Benefits Ch. 02


No part of this is real. It's all fiction folks. Not real in the least.

"OH FUCK YES!! Don't you fucking stop Jake!" screamed Laura. Her back to me, arms up, leaning against my shower wall. She turned her face to me. "Don't you dare stop fucking me Jake, don't you fucking daaaAAARE!! OH YES!!" She moaned. I was thrusting into her like a madman. A careful madman, though, wouldn't want to die while fucking, even if the woman is Laura Prepon. I moved my left hand down to her slit, leaving only my right holding on to her hips. I started rubbing and teasing her clit. I was bent on sending her into overdrive. If her moans were any indication, she would hit the mark any moment. "Ffffucckk.....that's so right...fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!!!!!" And with that scream, her pussy clamped down on my prick and I felt her juices run over my throbbing cock. I was still thrusting like mad, coming ever closer to hitting my boiling point. That was when Laura turned to me again. "You want to fucking cum baby? Cum on me. I want to feel your hot cum on my body...fucking shoot it baby...." The look and those words did it for me.

"OH FUCK!!" I yelled as a pulled out and shot my cum all over her back and ass. I shot a good 5 or 6 jets on her. I let out a soft moan as a rubbed my cum into her back with my cock head. "I am really enjoying this arrangement."

"Believe me Jake, you're not the only one," she said with a smirk as she turned off the water jet. "I'm gonna get dressed and head back to my place. What are you up to tomorrow?", she asked while stepping out of the shower.

"Well, its Dyl's day off tomorrow, so I'm going to running the store solo. Might want some company eventually," I said, grabbing a towel to dry myself off. "Interested in providing said company?"

"Maybe, I could use a new copy of the Hobbit," She said, walking towards me. "Think I could get a discount?" she asked, licking my ear lobe with a smile.

"I'm sure we can come to an agreement about something like that," I replied.

"Good. See you tomorrow then Jake."

"You too. Good night Laura." This no strings sex thing was working out to be one of the best things to happen to me. I got a damn good friend in Laura, and also some AMAZING sex. Best deal ever. That and this was actually something that could take my mind off of the usual heartache I feel towards Mila. Every time I think of her, I don't only think about how much I want to be with her, at least not anymore. During one point in my life, it was like that. These day though, its more along the lines that I finally get I'll never be with her. I didn't like excepting that fact, but over time, I have. Still doesn't make the feelings go away, but great sex does help ease the pain, especially when it's sex with no strings.

I slid on some boxers and walked over to my comp. I hadn't been able to write a thing in quite a while. Mainly because everything I had been writing down was depressing, and I didn't want that. Sure, every good story needs a tinge of sadness, but everything I had been doing had been absolutely drenched in the doldrums. But with the sudden influx of a bit of pleasure, even if it was purely carnal, I had finally been sparked. I was now at least outlining a story. An adventure tale. The details weren't panned out yet, but I had the general storyline pretty hammered out. It was going to be the tale of a man without hope, who is forced into the position of being the only hope in saving the world. I had Laura to thank for all this, and I had been thanking her for a good three weeks in my own special way. The only problem I had now was how to begin the story. That's always been my hang up. I can never really begin a story to my satisfaction. I can plan one out alright, but the beginnings I come up with, at least to me, seem very weak.. I had been trying to wrap my head around this for weeks. How do you start the tale of a man who has nothing left to lose? I sat in front of the screen for a good two hours, Ace Frehley's solo album blaring into my headphones the entire time. But nothing was typed. Stuck again. I turned my comp off and crawled into bed, awaiting the day to come.

I awoke at around 8:30 A.M. and had a hearty breakfast of leftover pizza and Dr. Pepper. I put on my amazing dapper outfit of a KISS concert t-shirt and jeans and headed out to open my store. I stood at the register, waiting for lunch to roll around, and Laura's visit. After two and a half hours, my designated lunch time of 11:00 A.M. rolled around. I locked up the shop for my standard thirty minute break and went to my office. I opened up mini-fridge and brought out my sandwich and Dr. Pepper. I then heard a knock at the door. I got up and walked into the main area. It was Laura, in jeans and a nice red blouse. She had brought tacos, the world recognized food of kings. I let her in and took her back to my office. I sat back in my chair and she sat on my desk.

"How's business been today Jakey-Boy?"she asked.

"Usual Tuesday crowd. Nothing really of yet of course."

"Oh, of course," she replied with a smile. "Oh, would you look at that? I didn't bring enough food for the both of us. How am I supposed to get the discount we were talking about last night?"

"I"m sure we could figure out something," I said with a smirk.

"Oh that's good. Wait a second, there is enough to eat." she said, getting on her knees in front me. "How about you eat what I brought, and I have a little of this?" she asked, unzipping my pants, and pulling free my rapidly hardening cock.

"Oh please, help yourself." And that she did. She tugged on it a few times to get me at full mast and slowly licked me length wise, planting a kiss on the tip. I started to run my fingers through her silky red hair.

"You like that don't you hero? That's only the beginning big boy, only the beginning." and with that, she engulfed my head, and took me inch by inch into her mouth, until I was all the way down her throat. I threw my head back and let out a long moan. She joined in the moaning, and the vibrations made felt incredible on my throbbing member. She slowly removed her mouth, leaving my dick in a shiny coat of her saliva. "You think you're enjoying yourself now? You should know by now this isn't even close the end of this little show." She moved her mouth to my balls and sucked them into her mouth, alternating one and the other, and jacking my cock hard. "I bet you wanna cum SOOO bad don't you Jake. You want to shoot your hot load in my pretty little mouth, don't you?" I gave her nod with a moan that I hoped sounded like a yes. "You're gonna get your wish soon baby. Just hold it in for me. Can you hold it in for Laura?" I nodded again, and threw my head back as she once again engulfed my cock with her mouth. I put my hand on the sides of her heads and guided her skilled mouth up and down my cock. As she moved faster and faster, my gasps got shorter and shorter. She removed me from her mouth again, and jacked my slick cock, licking from the base and leaving another kiss on the tip. She wrapped her lips firmly around the crown and sucked hard, licking the underside and jerking my shaft. She took me all the way into her mouth for the last ride. She tugged on and kneaded my balls as she sucked, urging me to the inevitable climax.

"I'm gonna fucking cum Laura........cumming soon..." I growled, and she kept bobbing up and down, faster and faster, snaking her tongue around every inch, faster and faster until..."Fuccccccckk....." I moaned as I shot my cum into her awaiting mouth. She kept her lips wrapped around the head sucking every drop and drinking it down. When she was done she removed her mouth from my cock and opened wide, showing me her empty mouth, and then closed it, flashing me a smile. "Oh my God......that was fucking insane Laura."

"Tell me something I don't know," she said, wiping some cum she hadn't gotten down off the corner of her mouth. "So, how much of a discount did I earn, Bookworm?"

"I think you earned yourself a couple free books," I said with a smirk. "But I just happen to have in my desk a hard cover edition of the one you're looking for." I opened my desk drawer and took out a copy of the Hobbit and handed it to her.

"Awesome. Thanks. Like I said, my copy is so totally worn out. This should last a good couple of years," she said as she got back up

"You read it that much?"

"Of course. Haven't you ever had a book where you can't help but read it over and over again?"

"A few, but not to the point where the books are only held together by a thread."

"Eh, everyone has their oddities. Like for example, there are actually people who like KISS. Weird huh?" she said sarcastically, leaning over to give me a kiss goodbye. "I've gotta head back to the set. Mila said something about her and one of her friends dropping by. Might want to spruce yourself up a bit."

I sat up with a start. "Why would I care to spruce myself up? It's just Mila. We've known each other for years." I told her hoping not to seem obvious.

"Please Jake, I know how you look at her. So take my advice, stop being such a fucking chickenshit and tell her how you feel. She won't be available forever. Even it means no more of these little visits, just tell her. You two would be great together, and would both be incredibly lucky. Not everyone finds their one. You might have. Don't let it pass you by."

"Thanks for the sage advice."

"Yeah. This mouth does a lot more than give great head. Anyways, I'll see you around Jake-O." And with that, she walked out of my office and walked out the door. I opened up the shop again.

After a few hours of stragglers, browsers and the occasional customer, Mila strolled in with a friend in tow. As usual Mila looked fantastic. Radiant would be a better word. She was wearing some hip hugging jeans, a belly shirt, and sneakers, but it just seemed like so much more on her. The friend that was with her was Ashley Scott. She was wearing a nice denim skirt, topped with an AC/DC doll-style shirt. Mila knew Ashley through her cast mate Ashton Kutcher, who used to be Ashley's boyfriend. That relationship ended, but Ashley and Mila struck up a friendship during that time, and I got to know her fairly well. But not so well I'd call her a friend right off the bat, but I liked her well enough.

"How ya doin' there Jake? Have a good day?" Asked Mila in her usual cheerful way . "So-so. No one came in and threatened to take over the world. Slow day."

"Ah, must have sucked hard. Well, you got any plans for tonight?"

"Not at the moment. Why, if I may inquire my dear lady?"

"Me and Ash are thinking of catching a movie, maybe bowling, stupid time-wasting stuff. You interested?"

"Hmmm....well, I was going to solve that pesky problem of world hunger, but that can always wait. What time?"

"How does 8:30 sound? The bowling alley near my place?"

"Sounds great Mila. See you then."

"Catch ya later. Come on Ash."

"See you there Jake," said Ashley, giving me a wink and a peek of her tongue stud with her wave goodbye. I also got a look at her tattoo, right on the small of her back. Like I said, before, I only know her enough to call her an acquaintance, but I'd love for it to be just a little more...nothing serous, but a little fun wouldn't hurt. That's the nice thing about the "Friends with benefits" option. Doesn't mean I have to stop looking.

So now I actually had something to look forward to once I closed up shop. At around five, Dyl rolled into the store.

"What the fuck are you doing here, ass?" I asked him sarcastically.

"Figured I'd spend some of my time off making your life a living Hell. You know usual shit. I figured you still needed a friend around that doesn't give you a blowjob as a greeting.," he replied.

"Yeah. In that sense, you're nothing like your mom.."

"Fuck you," he said with a laugh. "So, what do you have up your sleeve for tonight? Hopelessly pining and whining for Mila, or actually having fun?"

"Fun. I'm going bowling with Mila and Ashley Scott."

"So by fun you mean pining for her and questioning your self-worth while bowling?"

"Fuck you buddy. I told you, I'm over her. Have been for a while."

"RIGHT. You know, your mouth says, 'I'm over her', but your eyes say 'I'm a heartsick little bitch'."

"You mean, just like your mouth says, 'Insert cock here'?"

"Whoa, since when am I your Dad?"

"Okay, you win this round, but not the war. Anyhow, you wanna join up? Ashley is pretty hot."

"Dude, as much as I would like to see you make eyes at Mila that would make most puppies jealous, I gotta pass. I had plans that I have to attend, but needed company. But since tonight is Mila Night for you, I guess I fly solo."

"What plans are those Dyl, if I may pry into your depraved little world?"

"Nothin' major. Go to some clubs, see some bands, get some chicks. You know, stuff that whiny little saps like you don't do."

"So, basically, correct me if I'm wrong, you're going to go see some bands, get blitzed, make an ass of yourself in front of random women, then go head back to your house and fall asleep jacking off."

"...Yeah, pretty much."

"Just wanted to be clear on it," I said with a laugh. "So, I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Same dumbass time, same dumbass channel," he replied. "See ya, prick."

"Not if I see you first asswad." Dyl walked out of the store leaving me with three hours to kill till closing. Some customers came in, made a little money, but still, a slow way to pass the time. Eventually, 7:45 rolled around, and I started closing up shop. BY 8:00, the "Closed" sign had been put up, and I was on the way to my place for a quick shower and change of clothes. I was going to be a little late, but not much. I was at Mila's by 8:40. I got a few complaints but they died down by the time we reached the bowling alley. We all got our shoes and picked our balls, and got to our lane. We were suited up, bowling balls in hand, Bowling shoes on foot, and totally ready to suck ass. You see, Mila and I completely sucked at bowling, and if I remembered correctly, so did Ashley. For Mila and I though, it didn't matter too much. Bowling was just and excuse for us to hang out and waste time. We had paid enough for 3 games. The competition was our usual one; the quest to see who sucked more ass. Now, over the years, the competition had been close, but I stand fast by my belief that I was the worse player between the two of us. Tonight, she would try to see me be proven wrong. As the games were played, we executed our throws horribly, and were tied when the third game came around. I had lost won game, as had she. Ashley had technically "won" those games, if you were into that whole "winning" thing. The final frame in the third game had come. The moment of truth......and picked up my balls, and geared up, I launched it....and...BLAST!!! I got a strike.

"HA! I win Jake. I told you I was worse at this than you!! I am the grand champion of the world in the realm of shitty bowling! Bow to me!", she exclaimed with glee.

"Oh come on, that was a total fluke!," I replied. "I demand a rematch!"

"No way! I won fair and square! Just face it, am better at being a horrid bowler than you!" she retorted. "I am not going to pay for any rematch!"

"Oh come on! Please? I'll be your bestest friend." I asked sarcastically.

"Too late, you already are."

"Then all the more reason to grant me this request. Please?"

"Mila, if I pay for one more game, will you let him have his last chance to lose?" asked Ashley.

"Well, I suppose I could merciful," She said with an eyebrow cocked. "Go pay the guy for one more game, we'll wait here."

"Okay, but I left my purse in the car," said Ashley. "Jake come with me so I can get my purse, and then you two can continue acting like Junior High schoolers."

"You say that like its wrong or something," I said, putting on my red Chucks and heading with Ashley to the door, watching her ass sway as she walked. "We'll be back in a few Mila. Hold down the fort."

"Will do Cap'n!" she said with a smirk and a joke salute. Ashley and I walked to my car, and I unlocked the door so she could reach in and get her purse. As she bent over, I took the opportunity to get another look at her ass. It was, in simple terms, one Hell of an ass. I was resisting every urge in my body to cop a quick feel. And once again, my mind went into overdrive with sexual thoughts, foremost amongst them was the thought of bending her over my car and taking her right then and there. Soon enough, she had gotten her purse, and as she got out of my car and closed the door, she gave me a look with her bluer than blue eyes that told me she knew that I was looking at her, and what I was thinking, and flashed me a very sexy smile. I locked the door and walked with her back into the bowling alley, though it seemed this time, she swayed her hips a bit more to garner more views from me. Ashley went to pay for the lane for one more game while I walked back to Mila.

"Ashley's paying for one more game. One on one. Loser takes all. You ready Kunis?"

"Ready to kick your ass? Oh, Jakey, I was born ready," she said with a smile. And with Ashley's assurance, the game was on. The competitions was stiff, with gutterballs being thrown left and right, and seven-ten splits like you wouldn't believe. And once again, it was down to one final throw. Could Mila blow it, thereby winning the competition of suckosity? Unfortunately for me, she indeed did. Gutterball. "HA! HA! Bow before me Jake! I own you!"

"Yes, yes indeed you do. You are the high priestess of bad bowling, and I am your unworthy servant," I replied.

"Damn right you are. Now, servant, give my friend and I rides back to our respective homes. Do it quickly, and you just may earn yourself a shiny new nickle!", she exclaimed with a smile.

"Wowee, a whole nickle, don't break the bank."

We walked out to my car and hopped in. For some reason, Ashley took the front seat and Mila sat in back. I simply supposed it was because she would dropped off first. During the drive, Ashley kept giving me glances, occasionally smiling and licking her lips. Just from these looks, I already felt a stirring in my pants. I dropped Mila off, and started off towards Ashley's place. Not even five minutes from Mila's place, Ashley slowly moved her hand onto my right leg.

"I know you were looking at me today Jake," she said. I looked towards her apologetically. "Keep your eyes on the road please." I turned back to the road.

"Listen Ashley, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..." I started, before she shushed me.

"Don't fret Jake. No worries. I'm obviously not offended, as if you couldn't tell by the location of my hand." she told me. She moved her hand over my semi-stiff prick and started rubbing me through my jeans. "Ooh, is this because of me?"

I nodded, about to reply with a "yes", before I was shushed again.

"Don't talk. Just nod. Not that I don't like the sound of your voice of course, but please, let me do all the talking baby." I nodded. "Good. Now let me just unzip you, and see what I've got to work with here." She slowly unzipped my jeans and fished out my cock, which she jerked a few times to get at full mast. "Good size. Seven inches or so, correct?" I nodded. "Good. Perfect size for me. Perfect for sucking, fucking, everything in between."

I couldn't believe this was happening. What were the odds of this kind of luck?

"You know what I like to see Jake? I like to see a cock cum. I love how it looks. Can I see you cum Jake?" She asked. I nodded. "Good." She took her hand to her mouth and gave it a big lick, and then took it back to my cock and started to jerk me off. "Now keep your eyes on the road. Let me be the one focused on this, 'kay Jake?" I nodded once again. "Mmm, you have such a nice cock. I know I've said it, but damn Jake, it is a specimen.". She stopped jerking, but kept her fist wrapped around my shafts. She took her thumb and gently started rubbing the underside of my cock head. "Mm, you like that don't you? Feels like a nice little fire beneath that head doesn't it? The heat feels so good doesn't it Jake?" I nodded once again, letting out a loud moan. "Glad to see your enjoying yourself Jake. Now, I'm going to ask you to do something for me. There's a parking garage up ahead of us, on the left. Turn in there, and park on one of the lower levels. Can you do that for me?" I nodded once again. "Good boy."

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