded.

The machinegun started firing from the doorway again, Streek and Mia both launched grenades from their assault rifles at the same time, they exploded in the doorway and the machinegun fire stopped.

A couple of Mias went and stood by the doorway with their weapons raised. Makita was the first one out, running out through the smoke with both assault rifles firing in controlled bursts.

The Mias ran out behind her and Streek was running out beside other clones, with his assault rifle raised in front of him. He ran through the smoky doorway and entered a chaotic war zone. Outside was bathed in dim twilight as dawn was breaking. The air was freezing cold and snow crunched under his feet. Gunfire sounded all around him.

Streek took in as much as he could, there were hundreds of armed Pirates out there, most of them taking cover behind hastily set up barricades. There were several ships about, some of them sitting on the ground, some hovering over the facility, there were also buggies, hovercrafts and mechs moving about.

Many snipers were set up on the roof of the nearby buildings. The mechs were Logans, the same as the one Streek piloted in the Holo-Arena. There were a few of them walking about the battlefield, firing their huge shotguns and machineguns.

The clones in front of him dove for cover. Streek was about to do the same and then machinegun fire from one of the mechs ripped through his mid section. He dropped to the ground and his blood and guts spilled out onto the ground as he died.

Another Streek leapt over him, blasting away with his assault rifle. He shot down a couple of Pirates and then took cover behind a concrete barricade.

More clones came over next to him as bullets smacked against the barricade. A Bernie clone leapt up and kicked away a grenade that was lobbed at them. She dropped down next to Streek as a barrage of bullets came at her.

They both popped up and fired their guns. Blood sprayed out the back of Bernies head as she was shot by a sniper. "Snipers! Keep Moving!" yelled out Streek as he ran out, shooting at the Pirates again.

A large buggy roared toward him, there was a large machine gun mounted on top of it, and it was spraying bullets toward them. Streek raised his assault rifle and aimed at the driver. The bullets slammed against the windscreen. Streek kept firing at the same spot and soon the gunfire broke through the strong glass and into the head of the driver. The buggy suddenly turned sharply and rolled in the snow, ending up on its' side.

Streek ran up to the crashed vehicle, narrowly avoiding more machinegun and sniper fire. He shot the Pirates as they crawled out from the wreckage, and took cover behind the crashed buggy.

Makita was nearby, still shooting at the Pirates with both assault rifles. "MAK! GET OVER HERE! ...MAKITA!" yelled Streek.

Makita made her way over, with both guns still blazing. Bullets pinged on her white plates. "Can you pull this machine gun from its mount?" asked Streek when she got close.

"Yes." Makita dropped the rifles and grabbed the large gun. There was a loud snap as she broke the bolts and pulled it away from the vehicle.

It would have taken three Streeks to lift the huge machine gun, but the android was able to lift it up and aim it like a rifle. "Target the mechs, I've got your back." said Streek.

Makita moved around and the long barrel flared as she started firing it. She aimed at a joint in one of the mechs' legs. The rapid fire tore away at the metal and soon the leg came off.

The mech tilted over and crashed into the ground. It still raised its gun. Makita shot at it's hand until it dropped it. She cut through a group of Pirate soldiers and then quickly targeted the next Mech.

Streek was behind her, shooting down advancing Pirates with his assault rifle. He screamed out as a snipers' bullet ripped through his right shoulder, making him drop the rifle. He grit his teeth and pulled the hand-gun from his belt with his left hand and shot down a couple more Pirates running toward them.

More gunfire slammed into his torso and he dropped to the ground. Another Streek ran over with his assault rifle blazing, dropping more Pirates. He slung his rifle over his shoulder and dragged his wounded fellow clone over to the crashed buggy, leaving a red trail in the snow.

"Hang in there soldier!" he said as he propped him up against the wreck. A hovercraft zoomed overhead, firing off wide laser blasts. Streek grabbed his rifle and loaded a fresh magazine, then ran off with his gun blazing.

Streek made his way toward the large, four storey building to the North. He zigged and zagged as sniper fire popped around him. "OVER HERE STREEK!" yelled Mia, she was behind a concrete barricade, firing her rifle. Streek made his way over to her. "We gotta clear out this nest of snipers. You with me?" said Mia.

"Yeah, let's go!"

They ran out from the barricade just as one of the ships fired a missile at it, causing a large explosion. They both shot down a couple of Pirates that were guarding the doorway. Mia darted past the doorway and more automatic fire erupted from inside.

Streek and Mia stood either side of the doorway with their weapons raised. A large Pirate ran out carrying a shotgun and Mia swiftly kicked him in the head. He dropped down near Streek and he stomped the Pirates neck, killing him.

"On three." said Mia "One, ...two, ...three." They both stepped out into the doorway and fired their assault rifles. Mias' automatic fire swept to the left and Streeks' swept to the right, taking out several more Pirates.

"Nice work Macho Man!" said Mia. "Let's split up. I'll make my way up to the roof. You sweep the south-facing rooms. It's a good old fashioned sniper hunt."

"Right. Good luck Mia."

"And you Streeky-Boy. Remember, no safety protocols!"

Streek slung the assault rifle over his shoulder and picked up a combat shotgun off the ground. He checked that it was working and had slugs loaded. It should serve well for indoors combat.

He made his way up the stairs with the shotgun raised. Streek made his way from room to room, shooting down Pirate Snipers with the shotgun. There were around a dozen of them, and a few other armed Pirate soldiers guarding them. Streek had no trouble killing them all.

He doubled back to one of the rooms and grabbed a Sniper Rifle. He emptied out the bullets and moved over to where there was a stash of ammunition. He threw a box of bullets aside and picked up a small, red, metal case. "High Explosive Rounds" was printed on the front, as well as a large warning label.

He opened it up and started loading the red bullets into his rifle. When he was done, her crept over to the window and looked out over the battlefield.

The large domed Star Ship dock was directly across from him. Down below there were explosions and gunfire and chaos. Across to the right was the building where they kept the Cloning Pod, Streek could see about half a dozen snipers up on its' roof.

He raised the Sniper Rifle and looked down the scope. He deftly aimed the rifle until a Snipers' head was in his sights. He squeezed the trigger and the Pirates' head exploded into a red mist of blood. 'Oh right!, explosive rounds! I don't really need to get head shots.'

He cocked the weapon, and then aimed at the wall along the rooftop and fired. There was another explosion and a few Snipers were thrown about. He fired again, further along the roof-top, taking out a few more Snipers.

He swung the weapon down and across and shot another round into a guard tower, making it explode. He took out the other guard tower he could see, then aimed down at the battlefield.

He fired right into the front of a Mech, and the explosion sent it staggering back and falling down into the snow. A hover-craft flew by and Streek followed the moving target along and fired. The back of the hovercraft exploded and shuddered along, before crashing into a group of Pirate Soldiers.

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