tagErotic CouplingsBenefits of a Private Girl's School

Benefits of a Private Girl's School


Author's Note: This story is based on a request that I received from a reader who asked that I write about a private girl's school. The reader didn't give me much to go on other than a teachers and students having sex with each other. The reader did want me to emphasize the school uniform that the girl's wore. As in all stories all the characters are at least 18 years old. I'll submit one chapter and evaluate the feedback before writing any additional chapters.


Betsy and Allison were hiding out in their favorite spot where they could peek into the teacher's bathroom through the tiny holes they had made in the wall. Classes were done for the day at the Hewitt Academy and the two 18 year old girls were hoping that Mr. Jensen would stop in to go the bathroom. Mr. Jensen was their favorite teacher as he was hung like a horse. The two girls had never seen his penis in an erect state but even in a soft state it was long and thick.

Betsy and Allison both had sex whenever they went home for the holidays but their boyfriends had normal size cocks. They still got excited when they saw Mr. Jensen's impressive member and they both fantasized about making love with him. They often tried to imagine his cock in an erect state penetrating their tight pussies. Betsy and Allison were roommates at the private girl's academy and they often played with each other's pussy while they fantasized about Mr. Jensen.

Minutes after the girls were in position, Jack Jensen walked into the bathroom to pee. He unzipped his fly and freed his penis from his pants. Jensen stood over the urinal with his cock in his hand as he relieved himself. Betsy and Allison simultaneously reached under their skirts and plunged their hand into their panties. The two girls rubbed their pussies rapidly as if they were trying to orgasm before Jensen finished urinating. They got very excited when he shook his large cock over the urinal before putting in back in his pants.

However that day he didn't get a chance to put his cock back in his pants as he was joined in the teacher's bathroom by his colleague Dora Watson. Dora was an attractive woman of 35 years and she loved to fuck Jack Jensen every chance she got. Dora, a divorcee, taught Social Studies at the academy. Betsy and Allison watched as Dora walked right up behind Jensen and reached around to take his cock in her hand.

Jensen turned toward Dora and smiled at her as he placed his hands on her shoulders. Dora squatted and her short skirt rode up on her thighs exposing the elastic tops of her hose. The two teenagers watched as Dora unbuckled Jensen's belt, unfastened his trousers and pulled them down to his knees. Dora then pulled his boxer shorts down and watched as the big cock came into view. Jensen's cock started to harden and Dora took it in her small hand. The cock looked enormous in Dora's hand and it continued to grow.

Betsy and Allison were excited beyond all expectations as they watched Mr. Jensen's cock grow into an erect state. His cock looked to be at least 10" long and nearly 6" around. They couldn't be sure of the size but they had never seen anything so big and ominous looking. The teenagers watched with envy as Dora took the big dick in her mouth. She could only get about half of the huge cock in her mouth but Jensen was pleased.

The teenagers heard Mr. Jensen groan as Ms. Watson sucked his cock. Then Jensen pulled his cock from Dora's mouth and stroked it a few times before he ejaculated. Betsy and Allison watched as streams of semen shot out of Jensen's cock and landed in Dora's mouth and on her face and hair. They were surprised when Jensen remained hard and lifted Dora to her feet. He then lifted Dora up and placed her on one of the sinks. He pushed her skirt up to her waist and took of her panties. Then he stepped in and slipped his big dick in her pussy. Dora moaned as the large cock penetrated her.

Betsy and Allison watched through the peep holes as Jensen drill Dora with his impressive cock. Dora was moaning and groaning as the stiff shaft filled her womb. Betsy and Allison were both on fire and they too were moaning softly as they approached an orgasm of their own. Then they watched as Dora reached up and pulled Jensen toward her and she buried her face in his shoulder. Dora muffled her cries of ecstasy in Jensen's shoulder as a massive orgasm ripped through her.

Jensen felt Dora orgasm but he went right on fucking her until he ejaculated into her pussy. The two of them then held each other as their bodies recovered from the intense sex. Betsy and Allison had both cum on their hands and they were excited to have witnessed the display of sex. Jensen and Dora tidied up and then left the teacher's bathroom. Betsy and Allison waited a few minutes and then made their way back to their dorm room.


Jack Jensen was a Science teacher at the Hewitt Academy. He was in his third year of teaching at the private girl's school and he was enjoying his life. Jack was still single at the age of 29 and he was not ready to settle down. He liked the amenities he received by working at the private school and he managed to have a very active sex life. He and Dora Watson had been lovers for the past two years but he also enjoyed sex outside the school life and he had even tapped a couple of 18 year old seniors in the prior years. He had yet to find any senior girls in the current year.

Jack spent his summer months on the beach and in the Caribbean as he loved to SCUBA dive. He was also an avid skier and spent Christmas break in the Rockies. Jack kept himself fit working out and swimming at the academy's gym and pool. He stood at 6'2" and weighed a chiseled 185 pounds. The thing that made Jack very special was his impressive cock. Dora had insisted on measuring one time when he was erect and she said it was 11" long and just over 6" around.

Dora Watson was an attractive woman and at the age of 35 she possessed a very nice figure. She was 5'6" tall and weighed 125 pounds. Her 35-25-36 figure was firm and desirable. She loved having sex with Jack Jensen as she was enamored with his sizeable cock. She loved to suck it and feel it in her pussy but she would never allow it in her ass. Dora also liked anal sex but she looked for normal size cocks to satisfy that need. Dora was also banging the young new Math teacher David Thompson. David has a nice average size cock of 6" that fit nicely into Dora's ass.

Betsy Williams and Allison Moore were best friends and part time lovers. They had been experimenting with sex with each other after they lost their virginity. Both girls shared stories with each other about their boyfriends and then they would pleasure each other in their dorm room. Nothing got them as excited as thinking about Mr. Jensen's big cock. Betsy was a cute little brunette with a 33-22-35 figure and Allison was a strawberry blonde with a 34-23-36 figure. Both girls were mature for their 18 years as their figures had blossomed early.

That evening after watching Ms. Watson and Mr. Jensen have sex in the bathroom; Betsy and Allison were scheming about how they could get Mr. Jensen to fuck them. They decided that they would start being helpful in his classroom and flirt with him. They had heard that he had fucked other school girls before and they would let him know that they were available.


The Easter holiday was approaching and Jack Jensen asked for volunteers to assist him with the classroom decoration. Jack actually thought at this level that decorating a room was a waste of time and a pain in the ass. Still it was school policy and he didn't want to piss off anyone. Betsy and Allison were among the volunteers and they would report to Mr. Jensen's classroom at the end of the school day.

Easter for Jack meant spring break and a chance to get one last week of skiing in while there was still snow in the mountains. The first day of decorating, five girls including Betsy and Allison reported to Jack Jenson. Jack told the girls what had to be done and then he left them alone to use their own creativity. Jack went about grading some papers and working on a lesson plan as the girls worked on the decorations.

Betsy decided that she would be the one to hang things from the ceiling. She climbed up on the small step ladder and taped crepe paper to the ceiling. Jack looked up at her when the ladder was closer to him and he could see up her short uniform skirt. Jack loved the private school uniforms. The girls wore white blouses with a red bow tie and a blue blazer with the school emblem on it. The skirts were light blue plaid and they were all cut above the knees. They also wore knee high white socks and saddle shoes.

As Jack looked at Betsy on the ladder he thought of the times in years past when he would lift a plaid skirt and pull down a girls cotton panties. Jack had always been careful and only seduced girls who were 18 years old and whom he knew would be discreet. He recalled some of the times that he would reach under a girl's short skirt and fondle her curvy ass through her cotton panties. By the time Jack would get around to removing the girl's panties they would be soaking wet with desire. Jack loved to eat the young pussies and when he did the girls went wild. Right that moment he was looking up Betsy's skirt at her shapely bottom clad in the cotton panties. He was thinking that he would like to walk over to the ladder and reach up under her skirt and play with her ass and thighs but there were too many girls in the room.

Jack had a difficult concentrating on his work as his eyes kept wondering toward Betsy. He loved the shape of her legs encased in the white socks leading up to her luscious thighs. Betsy had shapely legs and a very curvy bottom. Jack felt his cock stiffen in his pants as he thought about seducing Betsy. She stepped down off the ladder and moved it closer to his desk. Betsy climbed back up the step ladder and fastened the end of a streamer to the ceiling. Jack looked up as she stood on her tip toes and watched her buttocks clench as she stretched upward. He couldn't take any more of that so he decided to call an end to the decorating session.

"Okay girls that's enough for today, I'll see you all tomorrow," Jack announced.

The girls began to pick up the things they were working on except for Betsy. "Mr. Jensen can I please finish these couple of streamers since I already have some of them taped to the ceiling," Betsy requested in a seemingly sexy voice.

"Okay Betsy, you can finish you streamers and I will see the rest of you tomorrow," Jensen said.

The four girls left the classroom and Allison smiled as she walked passed her friend Betsy. It was a knowing smile and one that almost wished Betsy luck. Allison also closed the door behind her which Jensen thought was odd. Usually the girls knew to leave the door open when in the presence of a male teacher. Jensen got up from his desk to get something from his storeroom and when he did, Betsy climbed up on the desk to tape a streamer over it.

Jack Jensen turned around and saw Betsy standing on his desk. "I hope you don't mind Mr. Jensen but it was easier to stand on your desk then to reach here with the step ladder," Betsy somewhat apologized.

Jensen saw that she had taken off her shoes. "That's fine Betsy, thank you for taking off your shoes."

Jensen was tempted to sit back at his desk and look right up Betsy's skirt but he knew better. Instead of sitting he stood near her and he was close enough to see her lovely thighs. Betsy then faked a fall and Jensen instinctively reached for her. He grabbed her legs and steadied her and as he did he looked right up her skirt. Jensen felt his cock surge in his pants as he held to the teenager's shapely legs and looked at her lovely cotton covered bottom. The two of them remained in the position for what seemed like several minutes and then Betsy broke the silence.

"I'm okay Mr. Jensen, thanks for catching me," she said sexily.

"You're welcome. Let's get you down from there before you get hurt," Jensen said as he assisted Betsy off his desk.

As she stepped down she purposely let her short skirt ride up and gave Jensen a great crotch shot. Jensen felt his loins stir when he looked right at her panty covered pussy. He then realized that she was the one trying to seduce him.

"Betsy you're 18 aren't you?"

"Yes, I am."

"Are you a virgin?"

Betsy smiled and blushed as she answered. "No, I have a boy friend at home but he is not as big as you are."

Now it was Jensen's turn to blush, "What do you mean by that?"

"My boyfriend's penis is much smaller than yours," she said seductively.

"And how do you know that? How do you know how big I am?"

"We saw you in the bathroom. My friend Allison and I were spying on you and then Ms. Watson came in and you two had sex together."

"Where were you hiding in the bathroom?"

"Oh, not in the bathroom we hide in a room next to it. There are little holes in the wall that we look through," Betsy admitted.

"I see," Jensen said and then he realized that Betsy and Allison were discreet otherwise it would have been all over school about him and Dora. "Well finish up your decorations, I need to get going soon," he told her.

Betsy then moved the step ladder and ascended it one more time. "Oh, Mr. Jensen would you hold the ladder for me this time."

Jensen knew that he could not resist her this time so he went over to the classroom door and locked it. Jensen approached Betsy who was already on the top step and he looked right up her skirt. "I think it will be better if I hold onto you instead of the ladder," he whispered as his strong hands grasped her legs just below her knees.

Betsy felt chills run through her body and she suddenly became a little nervous. Still she was prepared to go through with anything that Jensen threw at her that day. Betsy finished taping the streamer to the ceiling all the while knowing that Mr. Jensen was looking up her skirt. Betsy felt her panties getting wet and she wondered if Mr. Jensen could smell her sex. Betsy began her descent down the step ladder and as she did, Jensen kept his hands on her legs and let them slide up as she stepped down. Betsy was trembling and as she stepped down Jensen's hands continued to slide up her legs. Jensen's hands had moved over her calves to the back of her knees and then up to her thighs. One more step and Jensen's hands moved under her skirt and covered her panty covered ass. He held her buttocks in his hands and molded her flesh through the cotton panties. She felt Jensen slide his hand over her pussy mound and she trembled slightly. She realized that her panties were sopping wet just as she heard Jensen speak.

"Your panties are very wet we should probably take them off so they don't get stained," he offered.

Jensen peeled her panties off her ass cheeks revealing her beautiful ass. He then pulled them from between her thighs where her legs were pressed together and down to her ankles. Jensen had her lift up one foot at a time so that he could remove her panties from her ankles. He slid his hands back up to her ass and massaged it gently complimenting her on the beauty of her legs and ass. Jensen slowly turned Betsy around on the ladder so that she faced him. He guided her down another step pushing her skirt up and exposing her pretty pussy. Jensen tenderly stroked Betsy's cunt and slipped a finger into her hole. He tweaked her clit and Betsy grasped the step ladder to stabilize herself. Her cunt was soaking wet and she knew that she had gone too far to stop now.

Jensen pulled her hips forward and kissed her abdomen. Betsy shivered and trembled as she locked her arms behind the ladder to maintain her balance. Jensen kissed all around her pussy before licking her clit and inserting a finger into her cunt. Betsy was going wild as she humped Jensen's face and he ate her to multiple orgasms. Jensen had both hands on her ass as he ate her pussy. The last orgasm caused Betsy to let go of the ladder and she found herself being carried to Jensen's desk. Jensen laid her down on her desk with her legs splayed wide.

Betsy watched as he unbuckled his pants and pushed his pants and underwear down to his knees. His huge cock jumped out and Betsy gasped in surprise of its size. She had seen it from a distance but up close it looked huge and menacing. Jensen lined up his impressive tool with Betsy's quivering twat and eased it in. Jensen took his time and kept feeding her more and more of his cock as he fucked her slowly. She was so wet and so overcome with lust that the big cock slid in easier than she expected.

"Are you safe Betsy? Can I cum in you or should I pull out?" Jensen asked in a strained voice.

"I'm safe," Betsy managed a reply.

Betsy was beside herself as she felt her cunt being methodically stretched to accommodate his length and girth. There was no pain but Betsy had never felt fuller in her life. Jensen continued to fuck her slowly and soon had most of the 11" buried in her pussy. He made sure to keep his cock in constant contact with her clit and keep her in a constant state of arousal. Betsy was thrashing all over the desk having multiple orgasms. She felt Jensen tense up and bury his cock to the hilt in her pussy. He then fired a barrage of cum into her hot pussy and she could feel warm jets of cum hitting the walls of her cunt.

The surge of his hot seed caused her to have yet another orgasm. Jensen continued to fuck her slowly as they both recovered from their intense orgasms. He slipped his cock from her and remarkably he was still erect. Betsy felt the void in her cunt as his cock left her opening and she could feel his cum trickle down between her thighs. Betsy could swear that she felt the cool air rush into her vacant pussy.

Jensen turned Betsy around so that she was facing down on the desk with her feet on the floor. He eased his still erect cock back into her pussy and fucked her with long deep strokes. Jensen pulled her blouse out of her skirt and up over her breasts. He unsnapped her bra allowing her tits to spill out into his hands. He gently squeezed her tits and played with her eraser sized hard nipples.

"You have very nice tits and the neatest, hardest little nubs," he said as he rolled her nipples in his fingers.

Betsy was getting turned on again as he fucked her and played with her. She was startled and her body went stiff when he inserted a well lubed finger in her asshole. Betsy thought to protest but thought better of it and after all it was just a finger. Jensen's hands left her tits and he continued to finger fuck her ass as he fucked her pussy. With his other hand he began to tease her clit and soon had her on the verge of another orgasm. Betsy grunted and groaned as Jensen fucked her with his big dick, tweaked her clit and reamed her asshole with his finger. She started bucking out of control while having her most intense orgasm ever.

Betsy's pussy was gushing when she felt another barrage of Jensen's cum shoot into her womb. Betsy collapsed face down on the desk and waited for Jensen's next move. Jack pulled his cock from her pussy and rubbed it on her buttocks. Betsy could feel the wetness from her pussy and semen on the cheeks of her ass. Jack leaned over her and kissed her on the side of her face. As he kissed her she felt his massive cock slide into the crack of her ass. Betsy panicked briefly thinking that he would try to put it in her bottom but she realized that the cock was just resting there. Betsy was relieved when she felt the stiffness go out of Jensen's cock.

Jack Jensen stood up and he caressed the lovely ass of his student. Then he spoke to her, "Betsy we should get cleaned up and dressed now."

Jensen took a roll of paper towels out of his desk drawer and had it to Betsy. He wiped off his cock as she dabbed the wetness between her legs. Jensen handed Betsy her panties and she put them on quickly as she suddenly felt embarrassed to be without them. Betsy fastened her bra and tucked her blouse back in her skirt. The two of them straightened out their clothes and then Jensen spoke to her again.

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